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Jump In Podcast: How to Become a Freelancer

Jump In Podcast: How to Become a Freelancer

By Doina Bejenaru
Jump In Podcast is all about giving you the tools to pave your way into the freelance world and helping you make the best career move.
How to become a freelancer with no upfront experience.
Topics covered: personal development, systems, productivity, mindset, lead generation, habits, and financial advice.
Weekly episodes are available on all podcasting platforms.
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Jump In Podcast Goes on Vacation
Hello Friends! This episode is a short one, Jump In Podcast goes on vacation and will be back in September. Remember that freelance burnout is real, so make sure you take time off to recharge and spend time with friends and family.  Jump In Podcast will be back with more goodies such as a FREE Freelance Course and more free downloadable resources. Stay safe and enjoy the last weeks of summer! Will miss you all, Doina Bejenaru
August 18, 2021
How Do Freelancers Onboard Their Clients
The onboarding process is you explaining to your client what your workflow is: what tasks to expect to be completed when those will be completed, deadlines, service price, payment type, how and when to reach you; what is required from them before you start the work. This is a great way to determine your customer’s goals BEFORE you start working on the project because they can let you know in a hurry what they expect to achieve, but when they see it all written down they start to filter what is important and what’s not so important for them. In this episode, you will... Understand the importance of a strong onboarding process Learn what your onboarding process should include Know how to get returning freelance clients with a successful onboarding process Insights: Never assume that your client knows what you have to do. Explain to your customer what they can expect at every step. The most successful client-freelancer relationships work best when you understand each other's workflow and perspective. Impressing your customers with an onboarding process will help you do your job better. If you don't show your customer from the start that the process will run smoothly and easily, they will find someone else to bring them clarity. Tips: It should take you no more than 20 minutes to conduct your new onboarding process. Have your onboarding process as a presentation or a PDF File. Listen to the episode for more actionable insights and tips. Website and Freebies: Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
August 11, 2021
How to Find Freelance Clients on LinkedIn
And do you know what Google, Apple, and Netflix have in common? They all recruit contractors on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is one of the best ways to find clients and it served as an effective lead magnet, it’s like a non-stop shop where potential clients can find you, as long as you have your profile optimized for search. With more than 722 million users worldwide, LinkedIn has no shortage of potential customers. Comparing to all the freelancing platforms out there, LinkedIn is not so crowded and this gives you an advantage. In this episode, you will… Find out how you can optimize your LinkedIn profile as a freelancer Understand how to send cold messages on LinkedIn Learn how to find freelance opportunities on LinkedIn Insights: Freelancers are hiring freelancers and this is called outsourcing. This is why your fellow freelancers are not your competition. A big reason for you to integrate LinkedIn into your business it’s because even if your clients find you on freelance platforms, they will still check your LinkedIn presence. Tips: Your headline is searchable! You are wasting so much space on LinkedIn if you do not update your headline properly. What you should have there is the keyword ''looking'' or ''seeking''. For example, ''Graphic designer looking for the freelance project'', boom! You have three keywords: designer, looking, and freelance. And this is important because people like me, recruiters, this is how we differentiate the active and non-active seekers on the platform and we are approaching those who show the intent of jumping into a new opportunity. Same with companies that are looking to hire the next freelance team member Once you know who your ideal client is, start networking with them. Build your network, make connections. Spend at least 20 minutes a day from Monday to Friday, commenting on posts that are in your niche, comment on your ideal customers’ posts. Congratulate people on their work achievements. Listen to the episode for more actionable insights and tips. Website and Freebies: Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
August 4, 2021
3 Time Management Apps for My Freelance Business
I keep hearing about all these tips and tricks on how to gain more time in your day. But how I see it, we all have 24 hours a day, and all we must do is manage ourselves better, not the time we have available. You chose your working hours, but are you setting in place a process with workflows to boost your productivity? In this episode, you will... learn about the ways apps I use and helped me maximize my work and keep an eye on my freelance projects understand the importance of managing your time as a freelancer get actionable time management strategies for freelancers and business owners Insights: ''A crucial challenge in time management for freelancers is to master the art of dividing large projects into smaller tasks. That is why I felt to-do lists work great for me. I tried having it all written on paper but as I travel a lot, I started to use Google Keep for notetaking. Google Keep is a collaboration note-taking app that will synchronize all your notes where you have your Google account active: on your phone, your computer'' ''This might be too obvious, but you have to develop the ability to say ''no'' and balance out the number of projects you take.'' Tips: Keep a to-do list so you know what you are working on Choose monotasking instead of multitasking. Our brain is not wired to do more things at the same time. Use classical time management techniques such as Pomodoro timers Avoid distractions: put your phone in airplane mode and leave it in another room Rank your tasks from the most important to the least important Listen to this episode to get more actionable tips Website and Freebies: Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
July 28, 2021
Asking Freelance Clients for Feedback
A lot of freelancers think it is underrated to ask the client for feedback. No matter how much experience you have onboard, no matter how talented you are, it is OK to feel a bit agitated before you receive your client’s review on the work you just completed. Dealing with customer feedback can be a bit frustrating but learn to turn the situation to your advantage. At first, I was nervous about asking for a testimonial, and it took me a while to get confident and to reach out to ask for feedback. Please listen carefully: the sooner you do it, the faster you will upscale your freelance business. In this episode, you will... learn about the ways you can ask for feedback from your freelance client understand the importance of feedback to upscale your freelance business and raising your rates get actionable tips on how you can guide your client to offer you phenomenal reviews Insights: ''You should understand that many clients are not sure how to write testimonials, others are busy. I had clients on Upwork that told me they had no idea there is such a feature integrated on the platform. So you have to help educate your clients on how to leave a review: if it’s on a freelance platform, guide them. If it’s via email, send them a short form or a link to a Google Form. Make sure you have it short, add some bullet points or a scale from 0-10.'' ''When you finish a project, have a wrap-up call with your client, thanking him for this collaboration and ask him if it would be OK for you to send a short feedback form.'' ''See the feedback request process to build your testimonials for your work. This will help you build your brand; will give you credibility in the eyes of your future clients. You want them to see you reliable and efficient, trustworthy and an important part of your customers’ success.’’ Tips: Make the feedback form short When you finish a project, have a wrap-up call with your client and ask for feedback If you are in an ongoing project, ask for feedback every 4-6 months Consider having the reviews highlighted on your LinkedIn profile as well There are another four important tips that worked for me- listen to this episode to write all down Website and Freebies: Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
July 21, 2021
How to Stand Out When Freelancing
We all know that it is becoming more and more difficult to get projects from one day to another due to the competitive market we are in. There are millions of freelancers on platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, People Per Hour, you name it. According to Upwork, by 2027 freelancers are projected to make up most of the workforce in the US, with 50.9% of the working population. As more people choose to become contractors, self-employed, it is more important than ever to learn how you can stand out from the crowd as a freelancer. In this episode, you will... learn about the ways you can improve when sending a job proposal to a prospect understand what are hiring managers seeking in a freelancer get actionable tips on how you can stand out as a freelancer in today’s gig economy Insights: ''It is vital to start gathering feedback from your past clients. It will help you look trustworthy and an expert in the eye of your prospects. You will build trust before you even have a call with your future client, and you will prove you can deliver on your promises.'' ''Freelancing s 50% skills and 50% communication. A client will be OK on going ahead with a freelancer that does not have all the required skills as long he has great communication skills and replies to all messages within 24 hours.'' ''In a nutshell, you have to understand that prospects care about the type of work you’ve done for others, what people say about you online, and what results they can expect from you.'' Tips: Dedicate yourself to stellar customer service Learn to ask for client feedback Always add projects to your portfolio Niche down your service. Be known for one thing, do not be a Jack of all trades and master of none Teach your client how is it to work with you (and give examples) There are another four important tips that worked for me- listen to this episode to write all down Website and Freebies: Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: 
July 14, 2021
All About Freelance Burnout- It's Real!
