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This is Jurmaine Health; the centre to help you achieve wellness in both your brain and body. We endeavour to increase cross communication between health professionals for your health and wellbeing. We’ll bring you topics on neuropsychology, neurobehaviour, neuromusculoskeletal, neurogastro, movement is wellbeing, metabolism and microbiome, which are also some of the services that we provide.
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063 Frontal lobe and executive function
Often we are asked, what happens if one suffers from brain injury? On this episode, find out what our brain executive functions are, which part of the brain is associated to performing executive functions, what its effects are if it is damaged as there can be behavioral consequences. Even if one has brain injury, one can still function - find out the tips to build healthy routine. At Jurmaine Health, our team of neuropsychologists can help with assessment and also provide you with recommendations. Contact us today to find out more.
May 28, 2020
062 What is TBI?
What is TBI? 🧠 On this episode, learn what kind of incidents/ accidents cause this type of trauma. What is a closed-head injury? Find out if your brain is affected even though your skull remains intact with no fracture. Is your brain like jelly? Find out the severity of TBI, whether from a car crash or contact sports. We use various types of indices to indicate severity of TBI at Jurmaine Health to ensure that your situation is assessed properly according to types of accidents/ TBI. What are the symptoms of TBI? How does it affect your cognition? Is recovery time the same for everyone? If you have any queries, contact us today to find out how we can help you~
May 14, 2020
061 What is neuropsychology?
On this episode, meet our Brain team, team of neuropsychologists and registrars: Dr Judy Tang, Kimberley and Evelyn. Find out exactly what we do and how we all fell into this field. Learn the difference between psychology and neuropsychology. How do we help people? What impacts the efficiency of your cognition?
May 7, 2020
060 Clinicians lens: Chat with Judy
On this episode of Clinicians lens, Arrow (our Admin and Clinical Triage) has a chat with Judy (our Clinic co-Director).  Find out how Judy started her journey with Shermain, what valuable lessons she learnt, what her motivations are, who she finds influential in the work she does etc Judy also shares with us her tips and what we should all do during this isolation time; including blocking out time to relax. What else will Judy be doing in the coming weeks? Find out the one peculiar thing Judy does too~ Finally, we are grateful that we can still help our patients and referrers at the Clinic. Your support is also paramount to what we do for you at the Clinic. So let us know how else we can help you~
April 22, 2020
059 Immunity and women's health with Natalie Cruttenden
This episode brings you some information about your immunity health and also women's health, with Natalie Cruttenden.  On this episode, find out who Natalie is, her vast work experience and interests.  Natalie also shared with us her thoughts on women's menstrual cycle and its impact on physical performance.  Other interesting notions from functional pathology to body types and hormones. What should you be eating? Tips on this episode on how to boost your immunity health, is not to be missed~ Find Natalie here at Resonance Complementary Therapies and
April 16, 2020
058 Clinicians lens: Chat with Shermain
Clinicians lens: Chat with Shermain Find out Shermain's role at the Clinic and in different sporting communities. Why has Shermain encouraged the Clinic to get educated and be experts in different modalities? Gareth asked us what we think of the gun massager, find out what we think on this episode. Book in with us to explore opportunities in optimising your body today!
March 18, 2020
057 Nutrition with Michelle Reeves
On this podcast episode, find out what Michelle does. She has vast experience in working with fighters and bodybuilders.  Today, every ingredient has been demonised and so has every diet trend. Find out what Michelle thinks about those diet trends. Do you have longevity mindset or do you want to lose weight in the next 12 hours? "No one knows how to eat anymore". Let us know what you think or if you have any questions!
March 4, 2020
056 Clinicians lens: Sleep
What about sleep should you know? There are 2 schools of thought. How many hours should you sleep? In the information age, what does it mean for us? Is everyone's circadian rhythm different? Do you have a perfect pillow or a perfect mattress? Learn the tricks on how you can improve your sleep on this podcast.
