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Just Us Girls

Just Us Girls

By JUGS Media
Just Us Girls is the podcast for you to laugh with, learn from & drink to. Your host Alex packs each episode with new guests, piping hot tea and all thing LGBTQ+. You can grab a bottle of wine or a broom while you listen in on our chats, but promise that we keep it between... Just Us Girls!
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Evolution of Coming Out w/ Zoe

Just Us Girls

Episode 10 (YAY!) w/ Musician Dantès
JUG Heads rejoice for it is Tuesday. It is particular special because today is our 10th episode and of course has another amazing story with it. Dantès is an audio visual artist with hits like "So Below" & "Killer" (do your self a favor & listen). You will get a behind the scenes look into the experiences that are woven into Dantès expression.  Dantès Website! JUGS Site
August 18, 2020
Episode 9- Matt & The Quest For Equal Rights
Hi JUG Heads! I hope our absence last week can be forgiven, Alex forgot to press record (facepalm), but we are back!  To make up for that we are talking with extra special guest Matt. He shares his early life and college days and the role he played in the 2015 supreme court ruling for equal marriage rights. His story and experience allows us to reflect on the progress we have seen in the country over the last few decades.
August 11, 2020
TikTok: The LGBT Side w/ Lolo Dee
Whats up JUG Heads! Today Alex sits down with TikTok star Lolo Dee. Over the last year she has grown over 200k followers in the app. She shares the struggles of her coming out story and also the joys of making short format content in the TikTok app. Before her success there she had also gone viral on facebook. Lolo focuses her content on lesbian and LGBT forward ideas.
July 28, 2020
When in Chicago?! - Jess
Hello Jug Heads! How has your week been? Todays episode is exciting for two reasons. 1st Jess walks us through her coming out story. From a young girl to today her experience is so unique yet relatable. 2nd the interview is recorded on our new microphones!  Please enjoy the upgraded audio experience and follow us if you're new! Facebook Instagram
July 21, 2020
"Lesbian runs in the family" - Rachel
The long lost corrupted interview debuts. The show that left us episode-less has been fixed (thanks mom). Alex virtually sat down with his internet friend Rachel and she talked about the struggles of coming out in an LGBT home.  At the beginning Alex broke down the movie Murder Mystery but to summarize don't watch it! Next weeks movie is Clueless so be sure to rewatch it. In addition to a subpar movie review Alex of course plugged the shows social media but more importantly the brand new JUGS Website
July 14, 2020
Molly is back to talk Pride!
Here we are at the end of pride month! Molly and Alex sat down on Just Us Girls to chat about the history & importance of the celebration.  They tied in some crossover with the social issues going on today. Wether you are LGBTQ+ or an ally we hope you are enjoying the show and the last days of pride! They both went over the movie of the week, Mollys Game, but kept out as many spoilers! Come back next week to hear Alex's take on Murder Mystery! Find us on Facebook or Instagram @JustUsGirlsPodcast
June 30, 2020
BOGO Guest w/ Romeo & Chanel
Hello, Hello, Hello! I am here with Denver Drag Superstar Chanel Banks Misdemeanor! When she's not taking singles on the stage, Romeo is counting stacks as a teller. Learn about the real life Hannah Montana and all that comes with a double life!  This week we introduced our new show format and gave you homework to watch Molly's Game... be certain to come back Tuesday to hear his thoughts. For extra credit give the show a follow on our FaceBook Page @JustUsGirlsPodcast to stay in touch.
June 23, 2020
Evolution of Coming Out w/ Zoe
Welcome back gals! I am here today with my cousin Zoe who is sharing their story as it has unfolded. Learn about how rigid labels in the LGBTQ+ community can complicate a coming out story.
June 16, 2020
Napa's Finest Export w/ Jocelyn
Good friend Jocelyn gives details from her early life growing up in Napa. She later shares the glimpse into a more unrestricted college experience. See how this balance plays out in her life story. Learn some insights into the wine industry and some of the struggles of self discovery. Alex Swanson as always guides the story and competes to get some of his airtime back, it is his show after all.
June 9, 2020
My Coming Out Story!?
This is the episode not many people asked for but, you're getting it anyways! Host of Just Us Girls, Alex Swanson, breaks down his coming out experience. Molly asks all of the riveting questions and gets down to the nitty gritty. You may cry, you may laugh and hopefully you can take something away from this episode... even if it’s just a smile! His experience is a big part of allowing him to be himself & it’s certainly not a conventional coming out. But the uniqueness is part of the reason he loves
June 2, 2020
Just Us Girls - Trailer
So glad you made it! Just Us Girls is the podcast for you to laugh with, learn from & drink to. Alex Swanson is your hostess with mostest, keeping you & the gals caught up & filled in. After flopping on OnlyFans, Alex decided to turn to a less visual media. He packs each episode with new guests, piping hot tea and all thing LGBTQ+. You can grab a bottle of wine or a broom while you listen in on our chats, but promise that we keep it between... Just Us Girls!
June 1, 2020