Freelancing is a one-man job, you must find new opportunities, you create invoices, you update your portfolio, you do your social media, and you communicate with clients: to sell, to upsell, negotiate and the list can go on. Within a short time, you can feel overwhelmed and overworked. Just because you are working from home does not mean you have to be in front of your computer 24/7. And I know, I have been there and done that. In this episode, I am sharing how I went into a burnout in my first years of freelancing and if it was difficult to bounce back. In this episode, you will... learn about the symptoms of burnout understand what the freelance burnout causes are get actionable tips on how freelancers can prevent burnout Insights: ''Did you know that 70% of freelancers work on 2 to 4 projects at the same time? There is nothing wrong with taking on more than a project at a given time, however, how do you prioritize not getting burnout? Oh, I bet you even did not think about it. A lot of freelancers can admit that freelance work takes a toll on their mental and physical health.''  ''Remember those 10-11 hours of work per day, or do you remember the last time you had a vacation or those breaks you underestimated? All those things that looked unimportant are catching up on you. ''  ''As a freelancer, I want you to understand that there is a difference between being dedicated and being prone to burnout. Work burnout is preventable, people recover, however, prioritize your physical and mental health before any financial gain.'' Tips: Reduce the hours spent in front of your computer Set ''office hours'' for yourself and follow your schedule Start journaling: write down all the things you are stressed and anxious about, and things you are grateful for Seek professional help Find someone to hold you accountable to take time off: a vacation, a break during the day, the weekend off, etc. Stick to a structured and planned workflow and remember to set boundaries Consider joining a coworking space, there you will find other freelancers that will understand what you are going through Reduce your workload and learn to say ''no'' to future work Sleep is NOT overrated! Website and Freebies: Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
July 7, 2021
What is a Coworking Space and Do Freelancers Need One?
In 2021 coworking spaces are on a rise and by 2024, it is expected to go to 40,000.  While startups and corporations are switching from the traditional office to something more relaxing, freelancers are joining a coworking space to find a sense of community, networking, and creating new relationships. However, is it worth it for freelancers to join coworking spaces when they work from a gig to another? In this episode, you will... learn about the type of desks you can rent monthly at a coworking space understand if it's worth it to join a coworking space as a freelancer get tips on how to choose the best coworking space based on your needs Insights: ''Unlike a coffee shop, working in a coworking space has many advantages. Many freelancers turn to coworking spaces to stay productive, network, meet people and have a valid reason to leave the house'' ''While startups, business owners and entrepreneurs  are looking for a space to work that does not look like a traditional office, freelancers find it more like a home away from home'' Website and Freebies: Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
July 1, 2021
Self-Care Strategies for Freelancers with Alejandra Villacis
Starting freelancing is not coming without any hops. In this episode, Alejandra Villacis from June 10th Creative Services is taking us on her journey: how she started, how difficult it was, what did she learn along her way, and how to start practising self-care as a freelancer. In this episode, you will… Understand the importance of separating yourself from the work you do  Know how to recognize your values so you can set boundaries with yourself first  Learn how to make a difference between settings boundaries and being friendly Get practical tips on how you can start integrating self-care practices in your daily life as a freelancer Insights: ''Boundaries are giving your clients guidelines on how to work with you best. You are helping them understand when you are available and when you are at your top'' ''As freelancers, we think if we are not giving 110%, we are not giving enough'' ''You don't have to kill yourself, you have to give the best you can'' ''The first hour of my day is 100% dedicated to myself and away from screens'' Connect with Alejandra: Website: Instagram:  LinkedIn:
June 23, 2021
How to Set Client Boundaries as a Freelancer?
A lot of freelancers are afraid of saying no to their clients, thinking they are putting the professional relationship in danger. And when you do that, you are losing control of showing your client where you stand. In this episode, you will... learn about the art of saying ''no'' to clients understand why, how, and when you need to set client boundaries get actionable tips on how to inform your client about your way of setting boundaries Insights: ''Boundaries define what is me and what is not me. A boundary shows me where I end and someone else begins, leading me to a sense of ownership, knowing what I own and take responsibility for gives me freedom. Boundaries help us keep good in and bad out'' -Henry Cloud ''Boundaries are ways for you to protect your freedom, time, and mental health.  While left your 9-5 because of micromanagement and stepped into the freelance world, you do not want a client that is demanding on taking control of your time.''  Website and Freebies: Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
June 17, 2021
When Should Freelancers Raise Their Rates?