February 26, 2020
055 Nutrition with Grant Henschke
This week, a continuation of our current theme nutrition and gut health. Meet Grant Henschke. Find out who  Grant is, what his background, experiences are and how he got into nutrition and weight loss. Grant talks about lifestyle change, examining clients' environment and social engagements. For example, if you're always leaning towards Friday night drinks and your goal is to reduce alcohol consumption. What do you do? Listen to this podcast to find out the excellent tips that Grant gives when he does nutrition coaching.  We are swarmed with making many decisions day in, day out. Find out more on this episode, how Grant's nutrition coaching can help you with making better lifestyle choices that ultimately results in cleaner eating and weight loss.  You can also find Grant here
February 6, 2020
054 Gut health with Dr. Anjana
Our first episode of gut health is with Dr. Anjana who specialises in mould and gut health. On this episode, learn about her personal experience, find out which diet trends are not healthy. What is Dr Anjana's idea of healthy eating? Is vegan diet good for you? Or is paleo diet better for you? Should you go back to the diet of your real ethnicity roots or modernised roots? Find out the connection between the gut and brain health, and also how it can transfer into your sport like weightlifting. Brain fog - how does one end up with brain fog? How does one function with brain fog? Inflammation creates brain changes, optimising your gut health can be very important for brain function. Let us know if you have mushroom growing out in your living room. If you enjoy this episode, let us know via comments below or send us a direct message. You can find Dr Anjana on
January 22, 2020
053 Welcome back!
Welcome back to the 1st episode for the decade.  What are your new year resolutions? Do you feel guilty for eating and drinking during the Holidays? Should you punish yourself for it?  Listen to what our clinicians thoughts are on this. Our condolences to those directly and indirectly affected by the bushfires. Great to see so many helping hands out there. If you have respiratory problems like asthma, lung injury or cardiac issues - find out what app to download on this episode. What to look for in respiratory masks?  What is your 2020 word for the year? Stay tune this year where we will bring you useful everyday tips to stay healthy both for your body and brain.
January 16, 2020
052 Clinicians lens: Tennis
This week's Clinicians lens is tennis.  Do you remember us talked about tennis elbow; upper limb injury in the past episode? What does top spin do to your 2 small joints? Try doing this with no weight bearing. Find out the other types of injuries associated with tennis on this episode.  Like other sports, strength and conditioning can help you endure in this sport. Any questions or findings in this year's tennis season? Comment below, or send us a message via direct message on instagram and we will give you a shout out!
January 8, 2020
051 2019 Wrap up
Find out what we have learnt and refined in 2019  on this episode.   Such as electrical bio-currents, ART, Barral, P-DTR, TRE, Chikly - listen to this episode to find out what the acronyms are~  We also had our 10 years anniversary in 2019, that brought traffic to a standstill.  Lastly, thank you for listening to our podcast and a big shoutout to all our patients - we hope to continue our best work for you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us at Jurmaine Health~
December 24, 2019
050 Clinicians lens: Cricket
This week's Clinicians lens series is for our cricket fans. Find out the different strains and injuries that affect different roles in cricket players on this episode. What does a high-speed throw do to your elbow? Imagine throwing a ball up to 160km/h and worse if hit by it. Contact us to find out what sorts of strength and conditioning are required to participate in this sport healthily. Lastly, please wear your protective gear~
December 17, 2019
049 How does stress affect your breathing?
As the year-end approaches, we can all put in more effort into better breathing practices and perhaps wind down for the year~ Do you or your baby breathe better? Do you find yourself sucking your tummy in? What is learned behaviour vs natural when it comes to breathing? How does stress affect your breathing?  Find out the tips and methods on down-regulation and how we can help our patients on this episode~ @thatcrossfitdad now @gareth_aus listen to this episode; as we answer one of your questions!
