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By Joseph W Nienstedt
Explore how to get the most out of life through creativity, skill, and self-improvement. I'll be talking with people who have found meaning in their lives by mastering their crafts, overcoming great challenges, or by just being all-around awesome at living life to the fullest. It's about finding passion in the things that you never knew you could be passionate about. From writing a song to running a marathon, or from cooking an amazing meal to painting a masterpiece, discover how seemingly ordinary people are actually quite extraordinary.
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JWN #83: Nora Roy
Nora Roy grew up in the Charleston area but relocated to Brooklyn to further pursue her music career. The pandemic brought her back to her hometown for a brief period and it was during that time I got to see her perform as well as work in the music business in other ways which we’ll touch upon in this episode. She lists Dolly Parton alongside Sharon van Etten & PJ Harvey as her influences and it shows in all of the best ways. Her songs are heartbreaking with a splash of pop & shoegaze. You can follow her on Instagram at And check out her latest music on Bandcamp at Get more info about the show at & you can follow me on Instagram at
July 12, 2021
JWN #82: Travis Maynard
Travis Maynard is the General Manager of Food & Beverage & Hospitality at the Volvo Car Stadium on Daniel Island in South Carolina. Before he took that gig he used to book shows & events in the Columbia, SC area, so when the opportunity came up to create the Club Court Concert series he jumped at the opportunity. This is an interesting discussion about building music scenes and organizing creative events that I know you’ll enjoy. The first concert of the series is happening on Thursday, July 8th 2021 featuring Atlanta singer/songwriter Angie Aparo as well as previous JWN Podcast guest Jordan Igoe. You can visit to see all of their upcoming events - Just be sure to use offer code “JWN” when you purchase a ticket to let them know where you heard about these excellent performances! Direct link to the eventbrite page: Get more info about the show at & you can follow me on Instagram at
July 05, 2021
JWN #81: Morowa Mosai w/ R Dotta
Alexandria Searles is an artist that goes by her chosen name Morowa Mosai. She describes her artistic style as Afrocentric and Empowered Femininity. It’s hard to pin down just one artistic medium as she paints traditional paintings as well as murals, creates resin based sculptures and jewelry, and is a graphic designer. During our conversation, rapper R Dotta stopped in to join the discussion. Born Rashad Taylor, the Charleston City Paper named him the Up-and-Comer of 2020. Morowa Mosai’s website: Follow Morowa Mosai on Instagram: Tik Tok: R Dotta’s website: Instagram: Spotify: Soundcloud: Get more info about the show at & you can follow me on Instagram at
June 07, 2021
JWN #80: Natasha Nast
Natasha Nast is a professional dancer with the Palmetto City Ballet as well as the Unbound Ballet Project. When she’s not performing she also teaches advanced ballet & jazz classes in the Charleston Area. She’s an exceptionally gifted artist with an unforgiving work ethic which has led to a successful career even though she was a late starter by ballet standards. Follow Natasha on Instagram at Find her at Palmetto City Ballet - Get tickets to the Unbound Ballet performance of “It Never Changes To Stop” Friday, May 28, 2021 & Saturday, May 29, 2021 at Get more info about the show at & you can follow me on Instagram at
May 24, 2021
JWN #79: Aaron Utterback of Human Resources
Aaron Utterback is a musician who grew up in Charlotte, NC along with his lifelong friends & bandmates in the indie electro-pop band Human Resources. When they decided to relocate to Charleston, SC they quickly fit right into the music scene. Aaron’s also played bass with bands like Brave Baby & has collaborated with many other artists as a session & gig player. We had a great in-depth conversation about music, the current state of the scene, and what it’s like living as a working musician & creative. He also performed the Human Resources song Sylvia & revealed just who Syvia really is and why she won’t choose a side! Human Resources Instagram: Human Resources Spotify: Expectations Video: Human Resources Website: Get more info about the show at & you can follow me on Instagram at
May 10, 2021
JWN #78: Jordan Igoe
Jordan Igoe is a singer/songwriter & multi-instrumentalist who grew up in Charleston, SC. She’s collaborated with some of the best musicians in the south & she’s a staple in the music scene simply because music is a part of her talented soul. She has a stockpile of original songs she’s written over the years and was gracious enough to perform one of her unreleased songs here. You can follow Jordan on Instagram at And on Facebook: You can check out her music on Spotify: Watch the video for “Sober and Sorry”: Get more info about the show at & you can follow me on Instagram at
May 03, 2021
JWN #77: Michelle Tompkins
Michelle Tompkins is a licensed professional counselor who practices expressive arts therapy where she uses multiple creative techniques to help people find the solutions to their problems from within. She believes that most people already possess the answers they’re looking for, but the traditional clinical ways alone aren’t always the most complete way to help people see them. She treats therapy as an art form as well as a science by using tools such as visual journaling which we discuss at length, as well as other ways to communicate alternatively. You can find out more about Michelle’s practice at her website: Get more info about the show at & you can follow me on Instagram at
April 19, 2021
JWN #76: Aggie Flores
Aggie Flores is an artist, singer & songwriter who came to Charleston, SC after living & working all throughout the USA. Born & raised in Argentina, this energetic & creative soul traveled on a mission to find herself & in the process found the love of her life as well as her amazing band, the Wildflowers. You can check out her art and merchandise at her website: Also check out her music on Spotify: Follow Aggie on instagram at Get more info about the show at & you can follow me on Instagram at
April 12, 2021
JWN #75: Dos Bandidos
William Kiser & Candace Patterson met a crossroads of their respective lives & found each other to be the yin to the other’s yang with a love of art as the glue that brought them together. After an epic adventure in Mexico they bonded together in love as well as professionally & formed the creative team known as Dos Bandidos. You can check out their website and store at Follow them on Instagram at Get more info about the show at & you can follow me on Instagram at