When should freelancers raise their rates? Some will say there is no right or wrong, as long as you feel comfortable.  Hear me out: raising your rate might not feel comfortable and you will not feel all cozy, because you are taking into consideration if the client will decide not to continue the collaboration. But show me some great things that come from a comfort zone: almost none. In this episode, you will... learn how to raise your rate as a freelancer understand the four situations that are your starting point that it's time to raise your rate know by how much should you raise your rate Insights: ''Remind yourself about the difference between an employee and a freelancer: an employee is ASKING for a raise while a freelancer is taking this decision by himself and communicates the new pricing to the client. You are working with your clients; you do not work for them.'' ''Building a perfect business takes time, tries, and errors. And the hard truth is that it will come at a cost: it can be a monetary one or just by losing time on things that do not bring revenue yet.'' Tips: ''A tip I can give you is to keep your relationship with your client strictly professional. If you see him as your friend, you will NEVER be able to decide to raise your rate. At the end of the day, you are in business to make money.'' ''Give your client enough time to understand when the new rates are becoming effective. Do not implement it in a day. Allow 30-days of notice to your client so he can also budget properly.'' Website and Freebies: Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
June 12, 2021
Jump In Podcast- Trailer
Welcome to Jump In Podcast where I share my ups and downs in the freelance world, so you don't have to go through the same issues when starting. From personal development topics to financial advice, lead generation, habits, productivity, and mindset this podcast is designed to help you get into the freelance world with no upfront experience. Join me for weekly episodes on all podcasting platforms and on
June 12, 2021
Dealing with Difficult Clients as a Freelancer with Alejandra Villacis from June 10th Creative Services- Part 1
Starting freelancing is not coming without any hops. In this episode, Alejandra Villacis from June 10th Creative Services is taking us on her journey: how she started, how difficult it was, what did she learn along her way, and how to deal with difficult clients.  In this episode, you will… Understand the most misconceptions people have about graphic designers Know why she chose to work with social entrepreneurs and what made her exit the corporate world with no plan whatsoever Learn how a transcription job got her repeated graphic design clients Understand her struggles of pricing her service and what was the outcome following that Insights: ''What I love about freelancing is that every day is different'' ''Without knowing anything about freelancing, anything about taxes, I went to the Chamber of Commerce and started my company and mistakes were made'' ''In the first few months, I made close to nothing'' ''The most common misconception people have about design is that it's easy'' Connect with Alejandra: Website: Instagram:  LinkedIn:
June 3, 2021
3 Invoicing Systems for Freelancers
No matter if you identify yourself as a freelancer, self-employed consultant, or solopreneur, you must treat your service as a business. One way to do that is to automate your invoicing system. This makes you look professional, and it will cut from the time you will spend chasing your clients to pay the invoices that are due. In this episode, you will… Understand how to automate your invoicing using a system Know what the top three invoicing systems are designed for freelancers Learn how to choose a system that works for your invoicing needs Get a checklist of items necessary to onboard our clients in your invoicing system Insights: To make your client’s life easier, add multiple payment options: Paypal, Credit Card (you can capture it via Stripe), Payoneer is a famous one as well. When you are choosing a system for your business, make sure you are checking out what integrations they have available, to see if you can automate it with any applications you are using. Automate your reminders, your client will be so grateful. How many times did you found your Inbox flooded with emails? Probably you forgot a bill you have to pay or deleted the email by mistake. It can happen to your clients as well. Before setting it up, have a checklist of all details you will need from your client, so you can customize it in your system Tips: Try HelloBonsai for FREE- Click Here.  Website: Download your Freebies:  Buy me a coffee:  Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
May 27, 2021
8 Red Flags for Freelancers
In freelancing, some clients are hard to deal with. I would classify them into the type of clients that are ''paying'', others ''not paying, and others' ''average paying''. Your target is those clients that are ready to pay for the value they are getting. In this episode, you will... find out what a red flag is in freelancing understand why it's important to spot a red flag when talking to a new prospect get a list of the top eight most known red flags freelancers are bumping into and what you can do about it  Insights: ''Red flags in freelancing are those warnings after a discussion with a prospect that future collaboration will not end great. This will lead to a toxic business relationship, where neither of the party will grow or feel comfortable working with.'' ''Dear freelancers, some clients are looking for low-cost work and know that this is not your fault, do not take it personally. It’s not a monetary issue, because I’ve seen this coming from big players as well. It is all about poor work ethic and bad practices.'' ''The word ‘’free’’ in freelancing does not stand for free work, it stands for ‘’unaffiliated’’, ‘’independent’’. The service you are offering has value, and you should be the first one to appreciate it before anyone else does.'' Tips: Do not take your projects outside the freelancing platform at your client's request. Understand the difference between a freelancer and an employee in order not to be micromanaged by a client. Do not accept working for clients that have bad payment terms. If your client lacks clarity, move on to the next one. You will waste so much time and energy.  Website: Download your Freebies:  Buy me a coffee:  Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
May 19, 2021
Do Freelancers Give Refunds
In freelancing, not all clients are made for you and that’s OK. Not all experiences are positive, but most of them are. Maybe there are thousands of people offering the same service you are offering; however, your top priority should be offering a great customer service experience. In this episode, you will... Understand if offering a refund is a good practice in the freelance world Get tips on how to avoid any conflict with your client Know the legal value of your Terms and Conditions and when to use it Insights: ''You are not under any obligation to refund or discount your prices just because your client wants you to'' ''Think of all the ways something can go wrong when offering your service and make sure you are covering that in your Terms and Conditions'' ''Nobody wants to work with clients that have a difficult personality. Learn to say NO before starting to work together, in case if you see a red flag'' Website: Download your Freebies:  Buy me a coffee:  Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
May 15, 2021
My Road to Success: From Sales to an Award-Winning Publicist
Tracy Lamourie is a high-profile international award-winning publicist, she is the Founder and Managing Director of Lamourie Media Inc. Tracy did not choose a traditional career path for a publicist. While having no education and experience in PR, she fit herself into a career that she thought should be. Her journey started by writing a press release as an activist for a good cause, up to working in sales and jumping into PR as a freelancer. Now she is the proud owner of Lamourie Media Inc, helping people reach the media and build their public presence. In this episode, you will… Learn how Tracy Lamourie jumpstarted her career in PR with no upfront education or experience Get all the tips on how to build your personal brand Understand the path Tracy chose to price and package her services to serve her clients Know how to reach to media to create a public presence Insights: ''Don’t be afraid of going to every table and telling people what you do'' ''You can be as smart, as wise, but if you are in the corporate world, it’s other people making all the decisions you live and die on'' ''I’ve really boutique my prices so that everyone is getting exactly what they need'' ''It is definitely hard to price yourself, you bounce between not wanting to undervalue yourself either, but you also need to build up your reputation'' ''I didn’t have an industry to fit myself into, I kind of created what I thought it should be, from what I should do, and the result is that people tell me that I do more than any other publicist has done for them'' Tips: Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals Boutique your prices Build up your reputation Put yourself out there Don’t be afraid to go to every table and telling people what you do Don’t put all your eggs in one basket Contact Tracy Lamourie: Website: Email: Instagram: LinkedIn: Book an appointment with Tracy: Website: Download your Freebies:  Buy me a coffee:  Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
May 7, 2021
What is a Freelance Visa?
