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Just Copped: An E-commerce show presented by July Five

Just Copped: An E-commerce show presented by July Five

By July Five
A black e-commerce podcast hosted by July Five, a black owned e-commerce digital agency ran by husband and wife Kevin and Lauren Deal. We discuss the latest news and events in e-commerce, tech and entrepreneurship. Whether you are starting your own e-commerce business or an e-commerce agency this is the podcast for you. Each episode we highlight a black owned business that we Just Copped from and explore a new topic in e-commerce, tech, entrepreneurship and more.
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Launching With the Right Products

Just Copped: An E-commerce show presented by July Five

Launching With the Right Products
After you select your target audience and do the work to decide what solutions they actually want and need now it's time to bottle up the package or products. This week we explore how to launch with the right amount of products to keep a lean ecommerce business that sets the stage for scaling. Transcription: I like doing something new every day every episode. Yeah, I think it's cool. So next week is Konnichiwa all around the world. Hello. Yeah, what's up to the world? So this is episode 4 of just copped the e-commerce show. Yeah. I've been trying to be better at saying show and not just podcast because Karlos Miller said you don't want to box yourself in and call it just a podcast. You want to call it a show just in case. It doesn't limit you, what you can do and what you could be. So I'm trying to get better at saying show. But anywho, welcome to just copped. It is an e-commerce show. We are Lauren. I'm Lauren and I'm Kevin and we're the owners of July Five. It's an e-commerce agency designed for black e-commerce businesses. So all your digital needs is what we are here to help you with. Well, that's website whether that's branding whether that's marketing strategy. Whatever that is. You have a cool idea and you need to you know, sort it out with somebody get some validity help to understand that this idea is a valuable or viable idea. We are your people. Um, and so this Pike or this show CL about to say it again this show is a show where we Just get together and give our opinions about stuff. We try to teach you a little bit as we are learning to this not a podcast was like perfectionist experts who know, everything is just us telling you what we see in our business will we we know and maybe you can apply it to you. And so we usually talk about our we have a tech word of the week, which is so that you can kind of be up on lingo or just no words like that pertain to your business so that you can you know, talk the talk because I think that's really important for actually meeting folks. Right? Exactly. And so we'll also gonna throw some like Tech lingo you words in there as time goes so that people are familiar with it. I know that when I first got into the business people would say stuff all the time and I wouldn't know necessarily what they were talking about until I had to like catch a context clue. So I don't want everybody else to have to do that. So we will share our knowledge of what we think the The word means whether we're right or wrong, you know, that's just our interpretation of it. And then we do our topic where we just talk about something briefly pertaining to like a business your business how it could be better things to think about all those things and we do are just cop which is US highlighting a black owned business that we just copied from that we're really excited to share with you and we hope that you go out and you support to so drum roll. The word of those we I really gotta find how to do it go. Like, I'm sure thing. Yeah. Yeah. So where do the week is up selling? Do you know what I'm selling is? No, I do now I'm selling is like a technique to make somebody by your more expensive product. Mmm-hmm. So says it's a technique to convince a customer to buy something more expensive and upgraded version of what's been purchased what's being purchased so it's like if you worked at a Foot Locker or a Champs or something and you go to check out your sneakers and they're like, oh do you want these three pair of socks and come with it and you kind of get like a discount for buying the like the socks come at a discount and you buy it with your purchase and you're like, I got three new pair.
April 7, 2021
Picking a Target Audience is Hard but Necessary!
This week we discuss one of the biggest fears people have when first starting their business. Selecting a target audience! There are some misconceptions out there about what marketing to everyone means. We dispel those myths and talk about the importance of nailing it down. When you are first starting out you have to remember that you can't do what Walmart or Amazon does now. You have to look at where they were when they started to see how they grew a successful business piece by piece. We want you to feel encouraged on how to move forward and confident that selecting a target audience is the right thing. 
March 16, 2021
How a Customer Service Strategy Can Grow Your Ecommerce Business
As an ecommerce business owner there are a lot of things to consider when running your business. You usually have to figure out a marketing strategy, pricing strategy, branding and more. One thing that can often get overlooked in the midst of all of that is a customer service strategy. How will your ecommerce business handle customer education, customer experience and customer issue resolution. We have seen many solopreneurs handle the customer service of their ecommerce business in many ways but this episode talks about the dos and don'ts to having great customer service. People dont always remember what someone said to them but they always remember how they felt. Don't let these customer service mistakes ruin your reputation before you even get started. 
March 2, 2021
What's The Best Ecommerce Platform?
In our series premiere we discuss one of the top questions we get asked. What is the best ecommerce platform? There are a lot of different decisions out there and we help you figure out a plan to tackle the age old question. We share our word of the week which is Call to action (CTA) and highlight black owned businesses that we just copd from. We want to address that only until after we recorded this episode did we find out that Urban SkinRx is not a black owned business and for that there will be a rant coming soon. 
February 17, 2021