April 05, 2021
JWN #74: Susannah Elliott
Susannah Elliott is a photographer who loves to take environmental portraits with heart, light and music. I met Susannah through our mutual love for concert photography. A French teacher by day, at night she loves to photograph music as a way to fully engage with the performance and capture the magic that exists when a performer is connecting with their audience. We had such a fun time talking about photography, art, music & life through a creative lens. You can check out her work on her website at Or check her out on Instagram at or her personal project of writing and images of leaves at Get more info about the show at & you can follow me on Instagram at
March 29, 2021
JWN #73 - Landon Carter
Landon Carter is an artist of many different mediums and styles. Recently he’s delved into the multimedia realm combining acrylic paint and resin to create small 3D ecosystems carefully put together over several weeks. Landon’s story of how he found purpose though his art is one of nonstop growth and discovery. Check out Landon’s Website: Follow him on Instagram at: You can listen to one of the bands he’s in, Cubéo, on Spotify: Get more info about the show at & you can follow me on Instagram at
March 22, 2021
JWN #72: Marissa Sumwalt
Marissa Sumwalt is an artist & musician currently based in Charleston, SC. Her musical identity with her band is known as “Maya Gold”, and they capture a psychedelic indie rock sound. Her artistic identity is “Marvels By Marissa” featuring acrylic sculpture, abstract paintings & more. Marissa’s degree in philosophy combined with her life’s experiences have strengthened her ability to overcome the challenges of life through a creative voice. You can follow Maya Gold on Instagram at And on Facebook at And Marvels by Marissa at Her personal account is Get more info about the show at & you can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x
March 15, 2021
JWN #71: Kate Ritchie
Kate Ritchie is a mixed media artist who is constantly exploring new ways to create. She’s become known lately for her collage based artwork that explores the ideas of nature & sacred geometry. She has such a positive and outgoing personality that I couldn’t wait to get a chance to sit down and talk to her about her art! You can check out her work on her website: Give her a follow on Instagram: Support Kate on Patreon: Get more info about the show at & you can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x
March 08, 2021
JWN #70: Vik Hart
Vik Hart is a visual artist who’s current work is primarily based on a fantastical world he created called “Firn”. Vik has found a way to connect with fans by sparking their imaginations through his very unique paintings and drawings using watercolor & ink. You can find out more about Vik’s work here: and follow him on Instagram at Get more info about the show at & you can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x
March 01, 2021
JWN #69: The Nifty (NFT) Show
This special episode is all about NFTs, or “Niftys” as they’re often referred to. NFT stands for Non Fungible Token and it’s a technology that’s revolutionizing the digital art world. Vik Hart (who’s also my guest on episode #70) joins me as co-host because he had no idea what an NFT was prior to this recording and I though he’d be the perfect person to bounce my understanding of what an NFT is and more importantly what it means to the future of digital art. You can find out more about Vik’s work here: and follow him on Instagram at Get more info about the show at & you can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x
February 27, 2021
JWN #68: Madison White
Madison White’s life story is one that is fueled by creative endeavors including opening a music school & studio with her husband right here in Charleston, SC. From fashion, acting, writing, and even stand-up comedy she has built upon all of her life experiences with a creative focus. Now she’s the GM at Tempest, which is a restaurant who opened its doors in Aug. 2020 & was just named as the “Best New Restaurant” in the country by USA Today’s readers! Check out Tempest Charleston here: The music studio and school White Key Studios can be found here: Get more info about the show at & you can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x
February 15, 2021
JWN #67: Solo Show - Our house is a very, very, very fine little bitch
This week’s solo episode covers a recent trip to the land that forgot COVID, AKA Florida. I then discuss Phoebe Bridgers on SNL and her resultant Twitter war with David Crosby. Also, I take a dive into the recent news of the Mandalorian’s Gina Carano getting fired by Lucasfilm. Get more info about the show at & you can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x
February 12, 2021
JWN #66: Brett Nash
Brett Nash is a multi instrumentalist who is an invaluable part of the independent music scene in South Carolina. He’s performed with well over 50 musical acts over the last 10 years including bands & projects he’s fronted such as Secret Guest & Tempt Controler (yes, Controler with one L). We sat down to talk about music & life as the scene’s Swiss Army Knife of talent, and he even wrote a song on the spot to help raise awareness to the fact that he doesn’t own a functioning computer & kinda needs one. You can follow Brett on Instagram at To hear his music, open a window while driving around Charleston wherever there’s live music being performed & chances are pretty good that he’s a part of it. Get more info about the show at & you can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x
February 08, 2021
JWN #65: Solo Show - Music sweet music I wish I could caress
This solo episode reflects a bit more where last week’s solo show touched regarding anxiety and digs a little deeper into depression as the gravity of our situation lingers on. I take a quiz on the old Interwebs to figure out just how messed up I might be from it all! Get more info about the show at & you can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x
February 05, 2021
JWN #64: Abby Duran
Abby Duran is the creative director and founder of, where music and storytelling collide. Abby also provides clients with technical writing services while spending a lot of her time and many talents advocating for North Koreans' rights. You can check out her website at You can follow Abby on Instagram at & Get more info about the show at & you can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x
February 01, 2021
JWN #63: Solo Show - The simulation is empty