If your dream is to work and travel, I have great news for you: in 2021 a lot of countries re-opened the digital nomad visa application program. Many governments are keeping up with the work trends and gig economy. They are trying to attract freelancers to improve the country’s economy. Comparing to a work visa, a freelancer visa is easier to obtain, hassle-free, and way cheaper. In this episode, you will… Understand what a digital nomad visa is and its purpose Get to know the difference between a digital nomad and a freelancer Where to apply for a digital nomad visa is and what documents you usually require Have a list of the most common countries in Europe that offer a freelance visa Insights: ''A digital nomad is a freelancer that travels often, from one country to another, while a freelancer works from one place only, from home.'' ''Digital nomads and freelancers chose to go to Berlin, Barcelona, Lisbon, Athens, Krakow, Budapest, Tallin, and Prague. But you should know that Europe is not the only one offering a such service. Other options are UAE, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Georgia.'' Tips: Do your homework, check the visa requirements with the immigration office Check the cost of living prior to your move Make a list of things that are important to you, so you can choose the right country Talk to your clients about the time zone difference if this affects your work Website: Download your Freebies:  Buy me a coffee:  Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
April 27, 2021
5 Ways Not to Sell Yourself Short
Like any business model, freelancing is not perfect. Being a solopreneur on a long journey, sometimes it might feel lonely, you are a one-man business and you have this pressure that you have to be perfect at everything you do: marketing, sales, social media, lead generation, and so on. While later on, you can delegate some of the tasks, one skill you will endlessly need is to know how to negotiate for the purpose of not selling yourself short. In this episode, you will… Understand the importance of a minimum acceptable rate Know how to be ahead of the negotiation curve Get insights on why your freelance business goals should not only be financial Insights: ''If your freelance business does not have any other goals than financial ones, then you have to re-evaluate your growth strategies. Your perception of value comes in different shapes: you want to be more visible in your niche, you are looking for long-term opportunities, you are looking for referrals, you want to work with top clients.'' ''Start with a high amount, you have to be one step higher on the negotiation curve. And here’s the reality: even if your service is priced reasonably, your client will still negotiate.'' Tips: Never start negotiating without knowing what the minimum rate is you would accept for a project Always be ready to explain how your work will benefit the client. Change the conversation from ''I will do'' to ''you will get, your company will benefit…'' Your job is to make your client think they got a great deal and a great value Be the first one to ask the question ''What budget do you have in mind?'' and extend it from there Website: Download your Freebies:  Buy me a coffee:  Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
April 20, 2021
6 Freelance Tips for Beginners
In the last three years, escaping the corporate world has become a trend. While it’s amazing to choose your own clients, your preferred working hours, a lot of freelancers are still struggling financially due to the fact that they are constantly chasing projects. In this episode, you will… Understand why it is important to not lower your rates when you start freelancing Know the value of saying ‘’no’’ to free work Learn how to upsell your freelance service Insights: ''To avoid any issues with a difficult client, record all communication in writing, even if you agreed on project scope over the phone. Once you ended that call, send an email repeating all that was discussed.'' ''Freelancing is a journey, not a competition. All you must do is to start now and get perfect later. And trust me, you will learn more from struggles, and sooner you learn, the better.’’ Tips: Don’t lower your rates in the hope of finding future work Always ask for a budget before sending a proposal Check your online reputation regularly Website: Download your Freebies:  Buy me a coffee:  Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
April 14, 2021
Quotes vs Estimates for Freelancers
Should freelancers provide estimated prices or fixed ones and which one of them would be more convenient for a freelance business? What are the ups and downs when using these pricing methods? In this episode, you will… Understand the difference between an estimated price and a quote Get the pros and cons when adopting an estimate or a quote for your freelance business Know how estimates can help you break down the costs Insights: ''No matter if you are choosing to offer estimates or a fixed price, your aim is to accurately calculate your profitability and make sure you don’t underprice your service.'' ''Estimates and providing a quote might overlap, but its purpose stays the same: your client wants to know how you will save them time, save them money or create revenue.'' ''Estimates work great for me because managers can change their minds or add in some extra requirements.'' Tips: When you are offering a quote or an estimate, always include how long the provided price is valid for (usually it’s for 30 days). Before offering a quote, understand what your client wants, break down the requirements and add those in a contract or agreement. One size does not fit all and remember that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel: if something is working out great, do not change it. Website: Download your Freebies:  Buy me a coffee:  Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
April 6, 2021
When to Quit Freelancing?
Is there a right time to quit freelancing? And what are the reasons a lot of freelancers find themselves back into their corporate job? There are so many reasons and I hate seeing freelancers shamed that they chose a different path.  In this episode, you will... understand the reasons why some people quit freelancing get an insight on when would be a good time to get back to your 9-5 job know if you need to stay motivated, inspired, or disciplined to be a successful freelancer Insights: ''If you ask me when it's time to quit freelancing, I would tell you that the sooner you make that decision, the sooner you can take action'' ''Do things that serve you toward success. And that’s the trick nowadays: a lot of people define success by a monetary structure, however, success for me and you might come in different shapes and forms. Do not let others define your idea of success.'' ''Price always costs something. How much are you willing to pay for the money you make''- Simon Sinek  Tips: not make assumptions about the freelance world based on incomplete or false information take educated decisions and understand your long-term goals when you freelance, you have to be great at negotiating because if you are not doing it, nobody else will do it for you Website: Download your Freebies:  Buy me a coffee:  Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
March 30, 2021
Do Freelancers Need to Sign an NDA
Do freelancers need to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and what is your responsibility once they put their signature on that piece of paper? Freelancers work with multiple clients at the same time and comparing to employees, they are not bound by a contract of employment. In such cases, many employers fear that the information they are sharing will land in the wrong hands. In this episode, you will… Learn what is an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and what purpose it serves Understand what questions you should ask your client before signing an NDA Find out what are your legal responsibilities as a freelancer once you signed an NDA Insights… ''All the big freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, they have it integrated on their platform that you legally agree not to publish any confidential information or work results. I know that you never read it when you signed up, however when you have time go through this, so you know what you signed up for.'' ''Please remember, a freelancer is not owning the copyright of the work they are completing for a client, it belongs to the person that is paying for the deliverable.'' ''A non-confidentiality agreement can be signed by both parties, the freelancer, and the client. There are cases when it is drafted by the client and signed by the freelancer.'' Website: Download your Freebies:  Buy me a coffee:  Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
March 22, 2021
What Freelance Jobs are in Demand
Besides the opportunities in tech, what freelance jobs are in demand in 2021? But before we start on it, remember that to elevate, you have to invest in yourself. I really love how Zig Ziglar explains it’’ If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, nobody can stop you’’. In this episode, you will... find out what freelance jobs are on the rise in 2021 get practical tips on how to transition from your current role into a freelance opportunity find out what websites are worth your time to learn a new skill Insights: According to, 51% of the hiring managers plan to engage talent for web, mobile and software development. In 2020, the tech was among the most in-demand services: e-commerce, customer service, and web, mobile and software development. Since the pandemic a lot of people were laid off, others are looking for a total career change, others are just changing industries. And this can be so overwhelming. That’s why a lot of people get a career coach, to make their journey easier. To start in career coaching you have to understand how the job market works, the stages of a recruitment process, how to best your client.  Cisco predicted that by 2023 video will make up almost 82% of all online content, so it’s always a good idea to get some skills in DaVinci, which is the most asked at the moment. Tips: The best places to master a new skill: Udemy, Coursera,,, Google Garage  It’s no secret that to be paid for your service, it must be a skill that not a lot of people can do, or don’t have the patience to learn it, or your goal it’s just to be the best in your area of expertise. Buy me a coffee:  Send me a voice message: Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
