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Just Write

Just Write

By Lisa Logue
Join author Lisa Logue and her friends as she jumps into the indie writer world! Meet some new amazing writers, make a list for your TBR pile, and get some writing and publishing tips, too!
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Ep 2: From Hobby to Career
Lisa's back after her hiatus! This episode she talks about how to take writing from a hobby to a potential career and the steps one might take to reach their dream of being a published author.
November 27, 2019
Ep 1: Who Am I & Why Should You Care?
Lisa introduces herself and takes you on a brief journey through her writing career before talking about what to expect to hear from the upcoming podcast episodes.
September 4, 2019
Just Write!
Coming soon to a steaming app near you - JUST WRITE! A podcast for indie writers & readers. Join me, Lisa Logue, and my author friends while we dive into the world of indie writing! Each week we'll discuss the things we love to hate about writing, topics provided by our community, & indie books we've read that are just too good not to talk about. We'll be touching on topics such as world building, writer's block and self-care, fantasy movie casts, networking and so much more! So head on over to your fave podcast app & hit that subscribe button!
August 27, 2019