On this solo episode I talk about the stressful time leading up to this week and the ways it’s manifested in my life, from crazy nightmares to physical pain, I try to find some light despite all of the darkness I’ve been feeling. I also bring back the news! Today’s news topic revolves around transgender comedian Eddie Izzard and her fundraising/awareness feat of running a marathon every single day in January of 2021.  You can find out more about that here: I also discuss how Eddie has come out in J.K. Rowling’s defense after the author posted more controversial opinions about transgender folks. You can read that story here: Get more info about the show at & you can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x
January 29, 2021
JWN #62: Amanda Lane Evans
Amanda Lane Evans is a professional dancer and choreographer currently based in Charleston, South Carolina. Besides dancing professionally, she’s a dance instructor as well as a certified Barre and Yoga teacher. She’s such an upbeat and positive self-proclaimed “bun head” and she provides an honest account of what it takes to become a professional dancer. You follow her on Instagram at Palmetto City Ballet: Unbound Ballet Project: Also check out episode #32 of the JWN Podcast w/ Crystal Wellman for more dance goodness! Get more info about the show at & you can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x
January 25, 2021
JWN #61 Not So Solo Show - In the light you will find the road
On this solo episode, I have a very special guest! That means it's not actually a solo show, doesn't it? My lovely wife Amy comes on to discuss our nutty week. I start out the show talking about how Amanda Gorman, the National Youth Poet Laureate stole the show at President Biden's inauguration before Amy comes into my studio to chat and eat her dinner. Get more info about the show at & you can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x
January 22, 2021
JWN #60: Amber Vasquez
Amber Vasquez is an artist who at the time of this recording is at the tail end of her apprenticeship as a tattooist. I wanted to talk to her about how she got to this point in her career to get a snapshot of what it’s like to embark into a career in tattooing from the perspective of someone who’s at the beginning of theirs. She’s a strong and intelligent person who’s drive coupled with her discipline are key ingredients beyond her talents that paint the picture of someone destined to succeed. You can check out Amber’s work on her Instagram: You can send your tattoo ideas to her via email: Also, be sure to check out JWN Podcast episode #2 w/ Marcus Cripps and episode #24 w/ Jason Eisenberg as they’re both people who come up in this conversation. Get more info about the show at & you can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x
January 18, 2021
JWN #59: Solo Show - Now these days are gone & I’m not so self assured
On this solo episode I talk a lot about mental health. My personal struggles of not being able to do the healthy things I love to do because of the pandemic & how that’s weighing me down. I spend most of the episode talking about the fallout of the band Beach Slang after the band’s manager Charlie Lowe made allegations of mental abuse & the circumstances that led to front man James Alex checking into an inpatient facility after attempting to take his life. Punk News articles referenced in this episode: You can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x
January 15, 2021
JWN #58: Taylor Czerwinski
Taylor Lee Czerwinski is a portrait & lifestyle photographer, artist, & musician based in Charleston, SC. She’s also the founder of 9 To 5 Magazine, which is a print magazine that focuses on music and art submitted by readers. Here’s how to connect with Taylor: 9 to 5 Magazine: 9 to 5 IG: Photography: Taylor’s IG: And the demo version of her song "Pocket Change" heard at the end of the episode can be streamed here: You can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x
January 11, 2021
JWN #57: Solo Show - America I love you but you’re freaking me out.
On this solo episode I get back to my regular routine of talking about fun stuff I did or experienced, and tell fun stories of days gone by while dreaming of sunsets and ocean breezes while reporting the latest creative news. Who am I kidding… I vent. I ramble and get stuff off my chest about one of the most historic days in the history of the USA. If you don’t want to hear about my views on politics and current events, please skip this episode. You can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x
January 08, 2021
JWN #56: Shaquille Fontenot
Shaquille Fontenot is a private chef, recipe developer, educator, and serial entrepreneur specializing in 100% plant-based cuisine and strategic brand growth. One of her companies, FairyFresh Foods, offers private dining, meal-prep, and consultation services in Charleston, South Carolina and the surrounding areas. Her mission to bring healthy foods to the community expands into all facets of her life, including a sense of activism and community development based on equity, not just equality. You can check out more about her plant based food initiative here: You can follow her on Instagram at @heyshaquille You can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x
January 04, 2021
JWN #55: Solo Show - This is the trick, forget a terrible year.
Welcome to the 1st show of 2021! It’s a solo show and on this episode I talk about the holidays, the new wave of infections in my area, and a few of my favorite records that came out in 2020. There’s also a bit about the two major Christmas movies, Wonder Woman ’84 & Soul. I briefly dance into the political world but I maneuver my way out of it pretty quickly. All in all, the message is clear - Take good care of yourself this year and you can change the world! Some songs in the podcast: “Automatic Love” by Babe Club “Going To Hell” Baby Yaga This awesome news: This crazy story: You can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x
January 01, 2021
JWN #54: Presley Randall of Baby Yaga
About a year after she first picked up a guitar, Presley Randall formed her band Baby Yaga and started writing, recording, & performing original music. Her natural ability to put her mind to something and generate results is uncanny. The Post & Courier just named Baby Yaga’s fist EP, which is entitled “F*ck” as one of the year’s best records from South Carolina. That’s not an easy feat to pull off considering the name of the record along couldn’t even be printed in the southern newspaper’s feature! She’s also taken to the visual arts to explore her spirituality and how that connects to her understanding of sexuality. On top of all that she’s also been organizing women’s support groups to help empower women in the community. Baby Yaga on Spotify: Baby Yaga on Band Camp: Baby Yaga on Instagram: Presley Randall on Instagram (for art & women's group info): You can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x
December 28, 2020
JWN #53: Solo Show - Don't mess around with those silly toys.