March 15, 2021
A Freelancer's Imposter Syndrome
Feeling like a freelance fraud? Learn about imposter syndrome, what steps you have to take to manage it and why does it matter to know the signs beforehand.  In this episode you will learn: what is imposter syndrome  get practical tips on how to combat imposter syndrome learn about how to get out of your comfort zone and how to get to the growth zone Insights: ''Is it uncomfortable to go from a comfort zone to a growth zone? Yes, it is! The imposter syndrome dominates between these two zones. I know it can be unbearable, painful, a mental burden, however, I can promise you it is all worth it.'' ''Detach yourself from the idea that you have to be perfect. Some people wait to find a client only when they will have the perfect website, the perfect sales pitch and you can lose on opportunities.  You added so much importance to this that you forgot to check up on yourself from time to time and ask yourself ‘’hey, are you OK, are you content, what would you change’’?'' Tips: In your job, be all you can be. Top up with your maximum value, your maximum effort and success will build up in time. Always be a student. Imposter syndrome flourishes when you are in stagnation. Acknowledging that it exists, that it can appear, you are equipping yourself with the skills to know how to spot it and restrain it before it affects your entire career. Pat yourself on the shoulder and say ''you are doing a great job, you are worthy of all the great coming your way.''. Challenge yourself and reap your rewards. Buy me a coffee:  Send me a voice message: Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
March 4, 2021
What to do if a client doesn't pay
Today let’s talk about the bad apples in freelancing: clients that do not pay! I hope you will not meet any. In over six years of freelancing, I never had an unpleasant situation related to non-payment. However, it is always important to know what to do, in case if that happens. But what if you do everything religiously and you wake up that you submitted your project and the client stopped responding and you are unable to get your last milestone payment? What are the steps you can take in this case? In this episode, you will… Understand what steps you must take in case if a client doesn’t pay Find out what are the legal implications and how can this work in your favor Learn if debt collection agencies are a good option Get a clear idea of when should you stop ‘’chasing’’ your non-responsive client Insights: We all get caught in different issues, we might forget one thing or another. Give your client the benefit of the doubt that probably they misplaced your email or went into the Spam folder. Always start with a positive mindset, because even if you not noticing it, in time, you will create this defense mechanism when you think that any new client you get on board, will act the same. So, give your client enough time to respond back. Have open communication with your client regarding your expectations, so you can avoid any confusion. Tips: Keeping your records updated- When you are taking a new client on board, make sure you are keeping track of all the emails, calls, texts, work submitted, invoice, terms and conditions, contracts, just in case if you ever need to use that as proof in case of non-payment. Use escrow services when possible- you will lose around 3% when using an escrow service, however, this brings you peace of mind that you will be paid and no legal action will be necessary because the escrow company will act as a mediator between you two and there will be a resolution in the end. Never start work without a contract in place- as a freelancer you can issue an invoice, however, your invoice has no legal ground without a contract signed by both parties. So, make sure you are having a contract, an invoice, terms of service. Buy me a coffee:  BONUS: Get your FREEBIE: Send me a voice message: Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
February 22, 2021
How Do Freelancers Track Hours
Today let’s talk about tracking your hours as a freelancer, why you should doing it as soon as possible, how you should do it and why accountability is important for your freelance business. In this episode, you will… Understand all the great things that will happen to you once you start tracking your hours in your freelance business Find out what ’’mental peak window’’ is and identify yours to be more productive Get the tools on how to track your time using Clockify (FREE app) Learn to hold yourself accountable doing time audits Insights: If you are not tracking your time, you will start having some unrealistic expectations on how long it takes you to finish anything. You will start taking for granted the time you pour into the projects, you will think you spend way too much time on certain tasks just because someone on social media said it takes them half of that time. Learn to protect your ’’mental peak’’ window, learn to say no to things that distract you, and be proactive. Don’t be afraid that you will fail to track your time: the faster you fail, the sooner you learn. Tips: Understand that not all work is equal to the same importance. What compelling work is helping you succeed? Do a time audit every week to maximize your potential of spending time where it’s needed, and to earn more money. Know the importance of using time limits on tasks. When you know how long it takes you to finish a project, you will understand how to price it better. Another great reason for time tracking is to think of ways on how you can stop wasting time, by making the time work for you. Learn to avoid multitasking: when you divide your focus, you make more mistakes). BONUS: Get your FREEBIE: Other ways to listen: Send me a voice message: Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
February 15, 2021
The Best Payment Methods Used by Freelancers
Today let’s talk about the best payment methods used by freelancers and what is the criteria for selecting the one suitable for your business. In this episode, you will… Get the four most used payment methods in 2021 by freelancers Understand why you should not rely on one payment method only Find out where you need to look for a freelance job that pays in cryptocurrency Get all the pros and cons of using Revolut, TransferWise, Paypal Insights: Selecting the best payment method for your freelance depends on multiple factors, such as in what country are you based, where is your client based, the currency you are charging, so the exchange from USD to Euro, for example, would affect your rate. I know you are thinking about your business when selecting the payment method, however, you also need to make it easy for your client. Be where your client is. And nobody said you must stick to one method only. BONUS: Get your FREEBIE: Other ways to listen: Send me a voice message: Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
February 8, 2021
What is Escrow in Freelancing?
Today let’s talk about how escrow services help freelancers make sure they are getting paid for the work they are doing and assure the clients that they will get the service they are paying- if not, they get the money-back guaranteed. Do you know that feeling of fear when you get a new client and you did not build that trust and you think ’’I hope I will not need to beg for payment in the end’’, even if you have a contract with clear terms in place? Now, let me make your life easier! Did you hear the term ’’escrow’’? In this episode, you will… Comprehend how escrow for freelancers works Understand the pros of using an escrow provider Have a list of transparent costs if you chose to use escrow services Get a comparison between two escrow providers: Upwork and Escrow Insights: A freelancer’s heaven is to work without being worried if they will get paid for all the work they are doing, making sure they will not need to chase the client to pay for the service, and finally concentrate on making the project a success. Upwork has released a feature called ’’direct contracts’’, where you create and send a contract to a non-Upwork client. Your client accepts the contract and deposits the funds in the escrow. You get the work done, send it over and you get paid when the client approves the work. You can select this for hourly or fixed price projects. Tips: Include all the payment terms in the contract (due dates, payment methods, etc.). Stick to your terms and do not make changes in between. This will confuse your client and you will have the ground ready for disputes. Communicate your terms of service to your client before making any early escrow payment. I do not need to say it but have it all in writing. And you will think ’’oh, but my client is so nice, I don’t think he will not pay me’’. Well, not everyone is blessed with unicorns, better safe than sorry. BONUS: Get your FREEBIE: Other ways to listen: Send me a voice message: Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
February 1, 2021
How to Build an Online Freelance Portfolio?
