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Mindful Impact with Justin Francisco

Mindful Impact with Justin Francisco

By Justin Franciso
This is the place where you’ll discover how to be the most mindfully impactful spouse, parent and career leader you are destined to be. A new expert guest will be on every Monday to discuss topics using mindfulness techniques with family and business leadership. Please review and rate anywhere you listen. Email me
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54: Shelly Tygielski - The Ripple Effect

Mindful Impact with Justin Francisco

90: Melanie Weller - Opening Up Your Vagus Nerve, the bridge between your story and your body.
One of the most interesting conversations I've had on the podcast. Melanie is a Physical Therapist, Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Certified Athletic Trainer and Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults. Her passion and expertise is decompressing the vagus nerve. She has helped hundreds of clients heal themselves through Vegas nerve treatment. Melanie is offering a free Vagus Nerve Decompression Course to get into healing alignment with your mind and body.  Topics we discuss: Vagus Nerve Function.  The Connection between the Earth's electromagnetic energy and the Vagus Nerve. Wounding and Nourishment Pattern in the Birth Chart. How we connect with stories more than we do with process. my mini version of astrology birth chart. The power behind the Stacey Abraham story. A Walk Through Meditation. The Rise of the African Goddess Asteroids Story and much more.  You can find her on instagram here Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram Here Youtube Here Share, Rate and Review :) 
November 30, 2020
89: Erika Shepard - Tapping into our subconscious being.
Erika is a healer, coach, self-healing expert in the realm of emotional health and wellbeing. Her mission is to teach you how to heal yourself so you feel consistent peace, calm, and joy in your everyday life. Topics discussed: Being a Practitioner: Erika discusses how she has used this year’s time at home to gain clarity, create content, and build her healing business. Launching a brand new website. Zone of genius in the subconscious being: Erika talks about listening to our own heart sense which contains our deepest desires wants and purpose and gut sense which is our compass telling us where we are meant to go. Also, Emotions are Voices of our Soul. Vulnerability as a strength. Overcoming Traumatic Events. Listening to your body and Functional Medicine. Authentic Conversations, and finally maintaining sweet moments in a romantic relationship. Find Erika Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Youtube:
November 23, 2020
88: Fiona Parashar - My Date With Destiny Buddy and Positive Leadership Coach
Fiona is an absolute amazing human being. She watched as I learned and unlearned like I never thought possible for seven straight days back in December 2018.  Fiona lives in the UK and has owned her Positive Leadership Coaching business since 2000. She works with some of the biggest companies in the media industry to build resilience, mindfulness and positivity in leaders and their teams. In this episode: 8:00 Positive Psychology Leadership 10:25 Overcoming Personal Difficulties 13:00 Maintaining the Course 18:35 The Morning Pages22:30 Masculine Feminine Polarity Find Fiona at Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Youtube:
November 16, 2020
87: Heather Dominick - Are You a Highly Sensitive Person?
Heather Trainins highlysensitive entrepreneurs and leaders to Excel in Business and Life. Creator of businessmiracles course at Take her quiz to see if you're highly sensitive person and may not even know it!  In this episode:  4:00 Massive Catalyst Heather gives a bit of her history as a high school teacher, shifting to a wellness leader, spiritual leader, and now where she is today. 12:30 Understanding Highly Sensitive Heather discusses her training around understanding the strengths of highly sensitive people.  Especially the advantages of these highly sensitive traits as an entrepreneur.  Many highly sensitive people feel they are meant for something big but not quite sure how to approach this feeling. 17:50 Selling Conversation Heather talks about how selling something to highly sensitive people is different then everyone else. 22:10 The Highly Sensitive Person According to research, 20% of us were born highly sensitive. It is biologically how you are brought to this world. Our nervous system is wired to take in stimulation at a much higher degree to the one who is not highly sensitive. Heather also explained that a person can say he is highly sensitive based on how he processes the world. 33:50 Coping Mentally amidst Pandemic Heather talks about how she and her husband have handled the pandemic in the midst of living in New York City. 37:00 A Course in Miracles Heather discusses her course in miracles, which is a psychological and spiritual curriculum. It was introduced to Heather when her mother passed away. The course is centered on shifting perception, and she used what she learned and applied it to her business. Other practitioners discovered her, and from there she started coaching. Instagram @heatherdominick_ Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
November 09, 2020
86: Go Vote For Your Candidate...Why I'm voting for Biden.
Don't forget to vote....For me, I like to look at what my current top values are. Then look at who I believe best represents and aligns with those top values. Hope you enjoy my take on what's the current climate as we approach Election Day.   Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
November 02, 2020
85: Lisa Maynard - Trauma-Sensitive Yoga/Meditation
Lisa Maynard became a friend through our meditation teacher training together. She is a therapist who specializes in adoption and birth family relationships. She also specializes in Trauma-Sensitive Yoga. Mind/body/spirit connection and much much more.  In this episode we discuss: 6:56 Having a good group of people to talk to. We discuss our Friday group we meet with and how it impacts our daily life. 10:46 Yoga Philosophy. Lisa discusses how her 200-hour yoga course she took so deeply impacted her life in a good way. 16:06 Forgiveness Practices. Lisa discusses her ability to use what she learned in teacher training as a tool for forgiveness. 21:42 Adoption Organization. Lisa discusses the adoption organization as one of the therapists who serve for children’s welfare. 25:50 Trauma-Sensitive Yoga. Justin asks Lisa about this subject. Lisa explains and demonstrates how it is a semantic approach working with people who experienced trauma. She shares how important our language is around this topic. 36:16 Power Dynamic. Lisa and Justin discuss how we behave and feel around individuals with a perceived position of power. 38:50 Before and After. Lisa shares her before and after with meditation/yoga. 42:50 Sixteen second Breathing Exercise. Lisa leads 16 seconds breathing exercise and discusses the benefits of it. 50:06 Five kleshas. Lisa shares her knowledge on the 5 Kleshas, The 5 things that cause suffering in us. Ignorance, Ego, Attachment, Aversion, and Fear of Death. Lisa also explained how it will affect our lives.
October 26, 2020
84: Gwen Dittmar - Healing Through Breathwork
Gwen brings 17 years of working in research, both in academia as well as large pharmaceutical and small biotech start ups, 12 years of coaching, trauma healing, wellness, sobriety, parenting, executive leadership, corporate elevation, entrepreneurial expansion, and soul medicine, as well as her own intuitive, clairvoyant, and clairsentient gifts to her virtual and in-person sessions. Gwen has a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, is a Usui Reiki Master, a Certified Teacher of David Elliott Breathwork, is currently mentoring in shamanism, and is a mother of two children. 15:07 Being Present and Available for Kids. Gwen discusses her ROSE technique for open communication and bonding with her family. 22:00 Core Values. Gwen talks about the importance of getting crystal clear on what your core values are. Will it be of Honesty, Loyalty, Friendship, or Financial Security. Gwen wants to know what are the core values of her clients so she can support them accordingly. 39:20 Moon Breathing. Gwen explained how the breathing works, what are all the types of breathing, all techniques, and benefits. She also discussed that breathing is also aligned in meditation and yoga, and she emphasized how it’s being done. Gwen also touches on Moon breathing around the Lunar Circle, Full Moon Circle, and the New Moon Circle. 51:00 Breathing Helps Anxiety. Gwen talks about anxiety and how breathing is one way to help release these feelings. She talks about real-life client examples. 1:02:30 Collective Consciousness. When it comes to healing or helping with specific illnesses, Gwen talks about the collective consciousness and it’s energy on the ego looking for proof versus moving into the unknown and finding proof into the unknown. Instagram @gwendittmar Gwens Breathwork Course
October 19, 2020
83: Jason Williams - Pilates for the Mind and Body
