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Just FN' Ghost Stories*

Just FN' Ghost Stories*

By Adam Lynch
Hi there, my name is Adam and this is Just Fn' Ghost Stories, where I will read real ghost stories, true accounts of hauntings, listener submitted tales of terror ;) and all manner of strange, potentially paranormal experiences from real people all over the world even you!!!

Send any personal stories of the strange, bizarre and otherworldly to

I will be accepting and reading any stories submitted regardless of how long, short or boring you think they may be!!!
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It Slowly Grinned at Her... Just Fn' Ghost Stories Episode 5
Weekly Creep will be back in a couple of weeks folks thanks for patiently waiting!!!       Happy Just Fn Ghost Stories 5 everyone!!!     Thanks to all the story contributors and thank you for watching/listening!!!
August 15, 2022
Episode 4 - Guardian of the Mountain
Thanks so much for tuning in once again and to everyone who contributed a story!!! Find me on TikTok and IG @weeklycreep for some cool bonus content and don't forget you can also watch the video version of this on my youtube channel Just Fn' Ghost Stories!!! Send your stories to
July 28, 2022
Episode 3 - The Girl in the Mirror
Welcome back for episode 3 of Just Fn' Ghost Stories* or JFGS as it is called on hard drive... I have some pretty spooky stories for you this week, they literally had me checking over my shoulder while I was recording lol Make sure to send your stories to to have your own personal story read out on a future episode!!! Thanks so much for all the nice comments and feedback, I appreciate it so much!!! 
July 14, 2022
Episode 2 - The Screamer
Hi everyone thanks so much for taking the time to listen/watch!!!   If you have your own story you'd like read on the show please email   Today's story was submitted by reddit user Angry_Mama_Bear90   Please like, rate, review, subscribe, whichever applies to you!!! For social media please follow Weekly Creep on IG!!!
July 05, 2022
Episode 1
Thanks to all story contributors and thanks to everyone for listening!!!  You can send me your own personal stories via email: Or find me on instagram @weeklycreep Original Posters: u/PDT_FSU95 u/sis_gldhr u/Wandering_one_ u/murphy0wesley
July 02, 2022