December 4, 2019
048 Clinicians lens: Crossfit
This week's Clinicians lens is on Crossfit! Find out what injuries you could get from repeated kipping handstand pushups.  Common injuries are the gymnastics body weight movements. Understand your biomechanics, your range of movement and its limitations. Find out what our clinicians' analogy of the pullup is. Manual jobs vs desk jobs. You both could end up with forearm injuries.  Also on this episode; find out some tips on how you can avoid injuries! Leave us questions here; and we will shout out and address your questions in future episodes! 
November 27, 2019
047 Clinicians lens: Footy
Find out what the impact injuries and what the non-impact injuries are in footy.  Does your daily activity affect the performance of your sport of choice? Are your range of movements restricted?  Fortunately, we can recommend some tips and treatments that will allow you to return to footy. Find out on this episode! Feel free to ask us any questions, we'd be happy to help! Photo credit:
November 21, 2019
046 Clinicians lens: Jiu Jitsu
This week's Clinicians lens series is on Jiu Jitsu. Find out what  the common upper body injuries and lower body injuries are on this episode.  The differences between injuries from everyday training and in competitions; how you could sustain traumatic injuries or RSI. Listen to this podcast for some interesting fun facts, and what you could do to avoid injuries.
November 13, 2019
045 Clinicians lens: Weightlifting
This week's Clinicians lens series is on weightlifting.  In any sport that you do, injury can happen when your body is in non-ideal positions. Sports are generally not dangerous as long as you are doing the chosen sport correctly, and/or done under the right supervision. Some thoughts to ponder: - can you maintain ideal positions? - what is ego lifting? - how does one get strains from weightlifting? we discussed tennis elbow, golfers' elbow.  - how does incorrect movement pattern affect you? Find out the anatomy of your body and the movement patterns required in weightlifting.  Look out for our social media posts. We have a couple of core exercises for Katie Rose, thank you for submitting your question.  Find out tips on how to avoid injury. 
November 5, 2019
044 Clinicians lens: Soccer
Find out which clinician is a soccer enthusiast and the common injuries in the sport; like groin strains. Is there correlation between your job and injuries? What leads to injuries? What training program are you on? The benefits of having a therapist in your team.
October 29, 2019
043 Clinicians lens: Lower limb cases
On this episode of Clinicians Lens, find out about our past week's case studies on low back and low limb pains.  Is it always what it seems? Is the root cause often the area where you feel the pain? Or is there a distant underlying problem? Have you heard of low back pain stemming from the neck? What are the classic triathlete issues? What is lower cross syndrome? Find out on this podcast, our case studies and discussions.
October 8, 2019
042 Chat with Lester Ho of The Training Geek
Listen to our chat with Coach Lester Ho about his 3rd big international competition trip to Montreal this year. Find out: Why is weightlifting a team sport? Hear of the hardware TG Strength brought home to Australia. How did Lester prepare for the competition this time round? Learn first hands' experience managing a team overseas and how Lester managed training, transportation, meal preparation, group morale and mindset of his athletes. How does your environment affect your performance?  Lester's next big competitions are: Masters comp in San Diego and Nationals interstate. Lester is also running a novice competition (also for the experienced and seasonal lifters) $40 entry. All happening in OCTOBER~
October 2, 2019
041 Posture: Is your posture holding you back?
Hear about our clinicians' experiences; how do you end up with a straight spine? We find that it is normally from sports and from lots of falling. When you appear to be still, are you really still?  What does it mean having a great coach? Is biomechanics important? Find out the interesting cases that we have seen and what other posture problems there are out there.  How do you move around with the environment?  Tune in and look out for our functional neurological health model which we built comprising of your macro and micro environments and how they affect your posture and habits. 