Jason is a well being coach in the health and fitness industry since 2002.  As a former collegiate track athlete he saw the importance of working hard with proper alignment.  With proper alignment and corrective exercise you can prevent injury and improve performance.  He has taught a multitude of classes such as bootcamp style and spin, but his main interest is Pilates and Barre.  As a personal trainer he brings his knowledge of the human body to all his classes.  Jason has recently become a meditation teacher and Reiki Master.  As a Wellbeing Coach, he teaches clients about not only fitness and nutrition, but the whole mind body connection.  As an author he has written three children's health and fitness books, "The Adventures of Frankie Fitness" , "The Adventures of Frankie Fitness, Introducing Ginger" and newest book “The Adventures of Frankie Fitness, A Family That Meditates”. His fourth book, “The Adventures of Frankie Fitness, Franke Does Pilates” is set to release this Fall/Winter 2020 3:52 Gift of Giving - Jason is used to being in the service of giving back. He donates to several organizations especially, Mental Health Organization. And he considers it as part of his mission. 12:30 Meditation Routine - Jason shares his daily meditation practice routine. 17:00 Educating Yourself - Jason discusses how we can start to pursue meditation by educating ourselves. We can look for coaches and trainers who can help us with our meditation journey. 21:00 Pilates Book - Jason shares about the content of his fourth book that’s releasing soon. He writes children’s books focusing on mental development. 27:20 Expanding Avenues - Jason discussed how he managed his wellness coaching during COVID. And he kept doubling down his courses while expanding his avenues. 29:40 Mindful Movement - Jason shares a message for kids to build some kind of aspects at a young age such as reading, sports, yoga, and anything that will also help them with their healthy minds and bodies. 33:50 Concepts of Pilates - Jason goes deeper into pilates discussing how itt is Breath, Concentration, Coordination, Centering, Flow, and Precision. Being on the mat helps restructure the body and be mindful of what’s around you. Instagram - @charmcitypt
October 12, 2020
82: Dr. Candace Good - Psychiatrists Guide to Owning Your Present
Psychiatrist Candace Good, MD is a business owner, advocate, and author of the book OWN YOUR PRESENT: A Psychiatrist's Guide to Mindful Meditation and Living a More Conscious Lifestyle. Dr. Good founded Sig: Wellness Studio in State College, PA and specializes in college and inpatient mental health. She is active on the board of the Pennsylvania Medical Society and was recognized as a Distinguished Fellow of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry in 2017 7:20 Mindful Practice - Candace talks about how mindfulness practice helps release negative energy that’s absorbed from bad experiences. Turning it into positive energy. 10:45 Yoga - Candace talks about how Yoga has helped relieve most of her asthma and help cope with anxiety much better.  She talks about doing breathing exercises to improve lung capacity, and also connecting breath to help manage wandering anxious thoughts. Practicing Yoga helps us reconnect with our body. 17:28 Present Awareness - Candace discussed the three sections of her book which includes creating space in present awareness, and also talks about gratitude including the gratitude for our own imperfection. 22:04 The Idea of Present - It is the ability to show up and make conscious choices about your energy and how you’re going to spend your time. 31:45 Yoga Philosophy - There are a lot of activities involved and one session is not enough. She uses an example of just simply sitting, eyes closed and listening with complete attention to a song front to back. 36:47 Struggles of College Students - Candace has many college aged patients, she explains the students distractions with social media. 40:17 Downtime Depression - Candace talks about how those individuals who used to do a lot of things prior to pandemic suddenly became overwhelmed with the idea of being at home while working and dealing with these transitions. Discussing that sometimes there may be other solutions for some people rather than just perscription pills. 57:00 Good Enough is Better than Perfection - Candace told something to her 18 years old self and shared a short story. Book: Own your present - A psychiatrists guide to mindful meditation and living a more conscious lifestyle. You can find me on instagram @goodenoughdoc
October 05, 2020
81: Jason Tollen - Hypnotherapy and The Present Moment
Jason is a hypnotherapist who lives in Denver Colorado. He owns Mindzai (Mind’s Eye) Hypnotherapy where he helps people find success, peace, meaning or relief from suffering using hypnosis. [11:40] Escaping depression. Jason shared about how his confusion gets started and that led him to his past depression. He also discusses how he managed and moved forward. [16:35] Meditation for presence. Jason explained that meditation is a tool for how we can learn to influence our present moment. [22:35] Getting emotionally aligned. We can easily get caught up with the events in the real world where we get so invested with our feelings for such events. Jason discussed the difference between knowing enough and being emotionally aligned. [28:20] Meditation vs Hypnosis. Jason discussed what is the difference between meditation and hypnosis, and how it benefits the individuals who will practice it. And how to achieve the goal for both techniques. [33:5] “Office Space” movie is the example Jason used to describe how hypnosis really works and what people should understand about it. [39:40] How to stop smoking. Jason talks about how he helped people to stop smoking successfully even with the presence of pandemic. [43:38] Hypnosis for personal fears. Jason also explained how he helps people with different fears like flying and bugs. Jason website: Schedule a strategy session: Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
September 28, 2020
80: Natasha Mason - Learn to Meditate
Natasha Mason is a mother, a meditation teacher, and the founder and director of Nourish Melbourne, a carefully curated community of holistic, organic and wellness businesses dedicated to optimizing health, wellbeing, and happiness. Through her online and easy to understand Learn to Meditate courses, she hopes to introduce more people to the powerful practice of meditation. In this week’s episode, you’ll hear from Natasha Mason on, [14.38] Alternate nostril breathing for anxiety. Natasha shares a simple but effective yogic breathing technique that helps to calm the nervous system and relieve anxiety by focusing the mind and shifting the breath from the chest to the abdomen. [19.27] Meditation myths. She refers to some of the popular misconceptions about meditation and explains how different types of meditation have different effects on the mind. She also points out that it is possible to enter a meditative state through absorption in an activity you enjoy, such as walking or surfing. [22.52] Her mission. Natasha describes her desire to help others free themselves from social conditioning, realize their true potential, and reconnect with their authentic selves through the transformative power of meditation. [33.14] Effortless meditation. She talks about the mantra meditation technique she teaches to remove stress and fatigue from the system, grow awareness and clarity, and create a greater sense of connection, love and belonging. [38.22] Prioritizing her meditation practice. Justin and Natasha agree that it is essential to make time for a daily meditation practice if you want to grow and expand your consciousness. As parents of young children, they both know that making some dedicated time for yourself can help you relax and make you a better parent. Links from Episode: Natasha's Website: Natasha's Instagram: @_natashamason Natasha's Email: Natasha's Guided Meditations: Learn To Meditate: Nourish Melbourne's Website: Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
September 21, 2020
79: Samantha Gordon - How to be Zen in a Crisis
Samantha Gordon is a yogi and wellness expert with a background in media and corporate communications. She is also the bestselling author of How to be Zen in a Crisis; A practical guide to surviving and thriving during life’s predicaments and even a pandemic. In this episode, you’ll hear from Samantha Gordon on, [12.00] Dealing with fear and uncertainty. Samantha advises us to use the anxious energy we may be experiencing as the result of the Covid crisis as a catalyst to take our lives to the next level. She encourages us to learn to live fully in the present and to turn our fears and negativity into positive emotions and actions which will serve ourselves and others. [14.58] Getting Zen. As a seasoned meditator, Samantha emphasizes the need to cultivate inner peace by committing to a consistent meditation practice and she encourages us to persist and not give up even after the occasional inevitable lapses in our routine. [22.08] Restorative yoga. Samantha describes her yoga practice, which has recently evolved from a physically demanding power yoga workout to a gentler and more restorative routine that gives her time for stillness and allows her to deepen and relax into the poses. [37.56] Seeing the funny side. Justin and Samantha talk about the healing power of laughter and discuss how reframing a potential crisis as simply a bizarre and hilarious situation can help to shift our perspective and make hard times easier to handle. [38.59] Forgiveness and loving kindness. Samantha talks about the toxic effects of holding on to hatred, resentment and anger, and Justin shares an example of a time he used loving kindness meditations to help him feel compassion for himself and forgiveness towards the person who had hurt him. Links from Episode: Samantha’s Website: Samantha’s Instagram: @sambaezen Samantha’s Facebook: Samantha’s Book: How to be Zen in a Crisis Justin’s Guided Meditation: Metta Meditation Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
September 14, 2020
78: ONE YEAR for this Podcast! Morning Meditation with mantra included.
Wow! Thank you to all my listeners and guests that have come on. This year with the podcast has been nothing short of incredible and full of knowledge, presence, wisdom, love, kindness, compassion and so much more! In this episode I break down the pieces of a morning meditation and why they are used. The psychology and benefit of the gratitude, intention, love, and ending mantra.  [21:47] My insight timer morning meditation starts. Please give it a try and let me know how it felt :) My intention this next 12 months is to engage more with the fans. Get more amazing guests on and release many more meditations for parents, anxiety, stress, abundance, wealth, love...and much more.  Thanks again and please share, like, rate. Thanks!
