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CrossFit Jax Beach

CrossFit Jax Beach

By Justin
All things doing at CrossFit Jax Beach. Prob super boring, but you get what you pay for and this Free. Tell your friends!!
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Inside the Coach's Brain -- Coach Christina's Debut
It's Christina's big debut on the podcast and we asked her anything we could think of...literally, we did not prep for this.  Learn more about Christina's background, her time working in radio, how she found CrossFit, and her top must watch movies of all time. When you see her around the gym, now you'll know just a little bit more about her. We have a lot of laughs in this episode so take a listen so you can laugh along with us...or laugh at us...either is fine.  Listen and share with your friends! It's a fun one!
August 25, 2022
Inside the Coach's Brain -- 2022 CF Games Recap
Super fun episode coming at you.....   This is the one you never knew you needed in your life, but once you hear it you will wonder how you have lived this long without knowing this stuff!! ......or, you are gonna feel like you wasted a half hour of your day.  Either way.... you should listen. This is our long awaited (almost a whole week and a half) recap of the 2022 CrossFit Games. It was a wild week in Madison, and we did our best to encapsulate all of it into the heard word. So give it a listen, let us know what you think. Do you like this Competitive CrossFit content or could you live without it??
August 16, 2022
Inside the Coach's Brain -- CF Games Preview
The CrossFit Games are coming, the CrossFit Games are coming!!!! Whether or not this is earth shattering news to you or you just had to Google what the h, e, double hockey sticks the CrossFit Games are, you should definitely tune into this episode. We dive into to what to expect this year in Madison.... That's in Wisconsin! Who we think has a realistic chance at winning..... Spoiler alert..... smart money is on Tia! Does competitive CrossFit have a PED problem???? If we got to program some events for the Games what would they look like?? Hope you enjoy it.... Don't forget to like, subscribe, share, etc!!
July 21, 2022
Inside the Coach's Brain - Dave's Back
Don't you love it when you have strong opinions about a friend's breakup/divorce/etc. and not only do you think to yourself about those opinions but you voice them out-loud to other people!! And then, because we have the internet, we don't just stop there.  We record it and put out on a podcast for the whole world to listen to and know what our opinions are.  (luckily this is only like 4 people). And then like it always happens...... those people get back together and you are stuck at Christmas dinner with your brother and his current girlfriend(who also happens to be his current ex-wife) and all the bad things you may or may not have said about her, while you are trying to share some mash-potatoes...... awkward!! Well lucky for you the listener because this just happened to our podcast.  Not long ago we made a whole episode (CF Open Primer) about the firing of Dave Castro and all of our mostly accurate and basically un-arguable thoughts about it!! Low and behold, fast forward 3-4 months and CrossFit has hired him back and we are forced to eat our words in an apology podcast.......  but not really.   We just give you our new thoughts on his new position and whether or not he deserves it, and/or qualified for it, and then we stare at the mash potatoes for a solid 30 minutes without saying a word!! Let us know what you think, don't forget to Share, Like, Comment!!
June 22, 2022
Inside the Coach's Brain - Rep Your Box Recap pt.2
Welcome back for the exciting conclusion of our Rep Your Box 11? recap!!! This is part 2, of our breakdown of the competition that was.  If you enjoyed part 1. you are gonna love part.2 If you haven't had a chance to listen to part.1 yet, go back and listen to that before you listen to part.2. (Because that's how pt.1 and pt.2's work).  Not going to drop any spoiler alerts in here or in the podcast, because previews always do that (listen to the podcast for a more in-depth explanation on this) As always, Listen, Like, Subscribe, Share, tell your Friends!!!
June 10, 2022
Inside the Coach's Brain - Rep Your Box Recap pt.1
Hey Gang, Slightly different episode coming at you this week.  This past weekend a few people from the gym participated in a local CrossFit competition called Rep Your Box.   So sticking with our theme from the last few episodes of competitions, we thought it would be fun to do a recap episode of the comp and sort of let you into what we were thinking as it was happening sort of thing. We will weigh in on the highs and lows, how we were feeling during events and how we thought after events!! Sort of a play by play of the weekend!!  Let us know if you like this sort of episode... or even let us know if you hate it!!  