September 12, 2019
040 Meet the team: Lingy
Find out the person behind our social media instagram and facebook pages, Lingy.  Earlier in 2019, quite a few of us were admitted to the hospital. On this episode, hear Lingy's journey from the time when she first met the clinic, Dr Shermain Wong and Dr Judy Tang.  What sport does Lingy train in? Who else could possibly suffer from pneumothoracies - does it only fit in the category of tall, thin and young? Dr Jackie also suffered from it under different circumstances. If left untreated, and tension pneumothorax occurs, it can be fatal.  Lingy extends her many thanks and gratitude to Mr Phillip Antippa, the doctors and nurses at the hospital, clinicians Dr Shermain, Dr Jackie and Cera, her weightlifting coach Lester Ho, family and friends!  If your body awareness/ proprioceptive is not great, having fabulous clinicians and coach - can help save your life! 
September 4, 2019
039 Embodied Recovery workshop: Crossfit Warrnambool
Find out about our introductory workshop for The Embodied Recovery programme, this time held at Crossfit Warrnambool. What are your daily stressors? Find out the examples from this podcast. We give tools, like breathing practices and TRE for you to reset your body and mind. Great to see our participants looked really really relaxed after the workshop! Look out for our future workshops and online programme in the future!
August 21, 2019
038 New in: Biocurrents
Recently, we celebrated our 10 years anniversary with a big show of lion dance. Listen to our experience of the lion dance, and find out which lion had some mobility problems.  We would love to introduce our new tool! As part of the 10-years celebration, we are introducing Biocurrents at our practice!  We were once advised to not use such machinery tools earlier on in our practice because it will not improve our skill sets. Using tools or machines earlier on would mean that our hands will not be sensitised or pliable in different manual/ physical modalities like manipulation, ART, lymphatics, bones, joints, tissues, muscles etc.  We believe that this is a brilliant time to introduce this new machinery tool because it will enhance our skill sets acquired in the past decade.  This will help with our treatment and a few of our patients have already experienced it! Comment below what you thought of it!  Look out for our promotion of the Biocurrents in our newsletter and social media~! 
August 8, 2019
037 Jurmaine Health Origins
Find out our humble beginnings of our co-founders, Dr Judy Tang and Dr Shermain Wong, at Jurmaine Health clinic.  We started from ground up, bootstrapped and almost clueless a decade ago. We did not know what we were getting into! What about toilet rolls and ply? We are also experts in cooking eggs.  Jurmaine Health Body and Jurmaine Health Brain started off as 2 separate departments. Fast forward a decade now, we are working much closer. For our 10-year anniversary, we will also be launching whiplash and concussion programs in effort to work more holistically as a clinic. Listen to this podcast to hear some of our nuances on how we begun our journey.  We are celebrating our 10 years' anniversary on the 20th July Saturday. We are putting on a show, with a colourful dance and some crackers. See you there! (RSVP is required). 
July 13, 2019
036 Your spine and spondylolisthesis
Find out the causes for spondylolisthesis on this episode.  Who does it occur to?  Find out the probability of age group that this is likely to occur? Changes to bony tissues and the incidental finding in later years.   What happens when the vertebrae slips forward? What is the function of the spine, what are the signs and symptoms of spondy.   Find out our physiotherapist, Cera's experience from her athletic teenage years into adulthood.  What about that MRI imagery?!    ps - there is no necessary correlation between your spine and spondylolisthesis *laughs* 
June 25, 2019
035 Foot and ankle part 3
For those who are fond of high heels, you must listen to this podcast!  What activities can cause Achilles tendinitis?  What does the hips have to do with a 'broken' ankle?  Find out what the common injury is for women.  What is toe-walking? Changes to the biomechanics of your body like arching back and forward knees - cause pain in the knees and lower back. The lower heels are kinder to your body than the higher heels.
June 19, 2019
034 Foot and ankle part 2
This is the second part of our foot and ankle series.  Arthritis in the foot and ankle. Is it hereditary? caused by being overweight? caused by trauma? Are you experiencing cracking and creakiness? Find out symptoms of gout on this episode, grades of ankle sprain, and other  afflictions of the foot and ankle.
