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Leftöver Dummies

Leftöver Dummies

By Justin Pierce
subculture, veganism, bright eyes, & a love/hate relationship with morrissey
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Cats In Space
I Black Licorice and Mocha  II Picking Up Food From a Back-alley 'Ghost' Kitchen  III The Hard Times Wrote an Article About Us  IV Diver Survives Being Swallowed by a Whale  V Morrissey is Headlining the Cruel World Tour and Amazon Isn't Pleased Cinnaholic -  Moon Bowls - Hard times podcast write up - Diver swallowed by a whale - Morrissey headlining Cruel World Festival - Cover photo and music created by Amazon Halliburton with samples used taken from We'd like to give a special thank you to Mescalita the cat for posing for our episode this week. I was just kidding about sending you into space.
June 17, 2021
A Really Great Episode
I Frozen Yogurt  II Elon Musk and the Perverted Cryptocurrency  III Lost Wedding Ring  IV Mexico City Snake House  V Perceptions of Vegans and Veganism  VI Music Elon Musk article - Mexico City Snake House Music created by Amazon Halliburton with some samples used from
June 12, 2021
Going With the Flow
I Mushrooms  II Pan Dulce  III Using a Pseudonym  IV Flow State V Designer Goods: Archie Wants a Louis Vuitton Wallet. Vegan Pan Dulce Restaurant in Santa Ana California Music created by Amazon Halliburton with aid of some samples from
June 4, 2021
We All Know Art Is Hard
I Andy Warhol  II Fat Mike From NoFx Cancelled? - Panties for men  III Archie's ten-mile jog  IV Thought Slime Video On Non-Dualism (the oneness of everything)  V Palestinian DJ Documentary featuring Sama'  This week we go hard on art, music and philosophy, with all of that typical dummy irreverence you've come to know and love.  Article about Nofx and Fat Mike getting cancelled. Thought Slime video on Non Dualism Documentary on Palestinian hip-hop, trap, and techno featuring Sama' Art from the street, and music created by Amazon Halliburton with aid of some samples from
May 25, 2021
The Maytag Repairwoman
I Vacation Stories - Trekkies  II Travel to the East Coast  III Korean Tofu Soup and Japanese Ramen  IV Vegan Restaurants Run by the 'Supreme Master'  V Game of Shrooms is Back and is Almost Upon Us!  VI Polo & Pan New Song Video Animation Creators Noemi Ferst and Benjamin Moreau  VII Mexicans and Tweety Bird. Watch the Trekkies Movie Deutsch Welle article on the Supreme Master and Her Vegan Restaurants  Learn more about Game of Shrooms happening June 12, 2021. New Polo and Pan Song Here's the article about the artists behind the animation for the new Polo and Pan video! Radiooo website Why do Mexicans have an affinity for Tweety Bird? (You have to scroll past the first question and response to get to this one) Music & Art by Amazon Halliburton with some samples used taken from
May 22, 2021
The Return of Archibald Slattington
I Popstar Nima   II Archie in the Pocono Mountains  III Staying Positive in the Face of Incredible Adversity  IV Dummies Podcast Model  V Keith Haring - Math Pop - The New Romantics Music and art by Amazon Halliburton with samples used provided from
May 12, 2021
The Dummies Do Cascadia
I Twin Peaks  II Redwoods Burning  III Forest Gardens of so-called British Columbia  IV What's the Best Song About Georgia That Has 'Georgia' in the Name?  V Crazy Auto Mechanic Denies That He is Stealing Truck, What Do You Think?  VI Urdu Language and Culture Music created by amazon halliburton with some sounds used from
May 4, 2021
Getting So Much Better All the Time
I Going to Disneyland  II Working in the Mortuary During the Covid 19 Pandemic  III Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst Autographed Poster - Who are the Dummies' Hall Passes?  IV Vegan Pizza  V Saturation Diving Hero  VI Vegan Tacos  VII Wes Anderson Movie Day  VIII Punjabi Language and Culture   -Music created by Amazon Halliburton with use of some samples from 
April 26, 2021
A Failed Attempt At Humility
I Tijuana Mexico  II This is Hell - Daniel Johnston  III Talkin' Turkey  IV Japanese Animation  V If On a Winter's Night a Traveler by Italo Calvino  VI Museum Day - Sensory Deprivation Chamber  VII Yoruba Language and Culture Music created by Amazon Halliburton with use of samples from
April 20, 2021
The Return of The Dummies
I Covid Shot Redux  II Pennsylvania Amish  III Jello Biafra is on Social Media, and Has He Got a Meme For You  IV Food Not Bombs  V Commander Cluck Vegan Chicken & Adventurous Adventuresome Adventures in Vegan Eating  VI Dapper Men's Fashion With Archie  VIII Sweden   Music performed by Amazon Halliburton with the aid of some samples from 
April 13, 2021