Today let’s talk about how to build a freelance portfolio with no hassle of feeling overwhelmed. Did you know that a lot of freelancers give up at this stage because they just say ‘’well, I have no experience to showcase, nobody would hire me, so it is best I stick to my 9-5 job’’? But why don’t you start with what you already have? Because if you do not try and build it up, even in 3-4 years you will have nothing to add if that is your perspective. In this episode, you will… - Understand why your freelance portfolio matters - Know how to build your online portfolio - Get tips and tricks on how you can also use LinkedIn as a portfolio destination - know what the structure of a portfolio is Insights: - ‘’When a client checks out your portfolio, you are giving them a sample of how is it to work with you, what results can they expect in the near future.’’ - ‘’ It is vital you understand why you need one. First, a portfolio is designed to display in practice all the skills you excel at and where your CV would not do it justice.’’ Tips: - Choose quality over quantity. - Use clear descriptions, who was the client, what was the outcome. - Make sure you are checking it on how it looks on mobile devices as well (as most of the traffic comes from these sources). - Make your Call to Action (CTA) one click away. Your Portfolio’s Structure: - About You- say something about yourself, about your approach to what you do - Your Vision- what you value - Your Mission- what is your goal - Your Background- how your background is important in what you do at the moment - Certifications- anything to display that will give a boost of trust to your customer - Your Services- list all the services you are offering - Reviews from Clients- if anyone reviewed your service, make sure you drop it down - Call to Action (CTA)- ‘‘let’s Work Together’’, ‘‘Contact Me’’ BONUS: Get your FREEBIE: Other ways to listen: Send me a voice message: Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
January 25, 2021
Should Universities Prepare Students for Freelance Work?
Freelancing is not something new, it is a trend for some years already. It mainly means career pursuing without being tied to a single employer. What a freelancer does is contract work. If freelancing is not fairly new, why don’t we have the universities integrating the practice of freelancing in their curriculum? Why can’t we be taught during our university years how to find our skills, how to price our services, how to acquire clients, how to negotiate and how to test and trial our freelance business? Just imagine that in 2020, Upwork contributed to the US economy with $1.2 trillion dollars. Trillions! Now imagine how many people are freelancing and how many of them actually had to cruise in this world by themselves until they figured this out. In this episode, you will… - Learn why universities should support students in choosing to become freelancers - Understand where the educational system stands in support of the job market Insights: - ‘’Maybe the educational system should rethink that universities’ career staff should be trained on providing advice on freelance work. And if a person chose between a traditional job and a freelance once, at least he/she had all the resources and information before taking this decision.’’ - ‘’ We are taught how to get a traditional job, how to be loyal to an employee, how to dedicate ourselves and our time to succeed in a workplace., how to follow rules but rarely how to create those rules. But we are not taught how to dedicate our time to succeed individually, how to navigate in this gig economy that for sure in 2021 will expand even quicker.’’ BONUS: Get your FREEBIES: Other ways to listen: Send me a voice message: Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
January 18, 2021
Six Things We Hate About Freelancing
If you thought freelancing means traveling until you drop dead tired or working on a beach in Thailand, then I will disappoint you but these are just myths or it rarely happens. A freelancer might be that person that you will still find in a PJ at 2 PM  and drinking his/her third coffee already. While we think Freelancing is so glamourous, you will be shocked to know what happens behind the scenes. In this episode, you will… - Understand why a lot of freelancers do not find room to grow - Know that freelancing does feel like work - Learn how to manage the cycle of winning/losing clients - Recognize the triggers of burnout and take premature action against it - Acknowledge why coworking spaces are on the rise Insights: - ‘’Freelancing feels more like work, it feels like you are the customer service person, you are the salesperson, you are the accountant, you are financial controller, your own marketing and communications department, and so on. You are your own boss, you are solely responsible for your success, so this is hard work.’’ - ‘’I know freelancers that are stuck in the same cycle of offering the same service, maybe for $1-$2 more than the previous project. It is important to put in the effort to find room to grow, to develop your skills, especially the negotiation skills.’’ Tips: - I have been through burnout, so my advice is to take it easy, know when you have the first hints, and take action. Otherwise, you will feel that you are ready to quit on anything you are working on, and you start questioning ‘’why me’’, ‘’why this happens to me’’. And imagine, how creative can you be when you are constantly exhausted? What value can you offer to your client when you do not take care of your mental, emotional, and physical state of being? - If you are in the United States, go to your local library and open an account. It’s free! This gives you FREE access to Lynda LinkedIn Learning, so you have thousands of courses to upskill. Usually, a Premium Lynda Membership is $37.50 per month. Also, this magic library card gives you free access to free ebooks, audiobooks on Hoopla app,, Mango Languages, and so on. BONUS: Get your FREEBIE: Other ways to listen: Send me a voice message: Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
January 11, 2021
Is 2021 a Good Year to Start Freelancing?
2020 was the perfect year to discover if you would love to take the freelancing path or not. Nowadays freelance jobs are taking over the world. According to, in the last 12 months, 2 million Americans joined their platform to look for the next freelance job. Now let’s have an open and honest conversation: is 2021 a good year to start freelancing? There are a few aspects you should put in perspective before taking this decision. In this episode, you will… - Understand the pros and cons of starting freelancing in 2021  - Know the benefits of being a freelancer vs an employee - Have the tools to make an informed decision to see if 2021 is a good year for you to become a freelancer Insights: - ‘’As a freelancer, you are self-employed. No matter how much others would sugarcoat freelancing to you, you have to be well-informed before taking this step.’’ - ‘’Unpredictable income: you are your own boss; you find your own contracts. With how the financial situation was for 2020 with the pandemic, you better have some contracts lined up, so you can rest assured you will have a streamed income.’’ - ‘’Career-boosting: comparing to a traditional worker, you must put in more effort to advance in your career. Many people think that networking at the workplace, interacting with a manager who can become their mentor, is providing a boost in their career. As a freelancer, you have to be ready to know what to do to advance your career: sign up for that class, get that qualification, etc.’’ Tips: - While going freelance in 2021 might be a great solution, there is nothing wrong in holding to that level of stability you have in your life, even if this means staying a bit longer in your office job. - If until 2020 we could have got away without health insurance, now with COVID you never know what happens. And I know for sure if you are in the US, being hospitalized for any health issues, you can go bankrupt. Now, if you are freelancing, this risk is elevated. What can you do in 2021 as a freelancer: dig into those health insurance options. BONUS: Get your FREEBIE: Other ways to listen: Send me a voice message: Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
January 4, 2021
How to Invoice as a Freelancer?