June 12, 2019
033 Introduction to foot and ankle: anatomy
Learn the anatomy of the foot and the ankle - the muscles that support your structural integrity. Find out the common sports which you'll find where your foot/ ankle structures can be compromised.  How many bones do you have in your foot?  Can you visualise the anatomy of your foot from this podcast?! 
June 5, 2019
032 The coach's lens: Anthony Dove
Listen to our chat with Coach Anthony Dove, also known as Dovey.  How did Dovey get into coaching? How does Dovey cope with tantrums from athletes? What's the difference between female and male athletes in terms of attitudes and characteristics? What's more important - technique or strength? Find out what Dovey finds challenging in coaching on this episode!
May 22, 2019
031 Chat with our senior neuropsychologist on traumatic brain injury
Find out the 2 types of stroke and why location, location, location is important. Left side, right side of the brain. Which is for rational thinking, and which is for creative thinking? What can happen if you suffer from traumatic brain injury? Find out the general tips on what to do if you suffer from a concussion.  What is neuroplasticity? Can we train our brain? 
May 7, 2019
030 Vodcast: How the structure of your neck affects you
Check out our vodcast on our facebook page tomorrow and follow us too!         Learn how the structure of your neck affects you. Can your structure actually allow you to follow your coaches' cues?         Can your spine allow you to be in certain positions? Chiro pillows, do they work?        Check out our vodcast tomorrow. 
May 1, 2019
029 Concussion wrap up
We talked about some effects of concussion; looking spacey and exhibiting non-integrated movement patterns. This does not just happen in contact sports but in any other sports with risks of falling like horse riding.  See you at the Embodied Recovery at the Training Geek, TG Strength, this Saturday at 12pm!  Complimentary Embodied Athlete workshop live in person right after the Embodied Recovery workshop. Tickets can be purchased in bio! 
April 24, 2019
028 Whiplash and concussion
Do you know the difference between whiplash and concussion?  Who is the Smurf, who is the Oompa Loompa at our clinic?  We also share our experience in witnessing concussion in contact sports. Keep your eyes peeled during your next footy game.  Also see you at Jurmaine Health at Moorabbin on 27th April 12pm! Tickets can be purchased now.  
April 10, 2019
027 Cervical spine part 3
Cera our physiotherapist has returned for this podcast!  This episode, we talk about the types of headaches.  Are you a desk jockey? You may need a shoulder police to press your shoulders down.  Migraine is commonly seen in females and believed to have hormonal link. Find out why on this podcast!  We can help at Jurmaine Health. For example, we sometimes do lymphatic drainage to treat headaches caused by sinusitis.
March 27, 2019
026 Cervical spine part 2
What is the Embodied Project about? The Embodied Recovery, The Embodied Athlete and the Embodied Fitness. Find out here, how you can participate!  Part 2 of this series is about more examples of neck issues. We check for all signs and symptoms that your bodies present even if you come to us for a specific problem. For example, a patient who came in for a neck issue, our thorough investigation led to a cardiology problem.  Wry neck, yes a scarf can save you sometimes!  Contact sports, what sort of issues do they normally face?  Orthognathic surgery, do you need one? 
March 20, 2019
025 Cervical spine part 1
Our first head and neck series, cervical spine part 1. Anatomy, characteristics, differences in structures and habitual patterns. Does your occupation affect your jaw movement and does it result in pain in the jaw or headaches? On this episode, we also share our experience of the neck pains that we have seen. Understand that there are differences between a weak neck and a tight neck. Your rehab should be tailored accordingly. 
March 13, 2019
024 Low back pain part 3
What is your shape? Lordosis? Kyphosis? Scoliosis? Learn about the structures that “shape” the spine. Other clinicians, Cera and Jackie have shared their trauma. Find out what Shermain has experienced on this podcast! 