May 24, 2022
Inside the Coach's Brain -- Do you run a Sh%#@y CrossFit Competition??
In a follow up to our last episode where we talked in full depth about whether or not competing in a CrossFit competition is the right for you.....   Today, we tackle it from a different angle.   There are a lot of different CrossFit style competitions out there, ranging from the local single day throw-downs all the way up to the mecca of events the CrossFit Games. And guess what.... They all screw up some of the things we talk about in this episode.  With any luck they aren't screwing up all of them... but some probably do.   We tried, to not call out any person or competition directly in this podcast, but if it feels like you were targeted, or that we were talking about you..... we probably were!!   So give it a listen and let us know what you think!!  
May 12, 2022
Inside the Coach's Brain -- Should I do a CrossFit Competition
Have you ever wondered if a competition is right for you? Well.... have we got all the answers to that for you and so much more in this edition of Inside the Coach's Brain. Come find out why you should, or even why you shouldn't do a CrossFit Competition. It can be a fun and rewarding world to dive into, but can also come with plenty of pit falls and directional changes.  Will you be ready for them when they come?  If you listen to this podcast then you may..... (no promises) Enjoy the podcast, hopefully it entertains or educates you (probably asking for a lot to do both).   Please share, like, engage or otherwise acknowledge that you listened and like it. Thanks
April 27, 2022
Inside the Coach's Brain -- Do I Really Need to Workout on Vacation??
Should you be working out on Vacation??     Believe it or not, this is a real thing, and a real Question.  So we took a few short minutes to dig into it and give you all the unelaborated facts. So leave your "I'm on vacation" excuses in the rear-view, and we will let you know How, Where, and why or why not working out may or may not be the right call.   Also.... turns out if you do decide to work out while of of town, that there can be some hidden benefits, don't worry we tell you about those as well.
March 29, 2022
Inside the Coach's Brain -- How do you use the Toilet??
Stellar episode coming at ya!! Taking a closer look at the CrossFit Open so far..... What changes have transpired, new standards and what they have meant for competition. We also get into whether or not you have been using the toilet wrong and how to fix it!! We would love to hear some feedback on this... so find somewhere to comment or drop us a message.   What questions/topics would you like to hear us tackle on a future podcast??
March 14, 2022
Inside the Coach's Brain - CF Open primer
So it's been a great holiday season, and a bit of a hiatus from the podcast......BUT we are back with a fresh new episode for you to dig into.   In this episode we get into: - An all new co-host for the podcast!! - CrossFit has moved on From Dave Castro(the director of the CF Games) are the games dead? - The CF Open... starting to think about the Open, what it is, and what we think it will look like.
February 01, 2022
Episode 020-Why you are Probably Recovering Wrong!!
Join us on this long overdue, long in-depth review of Recovery!! Is what you are doing even worth it? Does foam rolling work? Should you Warm-up or Cool Down? Is stretching even helpful? What is the one single thing you aren't doing well that you should be? and finally.... How much of the internet is actual truthful information!! (we ask the hard questions here)
December 02, 2021
Episode 019: Why you Probably Shouldn't be doing Rx
In this episode of Inside the Coach's Brain we dive into what it means to "Rx" a workout. Why it likely isn't the best strategy for you.... Why it very likely is hurting your results in the gym And What a better strategy looks like for long term success and getting and maintaining the results you are looking for.
November 11, 2021
Episode 018 - PED's in CrossFit
On this episode we dive in to the controversial world of PED's in CrossFit? We tackle some of the hot button topics around this issue like: Are they there? Should they be there? How much of cheating is it? If found to be on PED's should you be allowed back into the sport after a suspension, or should it be a lifetime ban? Give it a listen and let us know what you think.  Don't forget to tell your friends and send it to them!!