Before stepping into the freelance world, you have to understand that until you grow, you will be your own accountant. This means you are solely responsible for getting paid for the work you’ve done. And this takes place using invoicing. In this episode, you will... Learn what is an invoice and why it's important to have one Gain an understanding of what your invoice should include  Understand when an invoice has a legal value  Get tips on how to get your clients to pay you on time Find out what late fees us and if you should apply them in your freelance business Insights: So pay attention when you draft your contract and if you want to include the clause of late fees because if you add it only on your invoice, you might never get that money. What I want you to remember is that your invoice has no legal value without a valid contract signed by both parties. That’s why making it a prime concern that you start working on a project ONLY after the freelancer agreement or contract is signed. An invoice is important because anything can happen: your client might cancel the project, you might decide to cancel the project. And this is a way to make sure you will be paid for the service you are offering. Tips: If you nurture a great relationship with your client, invoicing will be hassle-free. When you establish a more personal connection, your client will feel fully responsible for paying you on time. Do not delete your invoices once those are paid. Keep a print copy and a digital copy of all of them, you will need those for tax purposes. If you negotiate your payment terms and amount with your client over the phone, make sure you are dropping an email explaining all that was discussed. For legal purposes, it is always best to have everything in writing. You can use apps like Freshbooks to track your invoices and keep it all organized. Or you can do this manually.  BONUS: Get your free Checklist: Freelancers' Invoice Other ways to listen: Send me a voice message: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
December 28, 2020
Pros and Cons of Performance-Based Pay
Once you decided what service to offer as a freelancer, there are few types of fee structures you can choose from: Hourly pay Per project Performance-based pay The most common fee structures are the hourly and project-based ones, while the performance pay one is, how I call it, the courageous way of billing. In this episode, you will…. Learn what is a performance-based pay as a fee structure Know what are the advantaged and disadvantages of being paid per performance Understand when to select to be paid per performance Insights: Jim Rohn said  "profits are better than wages. Wages will make you a living, profits can make you a fortune. You know it is a bit difficult to get rich on wages, but anybody can get rich on profits." From a client’s perspective, this is the best payment method they can use because they know that their money spent on a specific project will provide them with the needed outcomes. Also, the client stops wasting money on things that are not necessary, such as paying someone per hour and not too sure what to expect in a matter of results. And if you are starting in freelancing right now, do not think of yourself as a late starter because guess what: you really have the opportunity to learn from all the mistakes other freelancers did before you. Tips: Be transparent- a client appreciates transparency, confidentiality, and great customer service. Be honest, keep them updated, no matter in what direction the project is heading. Ask other freelancers- there are freelancers out there that are more than happy to share from their past mistakes and how they billed is one of them. Interact with others, ask for advice, see what worked out for them, and what was an impediment. BONUS: Get your free resources Other ways to listen: Send me a voice message: Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
December 18, 2020
Pros and Cons of Hourly Pay
Choosing the fee structure for your new freelance project can be a challenge and one size does not fit all. In freelancing, there are few types of fee structures you can choose from:  Hourly pay  Per project Commission-based In this episode, you will…. Learn what is an hourly pay as a fee structure Know what are the advantaged and disadvantages of being paid per hour Have a clear idea of why you should charge per hour Insights: Jim Rohn said ’’if you don’t like how things are, change it. You are not a tree’’. So, after you tried pay per project and you noticed that it is not for you, you do not have to quit freelancing, look for another fee structure that will adapt to your business’ needs.  ’’Hourly pay it’s easy to use in a hybrid approach: mix it with pay per project. For example, a web developer might work per project however when it is about revisions, they might charge per hour’’. Tips: Sell value, not time! When you calculate your hourly pay, make sure you include all the time you might spend with your client in meetings that are not usually paid, the time you spend looking for clients, which again, is not paid. Aspire to become an expert so you can, later on, package your service. When you use an hourly rate, know that being paid $50 per hour you, but don’t own that entirely. You have taxes to pay, health insurance, bills, and so on. Therefore, you will earn less than that. Make your life easier. Track your time. Use to track your spent hours for a specific project. Clockify is a simple time tracker and timesheet app that lets you track your work hours across projects. On top of that, it’s free! Never stop evaluating the value you are providing in an hour, so you can take better decisions if would be best to switch to pay per project. BONUS: Get your free resources Other ways to listen: Send me a voice message: Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
December 11, 2020
Pros and Cons of a Fixed-Price Project
Often freelancers ask me how do you set your prices and is it best to charge per hour or per project? To be honest, this is a continuous game of pros and cons, and it depends on the project. In freelancing, there are few types of fee structures you can choose from: Hourly pay Per project Unit-based (pay per word) Commission-based In this episode, you will…. Learn what is a fixed price project Know what are the advantaged and disadvantages of being paid per project Have a clear idea of why should you charge per project Understand why some clients prefer paying per project Insights:  ’’ The dangerous zone of pay per project is that your client might treat you as an employee, not a contractor and they will feel entitled to just throw work at you or micromanage you.’’  ’’ As the price is fixed, your customer will know exactly that the price he sees is the price he pays. There will be no surprises at the end of the project. This brings peace of mind for your client and knowing that they will afford it.’’ Tips: Always draft a short and clear contract before you start working on a project·Set expectations and prevent any misunderstandings. Never start working on a project without having a deposit of at least 20%. You can also stretch it like 50% when you start and 50% at the project Make sure your contract has a due date for a deposit and a due date for the final payment. Why this matter? You will provide a quote for a client and he just disappeared.  In 6-7 months, he is back saying he is ready to pay. But hold on, those were the rates at that time, in 6-7 months your rates might have gone higher. Make sure you are mentioning the accepted payment methods: bank transfer, PayPal, Venmo, etc. Leave room for negotiation with your client, however, keep in mind that you do not only have bills to pay, but you also need to make a living and plan financially for your future. BONUS: Get your free resources Other ways to listen: Send me a voice message: Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
December 6, 2020
How to Be More Productive?
