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Upgrade Your Light

Upgrade Your Light

By Kadeem One
Inspiration, holistic wellness & spirituality unite in this podcast led by Kadeem One. Listen in to find out how you can #LiveYourBestLife through various tools, techniques and sometimes over the top banter!
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Switching Podcasting Platforms!
Hey Folks,  Thanks for listening to my podcast. If you want to hear more, I will be exclusively hosting it on Insight Timer!  Insight Timer is a free app and also available online as a website ( that features meditation teachers, spiritual gurus and motivational speakers offering their services for free for a community of inspirational seekers. I have been on the app since November 2020 and will be exclusively hosting my future podcasts on this platform. So check it out!
April 13, 2022
Forgiveness Is Key
You might not know it, but someone else's negativity can easily creep into your mind, body, and soul. It might be an unforgettable wrong they did to you in the past, causing you suffering that breaks you down every so often in life. But no matter the intensity of pain inflicted, no matter the severity of the crime committed, you're unknowingly putting yourself through worse by keeping hold of it. You're inviting the negative energy into your life (and soul) ever forward. The only way to release yourself from the negativity is by forgiving. Forgiveness is one of the keys to your wellness, happiness and spirituality. In this episode, I teach you to release the pent up negative energy from your life using the power of forgiveness, once and for all, in the form of a simple exercise you can practice every day, starting today -- maybe even right now. I also dig into how your resentment toward somebody or their actions can affect your life and afterlife to help you realize that forgiveness isn't about another person but about you. Also, contrary to popular belief, forgiveness doesn't mean you give up your power; it only helps you regain more of it and opens you up to more of your true gifts—more about it in this episode. Tune in! Key Takeaways: ● The CDC (Center for Disease Control) states that 90% of all major illnesses are stress-related. When you hold onto the negativity and wrongdoings poured onto you by someone years back, you're revealing your body to diseases that are a by-product of the stress. ● Forgiveness isn't about giving up power. It's about giving up the distressing foreign energy that would otherwise cause havoc in your mind, body, and soul so that you become clearer, happier, and receive your more profound spiritual gifts. ● Forgiveness is one of the keys to spirituality. The others include practicing gratitude, giving and receiving and doing an active practice. ● Forgiveness releases you of the person who did you wrong so that you don't have to invite them into your next life. If you continue to keep an energetic attachment with them, you're going to invite their souls into your next life. When you reincarnate, you'll have that person give you trauma and turmoil again in another physical body. ● A simple forgiveness technique by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui that you can practice right now (I practiced it for 30 days and effectively released energies that weren't mine). Resources Mentioned ● Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui Connect with Me! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
January 10, 2022
It Ain't All Good.
When your favorite human continues to shine bright in front of your eyes, it's hard to discover their messy parts. This could also be the other way round – a person you despise may not be wholly bad, at least not to everyone else. The point I make here is simple; people are all multifaceted. What you get to witness often is just a glimpse into their selves. And that's what I'm talking to you about today. In this episode, I tell you why everything in nature, including humans, is multifaceted, constantly evolving, and subject to change. It's easy to get caught in sight of comfort and see only what you want to see. It's also easy to continue to shade a person for something wrong they did in the past that they've moved on from. But just as nature changes, people do too. Embrace the newness (as long as it's positive) and give opportunity for a revival, forgive. Listen to this episode to learn the good and bad aspects of nature, inner and outer forgiveness and how they help you see things in a positive light, and the need to accept change for the collective good. Key Takeaways: ● "Life won't always be good." There will be ups and downs, good and bad times, but the challenge is to live a good life despite them all. ● I talk about my previously shared clairvoyant predictions for the year 2021 and what I'm observing for the time ahead. ● Any destruction could be creating something new, better. When you find things in your life falling apart, remember that there's something better coming on the other side. ● New leaders emerge at the time of creative destruction. They're a product of new vibrations and thoughts essential for navigating change. ● Just because a person is good at something doesn't mean they are good at everything. Also, just because someone did something wrong in the past doesn't mean they will be the same for the rest of their lives – they can change. ● Inner forgiveness is about forgiving someone internally for the wrong they did to you. Outer forgiveness is about knowing the damage or harm their actions caused or are continuing to cause you and acting in a way that doesn't give them space to do that again. Connect with Me! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