Happy holidays to those who celebrate! This episode is mostly a discussion about dealing with holiday depression. I skipped the news on this one just ‘cause I wasn’t feeling newsy. Here’s a good article about Holiday Depression: “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” performed by Bill Wilson: You can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x
December 25, 2020
JWN #52: Chad Dyar
Chad Dyar is a photographer, musician, and artist who found his way into a career in professional photography by working at a photography studio before he even owned a camera. After he did get his own gear, he decided to a take an adventure and capture landscapes across America, Thailand, & Bali. His love of capturing spaces landed him a career in architectural and real estate photography. He recently tapped into his love of art and artists to help organize the “For the love of art” Art festival in Charleston, SC, and that’s where our conversation today begins. Check out Chad’s portfolio on his website: Follow his Instagram accounts @itschaddyar and @chaddyarphoto You can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x
December 21, 2020
JWN #51: Solo Show - Surrender To The Sound
As the year winds down, I discuss how we’ve adapted to a being safe while living our lives. I also feel like I’m narrowing down where I want to see my creative projects going, and I talk about dealing with what happens when one of your favorite artists gets canceled. Link to the Purple Buffalo’s Holiday Market: You can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x
December 18, 2020
JWN #50: Erel Pilot
Erel Pilot grew up in Brooklyn and recently relocated to Charleston, SC to pursue her musical project entitled P!lot. She also hosts a show on Charleston’s Ohm radio called Song Story in which she interviews musicians about the stories behind their songs. We had a fun and introspective discussion about her creative background and the influences of her environment which informed her decision to move to the south. She’s a unique artist with an honest approach that is quite endearing. She also performs one of her songs live in the studio using her trusty Casiotone MT-45 keyboard! You can follow Erel on Instagram at @pilot_lets_go and check out her website at Stream the latest P!lot single “Weed Killer” on Spotify: Check out Erel’s previous work on Bandcamp here: You can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x or connect with the show at
December 14, 2020
JWN #49: Solo Show - Never For Money, Always For Love
Margaret Keenan is the first person in the world to receive Pfizer and BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine outside of a trial & I’m using her as my beacon of light for what’s most likely going to be a long cold winter. You can watch her epic jab here: I recap an eventful weekend including another trail run, a photo shoot that got sexy af, and Femme Fest 2020! You can check out 29 Red Brick’s Youtube channel here if you dare: Check out the episode of the JWN Podcast featuring Babe Club at In the news we discuss Bob Dylan selling out at age 79, John Oliver learning the truth about Julius Pringle, and Facebook possibly getting broken up. You can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x
December 11, 2020
JWN #48: Bill Wilson
Soul musician Bill Wilson was born in 1941 on Christmas Day in Charleston, SC. Music was as much a part of his life growing up as going to Church on Sunday. Throughout his career he’s worked all over the world, and even at times where life took him on a path away from the stage, he somehow always found his way back. In 2018 he recorded his first record of original music called “Stand Up!” with the help of some of the area’s top musicians and released it on Coast Records ( This year he got the amazing studio band back together to record “Soul of Christmas”. Co-Producer of both of records, Brian Compton ( also joins the show to discuss how the music community came together to capture Bill’s talents. You can stream both of his albums on Spotify & Apple Music (or most streaming services). You can follow Bill’s Instagram at @billwilsonhits
December 07, 2020
JWN #47: Solo Show - Back To The Lake
After a special guest introduction, I talk about end-of-year best-of lists, putting your emotional eggs in one basket, creating photos with intention, Instagram’s poor handling on time sensitive information, nature’s fleeting beauty, and more! Here’s a video I talk about by photographer Adam Gibbs: Here’s the new Phoebe Waller-Bridge directed Phoebe Bridgers video: You can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x or connect with the show at
December 04, 2020
JWN #46: Patrick Prickett
Patrick Pricket’s signature style of bold color portraits that are broken down into shapes with thick lines may have been born out of his love of 80’s cartoons, or maybe it was his time spent as a tattooist, but his representation of how he sees the world around him is uniquely his. He’s captured the attention of the Charleston art scene which has led to a career in television and film art production. His story is brutally honest and fun, and I know you’ll enjoy this conversation. You can find out more about Patrick on his website: and you can follow him on Instagram at @patrick_prickett_art Check out the podcast he co-hosts with Kara Hartz, Tic.Podcast: You can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x or connect with the show at
November 30, 2020
JWN #45: Solo Show - If we make it through December everything's gonna be all right.
On this solo episode I reflect on a celebratory yet somber weekend. I look for the small things to be thankful for in this crazy year.  As for news, I talk about the fact that for the first time ever, the “Best Rock Performance” Grammy nominees are all women! I also talk about Phoebe Bridgers. I sure hope you like Phoebe Bridgers. Here's some links to check out:  Full List of G2021 Grammy Nominations: Top Selling Song of the Week: Cover of Merle Haggard's "If We Make It Through December": You can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x or connect with the show at
November 26, 2020
JWN #44: Blake Ratliffe
Blake Ratliffe is a singer/songwriter and South Carolina native who’s music truly captures that southern coastal indie rock sound. He’s also the frontman of the band Youngster, and his latest solo work features the Charleston dream team of Dries Venderberg from Susto & Human Resources and drummer Creighton Barrett from Band of Horses. You can find him on Instagram at @blakeratliffe and stream his latest single, “Whatever It Takes” here: You can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x or connect with the show at
November 23, 2020
JWN #43 Solo Show: Run For Your Life
I’m feeling good about life due to an upcoming road running race and training for a Marathon in March of 2021 because these are things that feel “normal” for me. I also talk about morning routines as well as Goo Goo & Ga Ga. I discuss the Dolly Parton’s America Podcast, which you can check out here: I also talk about the Apple Music Awards, which you can learn more about here: Please buy a Christmas card from previous show guest Proton Factories from here: You can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x or connect with the show at
November 20, 2020
JWN #42: Chris Smith
Chris Smith has been a professional photographer for over 25 years. Along with his wife & business partner Cami, his specialty is pretty much everything - From weddings to professional sports & everything in between, Chris & Cami Photography have an impressive award-winning portfolio. He also has a wanderlust and a passion for motorcycle riding, and recently collaborated with colleagues to produce a series on YouTube documenting the Trans-America Trail, which is a ross-country adventure ride of a lifetime featuring mostly off-pavement travel. No matter what your creative interests are, I think you’ll get a lot out of this conversation. You can check out his work at and follow him on instagram at @chisandcami. His YouTube channel, featuring his latest motorcycling adventures is here: You can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x or connect with the show at
November 16, 2020
JWN #41 Solo Show: Tinfoil Hat Territory
I thought I could get back to just talking about art stuff this week, but nope, the political news pulled me back in. I made my own tinfoil hat, and invite you into the T.H.T. - Tinfoil Hat Territory. I also talk about an old article from Juxtapoz Magazine called “How the Federal Arts Project Changed American Art, And Why it Might be Time for a Revival” and why it might be time to bring that back in these dark economic times. Please buy a Christmas card from previous show guest Proton Factories here: You can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x or connect with the show at
November 13, 2020
JWN #40 Kalyn Oyer
Kalyn Oyer is a Charleston native who covers arts and entertainment for The Post and Courier, the oldest newspaper in the south. She starts off this interview flipping the roles & interviewing me because that’s just what she does, but we segue into how she started photographing music festivals professionally & we go on to dissect her career as a journalist from there. You can follow her writing at & you can follow Kalyn on Instagram at @betweenthesoundmachine & check out her concert photography at @sound_wavves She also has a new zine out that you can check out at You can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x or connect with the show at
November 09, 2020
JWN #39 Solo Show: Just Another Nervous Wreck