September 07, 2020
77: Firdaus Kharas - Unlocking Your Creativity
Firdaus Kharas is a multi-award-winning social innovator, global communicator, humanitarian, and the author of Creativity: The Key to a Remarkable Life. As an internationally renowned producer of animated documentaries specializing in promoting behavioral change, Firdaus is keen to share the secrets of his creativity and inspire others to lead more imaginative and enjoyable lives. In this episode, you’ll hear from Firdaus Kharas on, [14.52] Unleashing your inner child. He explains how the innate creativity we express as children gets stifled by the school system and by the need to conform to standardized norms. Firdaus encourages us all to cast aside our fear of judgment and rediscover our natural creativity. [35.26] The power of daydreaming. Firdaus describes how allowing the mind to meander and wander off in wild tangents can spark our imagination and improve our ability to come up with innovative solutions to problems. [45.18] Using both sides of the brain. Justin asks about the crossover between the left side of the brain, which is associated with logic, and the right side, which is associated with creativity, and Firdaus reminds us that we need to use both logic and creativity if we want to become successful creative thinkers. [48.49] Doing things differently. Firdaus believes that we can expand our minds and develop new and more imaginative ways of thinking by simply varying our daily routines and making small but significant changes to our lives. [49.53] Creativity and wellbeing. He urges us all to get creative and points out that creativity has the power to enhance our emotional wellbeing, improve our relationships and make our personal and professional lives more fulfilling. Links from Episode: Firdaus’s Website: Firdaus’s Book: Firdaus’s Twitter:  @Culture_Shift Firdaus’s Vimeo: Firdaus’s Shopify:
August 31, 2020
76: Sarajane Case - Honest Enneagram
Sarajane Case is an author, public speaker, and podcaster. She is also a business, creativity and relationship coach, and an expert on the Enneagram, a personality profiling system that can be used as a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth. In this episode, you’ll hear from Sarajane Case on, [05.04] Staying creative. She reveals how taking a break from social media and unplugging her phone has helped her to shut out distractions, focus on her own thoughts and spark her creativity. [14.34] Finding your Enneagram type. Sarajane points out the inaccuracy of many free online Enneagram tests and recommends taking the time to read and research the nine different personality types before deciding which category you most closely resemble. [20.22] Self-development. Justin and Sarajane talk about what the Enneagram can teach us about ourselves and discuss how we can use our increased self-awareness to work on developing the aspects of our personality we tend to neglect. [29.21] Compatibility. Sarajane explains how a couple can improve their relationship by being honest about the strength and weaknesses of their personality types and by making a conscious effort to see things from their partner’s point of view. [38.15] Her current projects. She tells Justin about her Enneagram and Relationships course and encourages listeners to check out the Brave Collective, an online community she set up to help people live more creative, productive, and purposeful lives. Links From Episode: Enneagram And Coffee Instagram: @enneagramandcoffee Enneagram and Coffee Podcast: The Honest Enneagram Book: Sarajane’s Website: Sarajane’s Instagram: @sarajanecase Sarajane’s Youtube Channel: Find Your Enneagram Type: Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
August 24, 2020
75: Dr. Ty Carzoli - Optimal Health
Dr. Ty Carzoli is a chiropractor who specializes in treating the upper cervical spine. At his practice in Denver, he focuses on providing precise and gentle adjustments to correct spinal misalignments and alleviate the strain on the nervous system. In this episode, you’ll hear from Ty Carzoli on, [08.27] The anatomy of the upper cervical spine. He gives an overview of the layout of the upper cervical spine from the base of the skull (the occiput), to the first cervical vertebra (the atlas), which supports the head, and the second cervical vertebra (the axis), which connects to the rest of the spine. [17.15] His advice for maintaining a healthy spine. Ty recommends practicing muscle strengthening exercises and adopting an active lifestyle rather than relying on supplements or medication to enhance wellbeing or cure pain. [36.37] The benefits of journaling. Justin and Ty talk about how journaling can provide a useful outlet for emotions and help put problems into perspective. [39.49] Wim Hof breathing. Ty shares the breathing technique he uses to manage his stress and shift his mood. [01.03.50] Finding fulfillment. Ty explains how focusing on activities that provide a sense of personal accomplishment can improve our wellbeing and bring a greater sense of meaning and purpose to our lives. Links From Episode: Dr. Ty's Website: The Wim Hof Method: Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
August 17, 2020
74: Marilyn Guadagnino - Living Stress Free Bible
Marilyn Guadagnino is a psychotherapist and a certified music therapist. She is also the author of the Living Stress Free Bible and the co-owner and founder of Living Stress Free, a wellness company dedicated to improving lives through the practice of meditation and mindfulness. In this episode, you’ll hear from Marilyn Guadagnino on, [06.10] Music therapy. Marilyn explains how she helps her clients work towards their therapeutic goals by using music as an outlet for their emotions. She also points out the role that music can play in mindfulness through its unique ability to uplift and soothe. [13.38] LSF Meditation. She describes her special nondirective meditation technique which aims to cultivate presence and awareness through the simple practice of observing the body and the breath. [18.25] The philosophy of Karma Yoga. Marilyn picks one of her favorite passages from the ancient Indian text, the Bhagavad Gita, which warns against attachment and advises us to be motivated by the process rather than the product of our actions. [48.17] The pursuit of happiness. Justin and Marilyn talk about how true happiness is not dependent on external circumstances and can only be found within ourselves. [52.25] Growth through discomfort. Marilyn reminds us that suffering is part of the human condition and that there are valuable lessons to be learned from dealing with difficult experiences. Links from Episode: Marilyn’s Website: Marilyn’s Book: The Living Stress Free Bible: 20 Techniques to Make Your Life Less Stressful Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
August 10, 2020
73: Nicole DeBraal - Mindfulness for Health and Healing
Nicole DeBraal has a professional background in corporate communications but, after a series of highly stressful life events, she made the conscious decision to quit her job and try to bring more mindfulness into her life. Nicole has recently completed the Davidji Meditation Teacher Training at Breathe Yoga in Rochester and is looking forward to starting her new career as a meditation coach. In this episode, you’ll hear from Nicole DeBraal on, [13.56] Her approach to healing. She shares her strategies for coping with grief and talks about how yoga, therapy and the support of her son have helped her to heal. [20.29] The transformative effects of meditation. Nicole reveals how starting a regular meditation practice has made it easier for her to put things in perspective and deal with crises in a more logical and mindful manner. [41.03]The importance of humor. Nicole gives some personal examples of the role that humor can play in alleviating stress and relieving tension in an emotionally fraught situation. [48.57] Being present. Justin and Nicole discuss the power of being fully present in the moment and focusing on the here and now rather than thinking about the past or worrying about the future. [53.46] Finding inner peace. Nicole tells Justin how she has recently learned to stop obsessing about her actions and cultivate a calmer and more accepting mindset. Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
August 03, 2020
72: Samara Zelniker - Emotional Fitness
Samara Zelniker is a leadership coach, yoga teacher, inspirational speaker, and the creator of Mindfulness Matters. She provides personal and executive coaching services to individuals and organizations and helps her clients to achieve more focus, fulfillment, and clarity in their personal and professional lives. In this episode, you’ll hear from Samara Zelniker on: [03.48] Creating a positive mindset. She describes how letting go of limiting beliefs and shifting rigid ways of thinking can enable you to achieve your goals and radically change your life. [07.25] Living an authentic life. Samara highlights the importance of having the confidence to follow your own path and resist the pressure to conform to other people’s perception of success. [20.12] The benefits of gratitude. Samara explains that cultivating a gratitude practice can alter the neurochemistry of your brain and increase your appreciation of the good things in your life. [21.38] Emotional fitness. Justin and Samara talk about using mindfulness and meditation techniques to focus more fully on the present and stop fixating on the past or worrying about the future. [28.43] Following her intuition. Samara describes the chain of events that led to her personal transformation and recommends paying attention to the signs the universe sends to guide you in the right direction. Links from Episode: Samara’s Website: Samara’s Instagram: @mindfulnessmatters Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
July 27, 2020
71: Susan Weis-Bohlen - Ayurveda Natural Healing
Susan Weis-Bohlen is an Ayurvedic consultant, Vedic counselor, meditation teacher and author of the Ayurveda Beginner’s Guide. She is the founder of Breathe Ayurveda and the owner of Susan’s Kitchen, a vegetarian and Ayurvedic cooking school in Reisterstown, Maryland. In this episode, you’ll hear from Susan on, [05.58] The principles and practices of Ayurveda. She sets out the fundamentals of the ancient Indian healing system which uses diet, herbal medicine, meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, and astrology to balance the mind and body. [07.10] The five elements and the three doshas. Susan explains how the elements of space, air, water, fire, and earth which make up the universe are also found within our bodies, and correspond to the doshas, the Ayurvedic mind-body types. [13.01] Living with the elements. In order to live in accordance with Ayurvedic principles, Susan recommends paying attention to the rhythms of nature and adjusting our diet and lifestyle according to the seasons. [26.31]  The Ayurvedic diet. Susan reveals how she helps her clients to achieve better health by adjusting their diets to balance the six Ayurvedic tastes of sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent. [34.47] Dry brushing and Abhyanga massage. Justin and Susan discuss the health benefits of dry brushing and Susan describes Abhyanga, an Ayurvedic warm oil massage which helps to release toxins and protect the microbiome of the skin. Links from Episode: Susan’s Website: Susan’s Books: Ayurveda Beginner’s Guide: Essential Ayurvedic Principles and Practices to Balance and Heal Naturally Seasonal Self-Care Rituals: Eat, Breathe, Move, and Sleep Better―According to Your Dosha Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
July 20, 2020
70: Studies on the benefits of meditation.
