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Computer Science: Just the Useful Bits

Computer Science: Just the Useful Bits

By Noah Gibbs
Are you a professional developer, or do you want to be? Worried that your computer science theory is not enough, or is outdated? We'll talk about which parts are useful, which aren't, and why/where. Every week you'll get an informed opinion from a professional developer about a specific part of computer science and when/where/whether it's useful. We cover algorithms, analysis, data structures and all sorts of theory, here on Comp Sci: Just the Useful Bits.
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With Chris Oliver: The Black Magic of Video Game Timing
In this episode, Chris and I talk about the black magic of video game timing, why you should build your own package manager, why you should write what you love, why Chrome using All The Memory is a good thing and what you can learn from Porsche redesigning their whole car every four years. For show notes, links and comments see
October 27, 2020
With Drew Carpenter: Static or Dynamic Languages?
In this episode, Drew and I talk about job interviews, static and dynamic languages and a little of everything career-related. For show notes, links, comments and transcripts see
October 13, 2020
With Hugo DiFrancesco: ...
October 6, 2020
With Swizec Teller: The Value of Theory and Why Not to Build an Analytics Service
Swizec and I talk about his theory-heavy education in Slovenia and how extremely useful it's been to him. We also talk about educational overengineering, automata theory, why NoSQL is usually a mistake and whether online education has jumped the shark. For show notes, links, comments and transcripts see
September 29, 2020
With Alain Mauri: to be a Great Developer, Learn Sport Instead of Computer Science
Alain and I talk about the old days; about jumping into a first job in PHP because Commodore 64 coding was probably close enough; about how, to be really great on a development team you can skip most of the university education, but learning sport should probably be mandatory. For show notes, links, comments and transcripts see
September 22, 2020
With Jake Yesbeck: On Getting Lucky, Mastery and the Fundamentals
Jake and I talk about basically just getting lucky... And also about mastery and understanding the fundamentals of computer science. We talk about university and how it works well for some things (theory, longer-term understanding) and poorly for others (basic how-to-build understanding.) We also talk about the semi-lost art of whiteboard interviewing and how to prep for it if you have way too much time on your hands. And the idea that there are only so many approaches to problems in the world. And maybe a bit about how much better it would be to be a coding recluse in a cave in Norway. For show notes, links, comments and transcripts see
September 14, 2020
With Mike Perham: Sidekiq and Whitepapers, and What Success is For
Mike, of course, is most famous in the Ruby community for Sidekiq. Outside Ruby, you're more likely to know him for Faktory. Mike and I talk a lot about his education in and out of university and how it's served him. We also talk about how that's changed over the years as his career has continued. For show notes, links, comments and transcripts:
September 7, 2020
With Tyler Williams: Hands-On Teaching Between Students; Formal and Informal Teaching
Tyler Williams talks about what made his education good. He's actually going back after years of development to finish his degree and get a master's degree. Not everything was perfect, not everything was good, but he thinks there are parts you can't easily replace in a formal education. For show notes, links, comments and transcripts see:
August 31, 2020
With Jason Swett: when data structures, big-O notation and algorithms were completely useless...
Jason Swett and I talk about his education as a programmer and the classes he took in university. I also explain big-O notation in a simple way that (Jason thinks) is useful, and we wander onto topics like philosophy, as Jason and I tend to... For show notes, links, comments and transcripts see:
August 19, 2020
BigCo New Employee Training - Inside Voice
This isn't actually an episode. More of a test upload, and a vocal rendition of an old blog post. From
December 27, 2019