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Az Speaks

Az Speaks

By Az Speaks
Az Hamilton, founder of Just Motivation, shares his weekly thoughts with you.
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Az Speaks: Merry Christmas
The Final Episode for 2020. A massive Merry Christmas to everyone who's been listening along the way. 
November 26, 2020
Az Speaks: Joy
Christmas is at our doorstep and everywhere you go you'll see people claiming that if you buy a certain product or eat at a certain place it will bring you JOY. But Joy is so much more than happiness and it can only come from one place. 
November 18, 2020
Az Speaks: Kid You'll Move Mountains
This week's podcast is especially for all those Graduating school this week. 
November 11, 2020
Az Speaks: The Peacemaker
In a time where everyone seems to have an opinion on everything how do we stop massive anger and hate towards those that don't think like us? What does it mean to be a son of God? How do we respond when our team loses? 
November 4, 2020
Az Speaks_Under Pressure
This week Az discusses Pressure. What happens when you're under a lot of pressure and want to quit. The great question to ask... What is this pressure developing in my life? Am I growing into the person I was made to be?  If you're wanting to throw in the towel and call it quits listen to this Podcast first. 
October 28, 2020
Swept Away
Sometimes we forget to listen, Sometimes we get swept away in life. We land in all sorts of situations that aren't ideal. But what do we do when we get into these situations. Where do we turn for help? Az has a chat about a recent snorkelling trip that found him in a not so great situation. 
October 21, 2020
Az Speaks: Maps and Instructions are Over Rated.
This weeks Podcast has Az admitting his weakness's when it comes to listening to instruction or following directions. He unpacks what its like to get brutally lost and then how to get back on track. Term 4 has begun and so has a new season of the Podcast. 
October 6, 2020
Az Speaks: Raging Bull
Be Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak, Slow to Anger. This weeks Podcast gives some tips on how to deal with anger and flying off the handle. Az shares his personal experience with anger and how it left a whole lot of damage. This is the last episode for Season 2. 
September 16, 2020
Az Speaks: Momentum
Back on the Road. Broadcasting from Stanthorpe QLD Az talks about a simple life principle that never fails. Momentum in our life can either be good or bad and its up to us to figure out which way we are heading. 
September 9, 2020
Az Speaks Episode: Choosing GOOD Fear.
Fear always seems to be bad... right? We think that fearing things is something we shouldn't do. But what if GOOD Fear can cause the ultimate outcome for our lives? What if FEAR for certain things keeps us on track and leaves us with an indescribable peace. This week Az talks about choosing the right fear in your life. 
September 2, 2020
Az Speaks: BIG lessons from being a KID (Generosity)
Az Hamilton opens up on a key lesson he was taught about Generosity as a kid. The idea of putting God/Others first and allowing the rest to be multiplied in your life. Being generous is a learned characteristic, it is grown just like a muscle in the gym. The need to learn the ability to let go of your possessions in life. These lessons are straight from his childhood. 
August 26, 2020
Az Speaks: The MOST important thing. Everything is Upside Down.
This week Az Hamilton continues his conversation about pruning... how to decide what the most important things are in life. 
August 19, 2020
Az Speaks: I'm Sorry... I think I just KILLED it.
This week Az opens up on one of his life experiences that left him feeling like he'd just destroyed someone else's prize possession. He unpacks the life lesson that unfolded due to his lack of talent or ability and discusses how this life lesson is more relevant today than it was close to a decade ago. The lesson on pruning your life and focusing on what really matters so you can rebuild and see good things in your future. 
August 12, 2020
Getting Back on The Horse
It's been a long time between working in schools for Az Hamilton. Last week after close to 6 months he was able to work with some Grade 12 students at Emmaus College in Jimboomba QLD. This week Az decided to interview the school captains Ryan and Cailyn about how they've navigated being school leaders in such a tough unknown year. The conversation is about Hope and dealing with the unexpected turns in life. It was great to finally get back on the horse and work with such incredible students. 
August 5, 2020
Az Speaks: Where Can I Run?
When the world has you wanting to run and escape from its current situations. Where Can You Run? Is it possible to escape God's love even if you've made a mess of your life? Az Hamilton discusses some simple truths that can keep us on course when things seem confused. 
July 22, 2020
Az Speaks: Loving someone that everyone Hates!
This weeks conversation is all about people and why they matter to God. It's easy to love those that we like but what was Jesus approach to loving those that were hated? How do we make sure we keep our heart right towards people? 
June 16, 2020
Az Speaks: A Conversation with Prosper. (My Sponsor Child of 16 yrs)
This weeks episode is very different to any other. This episode is a candid phone call conversation with Az Hamilton's very first sponsor child through Compassion Australia. Compassion International release children from poverty through their extensive programs run globally. Right in the heart of COVID 19 and Black Lives Matter Az was contacted by a familiar name... Prosper. It would turn out that it was in fact the young man that he sponsored for 16 years. Az had lost some contact and had no idea that he was following the Azspeaks page on Instagram. This is the very first conversation Az has ever had with Prosper after 16 years of friendship through writing letters and supporting him through his upbringing. So listen in to this moment that will be forever etched in Az Hamilton's memory for all the right reasons. 
June 10, 2020
Az Speaks: Things have to change.
Az Hamilton talks about the week that's past. With the footage of George Floyd has left us all numb. Asking questions and wanting change Az talks about his thoughts through the lens of Jesus. 
June 2, 2020
Az Speaks: Killing Giants
2020 has been an absolute disaster for so many. Now it's time to get back in the game and take on some obstacles. It's time to kill some Giants that want to take you down. Az Hamilton talks about how to do exactly that. Why it's so important to get on the field when the fight is happening. 
May 27, 2020
Az Speaks: A Breath of Fresh Air for the Soul
Az discusses the exhaustion so many are facing in these current times. But what if you're missing the #1 key ingredient to finding rest and refreshment? It's the missed factor is so many of our lives. Take a deep breath and have a listen. 
May 19, 2020
Az Speaks: Brace Yourself Like A Man!
Az talks about one of the most terrifying moments that can happen to man. Getting hit hard, knocked down and how to respond. The unpacking of Job's story and what we can learn from it. 
May 13, 2020
Az Speaks: Time Is Ticking
Birthdays in Lock Down. Another year flying by and Az Hamilton has some thoughts on the importance of Time. 
May 6, 2020
Az Speaks: What is that Smell?
Az talks about a very embarrassing Isolation moment. The challenge to get clean when you start to stink.  
April 29, 2020
Az Speaks: Crazy Provision
Az Hamilton talks about losing everything but then seeing God provide in crazy ways. Miracle Provision when times are tough. Trusting God to provide our every need. 
April 22, 2020
Az Speaks: Light It Up!
Az Hamilton discusses the moment he almost died, too much chocolate post Easter, and the importance of being a light in dark times. 
April 15, 2020
Az Speaks: There is Hope.
Az Hamilton has a chat about COVID-19 self-isolation and offers some thoughts on what we can do to grow through this time. 
April 8, 2020