I discuss the powerhouse lineup of guests I have for the next several weeks.  I talk about meditation studies and finally, creating a space in your home to meditate.  Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
July 13, 2020
69: Erin Lucas - Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
Erin Lucas is a meditation and mindfulness practitioner who turned her back on a successful corporate career to pursue her own path and explore the healing power of mindfulness. In this episode, you’ll hear from Erin Lucas on, [12.41] Mindfulness-based stress reduction. Justin and Erin discuss the benefits of the mindfulness-based stress reduction program and explore how meditation and mindfulness can help to alleviate anxiety and provide practical strategies for coping with stress in our everyday lives. [15.58] Finding an anchor. Erin explains how focusing on the breath or on a specific sound, such as birdsong, can help to relieve tension and bring the mind back to the present moment. [19.08] Her strategy for avoiding overwhelm. She reveals how she has learned to concentrate on one task at a time in order to prevent feelings of panic and anxiety when faced with a daunting project or a heavy workload. [24.40] The pathway through fear. Erin recommends following the advice of spiritual guide and author, Eckhart Tolle, who teaches how to handle fear by dropping from the head space into the heart space and letting go of the spiraling thoughts in the mind. [41.14] Non-violent communication. Erin sets out the five steps to non-violent communication and highlights the importance of listening to and understanding the other person’s point of view. Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
July 06, 2020
68: Sarah Rose Eisenbud - Narrative Therapy
Sarah Rose Eisenbud is a licensed professional counselor and integrative narrative therapist who helps people heal, grow, and thrive by encouraging them to explore and adjust the stories they tell about their lives. She is also a committed meditator and a wilderness enthusiast. In this episode, you’ll hear from Sarah Rose Eisenbud on, [12.09] Lucid dreaming. She shares some tips for developing a lucid dreaming practice and explains how it helps her to get in touch with her subconscious and develop a more engaged relationship with the present moment. [23.26] Mindful eating. Sarah believes that we will intuitively start to make healthier food choices and adopt a diet that nurtures our physical and mental wellbeing if we give our bodies a break from sugar, caffeine, and complex carbs. [36.24] Unearned privilege. Justin and Sarah discuss the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement and talk about the importance of being aware of white privilege. They both agree that now is the time to listen and learn from those who have experienced racial injustice. [39.58] Inclusivity and diversity. Sarah brings up the lack of diversity in the mindfulness community and considers how it could be made more inclusive and welcoming for people of color. [47.39] Mental health diagnosis. Sarah talks about the dangers of people being defined by their problems. She prefers to take a collaborative approach to diagnosis and trusts her clients to be the experts on their own mental health. Links from Episode:  Sarah's Website: Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
June 29, 2020
67: Dawson Church - Finding Emotional Freedom
Dawson Church is the author of several award-winning health books. He is also an expert in natural medicine and holistic healing modalities, a respected researcher, and a specialist in EcoMeditation and EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique. In this episode, you’ll hear from Dawson Church on, [4.21] Flow states. Dawson discusses how flow states and feelings of elevated mood and transcendence can be accessed through the processes of meditation and acupressure. [6.45] Dawson’s EFT tapping techniques. He explains how fingertip tapping on specific acupuncture points can help release emotional trauma and restore a sense of balance and harmony to the body. [16.52] His EcoMeditation method. Dawson’s easy to follow, seven-step meditation method combines acupressure with breathing techniques and visualizations to enable even novice meditators to achieve heightened states of consciousness. [29.48] Raising consciousness. Dawson recommends letting go of the part of the mind that is concerned with the self and everyday life, and merging, through the practice of meditation, with the all-encompassing love and wisdom of unity consciousness. [44.01] The Bliss Brain. Dawson’s upcoming book examines how certain joy-inducing chemicals, including anandamide, dopamine, and serotonin, are produced during the process of meditation. He explains that a significant and beneficial change in brain chemistry can occur after just eight weeks of regular practice. Links from Website: Dawson’s Website: EFT Universe Website: 7-day Immunity Booster Course: Bliss Brain Book: The Genie in Your Genes: Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
June 22, 2020
66: Ben Lakoff - Invest in Yourself
Ben Lakoff is a start-up business consultant with a background in corporate finance, investment, and banking. He has traveled extensively and worked in South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. In this episode, you’ll hear from Ben Lakoff on: [21.30] His nonprofit work. Ben describes his involvement with Charity Makeover, an organization that helps increase the impact of small, cash-strapped charities. [26.44] Adjusting to change. He shares how the global Covid pandemic and the recent loss of his salaried job have forced him to relocate and radically rethink his life. [29.59]  Finding a way forward. Ben reveals how he regards his current situation as an opportunity to reflect and spend some time doing the things he loves before resuming his professional life. [36.26] Diet and exercise. Justin and Ben discuss fasting, the low-carb Keto diet, the health benefits of MCT oil, and finding the time to work out. [54.54]  His life as a digital nomad. After years spent traveling and working in far-flung locations, Ben admits he finally feels ready to embrace a more settled existence. Links from Episode: Ben's Website: Ben's Instagram: @benlakoff Charity Makeover Website: Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
June 15, 2020
65: Jason McGrice - Spiritual Healing
Jason McGrice is a meditation teacher, spiritual healer, and Reiki master. His powerful meditations are popular with millions of people around the world and are available on his website and on the meditation app, Insight Timer. In this episode, you’ll hear from Jason McGrice on, [2.50] The importance of self-care. Jason describes a period in his life when he felt physically and emotionally depleted and explains how reconnecting with nature and paying attention to his mental and spiritual wellbeing helped him to recover and continue being of service to others. [9.04] Meditation and fatherhood. Justin and Jason discuss how meditation has helped them to cope with the pressures of parenthood and become better, more patient fathers. [14.22] Lightening the load. The pair reflect on how developing a regular meditation practice has enabled them to find solace in their inner selves and reduce their need to alleviate stress through alcohol. [22.00] Reiki. Jason sets out the principles of Reiki and clarifies how practitioners channel energy from the universal life source in order to clear emotional and spiritual blockages and rebalance the energy in the body. [27.13] Healing the inner child. Jason explains how spiritual healing techniques can help us to overcome past conditioning and release deeply stored trauma. Links from Episode:  Jason's Website: Jason's Instagram: @jasonmcgrice Jason's Meditations on Insight Timer: Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
June 08, 2020
64: Cyndi Weis - Yoga for Health and Vitality
Cyndi Weis is the founder of Breathe Yoga, a wellness business with yoga studios in several locations in Upstate New York. Breathe Yoga provides a unique wellness experience and, in addition to yoga classes, Breathe’s clients can enjoy nutritious and delicious food and drinks in its on-site bakeries and juice bars. As a fitness expert, Cyndi’s goal is to get more people practicing yoga and enjoying the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. In this episode, you’ll hear from Cyndi Weis on:  Her Introduction to yoga.  Cyndi explains how taking up yoga at a young age helped her to lose weight and feel comfortable in her body. She continued her practice as an adult and felt inspired to set up her own studio after participating in an immersive yoga retreat in Mexico.The benefits of meditation. Justin and Cyndi discuss the impact of meditation on mental and physical wellbeing. As someone who finds it hard to slow down, Cyndi explains that she considers meditation an essential tool for managing stress and reveals how it helped her to overcome a debilitating illness.Pivoting her business. Cyndi describes how the lockdown has taken Breathe Yoga in a whole new direction through the launch of its virtual platform which provides online yoga and meditation classes. Links from Episode: Breathe Yoga Website: Breathe Yoga Facebook: Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
June 01, 2020
63: Kathryn Francisco - Everything You’ve Wanted To Ask Your Yoga Teacher
Fireside chat with questions for a yoga teacher like how do you react to farts in class? Do you judge our poses if they are wrong? What are you doing when we are in Savasana?  Can you be bad at yoga? What if you aren’t feeling zen before teaching? And much more.
May 27, 2020
62: Jeffrey Chapman - Communicating Clearly
Jeffrey Chapman is a financial advisor and the co-founder of the Penfield Financial Group. He is also a father, a volunteer, a golfer, and a long-term friend of Justin. In this episode, you’ll hear from Jeffrey Chapman about, [03.18] His painful and contentious divorce. Jeff talks candidly about the difficulties in his marriage and the pressures he experienced as a husband and father. [15.51] Couple counseling. Justin and Jeff discuss the importance of communication in a relationship and emphasize the need for both partners to accept responsibility for the problems in a marriage. [25.41] Making fitness and wellbeing a priority.  Jeff describes his daily routine and recommends taking time out of a hectic work schedule to exercise. [35.09] Jeff’s advice to his eighteen-year-old self.  With the benefit of hindsight and the knowledge that he has not always been right, Jeff would advise his adolescent self to keep his mouth shut and his ears open. [36.23] Parental alienation. Jeff opens up about the difficulty of reconnecting with his children after the traumatic break-up of his marriage.