February 19, 2019
023 Low back pain part 2
Your sporting choices in childhood or teenage years could show up later when you hit your 30's - especially when you incurred injuries that were not resolved earlier on. Could your spine be malnourished? It shows up in x-ray as darker shades.  We found that in the creative industry, many of our patients suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. This can occur to young people between mid 20's to under 40 years old.  Find out what else we have seen, what our physiotherapist Cera has been up to, and what else we discussed on this episode. 
February 13, 2019
022 Tension
Do you have space for recovery?  Your body is like a pulley system. One muscle pulls, the other pulls. When one is held for a particular position for too long, there is compensation.  Tension can apply to emotions, the mind and the body. Do you have unresolved trauma? When unresolved, it breaks the body down in many ways including the immune system, athletic performance etc.  Find out more on this podcast. Look out for the Embodied Recovery sessions where we give you tips on how to manage tension. 
February 6, 2019
021 Low back pain part 1
Do you understand your system? Just because you have tight lats, it does not necessarily mean you should 'tenderise' your lats with a foam roller (with teeth). Are you rolling yourself into back pain? Are you a piece of meat? Sometimes we prefer a bread pin roll!  If you do high volume activity - you will lose body awareness more easily. After 9 shopping mall massages sessions, why do you expect your clinician to fix you in 1 session? 
January 23, 2019
020 Introduction and low back pain
Warm welcome to 2019~ What is The Embodied Athlete? For those who compete including beginner, amateur, intermediate and elite. Fill in form (link in instagram bio) to join. In the group, we talk about training, mindset, internal focus, environment, brain, body, heart, gut etc!  Also, introduction of low back pain. Fun fact: 80% of people will somewhat experience low back pain at some point of their lives.
January 16, 2019
019 Merry Christmas and Happy 2019!
Many thanks to our patients, partners, listeners and followers on social media. Well done to our patients who competed in both local and international competitions for the year. Find out what we shall talk about in the first few episodes of 2019. Merry Christmas, and see you in 2019!
December 19, 2018
018 Emily Muskett's journey to Commonwealth Gold
You ever wonder how we are not conventional health practitioners? Athletes like Seen (Episode 010), and Emily share their thoughts how different we are compared to other health practitioners. Yes, we may be blunt, and we find that our honesty helps our patients progress in their goals. Find out Emily's journey to Commonwealth, holding two jobs and how she manages her time and expectations day-to-day.
December 12, 2018
017 Sciatica part 3
Final episode on sciatica. Just because you experience sciatica, it does not mean that you have blown up your disc. Listen to this episode where we also share our personal experiences with different back issues.
December 5, 2018
016 Sciatica part 2
Second part of sciatica. Delve a little deeper into sciatica. Ensure that you listen to the first episode to get better understanding of this podcast. Do you assume you have disc injury just because you have back pain? Can higher amount of water cause more likelihood of disc injury? Do you sit on your wallet? Has it caused you any issues? Find out on this episode!
November 27, 2018
015 Sciatica part 1
What is sciatica? Are all back problems related to the sciatic nerve? Find out what other back conditions there are on this podcast!
November 21, 2018
014 Common lifting issues
We love our lifting athletes, so here's an episode specially for you. The common injuries in weightlifting and crossfit. If someone says you have carpal tunnel syndrome, sometimes it is not necessarily true - so do not rush to get a surgery. Here, we talk about the shoulder, wrist, median nerve, the knee, the back, movement patterns etc Enjoy the episode, and make sure to drop us a message on facebook or instagram to let us know what else you'd like to hear!
November 13, 2018
013 Hip issues part 2
Hip issues are especially problematic among athletes who use their hips a lot. Are you getting hip issues from burpees? box jumps? What exactly is hip impingement?
November 7, 2018
012 Hip issues part 1
Introduction to hips Are you waddling? Are you hobbling? Are you shifting your weight side to side when walking, instead of rotary manner? Is your pelvis rotating? When no rotation happens, you are placing unwanted downward forces which result in hip pain.
