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Small Business Saturdays with Attorney Justin Camper

Small Business Saturdays with Attorney Justin Camper

By Justin Camper
Are you a small business owner looking to protect and grow your business? In this podcast, small business and trademark lawyer Justin Camper gives quick legal tips for small business owners to protect and grow their business!

In addition, this podcast covers legal topics in the news affecting small business owners along with other business attorneys.

From those who are a business startup or six figure business owner, this is the podcast for you to find inspiration along with quick legal tips from an business attorney.
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Guns, the Law, and Solutions for America, pt.3 /SBS Podcast Episode 12
Small Business Saturday's Podcast returns with this week's panel including, Law Professor and Former Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Derrick Carter, Former Prosecutor, Natalie Williams, and Criminal Defense Attorney Brandon Carter. Lawyers debate guns, criminal law, gun culture, and possible solutions. Also, Lawyers talk a closer look at the Indiana and Illinois gun laws when it comes to criminal charges and how it affects the society. 
August 27, 2022
Guns, the Law, and Solutions for America, pt.2 /SBS Podcast Episode 11
We are back again with other debate on guns, the law, and solutions for America. On the panel we have guest hosts, Attorney Shanon Buari, Dean Cliff Mason, and Professor Isreal. We are going to be debating some of the important gun laws in America along with potential solutions!
August 06, 2022
Guns, the Law, and Solutions for America, pt.1 /SBS Podcast Episode 10
Attorney Justin Camper, Attorney Shanon Buari, Professor Israel, and Dean Cliff Mason debate some of the issues with guns, the law, and potential solutions for America. We look at the NY gun law being overturned by the Supreme Court, Uvalve Shooting, Indiana Greenwood Mall Shooting, and Pastor Being Robbed on Livestream saying he wants a gun. #GunsinAmerica
July 30, 2022
Roe v. Wade Overturned; Lawyers Debate; SBS Podcast Episode 9
Attorney Justin Camper, Attorney Mayambo Mbanza, and Attorney Jacobie Whitley debate whether overturning Roe v. Wade is good for America, what effects will have on America moving forward, and how should Americans proceed moving forward based on this decision. 
June 25, 2022
Johnny Depp/Amber Heard Defamation Trial- Business Lawyers React/ SBS Podcast Episode 8
This is Small Business Saturday podcast episode 8!! We are reacting to the Johnny Depp defamation trial with his ex-wife Amber Heard. We are going to be discussing what legal tactics are being used and what small business owners can learn from this trial.
May 10, 2022
KBJ Confirmation Hearings (Black Lawyers Discuss)/ SBS Podcast Episode 7
This is small business Saturday Podcast episode 7! This podcast consist of business lawyers: Attorney Justin Camper, Attorney Jacobie Whitley, Attorney Shanon Buari, and Attorney Mayambo Mbanza. We will be discussing our thoughts Ketanji Brown Jackson Supreme Court Nomination while answering questions from the public. 
May 10, 2022
SBS Podcast Episode #6 (Black Business Lawyers Talk About Current Legal Topics Affecting Small Business Owners)
This podcast episode was a special episode because it was on the nationally recognized day, "SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY!" In this episode, we shouted out small businesses and had a special extended episode.  Lastly, a SURPRISE Trademark Legal Service giveaway for one small business owner listening in! Here is the list of legal topics we had for this month:   1. AKA sorority potential lawsuit against the TV show, "Insecure."   2. FEDS cracking down on business owners using cash app to hide funds.   3. Influencer Dana Chanel get sued allegedly scamming business owners.   4. Travis Scott and Astroworld lawsuit.  5. Kyle Rittenhouse is not guilty. 6. Verdict on Ahmaud Arbery killers.
December 11, 2021
SBS Podcast Episode 5: "The Collab Continues" (Four Black Business Lawyers Talk About Current Legal Topics Affecting Small Business Owners)
Topics for this episode  1. Omarosa wins lawsuit against Trump for violating NDA  2. PPP loan fraud leads to several arrests   3. Telsa found guilty of racism order to pay $130 million to former employee  4. Kanye West files for DONDA trademark Bonus Topics:  - R Kelly found guilty on all charges   - 10 mins of business related questions from the audience
December 11, 2021
SBS Podcast Episode 4: "The Collab" Four Black Business Lawyers Collaborate to Discuss Legal News Affecting Small Business Owners
Small Business Saturday Podcast is podcast hosted by Attorney Justin Camper to provide legal content for small business owners in a simple way. This episode we are bringing on different attorneys from across the country to talk about legal issues effecting business owners and current news topics.    Our topics for this podcast discussion was:   1. Whether OnlyFans had the legal rights to for its se x ban.   2. Whether Texas abortion law will be held by the Supreme Court and how will it affect the rest of the country.   3. Why did LA County paid $400,000 to a church that violated COVID-19 procedures? Who had superior legal rights?  4. Why was there a 430 million settlement, against Phillip Morris (tobacco company) in wrongful death suit? Who was right under the law?   5. Why did the district attorney involved in Ahmaud Arbery case get arrested?
December 11, 2021
SBS Podcast Episode 3: Five Contracts Every Small Business Owner Needs
This is episode 3!! In this episode, I talk about the five contract every small business owners needs! These are the must have contracts for small businesses.  Have you ever been in a relationship but you didn’t know what to call it? You know those situationships? Let’s take it out of the romantic context, do you have different expectations for a friend vs. association? Do you have different expectations for a family member vs. a friend? Or even better, have ever had a different definition for friend than someone else? Or family versus someone else? I’m sure you have! That’s why it is critical that you make sure you outline what is the relationship and make sure everyone is clear about their obligations to avoid bickering in the future. This is essentially what a contract does. It helps define the business relationship to make sure that everyone is clear on its obligations and what happens if someone does not do it. When you have a business relationship you want to make sure that you have a relationship horizontally and vertically, That’s right people who work under you and people who work with you. Ok, so listen to this episode to find out the top five contracts you need for your business!
January 16, 2021
SBS Podcast Episode 2: Five Legal Needs for Every Small Business Owner
This is Small Business Saturday Podcast with Attorney Justin Camper episode number 2!! In this podcast episode, Attorney Justin Camper outlines the five legal needs for every small business owner. If you are not operating in these five legal needs, your business could be losing money real soon or even worst, breaking the law! Attorney Justin Camper gives an overview of business law and breaks down the five legal needs for every business in simple concepts.
October 31, 2020
SBS Podcast Episode 1: Why You Should Start Your Business NOW (yes, even in 2020)
This is episode 1#!!! This episode will teach you quick tips on why should start your business right now especially in 2020. In this episode, I discuss how to know if you are ready to start a business particularly in 2020 as we are dealing with a lot CRAZYiness! After listening to this podcast, you will learn why you should start a business in 2020, ways to identify if you are ready to start a business, and the necessary legal items you need to starting your business off the right way! Enjoy! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, or you want to be a guest on my show, contact me at! 
October 08, 2020