May 18, 2020
61: Davidji - Progressive Quieting of the Fluctuations of the Mind
Davidji is an internationally renowned meditation coach, author, and wellness expert. He is a spiritual teacher and certified Vedic master who aspires to help people lead more fulfilling and purposeful lives by introducing them to the stress-reducing and life-affirming practice of meditation. In this episode, you’ll hear from Davidji on, [13.32] His route into meditation. He reveals how the tragic events of 9/11 and a chance encounter with a homeless man led him to radically reassess his life and seek answers in meditation. [22.04] Ancient wisdom. Davidji discusses the lessons he’s learned from studying the sacred Hindu text, the Bhagavad Gita and recommends following Krishna’s advice to establish yourself in the present moment before performing action. [23.16] Connecting to the silence. Davidji refers to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and explains that the practice of quieting the mind helps to deepen our awareness of the divine and establish a sense of unity with the universe. [46.14] Choosing peace. Justin and Davidji agree that it is advisable to let go of our need to be right and be prepared to stop scoring points if we want to preserve peace and harmony in our relationships. [01.13.42] A sixteen-second meditation. Davidji shares a simple breathing technique that provides an opportunity to slow down, establish a break in behavior and create a shift in perspective towards a more positive mindset. Links from Episode: Davidji’s website: Davidji’s Instagram: @davidjimeditation Davidji’s Facebook: Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
May 11, 2020
60: Me: Justin Francisco - My Quarantine Moments + Guided Meditation
I talk about my biggest growth awakening, what Fear is to me, handling uncertainty, Judging ourselves for our emotions we are experiencing...."and I love that" 22:45 - I share an ancient story of an old Taoist farmer (important lesson to be learned) 27:40 - Loving Kindness Guided 12 Minute Meditation Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
May 04, 2020
59: Jason Campbell - Selling With Love
Jason Campbell is a productivity coach, motivational speaker, host of the Mindvalley Superhumans at Work podcast and author of the upcoming book, Selling with Love. In this episode, you’ll hear from Jason Campbell on: [02.24] Starting the day strong.  Jason reveals how he applies Mel Robbins’ five-second rule to his morning routine by getting out of bed quickly and setting a positive intention for the day.  His regular gratitude practice and commitment to doing his best also provide a powerful source of focus and motivation. [16. 56] Working productively from home. Jason advises employees who have been forced to work from home during the coronavirus crisis to regard the unprecedented situation as an opportunity to refine their skillset and concentrate on becoming more valuable in the workplace. He recommends using tools such as Zoom, Loom and Slack to increase efficiency and facilitate communication. [23.48] Time and space optimization. Justin and Jason discuss how to work efficiently from home by setting strict business hour boundaries and turning off notifications in order to reduce distractions and improve productivity. Jason suggests setting up a dedicated workspace and performing a simple ritual at the beginning and the end of the working day to clearly define the transition between work and home life. [44.55] Selling with love. In Jason’s opinion, selling is an energy exchange between conscious beings, and he encourages everyone to challenge negative stereotypes of salespeople. He stresses that the key to selling with love is knowing that what you are selling is more valuable than what you are asking for in return. [53.19] The five loves of selling. Jason sets out the criteria for selling from a place of love and abundance. He explains that selling with love requires you to love the product, love its impact, love your client, love the process and love yourself. Links from Episode: Jason’s Instagram: @jasonmarccampbell Superhumans at Work Podcast: Productivity for Working at Home Course: Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
April 27, 2020
58: Marietta Paxson - Successful Sleep
Marietta Paxson is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the founder of Little Dreamers sleep consulting company. She understands the feelings of exhaustion and desperation caused by sleep disturbance and works with families to find positive solutions to their children’s sleeping problems. In this episode, you’ll hear from Marietta Paxson about, [14.12] Her career as a sleep consultant. She explains how her personal experience of struggling though sleepless nights motivated her to research sleep training methods and inspired her to create her baby sleep consulting company. [26.11] Effective sleep strategies. Justin and Marietta discuss several techniques to help children settle themselves to sleep and suggest using reward charts to celebrate improved sleep habits. [31.33] Bedtime routines. Marietta recommends maintaining a consistent, predictable, and minimal bedtime routine. She believes in getting children ready for bed early and using a bedtime story as an incentive to encourage good bedtime behavior. [44.16] The importance of sleep. Marietta and Justin consider the impact of sleep on our physical and mental wellbeing and discuss how sleep deprivation affects our concentration and reaction times. [49.42] Marietta’s top sleep tips. For improved sleep, she advises eating potassium-rich foods, soaking in magnesium bath salts, wearing an eye mask and ear plugs in bed, and avoiding blue light from screens and electronic devices. Links from Episode: Marietta’s website: Marietta’s Instagram: Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
April 20, 2020
57: Megan McNealy - Protecting Your Asset
Megan McNealy is a wealth adviser, well-being thought leader, keynote speaker and author who believes that well-being drives success. She encourages us all to take care of our physical, spiritual and mental health in order to improve the quality of our lives and help us thrive and prosper in stressful times. In this episode you’ll hear from Megan about, [02.51] Her life’s mission.  She aims to raise awareness of the link between well-being and financial success, and through the release of her book, Reinvent the Wheel, she intends to inspire one million people to achieve optimal health, wealth and happiness. [13.15] Taking time to relax. After overcoming her battles with illness, Megan realizes the importance of slowing down and giving the mind and body an opportunity to rest and heal. [21.52] Defining yourself. Megan encourages everyone to find the word that best describes their personality and use it to inform their actions and bring greater purpose and focus to their lives. [36.04] Outgrowing your friends. Justin and Megan discuss the benefits of pausing relationships with friends who no longer support you or celebrate your success. [50.23] Protecting the asset. Megan’s advice for coping in the current pandemic is to protect your greatest asset, your well-being, in order to stay positive and continue to prosper after the coronavirus crisis is over. Links from Episode: Megan’s website: Megan’s Wellbeing assessment:  Megan’s Book - Reinvent the Wheel: How Top Leaders Leverage Well-Being for Success: Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
April 13, 2020
56: David Mammano - Accentuate The Positive
David Mammano is an entrepreneur, author, podcaster, public speaker and founder of Avanti Entrepreneur Network. His recent book, Crash and Learn: Lessons in Business, contains ten inspiring stories of successful entrepreneurs who managed to overcome adversity by turning challenges into opportunities. In this episode, you’ll hear from David on, [08.06] The benefits of a daily schedule. David’s strategy for staying sane in these uncertain times is to follow his normal morning routine and practice meditation and mindfulness to keep focused and calm. [09.31] Choosing your attitude. David reminds us to stay mentally strong and points to the Holocaust survivor, Viktor Frankl, as an example of someone whose mental fortitude helped him to endure a horrific ordeal. [18. 27] Adjusting your reality. Justin and David discuss how practicing gratitude and cultivating a positive mindset can significantly alter the way you experience the world and contribute to the happiness and positivity of those around you. [27.37] Moving forward. David describes the steps on his entrepreneurial journey, from running a multi-million dollar Inc. 5000 company to creating Avanti, a membership-based business community which coaches and connects entrepreneurs. [31.24] David’s business philosophy. He shares how he loves to create businesses that reflect his values and aim to make a positive difference in the world. For David, business is about more than profit, he wants to help people realize their potential and feel joy about what he does for a living. Links from Episode: David’s website: David’s Instagram: @davidcmammano The Avanti Entrepreneur Podcast: Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
April 06, 2020
55: Michelle Palladini - Policing with Heart
Michelle Palladini is an award-winning police officer, yogi, mindfulness practitioner and founder of L.E.A.P, a social and emotional education program for schoolchildren. She is committed to protecting her community and sharing the practice of mindfulness with women, children and her fellow police officers. In this episode, you’ll hear from Michelle Palladini on: [07.52] Using mindfulness to mitigate her stress response. Michelle explains how techniques such as combat breathing, intention setting, and meditation help to keep her calm in challenging situations. [11.26] Changing attitudes to mental health. Justin and Michelle discuss the pressures experienced by police officers and praise the recent shift in attitudes which have made it easier for them to ask for help. [16.21] Deepening her connection to others. Michelle shares her meditation tips and describes how the practice of mindfulness has helped her to acquire greater clarity and empathy. [23.38] Michelle’s policing style. She reveals her preference for a compassionate approach which recognizes that a person’s behavior may be influenced by their mental health and traumatic life experiences. [30.51] Policing youth. Justin asks Michelle about L.E.A.P, a program she devised to bring the practice of mindfulness to schools and teach teenagers about the principles of leadership, empowerment, awareness and protection. Links from Episode: Michelle’s Instagram: @michelle_palladini Michelle’s Website: Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
March 30, 2020
54: Shelly Tygielski - The Ripple Effect
Shelly Tygielski is a mindfulness teacher, community organizer, author, activist and public speaker. She is the creator of America Meditates and See You on the Sand and offers workshops, retreats and mass meditations. Shelly is committed to promoting social justice, spreading kindness and bringing mindfulness to underserved communities. In this episode, you’ll hear from Shelly Tygielski on: [03.49] The pandemic of love. Shelley talks about her prompt and practical response to the outbreak of coronavirus. On the 14th of March, she set up #PandemicofLove, a system that matches families in financial need as a result of the virus with patrons who will cover their essential expenses, such as the cost of grocery shopping or utility bills. [15.18] Quitting her corporate career. She sets out the stages of her journey from high-powered company executive to mindfulness teacher, specializing in working with communities affected by mass shootings and gun violence. [23.13] The Sand Tribe. Shelly’s affectionate name for the conscious community of meditators who regularly gather on Hollywood beach in Florida to take part in her free guided meditations.  In four years, the tribe has grown from a handful of friends to over 15,000 people. [29.59] Fighting fire with fire. Shelly’s mission is to help those facing the toughest challenges. She believes that people in positions of privilege, who have been spared from the flames of suffering, have a duty to run into the fire with buckets of water to save others less fortunate than themselves. [40.44] The ripple effect. Shelly insists that it is possible for an individual to make a positive difference in the world and that one simple act of kindness can inspire others and have an impact on many lives. [43.18] Connection and compassion in uncertain times. During periods of separation and isolation, Shelly recommends taking time to engage in meaningful conversations with loved ones. She also encourages us to consider helping others by creating mutual aid communities and reaching out to communicate remotely with elderly people who may be facing loneliness and social isolation. Links from Episode: Shelly's Instagram: @mindfulskatergirl Shelly's Website: Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
