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Episode 29: Eliezer and Meditative Prayer

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By Yoni @ YidBrik
Welcome to Kabbalah Pod!

I approach Kabbalah within Orthodox Judaism via an unorthodox method, integrating both yeshivish and chassidic styles to provide a holistic view. I advocate for a relationship with G-d and aim to help listeners discover theirs.

This is a beginner's approach to relational living. I am not a Rabbi nor Sage at this and am learning with you.

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Episode 29: Eliezer and Meditative Prayer
We see one of the first direct references to meditation being connected to prayer in Parasha Chaiyay Sarah.
November 5, 2018
Episode 28: Pittsburgh
Time the time to mourn. We are mishpacha - family.
October 30, 2018
Episode 27: Balance & Harmony
Don’t rely on just knowledge, emotion, or spirituality to connect to HaShem. Find a holistic and unified approach.
October 23, 2018
Episode 26: O What A Wondrous World
Take a moment and enjoy the beauty and magnificence of creation. Transform it into praise.
October 15, 2018
Episode 25: Commercialization
Don't judge Judaism by the media - judge it by the Torah. Don't live a fast food faith - live a meaningful connection to the Infinite.
October 4, 2018
Episode 24: Temporary Dwellings
Sukkos is a holiday if remembrance and a foreshadow of what’s to come. Our temporary dwelling is more than a sukkah - it’s our life.
September 26, 2018
Episode 23: Kabbalah is Necessary
Kabbalah is necessary, but credible sources are essential.
September 21, 2018
Episode 22: Judgement & Grace
Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur recall holiness and judgement. At the same time, we’re supposed to have faith in a loving G-d. How do we reconcile these opposites?
September 17, 2018
Episode 21: Miniscus
Miniscus. A big scientific word for a small spiritual barrier. How do we break through?
September 4, 2018
Episode 20: Rain
Rain is one of the most beautiful expressions of weather HaShem can give us. However, it needs a harmonious balance.
August 31, 2018
Episode 19: Living Torah
We don't need motivational speakers or snazzy Instagram quotes. We have Torah - our living relationship with HaShem.
August 20, 2018
Episode 18: Taking Stock in Elul
In this month of Elul we take stock. We seek relationship with HaShem. Take advantage of that jump-start and keep it going throughout the year.
August 13, 2018
Episode 17: Words Matter
How we act and speak has spiritual impact. Listen to learn more about this circle.
August 8, 2018
Episode 16: Time and Place
In this episode, I discuss the spiritual association of Tisha B'Av on the calendar.
July 24, 2018
Episode 15: Hidden Art
Relationship with HaShem isn't an equation - it's an art form.
July 20, 2018
Episode 14: Three Weeks
In this episode I talk about the Three Weeks from an inner heart perspective. How do these twenty-one days impact you?
July 17, 2018
Episode 13: Echad
The Shema is a statement. Is it One, Alone, or One & Only? How about all of them?
July 11, 2018
Episode 12: The Danger of Kabbalah...?
In this episode we discuss what is dangerous, and what is safe, in Kabbalah and meditation.
July 9, 2018
Episode 11: Don’t Get Caught on the Small Things
Judaism is not a checklist - it’s a relationship. Find beauty in the mitzvoth and help others succeed too.
July 2, 2018
Episode 10: Davening
Prayer is a critical part of a relationship with HaShem. Davening is our manual and starter's guide.
June 27, 2018
Episode 9: Inner Wonders
The body is an amazing wonder we often overlook. That is why we need to say Asher Yatzar.
June 26, 2018
Episode 8: Ascend
How do we ascend? How do we live how HaShem wants us to? It's easier than you may think.
June 25, 2018
Episode 7: Expectations & Impact
In this episode I discuss my visit to the Kotel and how it impacted me.
June 21, 2018
Episode 6: Meaning To The Action
Orthodox Judaism tells us what and how. But what about the why?
June 21, 2018
Episode 5: Keeping Sinai in Our Hearts
Don’t let the mountaintop experience fade away when you experience the valleys of everyday life. Keep it real and in your heart, everyday.
May 24, 2018
Episode 4: Approaching Sinai
Make this Shavuos a special time to connect.
May 18, 2018
Episode 3: Being the Child
Are we G-d’s Children?
May 17, 2018
Episode 2: Chocolate & Repercussions
When we save a sin for later.
May 11, 2018
Episode 1: Who and What is Kabbalah Pod?
In this introductory episode, meet Yoni, learn what this podcast is about, and how Yoni is qualified to talk on the subject.
May 9, 2018
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