On this solo episode I talk about the unavoidable subject of the 2020 United States elections & the anxiety surrounding it for me. When people downplay the affects of something like this on a person who’s deeply invested in it, it’s just painful & cruel. I come to the realization that I do this to others sometimes & dissect the horror of that realization. Also, I discuss the new streaming idea for artists from Spotify as well as how Kanye West performed in his first foray into the world of politics. You can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x or connect with the show at
November 06, 2020
JWN #38 Matt Zutell of Coast Records
When Matt Zutell created Coast Records, it was intended as a way to bring his various creative pursuits together under one moniker. As a multi-instrumentalist, record producer, sound engineer, & songwriter he’s since attracted the talents of various other creatives to find Coast Records become not only a vehicle for his own work, but as a platform to expose other artists as well. When he isn’t playing drums for the band Human Resources or mixing a recording project, he’s also running sound for the iconic Royal American in Charleston, SC. You can follow Matt on Instagram at @coastrecords and learn more about Coast Records at Human Resources the band can be found on all of the major streaming services, and their new single “Cameron Ave” is out now! Please don't forget to share & subscribe to the podcast. You can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x or connect with the show at
November 02, 2020
JWN #37 Solo Show
On this solo episode I talk about shopping for holiday gifts before Halloween as well as going to Disney World during a pandemic. I discuss the members of AC/DC hunting the Loch Ness Monster, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark coming clean on that old Tom Waits album cover, the game show Jeopardy throwing gas on the old White Stripes vs. Black Keys fire, and David Bowie’s new biopic featuring podcast pioneer Marc Maron. All that and much more! What do you think of my Halloween costume? Is it Phoebe Bridgers or Donnie Darko? You decide! You can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x or connect with the show at
October 30, 2020
JWN #36 Emily Heller
Emily Heller is a running enthusiast who created her own YouTube channel in 2019 that filled the void of women’s voices in the world of running shoe review videos. Emily’s channel “Run Like Hell(er)” provides an inclusive look at the competitive world of running shoes. As her channel grows, subscribers have become fascinated with her honest & professional approach and have become intrigued with her distinct personality. I also wanted to uncover more about her creative background and career. Even if you’re not a runner, I know you’ll get something out of this conversation about doing what you love and creating something that’s bigger than you ever imagined it could be. Also, yes, Ruby the dog gets some much deserved love during this discussion as well. Youtube: Run Like Hell(er) @runlikeheller on Instagram & @emilyaheller on Twitter You can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x or connect with the show at
October 26, 2020
JWN #35 Solo Show
I start off with a story about an angry customer and how doing the right thing makes everyone happy. I do get a little political during this episode because, well, we’re deep into this nutty election season. I quote Carl Sagan in response to the Trump jab at Joe Biden’s support of science. I also cover Shepard Fairey’s Time Magazine cover, The TikTok challenge that’s bringing awareness to dementia, Sasha Baron Cohen’s new film making waves, the Velvet Underground’s new documentary, & why I think Run The Jewels is making the world a better place. Here’s some links to stories and media referenced in this episode: Carl Sagan on Humility, Science as a Tool of Democracy and the Value of Uncertainty Shepard Fairey’s new ‘Time’ cover tells us to vote How An Obscure Six-Hour Ambient Record Is Terrifying A New Generation On TikTok Rudy Giuliani faces questions after compromising scene in new Borat film The Velvet Underground Documentary, Directed by Todd Haynes, Is Coming to Apple TV+ Run The Jewels Yankee and the Brave Run The Jewels Holy Calamavote You can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x or connect with the show at
October 23, 2020
JWN #34 Pip The Pansy
Music wasn’t always Pip The Pansy's passion, but the need to create and share her art has carried her though some of the worst obstacles the music industry could conjure up. After a rough start in the business, she emerged with her current identity as a more realized version of herself that continues to evolve without compromise. This was such a fun conversation and I had a blast getting to know more about her and her art. You can connect with Pip The Pansy though her website at and follow her on Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook at @pipthepansy. Check out her music videos on, her music on Spotify, and you can support her on her Patreon page as well You can connect with the JWN Podcast though the show’s website at & follow me on Instagram at @JoeL8X
October 19, 2020
JWN #33 Solo Show
In this solo episode, I start off talking about my return to in-person trail running & racing. I also discuss the amazing Jack White performance on Saturday Night Live (music in this podcast - “Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning” by Blind Willie Johnson is in the public domain) and comedian Bill Burr’s monologue. Apple announced some new stuff and I was a bit disturbed by some of the examples of what they envision using a new HomePod or iPhone for. In the news, I talk about the “perfect” TikTok song as determined by artificial intelligence as well as Google’s Frightgeist list of popular Halloween costumes. Don’t forget to support Crystal Wellman’s Unbound Ballet Project at You can follow me on Instagram at @joel8x or connect with the show at
October 16, 2020
JWN #32 Crystal Wellman
Crystal Wellman is a classically trained professional dancer who’s been dancing her entire life. Her persistent need to create art has led to the formation of the Unbound Ballet Project & Collective, which was conceived as a way to collaborate with other dancers during their off season to explore new and daring artistic expressions custom tailored to unique spaces where dance is not usually performed at this level. On this episode we discuss her creative background as well her next project, which she has organized with three other choreographers combining modern dance and ballet styles. Using the opportunity to create without financial compensation, the dancers are performing two free shows at Tradesman Brewery in Charleston, SC with the hopes of bringing the dance to more safe venues in the area. You can learn about Crystal and her Unbound Ballet Project at and follow her & the group at @crystal_kw and @unboundballetproject respectively. Don’t forget to subscribe & share the show. You can reach out to me on Instagram at @JoeL8X and visit the show’s website at
October 12, 2020
JWN #31 Solo Show: We Are The Music Makers & We Are The Dreamers Of Dreams
Bzzzzz Bzzzzz Bzzzzzz…. On this solo episode I talk about the anxiety around trying to make something positive out of 2020, I mourn the loss of Eddie Van Halen and I discuss what attracts flies & causes pink eye. I also figure out what a Snozberry is! In creative news I talk about the legal victory for the graffiti artists of New York’s 5Pointz and an English student’s controversial art installation called “Grounding”. Finally, I discuss the commotion around Pantone’s new color. Don’t forget to reach out to me on Instagram at @JoeL8X and visit the show’s website at
October 08, 2020
JWN #30 Gil Shuler
Gil Shuler began his career as a graphic designer when it was still an analog craft. Having maintained a successful graphic design career & studio through the shift to digital in the 90’s, his ability to design with intent & vision has only sharpened. We sat down for a wonderful discussion about growing up in the rural south, discovering art, & his love of rock n' roll. There's a lot of history of Charleston, SC's independent music scene discussed that is uniquely lowcountry. Gil is celebrating the release of his new art book “Barn Jam Posters”, which is a collection of 180 of his favorite designs for the Awendaw Green’s weekly Barn Jam showcase of upcoming musicians. For art enthusiasts & musicians alike, this collection is a masterclass in design & creativity that showcases a seasoned professional’s intersection between the love of his craft & his love of music. You can purchase his book on his website at & follow him on Instagram at @samplethedog
October 05, 2020
JWN #29 Solo Show: Three Little Birds
Happy Inktober! This is a solo episode and I’ve decided to follow up with what some of my past (and future) guests are up to, as well as cover some other news in the creative world. I talk about what Marcus Cripps (@marcuscripps) is doing this month for Inktober, Cusses singer Angel Bond’s (@bondangelbond) health update after her thyroid surgery, and Babe Club’s (@joinbabeclub) new music video & single Automatic Love. Banksy has some legal struggles over the ownership of his artwork due to his anonymity, and is Twitter’s algorithm racist? Coming up on episode 30, Gil Shuler (@samplethedog) will be my guest to promote his new art book, “Barn Jam Posters” which is available at Please be sure to subscribe on your favorite platform, but if you could leave a rating & review on Apple Podcasts, that would really help grow the show. Get in touch with me on Instagram at @joeL8X & check out for more info.