March 23, 2020
53: Henry Winslow - Deep Dive into Yoga
Henry Winslow is a traveling yoga teacher and creator of the Henry Yoga App, a 40-day program of physical asanas and breathing techniques designed for people who want to take their yoga practice to the next level. Henry was the winner of the International Yoga Sport Federation’s world championships in 2018  and for the past two years, he has been the host of the weekly Dharma Talk podcast which celebrates the transformative practice of yoga and its ability to provide inner peace and clarity. In this episode, you’ll hear from Henry Winslow on, [05.31] His deep dive into yoga. Henry sets out his life’s trajectory so far, from high-achieving Harvard graduate and New York advertising executive to Californian-based yoga teacher. [14.35] Sacred numbers. Justin and Henry discuss the significance of the number 108 in the yoga tradition. There are said to be 108 marma points, (places where the energy lines intersect), in the body and 108 beads in a Japa mala, the type of prayer beads used for meditation. [18.09] Using the yoga bandhas. Henry explains how to engage the bandhas, (energy locks in the pelvic floor, abdomen and throat), to create lightness, stability and strength in the body. [36.44] Surrendering into savasana. Justin learns about the importance of the pose usually performed at the end of a yoga practice to provide total relaxation and balance to the body. [39.14] The Seven Chakras. Henry sums up the chakras starting from the root chakra, Muladhara, located at the base of the pelvic floor and ending with the crown chakra, Sahasrara, positioned at the top of the head. [43.09] The Eight Limbs of Yoga. Justin and Henry consider how yoga can be carried off the mat and into daily life through the adoption of a meditation practice and adherence to yogic philosophy and codes of conduct. Links from Episode: Henry Yoga App: Henry Yoga App Instagram: Henry’s Website: Henry’s Instagram: @henrywins Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
March 16, 2020
52: David Wood - Speaking Truth
David Wood is an international coach and speaker who teaches executives and entrepreneurs how to have challenging conversations and develop powerful communication skills that enrich their businesses and their lives. He also works with prison inmates to improve their ability to relate to others and build deep human connections. David encourages all of us to have the courage to speak up, express our opinions and take control of our lives. In this episode, Justin talks to David Wood about: [12.03] Having those difficult conversations. David explains how he addressed problematic issues in his past by creating lists of things he had left unsaid and finally finding the courage to say them. [22.17] Speaking his truth. David’s experience of speaking his mind and seeking clarity and resolution to a point of conflict. [30.18] Seeing things from someone else’s point of view. The importance of respecting the other person’s opinion and working towards a shared reality which satisfies both sides. [35.37] The four steps for a successful conversation. David summarizes the key elements of effective communication. [54.06] Emotional aikido. David’s techniques for learning to deal with criticism include taking time to reflect and consider the value of the comments rather than reacting defensively and with anger. Get the free Tough Conversation Blueprint at play for, where you can find out if you qualify for a free discovery coaching session and listen to David’s Tough Conversations podcast. Follow and Like The Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
March 09, 2020
51: Ellie Rome - Holistic Health and Managing Sugar Cravings
In this episode, Justin talks to holistic health and weight loss coach, Ellie Rome, about: [03.16] Her enthusiasm for Vedic meditation, an ancient technique that uses the repetition of a mantra to silence the internal chatter, still the mind and settle the body into a deeply healing and blissful state. She discusses the benefits of the practice and reveals how it has helped her to dissolve stress and release emotions. [13.35] Her transition from chemical engineer to health and nutrition coach. As a former sugar addict and binge eater, who went on to develop a healthy relationship with food, Ellie has made it her mission to share her knowledge and assist others with their weight-loss journeys. [22.26] Breaking bad eating habits. Ellie encourages people to change their eating habits by substituting healthy snacks for sweet treats. She explains that choosing sugar-free alternatives and establishing a regular pattern of healthy eating can change the neural pathways in the brain and lead to a more mindful approach to nutrition. [27.36] Learning to stop using food as an emotional crutch. Ellie recognizes that, in times of stress, we often turn to food for comfort. She recommends taking up a hobby or participating in an activity we enjoy in order to distract our attention from food and improve our health and mental well-being. [30.42] Ellie’s food choices for optimal health and energy. She suggests cutting out sugar and processed foods and adding more fibre and protein to our diets. Links from Episode: Instagram: @mindfulbellie Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
March 02, 2020
50: Mens series 4: Dustin Heiner - Successfully Unemployed
Married and 4 children. Dustin lived extremely frugal, so he could take his 9-5 money and invest in rental properties, allowing him to retire at a very early age and spend lots of time with family. We talk about conversations he had with his spouse to create this lifestyle. God and the Bible are the cornerstone to leading his family. We talk about the hard conversations to have with your partner to create a beautiful marriage.
February 28, 2020
49: Kathryn Francisco - Creating Space, Kid Charts, Recent Argument
In this episode, Justin and his wife Kathryn discuss: [08.32] Their parenting strategies. Kathryn points out the benefits of creating behavior charts to provide clear boundaries and encourage good behavior. She reveals that she has recently started using a weekly chart to set her daughter simple tasks, teach her how to be kind and bring a sense of structure and routine to her life. [18.39] Identifying their personality types. Justin and Kathryn discuss the results of the Enneagram tests to determine their dominant personality type. They are both Enneagram enthusiasts and believe studying their types has helped them to become more aware of certain aspects of their characters and made it easier for them to understand and relate to each other. [28.44] The advantages of taking some space to step back from an argument. The couple share their individual approaches to resolving conflict. Justin likes to talk things through, even when emotions are running high, but Kathryn prefers to distance herself from the drama and let the tension diffuse. [36.38] Mindful conversations. Justin encourages us to be more conscious of the words we use. He reminds us to think before we speak and consider if what we are about to say is kind, necessary and true. [45.29] Learning their love languages. Justin reviews The Five Love Languages, a book for couples who want to strengthen their bond by finding out what their partner values most in their relationship and working out how to best fulfill their needs. Links from Episode: The Five Love languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate by Gary Chapman Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast:  Instagram: Facebook:
February 24, 2020
48: Mens series ep. 3 Jeff Lerner - From insecurity to living awesome.
Jeff owns an agency to help entrepreneurs find their calling in this new digital age. His core values for his company are the same he strives for and lives for in his personal life also.  Jeff instantly gets emotional talking about his wife and legally adopting her three kids. Jeff and his spouse also has a three year old of their own now. Thousands of hours of therapy, courses, coaches and hard deep work has brought him to this place of what he calls living awesome. I saw him as someone who has it all and always had life perfect until he opened up and talked about challenges and struggles he has just like everyone else. Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast Instagram  Facebook page
February 21, 2020
47: Phillip Danger - In Search of Authenticity 
In this episode, Phil chats to Justin about: [4.22] His daily meditation routine. Phil explains how he likes to start his day with a twenty-minute guided mantra meditation and keep a journal to bring greater awareness and reflection to his practice. [06.25] Regaining strength and confidence. The pair discuss how Phil’s desire to challenge his body and feel comfortable in his own skin inspired him to adopt healthier food choices and embark on a regular exercise routine. [14.53] His passion for filmmaking. Justin discovers that Phil’s main motivation is to create an authentic and accessible platform to share the lessons he’s learnt with a wider audience. His goal is to promote personal growth and to encourage others to talk about their own experiences. [36.09] The challenge of sobriety. Phil stresses that alcohol is not essential to enjoying an interesting social life and reiterates his focus on creating deeper and more meaningful connections with those around him. [58.47] Phil’s advice to his 18-year-old self. His main message to his younger self would be that he is perfect just as he is, and that he should not try to change or conform to someone else’s perception of success. Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast Instagram @mindfulimpactpodcast Facebook page
February 17, 2020
46: Mens Series ep. 2: Jesse Matney and Clay Emerson - Same sex marriage and adopting a child.
These two are amazing beautiful people. They work together at Just Thrive health (Ceo Tina Anderson on ep. 40) and adopted their son who is now 7 years old. I ask if they are planning to adopt another child and Clay says something he’s never said before. What they say at the end about talking to their younger self is nothing short of beautiful.  There are a lot of laughs and a great conversation with both of them. Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast Instagram @mindfulimpactpodcast Facebook page
February 14, 2020
45: Ronald M. Epstein, M.D. - Being a mindful patient.
"Best Doctor in America"  1998-2013. Ronald M. Epstein, M.D. is a Professor of Family Medicine, Psychiatry, Oncology and Medicine at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, board-certified in Family Medicine and Hospice and Palliative Medicine, and author of Attending: Medicine, Mindfulness and Humanity. Internationally recoginzed as the first doctor to bring mindfulness teachings into medicine. We discuss physician burnout. What we need to be aware of as patients.  How to bring mindful moments into the workplace. Compassion as a role in being a physician. And much more!
February 10, 2020
44: Men Series Ep. 1: Damien Noble Andrews - Creativeness through vulnerability and emotions.
Damien is a freelance photographer for 20 years now. He has a beautiful wife of 10 years and two boys 6 and 2.5 years old. He travels a ton for his business and has a great perspective on how to balance and treat his time away and at home. There's very little ego inside this amazing human. He grew up without a father figure, raised by his mother and grandma. He talks about embracing your feminine energy. He talks about incorporating play and laughter into the depth of life. 
