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By @kaliju
Who let the steem out!? Woof! Steemit.com communities are all about freedom, love and respect! Join various steemit.com hosts daily and let's grow your steem power as we explore all things steem in this original and perhaps the oldest podcast dedicated to steemit dot com. Steem on people! We're the biggest and the baddest, enlightaining podcast owned by the good people of steemit.com!
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A Snook Minute
@snook's 3am Ramblings about what to look out for when starting Steemit.
August 9, 2018
Just STEEM It! Podcast EP05SE01 with - @michaelcabiles | Be what you really are at Steemit
Good day guys and https://steemit.com/@michaelcabiles here ones again to open up my experience here at this great platform. In this segment, you would all hear about the things that I had never done before and when I got here (Steemit), it all changed in one click of my two fingers. Everyone of us here had to be more positive in the ways of being a Steemian and a normal person so, listen up and hope thid would help some of our friends who are struggling until now here at Steemit. Steem On, guys!
July 28, 2018
JSIP EP4SE01 - Participate in contests to earn more STEEM!
What's steeming people! @kaliju here talking contests and challenges. Start earning from day one by getting involved with the community. Join our discord and we'll set you up so you can start earning right away! https://discord.gg/nWq9C8f ✌️
July 26, 2018
Need an account on steemit right away? Want to start earning from day one? We've got you covered!
There are many ways to access the steem blockchain. I'm offering you instant account creation and one major tip on how you can start earning from day one. Building your account is easier than ever if you are a subscriber to Just STEEM It! Podcast - where we share the greatest tips and tricks with you on building your network on steemit, so you can start earning and helping others do the same. Welcome to episode 3 with @kaliju in this quicky segment about the greatest app for steemit.com that allows you start earning from day one 1⃣ Download the app here: https://esteem.app Follow me https://steemit.com/@kaliju
July 25, 2018
A Simple Message To Newbies On Steemit with @michaelcabiles
Hey, guys! I'm https://steemit.com/@michaelcabiles - Hope you're all doing good! I wanted to share this segment to all of the newbie Steemians out there and hope that this would help you if you're just starting out. You would all hear about my experience when I was just starting in the platform and my story in my first month. Funny things just happened and some were the worst but still, I stood up and work thing out by learning the things that I must know. And lastly about a motivational message for you guys to be more comfortable by making original contents and articles and giving hope to all newbies to be reach your success. Steem On guys!
July 24, 2018
Just STEEMIT Podcast Re-Boot: With @derangedvisions !
So, it looks like we'll be having A LOT of hosts and guest coming at you full blast in the future episodes of Just STEEM It! Podcast - right here on your favorite podcast app! Join me a and our steemit witness https://steemit.com/@derangedvisions as warm up for things to come. Join our discord server if you're new to steemit and we'll set you right up on your way to start earning and transforming your life: https://discord.gg/2zDGuEn We have crypto giveaways, contests, and much more waiting for you on steemit.com!
July 23, 2018
Join me as a co-host of the original steemit podcast as we return to life full swing!
July 22, 2018
Steemit Is Back!
Was a minor hiccup and not related to the overwhelming demand from those who had just read the wired article that made steemit.com a world superstar. I'm once again at peace and browsing the "new" tag
October 6, 2017
Steemit Is Down!!! Whaaat!?!?
It appears that a possible server overload is keeping our beloved steemit down! The page shows a 503 error when trying to log in. Could this be an unforseen result of yesterday's wire dot com article?
October 6, 2017
Wired.Com Article Is Steeming
Thanks to Andrew McMillen, STEEMit is about to go mainstream. Good thing? Definitely. https://steemit.com/steemads/@jerrybanfield/ads-for-wired-com-story-featuring-steemit-on-facebook-and-google
October 5, 2017
Photographers Of Steem Unite!
https://steemit.com/photography/@kaliju/attn-all-photographers-and-video-creators-steemthat-com-photography-cinematography-group-is-live-promote-your-posts-and-review we're live! Resteem and join us!
October 4, 2017
SteemThat - Facebook Killer?
With the release of SteemThat dot com, I no longer see a point in wasting my time with my accounts on facebook or instagram. Steemit has now become my main home and there's no point in going back!
October 2, 2017
Ep002. What Is Steemit?
I turn to steemit's FAQ section to get started with steemit.com and encourgae you to sign up and start steeming!
October 2, 2017
Smart Media Tokens Whitepaper!
I read the whitepaper for Smart Media Tokens or SMT and do a happy dance! This is huge news from STEEM dev team amd is sure to add tremendous value to our beloved coin STEEM. Here is a brief rundown.
October 1, 2017
Steem It If You Mean It!
Warming up, as I prepare to launch our first episode :) Hope you're all good!
September 29, 2017
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