November 1, 2018
011 Irksome training habits
What are your training habits? Are you jumping from one program to another every few weeks? Do you understand your own musculoskeletal? Jurmaine Health Body also runs program Movement is Wellbeing to allow you to achieve your goals safely.
October 23, 2018
010a Bonus episode: An elite athlete’s approach to weightlifting and life
Seen Lee shares more of her insights into her life as an elite athlete. "I'm sure that there is a happy medium somewhere in between that can be achieved, I do not know what that is... for an extended period of time being a full time athlete is detrimental for mental health" Seen says. Discover what she means by the above by simply listening to this bonus episode! Enjoy!
October 18, 2018
010 An elite athlete’s approach to weightlifting and life
A conversation with Seen Lee. Discover the mindset of a high performance athlete, find out more by listening to our podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher etc.
October 16, 2018
009 Case Study: Wrist - How our physio, Cera hurt her wrist, bad. And what she's doing about it
How various activities layers on impact on the wrists How work environment can create an impact on the wrists Did you know that there is a sport, like volleyball, but with legs only? Can you heal faster with PRP or ABI injections even when the jury is out there? How does the outcome of that compare to cortisone?
October 11, 2018
008 The many kinds of pain and dysfunction of the elbow & wrist
How to get tennis elbow without even playing tennis How wrist issues can be more debilitating than elbow issues
October 3, 2018
007 What working at Sport Events are like
Kona World IronMan Championships vs Australian or New Zealand IronMan events Crossfit vs Weightlifting vs Powerlifting events
September 26, 2018
006 Which Type of Athlete R U?
Elite and Professional Athlete's Attitude vs The Rest The Mindsets and Habits of Weekend Warrior Sports Enthusiasts Fitness Hobbyists Gym Ornaments
September 19, 2018
005 Chiropractic Fails
Why too many adjustments does not mean wellness How too many adjustments too frequently just means instability Wellness means different things to different people Wellness actually means - Moving well Movement of the Gut Movement of the Neuroimmune System Movement of the Breath Movement of the Emotions and Mind Movement of the Tissues throughout the Body and Brain
September 5, 2018
004 Shoulder Issues Part 3
Welcome to Part 3 of our Shoulders Issues series.  Recruitment patterns; are you using your hips to do a bicep curl? Bodybuilding, what dysfunction in movements can cause.  Is your breathing getting in the way of your lifting? Importance of correct technique, including starting position. On this episode, we also talk about the importance of breathing; chest vs. belly and how shoulder compensation can affect mobility downstream. Send in your videos or stories, if you'd like feedback on any 'shoulder' issues that you may be having.
August 29, 2018
003 Shoulder Issues Part 2
Labeling yourself into a shoulder box Bullet Proofing your shoulders or just plain "Bull...t?" Why templates don't work Envy is the worst enemy Great Expectations Double Crush Syndrome More than 80 different types of junctions, muscles, ligaments, nerves, artery, capsules that can affect the shoulder. Don't knock Intervention Pain Management. They can help speed up recovery by half the time. Cupping vs Blood Letting Cupping vs Placebo Ultrasound = Collective Silence Active Release Technique is not Pinning and Stretching
August 22, 2018
002 Shoulder Issues Part 1
When Shoulder Issues really isn't a shoulder issues. Case studies of Client has had a year of shoulder pain and couldn't do muscle ups Client shoulder pain, referred from ribs Client shoulder pain from bronchitis Client shoulder pain from mild pneumonia Client shoulder pain, severe episode, turns out to be cancer. and more
August 15, 2018
001 JH Beginnings
How Jurmaine Health became Brain and Body. Why it is important medical professionals need to overcome biases and start working together. What other medical professionals commonly think of Chiropractors and more.
August 8, 2018
Special Episode - Post Fundraising
This special episode is to talk about the follow up results post fundraising session at the Training Geek.
July 30, 2018