February 07, 2020
43: Rob Dube - The power of DoNothing
imageOne President and Co-founder. Speaker. Author. doNothing leadership retreat. We discuss the Importance of Love. Setting family and relationship visions and values. Meditation. EOS entrepreneurship operating system @robdube Twitter
February 03, 2020
42: Nicholas Hutchison - Constantly Learning for personal development. Getting comfortable getting uncomfortable.
Owner of @bookthinkers instagram. Nick is a young entrepreneur. Nick is always learning reading almost 100 books front to back every year. He doesn’t just read the books, he applies what he is learning. We talk about Having an accountability group. How he chose his business partner. Power of floating tanks. Rich Dad Poor Dad was one of his most influential books he read.
January 27, 2020
41: Anthony Trucks - Creating your Identity Shift and making success your second nature.
Anthony is an ex NFL player turned to identity shift coach. What you create, creates you. What is your Ego Armor. Get off the fence and get into a state of effortless effort. Successful relationship means feeling the connection is strong and hanging out with your best friend and feel great about it. Figure out what your spouse needs. What Freedom really is. Instagram @anthonytrucks
January 20, 2020
40: Tina Anderson - Gut health and Probiotics.
President and CEO of we talk everything Gut Health and how it effects your health both physically and mentally. She is so passionate about health and her business. We also talk about how she has used certain mindfulness techniques to raise her children and lead her family to today.
January 13, 2020
39b: Friday Thoughts - Seeing your partners perspective
I'm Reading "Getting the Love you want" a guide for couples and I discuss an interesting  part of the book on how someone "unstuck" themselves from their consistent "right" points of view in their relationship. 
January 10, 2020
39: Joe Gianni - Motivational Intelligence. Passion and purpose.
If there was one episode so far, listen to this one. We have to have a passion and a purpose for what we are going to do every day. Don’t live life being part of the pack. Every year we have the ability to reinvent ourselves. In order to explode our companies we have to explode our lives. Joe has worked with 40% of the Fortune 500 companies.
January 06, 2020
38: Reflection Friday - What is Love?
First you hear one of my favorite answers to telling your 18 year old self something. Then we go into my definition of love. The person was "Do Nothing" Rob Dube who will be on in the future.. 
January 03, 2020
37: Susan Bratton - Trusted sex advisor to millions. Mindfulness and presence in relationship communication.
Susan is a trusted sex advisor to millions. We talk about How do you practice mindfulness outside of the love making space so that when you get into the love making space it becomes more effortless. Empathetic listening, mirroring, Staying Relational, requesting do overs, and also in the bedroom presence and flow. www.susanbratton.comn @susanbratton
December 30, 2019
36: Reflection Friday - Supporting your partner through communication
I went to find a note I wrote to my wife one year ago and couldn't find it....Five minutes goes by so fast and is hard to get anything impactful in unless I write it down and rewrite and compact it. I think maybe I might have to start doing that! lol. Enjoy :) 
December 27, 2019
35: Ryan Niddel - Life Coaching and Bio Hacks.
Fitness. Faith. Family. Finance. Ryan helps online coaches surpass $50k/month. During the first half we talk about bio hacking and the second half we talk about being vulnerable, learning from past experiences and becoming better.
December 23, 2019
34: Reflection Friday - Self Confidence Confession.
How to gain self confidence....I'm upset with myself and I feel I should be.  I've made a commitment to myself and I'm slacking too much on it the past 45 days. I've even gotten sick twice because of it. 
December 20, 2019
33: Mandyy Thomas - Money, Finances and our emotions around it.
Mandyy Thomas helps people keep more of their money, she’s a financial coach. You will notice right away how passionate she is about this. We discuss how to discuss money and budgets with your spouse. What are money dates? How our parents effected our relationship with money. Practical tips and advice on spending and saving. How the little amounts add up fast. "The quality of your life can be determined by the number of uncomfortable conversations your willing to have." - Tim Ferris Find her on Instagram @mandyythomas Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast Instagram Facebook page
December 16, 2019
32: Friday thoughts - 2020 = New direction for the podcast
2020 A family podcast!  Well kind of... I am shifting my guests and questions I ask more towards how to be the best parent, the best spouse and the best leader both in your family and in business, you can possibly be.  Based on the feedback I've gotten, and what I love to talk about most this is the direction we will be going starting 2020! Of course we are finishing out the year strong though with amazing guests. Please share with someone you know that would love this stuff! thanks :)  Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast Instagram Facebook page 
December 13, 2019
31: Paul Hoffman - Mind traps, eliminating limiting beliefs, importance of awareness.
we talk about the mind trap of saying you aren't good enough and in order for you to be good you need to practice and make it a part of you DNA. The only limitations you believe in are the ones you make up. When you can observe your behavior you can change it. Paul is a leading expert on developing Daily Rituals, Habits And Mindsets Of Success™ that anchor a new way of thinking, empowering you to get out of your own way and direct your mind, so you SCULPT THE MASTERPIECE KNOWN AS YOU. His work has transformed over 3,000,000 lives worldwide. He wrote the jingle Have You Driven A Ford …Lately? He was Pink Floyds Tour Manager at 22…and his mother lived to the ripe age of 104! Follow him on Facebook for his daily morning insights Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast Instagram Facebook page
December 09, 2019
30: Eight traits that make a great leader, and the #1 most important.
I am in a 2 day leading with motivational intelligence course and share my biggest aha moment from day 1. Mindfulness plays a big role in being a great leader. Willingness to genuinely invest is #1 most important. This can be woven into being a parent and spouse also. 
December 06, 2019
29: Raj Jana - The art of experiencing an extraordinary life
Raj Jana. Stay grounded podcast. Founder of JavaPresse Coffee Company. Public Speaker. Featured on inc, Forbes, entrepreneur and much more. Here are some topics we cover in one of my favorite guests so far. How to be who you know you are supposed to. How to become your truest self. The art of experiencing an extraordinary life. Burrowed traits vs. who you really are. At the end we talk about managing your time better. @raj_jana Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast Instagram Facebook page
December 02, 2019
28: Three Levels of Acceptance
I believe we can't be living at our highest vibration until we accept everything we have ever done in the past or that has happened to us. This is a reading from Davidji- Sacred Powers book. He is one of my favorite meditation teachers, listening to his guided meditations, I get into some of my deepest meditations.  Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast Instagram Facebook page
November 29, 2019
27: Kathryn Francisco - How to give and receive feedback and have better conversations at thanksgiving.
This is an amazing topic that doesn’t get talked about often. We all have received feedback our whole lives, since we were little. From our school grades, accolades, awards and from bosses. How do we handle that feedback properly. How do we give out feedback properly. How do we phrase our statements better in our spousal communication. Accepting compliments by just saying “thank you”.  Thanksgiving time: how to have better conversations and being thankful. Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast Instagram Facebook page
November 25, 2019
26: Friday Thoughts - Gratitude
What is gratitude? what to be grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone next week!   Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast Instagram Facebook page
November 22, 2019
25: Nick Matiash - Leader of heart centered men.
Nick Matiash is leader of heart centered men and published his book Moving Past Mediocre. He has been a daily meditator for several years now and is a math teacher along with starting a mens coaching business. This is my longest episode yet because we talk about lots of really mindful topics including what it means to be hear centered, his new one hour meditation. Investing in coaches and what it’s all about. Instagram @nick_movingpastmediocre Please contact nick if any interest in working with him. Moving Past Mediocre: Unlocking Your Mind to Create the Life You've Always Imagined by Learn more: Follow and Like Mindful Impact Podcast Instagram Facebook page
November 18, 2019
24: Friday Thoughts: How to drive yourself insane
What's up with the stories we make up in our head, creating a perception of reality that isn't even true. I share some hot tips on how I have been able to stop these stories all together. 
November 15, 2019
23: Imani Olear - Creating a space of healing for people of color and individuals with low socioeconomic status through yoga and more.
Imani Olear. Author, TEDx speaker, owner of TruYoga Studio, Pastor, found of Yoga For A Good Hood...what doesn’t she do to leave a positive heart warming impact on this world.  Her mission is to create a space of healing for people of color and individuals with low socioeconomic status through yoga and more. Her mission to make everyone feel welcome practicing yoga is truly amazing and the spiritual world needs more Imani's in it.  We also talk about Fighting the monster in your head, adaptive yoga, her and her husbands morning routine, grounding ourselves and much more. @yoga4agoodhood @truyogarochester @faithhadahouse Follow and Like Instagram Facebook page
November 11, 2019
22: Friday Thoughts - Mindful Eating...
Hey! The Holidays are here so I thought I'd share some insight on mindfulness and food. Not in a bad way! I eat egregious amounts of pie on thanksgiving. Lets be mindful but not judge ourselves at the same time :)  Follow and Like Instagram Facebook page
November 08, 2019
21: Amber Spears and Alona Rudnitsky - Intentional daily growth and the Importance of life coaches and therapists and much more..