October 02, 2020
JWN #28 Tim Showers
Tim Showers is a Charleston based pop artist who’s distinct style can be recognized by his bold, dramatic lines and exaggerated details. His color work is often ultra-bright and glowing, while his monochromatic pieces are full of contrast and style. His primary vehicle for connecting his artwork with fans is through comic book conventions, but this otherwise shy and introverted artist has been examining his options during a time when cons aren’t happening. You can find Tim on Instagram at @tmshowers
September 28, 2020
JWN #27 Solo Show: Protect Ya Neck
On this solo episode of the JWN Podcast, I discuss what self care means to me. I break it down into the 3 ways I’m currently taking care of myself: Diet, exercise, & spirituality. I also talk about some upcoming running races & how they’re preparing to hold these events in a pandemic, as well as other current events. You can follow me on Instagram & Twitter at @JoeL8X as well as keep up with the show on our website
September 25, 2020
JWN #26 Angel Bond
Angel Bond has spent her life looking for ways to help other people. Through an unbelievable journey early on in her life that took her around the world, she eventually stopped long enough to find her musical voice on stage performing as the lead singer of the band Cusses. The best word to describe their live show is powerful - It’s something you'd have to see to believe.  What’s even more powerful is hearing Angel’s struggle with her health that has lead her to come face to face with the possibly of not only losing her ability to sing, but other life altering complications as well. Angel is a selfless and kind soul who’s coming to grips with the concept of taking care of herself at a time when the urge to help others is stronger than ever. You can check out Cusses on and follow Angel on Instaragam @bondangelbond. There's also a GoFundMe set up to help her with her medical expenses:
September 21, 2020
JWN #25 Solo Show: Here’s To Shutting Up
On this solo episode I talk about my memories of one extraordinary day getting attached to a musical recording. Specifically, how the Superchunk record “Here’s To Shutting Up” is forever connected to how I navigated September 11th, 2001 in New York City, and why it still emotionally brings me back to that day in Manhattan almost 20 years later.
September 18, 2020
JWN #24 Jason Eisenberg of Holy City Tattooing Collective
Jason Eisenberg grew up in Charleston, SC at a time when tattooing was still illegal. It wasn’t until 2006 that the ban on tattooing was lifted in the southern state, but by that time Jason had already mastered the craft. Today he owns & operates Holy City Tattooing Collective, which is one of the most respected tattoo shops in the south.  He took some time out of his busy schedule to talk to me about skateboarding, punk rock, tattoos, and running a successful business as a creative.  You can find Jason on Instagram at @jasoneisenberg73 & his shop at @holycitytattooingcollective & check out their website at
September 14, 2020
JWN #23 Solo Show: The Guitar is Dead… Long Live the Guitar!
On this week’s solo episode of the JWN Podcast I’m excited about the prospect of going to see live music once again. I discuss the downfall of one of the world’s most famous guitar manufacturers, and discover a little bit of information about the Podlasie Province in Poland.  I also reference this post on Reddit if you’re interested in looking into that further.
September 11, 2020
JWN #22 Babe Club
Jenna Desmond & Corey Campbell began their musical partnership as members of the indie rock band Susto. After touring extensively they decided to part ways with Susto and begin their own project, which became known as Babe Club. Mixing their influences of 70’s new wave & 90’s alt-pop, their alluring melodies are fused with powerfully evocative and existential lyrics, yielding songs that explore self-realization, honest emotions, friendship and themes of love. As they prepare to release their debut EP “Remember This Feeling” Jenna & Corey sat down with me to discus how they got their start in music and how they came together in life and in creativity. You check them out at where you can pre-order the new record, or purchase their current single on Bandcamp. Keep up with them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets with their handle @joinbabeclube
September 07, 2020
JWN #21 Solo Show: The Longest Week Ever
This podcast is legally allowed to drink in the USA! Happy 21st episode!! This is a solo show, and I start off getting into a POD-WAR with rival podcast In Yo(ur) Shoes With Amy & Kelli!  I talk about some of the things that happened during what I'm calling the longest week of the longest month of the longest year, aka the last week of August 2020, including a story of almost ruining a photo job that I should have been prepared for. I also discuss David Blaine's Ascension stunt, and why I appreciate his stunts. Connect with me at and on Instagram & Twitter at @JoeL8X
September 03, 2020
JWN #20 Seth James DeMoor
Seth James DeMoor is a YouTube creator who found his niche by doing something he was passionate about. When he started his daily vlog, it was more of a lifestyle channel that struck a chord with people & started growing when he began documenting some of his trail runs in the scenic mountains of Colorado. As he was honing his skills as a storyteller with his camera, the running community started showing up every day. This pushed not only his creative skills, but his running abilities as well. Last year he represented the USA in the World Mountain Running Championship in Argentina. This year, he won his first Golden Trail Marathon at the Pike’s Peak Marathon. The day after his big win, his YouTube channel surpassed the 100K followers mark. He’s had a great week! You can check out his daily vlog on his YouTube Channel, and follow him on Instagram & Twitter at @sethjamesdemoor. You can check out his running stats on Strava & he also runs a private Facebook group called DeMoor Global Running that supports a friendly & supportive running community.