In this episode, I am sharing approaches to deep work, shallow work, and how to stay productive in this noisy online environment we find ourselves in. In this episode, you will…. Learn what is deep work and what is shallow work Know the importance of deep work Be able to create your own principles of work Insights: ’’The average office worker spends 6.3 hours a day checking email, both personal and professional.’’ Now, if we could use this time wisely and strategically, I am sure we would have strong outcomes’’ survey conducted by Adobe Systems Inc  As a freelancer, be careful of shallow work because you would be enforcing some bad habits, which in the end affects your purpose/ your goal of the day.  Deep work is extremely important for your success. This means you are focusing on ONE SINGLE TASK for a specific amount of time. Mind your multitasking activity. You will be a ’’Jack of all trades, master of none’’, you will do bits of tasks here and there, and by the end of the day, you will not have a single one completed Tips: You must know how not to feed your weaknesses Put all your mental effort in one place at a time Lean towards monotasking Design your day- what is important to complete today Stop asking yourself ‘’but why do I have to do this and change it to ’’why not now”? Know WHEN your peak performance time is- some people work better in the morning; some people are night birds BONUS: Get your free resources Other ways to listen: Send me a voice message: Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
November 27, 2020
How to create a great cover letter
I am so excited about this episode, where I will be sharing my own experience on how to design a cover letter that lands you in a job as soon as possible. Every aspiring freelancer must start somewhere. It is either checking if their own network has any possible needs for their work or start on cold calling or sign up on third-party platforms such as Upwork. Upwork did the hard part for you of finding clients, so all you must do is win them over. In this episode, you will… Learn about the power of psychology how is to be in your client’s shoes Know what questions to ask yourself first before applying for a remote position Find the tricks for an effective cover letter Insights: Hiring manages love people that hit the ground running. People with initiative, creative ideas, and people who are genuinely serious about leaving their footprints in a company. Show them why they should have you on board. Give them a preview of how is to collaborate with you. Prove to them that you are not only looking for an income, but you are also looking for an environment of growth and that you are ready to take an extra mile for them and your aim is to help THEM succeed. You should know that if a company grows, you grow; if they succeed, you succeed. Clients make hiring decisions based on what impression you left them with, and it’s not fully based on your hard skills. Tips Avoid using ’’I’’, ’’me, me, me’’, change your proposal to reflect ’’you, your company, your service’’ Don’t have a lengthy job proposal, keep it under two paragraphs, should be clear and concise Do not use templates, you will sound like Siri or Alexa Work on building trust from the first proposal you are sending Capture your client’s attention from the first sentences I know this might sound dull, but make sure you are reading the job description not once, but twice Respond to all messages within 12 hours because this will show your client you are prioritizing him and you have great customer service skills BONUS: For some inspiration, download the draft proposal I use: Other ways to listen: Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
November 20, 2020
Where to find freelance work
In this episode, I will touch on why you need to adopt a mindset that takes more energy and how the small choices have a big impact. I am sharing all the online platforms I know that will help you land your first freelance job as soon as possible. In this episode, you will… •  learn about the multiple ways of getting freelance work • know how to select the ’’ winning’’ client on Upwork •  find out how to use LinkedIn for remote jobs •  be able to identify the qualities of a great client so you know you are made for each other Tips: Tip 1: learn to keep all your clients in one place. I have a Skype address where I add all my clients so we can stay in touch fur future projects or just to exchange a ’’ hi, how is the business going lately’’. If I am busy in the next four months, I want to make sure that I have another client lined up. Tip 2: I always accept interview requests, even if I am not looking for a job. I can dedicate 15-30 minutes a day so I can connect with a prospect and keeping in touch with him when I have the availability of taking on a new project. In this way, I save the time that I would waste on cold calling. Tip 3: If you are just starting in the freelance world, stay on platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, because you have an online contract with terms and conditions, and the payments are completed automatically. In case of disputes, Upwork becomes your mediator. Tip 4: You learn more by struggling than by winning. Do not choose the easy way. Tip 5: Do not worry if you do not find a job from the first application. Keep going. Tip 6: If you did not reap your results yet, that is a good sign, you still have more work to do and more goals to accomplish. Tip 7: As Warren Buffett says ’’don’t put all your eggs in one basket’’ and what I mean by that do not rely just on one channel to find clients. Stay active on a maximum of 2-3 of your choice and keep an eye out. Automate your search. Get job alerts to apply as soon as a position is open. BONUS: Download a list of 40 websites where you can find your next freelance opportunity: Other ways to listen: Send me a voice message: Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
November 13, 2020
How to price your freelance service
Today we will talk about money. Because love, no money- no honey. As a freelancer, you must be comfortable in talking about pricing, money, how much you charge, and how much you are willing to negotiate. If you hated negotiating your salary with your boss, now, sorry but you don’t have a way out. In this episode, we will touch on: • Three ways on how you can price your freelance service • The different pricing strategies you can use • Some tips and tricks to give you some direction in freelancing Insight:   Be confident about charging more than your peers because there are freelancers out there charging even more, just because they believe in what they have to offer. Other ways to listen: Send me a voice message: Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
November 6, 2020
How to find the skills you are great at
In this episode, I am sharing the importance of knowing why you want to freelance and how to find your superpower. What skills do you already have to help start freelancing today? I am teaching you about the importance of an exit strategy from your 9-5 job and practical tips on how to find the skills you are great at. In this episode, you will… Discover how to find your WHY Learn how to find the skills you excel at (practical tips + exercise) Find out how to portray a mix of hard skills and soft skills to your future client Know how to be valuable to your client Insights: ‘‘You see, most people don’t realize that they have skills that others want. That’s because they don’t value what they know. They take their knowledge for granted. The idea of self-worth is not appreciated.’’ ‘’You get paid for bringing value to the marketplace and if you’re not very valuable you don’t make much money’’. -Jim Rohn BONUS: Get your free resources from here: Send me a voice message: Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
October 30, 2020
What Is Freelancing?
Welcome back to Jump In Podcast. If you are new here, welcome! I am Doina, a Freelance Talent Acquisition Specialist with more than 13,000 hours billed in the freelance world. In today’s podcast episode I’m sharing what freelancing is, how the remote job market changed during the pandemic, what some companies are doing, what are candidates doing, and what you should actually do, along with the job trends for 2021. I am sharing practical tips on how you can grow at the moment. In this episode, you will... Learn the difference between a freelancer and an employee Discover why you should start freelancing today Be more efficient in repurposing your CV Know why transferable skills are so important for an employer Discover online platforms where you can virtual network at the moment and meet other professionals like you Learn about the 2021 job trends Insights: ‘‘People were freelancing even before the pandemic, however just in 2020, Upwork contributed to the US economy with a $1.2 trillion, with 22% more than in 2019. This should tell you something about where the freelance job market is at.’’ ‘‘Freelancing is here to stay no matter of a pandemic or a lockdown. And now it’s the best time to move your work online. And believe me, your future self will thank you.’’ BONUS: Get your free resources from here: Send me a voice message: Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
October 23, 2020
The Jump In Podcast- Who am I?
Welcome to Jump In Podcast. I am your host Doina, a Talent Acquisition Specialist with more than six years of experience in freelancing. Join me for a brand new podcast on how I navigate through the freelance world, offer you practical steps on how you can ditch your 9-5 job, and start paving your way into the freelance world. BONUS: Get your FREEBIE: Send me a voice message: Contact Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
October 19, 2020