Amber Spears and Alona Rudnitsky own and also live together. You don't want to miss this one! We talk about vulnerability, overcoming hardships with mindfulness, the importance of life coaches, therapists and mentors.  Constant improvement and consistent intentional growth activities daily.  A favorite part of mine is when Amber uses the phrase “jewels of shame” around the 20:40 mark during her talk about her Ayahuasca experience.  They recommend using guided meditations from Joe Dispenza Follow and Like This Podcast:
November 04, 2019
20: Friday Thoughts - I'm on a mission to get as many people as possible meditating 10 minutes per day
What's it going to take to get as everyone in the world meditating 10 minutes per day :) or at least a lot of the people. haha. I discuss what mindfulness means to me and the apps I mention are headspace, unplug, insight timer and Waking up.  Follow and Like Instagram Facebook page
November 01, 2019
19: Kathryn Francisco #2 - Pet peeves, my Tony Robbins experience, her Fears because halloween
The last week of each month will be an interview with my wife Kathryn Francisco. We have a fun conversation about Pet peeves, my Tony Robbins experience, her Fears because halloween and much more.  Follow and Like Instagram Facebook page
October 28, 2019
18: Friday Thoughts - My first guided meditation, body scan meditation
I've sat through almost 500 guided meditations this year, ranging from 3-30 minutes so I figured I would give one a shot. This is only 7 minutes long and great for anyone new or a well seasoned meditator! I hope you enjoy :) 
October 25, 2019
17: Greg Anderson Part 2: Plant medicine, having a healthy divorce, being a nomad.
Greg Anderson has created businesses, written books and owns softwares. He’s gone through a major spiritual transformation and now lives as a nomad. He is a daily meditator, avid learner and constant reader. He brings individuals together on his meditation app called one mind meditation. @gregwanderson @onemind_om
October 23, 2019
16: Greg Anderson - Plant medicine, having a healthy divorce, being a nomad.
Greg Anderson has created businesses, written books and owns softwares. He’s gone through a major spiritual transformation and now lives as a nomad. He is a daily meditator, avid learner and constant reader. He brings individuals together on his meditation app called one mind meditation. @gregwanderson @onemind_om Follow and Like: Instagram Facebook page
October 21, 2019
15: Friday Thoughts - The conversations with ourselves
If I was going to do an 18 minute Ted talk this might be the topic I would choose to talk about. There is no one we have more conversation with on a daily basis than ourselves. Most people don't realize how much it is effecting them subconsciously. How much more life can be fulfilled and peaceful just by becoming more aware of how we talk to ourselves in our heads. This 8 minute episode just touches on this topic a little bit. 
October 18, 2019
14: Michael Rongo part 2 - Sobriety and Meditation
This was such a thoughtful, fun, eye opening conversation with someone who takes mindfulness and meditation truly to heart, it saved Michales life.  He started young out on wall street living the fast life, making all kinds of money and, like many, got caught up in the action. We talk all about drugs, drinking, recovery, family, meditation, health and how he found his way out...He just recently got married and is now over three years sober. What a kind, genuine, handsome human.  There are a lot of amazing take aways from this conversation! Follow and Like Instagram Facebook page
October 16, 2019
13: Michael Rongo part 1 - Sobriety and meditation
This was such a thoughtful, fun, eye opening conversation with someone who takes mindfulness and meditation truly to heart, it saved Michales life.  He started young out on wall street living the fast life, making all kinds of money and, like many, got caught up in the action. We talk all about drugs, drinking, recovery, family, meditation, health and how he found his way out...He just recently got married and is now over three years sober. What a kind, genuine, handsome human.  There are a lot of amazing take aways from this conversation! Follow and Like Instagram Facebook page
October 14, 2019
12: Friday thoughts - Joseph Goldstein Insight Meditation on suffering
This weeks Friday thoughts is brought to you by Joesph Goldstieins book Insight Meditation. This book is a staple in the meditation community. Suffering includes for example envy, jealousy, anxiety, depression, anger, stress, hatred... Take a listen to this short episode. 
October 11, 2019
11: Dr. Aaron Olden Part 2 - Treating anxiety, depression sleep and pain.
Dr. Aaron Olden used to prescribe medications to his patients and after an opioid overdose in the family decided to move towards a more holistic approach. What he is doing now is nothing short of incredible and inspiring. Taking a huge leap of faith into starting his own acupuncture and holistic medicine practice right here in my hometown Rochester NY. He specializes in the connection between body and mind. Treating Anxiety, depression sleep and pain.. We talk about the importance of CBD and medical marijuana. Instagram: If you Enjoyed this episode, check out the video, show notes and more at or follow on Instagram
October 09, 2019
10: Dr. Aaron Olden Part 1 - Treating anxiety, depression sleep and pain.
Dr. Aaron Olden used to prescribe medications to his patients and after an opioid overdose in the family decided to move towards a more holistic approach. What he is doing now is nothing short of incredible and inspiring. Taking a huge leap of faith into starting his own acupuncture and holistic medicine practice right here in my hometown rochester NY. We talk about the importance of CBD and medical marijauana. He specializes in the connection between body and mind. Treating Anxiety, depression sleep and pain. Instagram: If you Enjoyed this episode, check out the video, show notes and more at or follow on Instagram
October 07, 2019
09: Friday Thoughts -Your Past Does Not Have to Equal Your Present
I've made many mistakes and looking back was not someone I was always proud of, much of the time. Lying, Stealing, manipulating, cheating, faking life a lot and much more. Listen to what I have to say about accepting these things, learning from them, forgiving myself and moving forward because all we truly have is the present.  If you Enjoyed this episode, check out the video, show notes and more at or follow on Instagram
October 03, 2019
08: Suze Yalof Schwartz Part 2 - Owner Unplug Meditation
Part 2 with Suze Yalof Shwartz, CEO/Founder of Unplug, was taught a powerful three-minute breathing and guided visualization technique that transformed her stress to calm. She talks about how to instantly get into a state of calm. How meditation effects the brain. Explains how the learning is the fun part of success, the journey. @suzeyalofshwartz @unplugmeditation If you Enjoyed this episode, check out the video, show notes and more at or follow on Instagram
October 02, 2019
07: Suze Yalof Shwartz Part 1 - Owner Unplug Meditation
Suze Yalof Shwartz, CEO/Founder of Unplug, was taught a powerful three-minute breathing and guided visualization technique that transformed her stress to calm. She talks about how to instantly get into a state of calm. How meditation effects the brain. Explains how the learning is the fun part of success, the journey.  @suzeyalofshwartz @unplugmeditation If you Enjoyed this episode, check out the video, show notes and more at or follow on Instagram
September 30, 2019
06: Friday Thoughts: Five Reasons Why
The main reason is for growth, I love to be better for myself and everyone around me. I cover the five reasons I meditate and a couple happened without me even really knowing what to expect since I started. I'm just getting started on my journey but I thought I would share what I'm feeling so far.  If you Enjoyed this episode, check out the video, show notes and more at or follow on Instagram
September 27, 2019
05: Kathryn Francisco Part 2 : Being on a team, yoga, couples therapy and more.
Part 2 with my wife Kathryn Francisco for episode five. We talk about being a team in a relationship, how we get on the same page when disciplining our children.  Towards the end we talk about how we go to couples therapy together and why.  More on yoga also.  The last week of every month she will be back on with me!!!  If you Enjoyed this episode, check out the video, show notes and more at or follow on Instagram
September 25, 2019
04: Kathryn Francisco part 1 : Yoga, mindfulness parenting, love and more...
My special guest and Wife Kathryn Francisco for episode 04. She is RYT 500 hour, mom of two. Part 1 of 2 which talks about building and getting stuck our "stories".  The effectiveness of Savasana, the final resting pose in a yoga practice. How loving is not enough, we need to put in actual effort to create the best relationship. Part 2 is Wednesday where we get even deeper in our conversation.  If you Enjoyed this episode, check out the video, show notes and more at or follow on Instagram
September 23, 2019
03: My Friday Thoughts - Just be ourselves
For years I changed who I was to be liked. To be accepted and in reality that just pushes people away.  We just need to be ourselves and if someone doesn't like that then so be it, it's not our job in life to be accepted by everyone.  If you Enjoyed this episode, check out the video, show notes and more at or follow on Instagram
September 20, 2019
02: Marty Grizzanti Part 2 - Routines, Discipline and beginner meditation
Marty Grizzanti recently quit his six figure sales job to jump both feet into his real estate career. We talk about the discipline it takes to create his success. We talk about loving what you do. Beginner meditation and the impact on his life and business. This is part 2 of 2.  Marty can be found at If you Enjoyed this episode, check out the video, show notes and more at or follow on Instagram
September 18, 2019
01: Marty Grizzanti Part 1 - Routines, Discipline and beginner meditation
Marty Grizzanti recently quit his six figure sales job to jump both feet into his real estate career. We talk about the discipline it takes to create his success. We talk about loving what you do. Beginner meditation and the impact on his life and business. This is part 1 of 2. Part 2 will air Wednesday.  Marty can be found at If you Enjoyed this episode, check out the video, show notes and more at or follow on Instagram
September 16, 2019
Trailer - About the Mindful Impact Podcast
This is the place where you’ll Discover how to be the most mindfully impactful spouse, parent and career leader you are destined to be. A new expert guest will be on every Monday to discuss topics using mindfulness techniques with family and business leadership. Feb 7th, every Friday for fifteen Fridays straight you can listen to the struggles and successes of a high achieving husband and father. 
September 05, 2019