August 31, 2020
JWN #19 Solo Show: The James Baldwin Episode
“I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain.” - James Baldwin This solo episode is my reaction to the current events during the end of August of 2020 when this was published. I took a deep dive into the conversations & speeches given by the late James Baldwin & how they are still so important & relevant today. Warning: This episode contains strong language & stronger emotions. Some of the material used in this podcast comes from the following: “The Struggle of the Artist” Appearances on the Dick Cavett Show An Interview with Mavis Nicholson James Baldwin's National Press Club Speech
August 29, 2020
JWN #18 John Kenney of The Royal American
John Kenney is one of the owners of The Royal American, a dive bar located in what was once an iron forge that’s now the center of the downtown Charleston, SC independent music scene. Before creating a home base for original musicians, he was a world traveling musician himself as the guitarist for the DC rock band Rotoglow. His journey so far has led him to becoming a father figure of one of the most inclusive music scenes in the south. From punk rock to hip-hop & country to pop, the only rule to playing the Royal American is to be original and be good. Follow John on Instagram at @john_r_kenney and The Royal American at @theroyalamerican or visit their website at
August 24, 2020
JWN #17 Solo Show - Am I Being Abducted By Aliens?
On this episode, I talk about my upcoming birthday plans courtesy of my wonderful wife Amy. I also wonder why we're all not freaking out about the Pentagon telling us they have actual spaceships built off of this world, and then I share the story of my own UFO sighting. I also talk about a marathon I signed up for earlier this year that just got canceled, but more importantly the fundraiser I was doing which is still going on despite the cancelation. If you'd like to support my fundraising efforts for St. Jude Children's Hospital, just visit to donate. I'll have to run the race next year (if I don't get abducted by aliens first).
August 21, 2020
JWN #16 Proton Factories
Proton Factories started his artistic career as a graffiti artist, but transitioned into painting & printmaking after being convicted as a gangster by the Charleston Police Department. This kind & gentle soul with a criminal record makes artwork that mirrors his positive, upbeat personality, featuring reimagined pop culture characters from comic books, movies, cartoons, video games, and more in a simplified, whimsical style. We had such a fun time during this discussion about his artistic journey and his joyfulness is truly infectious - I know you’ll finish this episode with a smile on your face. You can check out Proton Factories on his website at or follow him on most social media at @protonfactories Art is not a crime.
August 17, 2020
JWN #9 Mike Cavallaro
When I first met Mike Cavallaro back in the 90’s, he was known in the underground music scene as Johnny X, guitarist for New Jersey punk rock legends Sticks & Stones. MIke's imagination, determination, and artistic skill has led to long successful career of cartooning, animation, & creating graphic novels. He’s worked for the biggest names in the business, from DC & Image comics to MTV & Cartoon Network. Mike is currently working on the Nico Bravo graphic novel series, which he’s created, written, & drawn. The first book Nico Bravo & The Hound Of Hades was featured on the NY Public Library best of list for 2019. The next book in the series, Nico Bravo and the Cellar Dwellers is due out on August 25th. Check out for info on how to purchase Mike's work, & find him on Instagram at @mikecavallaroart & Twitter at @Mike_Cavallaro
August 17, 2020
JWN #15 The Seed of Inspiration or How I discovered Richard Brautigan (w/ Special Guest Tömmy Röckstar)
I give my friend & former bandmate Tömmy Röckstar (@tommyrockstar on Instagram) a call to talk about how I discovered the beat poet & author Richard Brautigan. The book Trout Fishing in America was the inspiration for one of the songs we wrote, but the story of how I was introduced to the author's work is where the story gets interesting.
August 15, 2020
JWN #14 Jerry Jacobs
Jerry Jacobs is a singer, songwriter, and audio engineer who hails from Music City, USA. Before planting himself in the heart of Nashville, he grew up right around the block from where I call home in Charleston, SC. Jerry has been creating and performing music as far back as he can remember and posses a do-it-yourself work ethic that has enabled his non-stop passion for all aspects of the music business. Whether it be mastering the ins and outs of audio engineering to commanding an audience with a powerful and energetic stage show, his love of the craft of songwriting has allowed him to adapt to any situation and find a way to use life’s struggles as opportunities to keep growing as a musician and explore the different sounds and styles that make up his career. You can find Jerry at his website and on Instagram & Twitter at @jerryalanjacobs
August 10, 2020
JWN #13 That time Carson Daly used me as his wingman...
This is a Solo/Bonus episode of the show. I talk about being happy due to another busy week of photography work and getting excited to go swimming at the new aquatics center in my town. I also talk about what has been doing for independent musicians, and how I found a new artist on there that I like called The Ophelias that you should check out. From there, I talk about how I started working at MTV and share a couple of stories from my time there. I have about 4 years of stories from there, so this is just a tease.