October 20, 2021
Inside the Coach's Brain -- Episode 017 Living with Diabetes
On this episode of Inside the Coach's brain we sit down with the one and only Sean Balaban. While Sean is undoubtedly some things to a few people, the reason for this podcast is to talk about Diabetes.  Sean has had Type 1 diabetes since early on in his childhood and has understandably faced many challenges throughout his life because of it. We wanted to chat with him about how he manages this on day to day basis, what that looks like, and how much effort and/or care goes into that. If you have never taken a deep dive into what it means to understand the struggles of a diabetic and what they are dealing with every minute of every day, then this is the podcast episode for you!!
October 04, 2021
Inside the Coach's Brain -- Episode 016: "Why am I not getting the Results I want"
In this new installment of Inside the Coach's Brain we get back into you guys!! A common issue we see and or hear is "Why am I not seeing the results I want?" And Oh man is that a can of worms!!! In this episode we dive into that for you.  There are so many factors that can help you get the results you want and just as many if not more that will keep you from seeing those results. How do you navigate that, either in the gym or outside of it in your personal/professional life. Well, tune in and find out. As always, like, comment, subscribe, share!!!
September 14, 2021
Inside the Coach's Brain -- Episode 015: Kent’s hairy childhood!
Well technically Kent HAD cancer. Special totally impromptu episode on this edition of Inside the Coach's Brain podcast. We get into Kent and his Cancer.  Don't want to give too much away, so tune in, listen and learn!! As always don't forget to Share, Like, Comment, Subscribe!!
September 01, 2021
Inside the Coach's Brain -- Episode 014: Dr. Peter Yu
On this episode of Inside the Coach's Brain podcast we sit down with Dr. Peter Yu of MotionRx Physical Therapy At his clinic Dr. Yu works in Performance Physical therapy.... what is that you ask... well listen to the podcast and find out!!! We dive into a bunch of topics including: What kind of clients does he typically treat What are the most common injuries he sees and even some cool actionable ways to self treat yourself. Good Korean BBQ spots and even what makes a good IPA a good IPA. And lastly what you can expect to learn at our upcoming Squat Mobility Clinic. Hope you enjoy the interview and as always: Like, Comment, Subscribe, Share.  
August 25, 2021
Inside the Coach's Brain -- Episode 013: Laura Campbell
On Episode 013: We sit down with long time friend of the program Laura Campbell Laura is a new Mom and a former D1 runner as well as our Co-Host's Wife. We dive into how Laura juggles her training with being a Mom.  When and how she trains, and how having a baby has effected her training.   What does the training mindset look like for an elite athlete? In addition to being a world class runner she is also Kent's wife, so we also get the dirt on Kent!! Tune in for a fun and inspiring episode of Inside the Coach's Brain and let us know what you think!
August 18, 2021
Inside the Coach's Brain -- Episode 012: The Art of Programming
Alright, back at it with another Episode of Inside the Coach's Brain.  This week we get a little nerdy and get into some of the nitty gritty of Programming. Why Do we program workouts the way we do? Are they just completely random? What is the intended goal for each workout? Listen and find out...  Let us know if you like this info or find it WAAYYY to nerdy!!
August 10, 2021
Inside the Coach's Brain -- Episode 011
This week we sit down with Coach Destiny!! All the questions about Destiny you always wanted to ask but never did!!   We talk about her college softball career, her schooling and what's next for her in life. Also, and not at all the least important.... we learn what a NARP is!!
July 28, 2021
Inside the Coach's Brain -- Episode 010
Keto, Adkins, Intermittent Fasting, Tidepods, Tapeworms.... No diet is safe!!  Tune in as we throw some grenades at all your favorite diets.   Don't forget to Like, Comment, FOLLOW, Share!!
July 13, 2021
Inside the Coach's Brain -- Episode 009
Tune in as we take a spin at debunking common Fitness myths such as: -- Lifting weights will make me big and bulky -- The best way to lose weight is Cardio -- You have to stretch before you workout And others.
June 30, 2021
Inside the Coach's Brain -- Episode 008
This week on Inside the Coach's Brain we try to offer some actionable steps for Making Short Term Goals. We go deep into What short term goals are, why they are important, how often you should set them and how they will make you better human beings in general. We apologize in advance for the informative nature of this podcast and plan to return to making slight cracks at each and everyone of you shortly. As always don't forget to subscribe, like and comment!!
June 16, 2021
Inside the Coach's Brain -- Episode 007
In today's episode of Inside the Coach's Brain we dive into Proper Gym etiquette. Hopefully we don't hurt your feelings here.  But as always, if any of these feel like they are addressing you directly..... they probably are! Topics include: putting away equipment, proper chalk usage, how close is too close?, are you inadvertently starting a clique?
June 08, 2021
Inside the Coach's Brain -- Episode 006
Episode 006.... Today we get into the early years of Coach Nate!! Find out how and why he started CrossFit, the inner-workings of the growth of CrossFit in Jacksonville, why he chooses Fairlife and a special tattoo he only shows to special people!! All that and more on this episode of Inside the Coach's Brain.
June 01, 2021
Inside the Coach's Brain -- Episode 005
Today we dive into the Top 5 biggest Hygiene issues in the gym.  This one might hit a little too close to home for some of you.  But remember.... you can always do better!!
April 14, 2021
Inside the Coach's Brain -- Episode 004
On this episode of Inside the Coach's Brain we take a deep dive into Coach Kent's background.  How he found his way into fitness and what his driving factors are.  Awesome listen on all things Kent.
April 06, 2021
Inside the Coach's Brain -- Episode 003
This is not really long awaited.... Way too soon 2021 CF Open breakdown.  All you ever wanted to know and probably mostly things you didn't know you didn't want to know until now.
March 30, 2021
Inside the Coach's Brain -- Episode 002
Top 10 Ways to be a better CrossFitter Here is the definitive list you have all been waiting for.... The 10 things you should focus on to be a better CrossFitter.  So sit back, enjoy a nice cup of joe and get ready to have your mind's blown.
March 23, 2021
Inside the Coach's Brain -- Episode 001
First episode of reviving the podcast!!  We take a deep break down into the CrossFit Open and what we feel makes it what it is.  We offer our perspective on past experiences and workouts that we liked and didn't like. We try to tackle the "Why should I do the CF Open" question. Also we give our predictions for Open workout 21.2 Give it a listen and let us know what you think.   Like, comment and follow!!
March 18, 2021
Friday 4 Pack ep.03
Hey Gang, On this week of the Friday 4 Pack we dive into some questions on shoes and apparel.  So get excited about that.  We get these questions more often then you would think. So do yourself a favor and give it a listen. 1. What should I eat before I work out? (and when should I eat it?) 2. I love my Reebok Nanos, what other CrossFit style shoes are there? 3. What running shoes should I get? 4. Are they any clothing brands for fitness that you would recommend?
April 24, 2020
Friday 4 Pack ep.02
In Today's episode of the Friday 4 Pack we get into some new questions that come up ALOT and we do our best to answer them in a real and mostly positive sort of way. 1: How Can I enjoy running more? 2: How can I avoid "plateaus" in weight-loss? 3: Intermittent Fasting, what is it?  Will it help me? 4: Why do I cry at night?
April 17, 2020
Friday 4 Pack??
Hey Gang, welcome to the first Edition of our Friday 4 Pack (Title is pending). Anyway we know you guys all have some burning questions and quite frankly can't get enough of us.  So here you go.  We asked you to ask us questions and here are the answers....sort of. This week we cover: How Do I stay on track during a Pandemic? What Equipment should I or shouldn't I buy? Working out with your Spouse or Significant other and why it can be challenging? Will I make gainz faster with Deadlifts or Pizza?
April 10, 2020
Programming Chat week of 11/19/18
A coach’s perspective Of why we programmed what we did and a deeper breakdown of how we think it should be attacked. This is an effort to better prepare our members for the week ahead so that they can continue to get the absolute most out of their workouts.
November 16, 2018
Programming Chat week of 11/12/18
A coach’s perspective of why we programmed what we did and a deeper breakdown of how we think it should be attacked. This an effort to better prepare our members for the week ahead so that they can continue to get the absolute most out of their workouts.
November 09, 2018