August 08, 2020
JWN #12 Ashlee D. Manos
I reached out to Ashlee because I was curious about acupuncture and she was referred to me by multiple trusted friends. Ashlee is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, has a Master’s of Science, she’s a Licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, and a Certified Holistic Birth Doula. She’s basically spent her whole adult life seeking for ways to make people feel better through the healing arts. Ashlee is the daughter of an NFL football player and grew up in Georgia, so whatever stereotypical misconceptions you might have about an alternative practitioner can be put to rest. She has such a strong independent and caring spirit, and she’s used that passion to travel the world while seeking new ways to care for people. I conducted the interview with Ashlee prior to seeing her for my first acupuncture session, and at the end of the episode I give an honest reaction to my treatment. You can find out more about Ashlee's work & retreats at her website and follow her on Instagram at @mahaholisticwellness. Background music courtesy of
August 03, 2020
JWN #11 Solo Show + PoySha (& La Croix)
This is a bonus show where I talk about what’s been on my mind lately. On this episode I do make a phone call to my friend Shawnda, aka @PoySha to ask for some advice. I also talk about an embarrassing high school dance, Limoncello La Croix, & Stanley Kubrick.  But wait, there’s more - I also beg! Well, sorta…  If you could go give the podcast a rating and/or review on your preferred podcasting platform, that would really help this podcast. If you could share your favorite episode with your friends that would really help spread the word, and if you know someone that would be a good fit to be on the show, please contact me via Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the show!
August 01, 2020
JWN #10 Carla Oakerson
Carla Oakerson began her career in comedy while attending law school by working the door at The Comic Strip in New York, but her boss wouldn’t let her get on stage at the time. She was fully immersed in the world of stand-up comedy seeing every type of act imaginable - She even met her future husband at the Comic Strip. Years later, Carla would sneak off to take comedy classes and now her comedy career has become her passion (on top of being a defense attorney & a kick-ass mom). You can find her on Instagram at @carlaoakerson, Facebook at & Twitter at @carlaesq
July 28, 2020
Episode #8 Pandemic Pool Party Podcast!
A small group of my friends (four of us total) have been getting together weekly at a private pool at our friend’s condominium complex for dinner. It’s a safe place to be outside, socially distant, yet still be social. Tonight I decided to include Colleen, Shawnda, & Meghan (instead of just doing a solo show) as I feel out different ways to approach this podcast. There’s lots of bug sounds, birds, and general outdoor noise, but it helps paint the picture. I bring up a revelation about myself and put it out there in the world. We discuss the various things we’ve been adding to our new normalcy and I conclude with a story of not-so-instant Karma. I started out naming the solo shows with half numbers, so this episode would have been episode #5.5, but some of the distribution channels for the podcast were getting confused and the shows were coming out out of order. So, since this is technically the 8th episode, I decided to number it accurately before it gets out of hand.
July 21, 2020
JWN #5 Sondra James
Actor Sondra James may be best known for her roles in movies like the 2019 Oscar winning film Joker, Woody Allen’s Crisis In Six Scenes, or her repeated guest spots on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, but before that she spent over 35 years pioneering the world of voice acting doing ADR recording, which is the art of replacing background dialog in movies & TV. After a long career in the business, she found out later in her career that not only do people think she’s naturally funny & “adorable”, but that she’s as natural on screen as she is in a sound booth. As she explains, she was kind of taken aback to be considered “adorable” at first as she still has a young spirit, but she uses that to her advantage and plays it up for the camera. Sondra's a legend in the business and I hope you enjoy this insightful discussion into the world of professional acting. You can find Sondra on Instagram at @jamessondra
July 16, 2020
JWN #4 Katie Thompson
Katie Thompson is an independent artist, author, creative consultant and public speaker. As a disabled mother of two, she's also the wife and partner to master woodworker and furniture maker Joseph Thompson. Recently she’s emerged as a fundraiser & advocate for the Charleston, SC chapter of Black Lives Matter. Katie is fierce and compassionate creator who has overcome the most difficult obstacles in her life by leaning into her creativity and using her skills and unwavering dedication to accomplish her goals. She has parlayed her communications superpowers to help others despite battling a host of medical issues stemming from a teenage spinal injury. I know you will enjoy this discussion. You can check out her journey, including her “Women of Woodworking” project at and follow her on social media at @ktkozar
July 13, 2020
JWN #3.5 Solo Show (or 2nd Breakfast)
A show in-between the shows where I reflect on the previous guests and elaborate on things that were said during those interviews about art and live performance. I discus my unplanned negative vision board & share stories about getting laughed at in a super market for not being able to walk and shouting inappropriate lines in an eighth grade school play. Please send me feedback at or hit me up on Instagram & Twitter. Also, if you could leave a review of the podcast I'd truly appreciate it. Things are off to a great start so far and I'd love to keep it going, thank you for listening.
July 10, 2020
JWN #3 Patrick Arnheim
Acting saved Patrick Arnheim from flunking out of Princeton High School in New Jersey. He ended up studying acting at New York City’s esteemed Circle in The Square Theater School and went on to a successful career working in TV, movies, commercials & voice-over before taking a step back after over a decade to help care for his father down in Charleston, SC. Since his move down south, he’s reignited his passion for stage acting with the help of the Village Repertory Co. and has starred in dozens of productions, including plays such as Bent, Junk, & The Elephant Man. You can keep up with Patrick on Instagram at @patrickarnheim
July 08, 2020
JWN #2 Marcus Cripps
Marcus Cripps is a talented artist who just published his first comic book "Cat Bite: The Ghost of Gamblin", which he co-wrote with his equally talented partner Amber Vasquez. Marcus drew all of the artwork in this unique take on the classic western where the cowboys are all cats. We discus growing up in rural South Carolina as an adopted son of a truck driver who loved to skate, and how he sparked his passion for art as a way to get noticed by girls in high school. You can pick up a copy of Cat Bite here: and you can follow Marcus on Instagram and Twitter @marcuscripps
July 03, 2020
JWN #1.5 Solo Show
This is an “in-between” episode where I reflect on the conversation from the previous episode, talk about what’s coming up on the podcast, and discuss what’s going on in the world and in my life. I also play the full song that the podcast’s intro and outro music comes from.
July 02, 2020
JWN #1 Mandy Baughman
Mandy Baughman is a Yoga Teacher who’s path in life brought her to Charleston, SC where she built upon her life experiences with a genuine sense of curiosity and creativity to co-create “I Am Rituals’, which is a Yoga and meditation-based offering built on core values designed to inspire growth on and off the mat. She was also my first Yoga teacher who inspired a skeptical guy like me to make Yoga a part of my life, and I wanted to showcase her beautiful mind with you. Connect with her at
June 26, 2020
JWN Podcast Trailer
Introducing a new interview podcast focused on finding the things that people are passionate about and how they live life to the fullest. 
June 19, 2020