January 03, 2022
A Miraculous Moment Of Beauty
There is no denying it – stress can take a toll on your appearance. While it may sound counterintuitive, our emotional and physical stress is often clearly noticeable in our appearance. In fact, over the years, many studies have been conducted around this, and the results have been overwhelmingly true – even for myself. And that’s what we’re talking about on the show today. Listen to this episode of Kadeem One as I talk about the link between mental wellness and spirituality, explaining my personal story through abuse that caused my physical ill-being for a long-time in life. You’ll learn about the body’s defense mechanism against stress that impacts appearance, what different face shapes and hairlines talk about a person’s face, and breaking out of negative patterns to adjust your life to live fully. How do you rid yourself of negativities to tap into your miraculous beauty? The episode in detail: ● Sometimes, our emotions, mind, and soul don't catch up with our personality getting older, despite growing in age and appearance. ● Living your best life also means breaking out of old, distressing, and negative patterns. ● Your emotions and mind can affect how you perceive yourself and affect your physicality. ● Women who've experienced sexual abuse have been scientifically known to gain weight. The body's stress defense mechanism explains this. ● Your face shape, hairline, and the like, can say a lot about your personality. While a square face shape could reflect a down-to-earth nature, an M-hairline could mean you're bad with money. Resources Mentioned ● Book: A Spiritual Guru Walked Into the House of a Cash Master…and the Rest Is History by Kadeem ● Song: A No No by Mariah Carey Connect with Me! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
December 27, 2021
Are Your Blindspots Making You Crash & Burn?
Are you stuck at a specific stage of your business and can't figure out where to go next? Or have you hit a brick wall and feel like you've tried everything but still don't know what the issue is? It may be that your blind spot is getting in your way. You only know what you can see. Though it's often enough to keep you up with life's happenings, it's not always effective when it comes to identifying shortcomings in areas you think you're good at or in areas you've been in too long. I know what you're thinking to yourself right now, "But Kadeem, how can I look out for my blind spots when I don't even know what they are?" Well, that, my friend, is where your friends come in. In this episode of Upgrade Your Light, I talk to you about identifying your blind spots by asking for help from your friends. I give you the exact questions you can ask them to uncover better those secret spaces and reasons why your friends are the best people to turn to when faced with such a query. The episode in detail: ● Often, your friends can see what you cannot about your life – because they have a wider view of things from the outside. It will help if you ask them to spot your blindspots once in a while. ● Exercise: Here are three questions you can ask someone to help you uncover your blind spots – "What am I good at?", "What do you think is holding me back?", and"What do you think my blind spots are?" ● People can be woke in one area and sleep or blind in other areas. I share instances from my personal life that showed me my blind spots. I also share examples from the lives of people I know to help you understand what blindspots look like. ● Spirituality unites, whereas religion divides. I talk to you about some divisive myths on religion and how to reason logically to break out of them. Connect with Me! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
December 20, 2021
You Can't Do Everything By Yourself
You Can’t Do Everything By Yourself Let’s face it: we cannot do everything by ourselves in life. We need support. Some of us need more, some less. But at the end of the day, we can never be without it. If you think about it, this is a scary thought because no one wants to feel weak and incapable of doing even the simplest of things. We all want to believe that we're independent individuals capable of making decisions for ourselves and executing our own life goals. But it’s also necessary to understand that you’re here because someone did help feed you, dress you, clean you, support you in the past and there are people helping you in various other ways today. If you’ve felt like you can do everything by yourself, there might be a few things you’ve missed out on considering in the larger picture. This episode would open your eyes to those little aspects of your life! Key Takeaways: ● Despite issues from your past, with your family, parents, or whoever, you cannot not acknowledge the fact that you’re here because of them. They gave you birth and cared for you when you couldn’t. ● Learn to appreciate the simplest things people do for you. This includes the services you’re receiving, the things you have with you, and yourself. ● Remember, even the greatest person to walk on the earth (Jesus Christ or the God you believe in), in regards to pushing spirituality and love, needed help to promote his own mission. ● If you don’t have support right now, pray that you get it. Pray for the right people to come in, to help you move your mission forward, and to help support you in the most amazing ways possible. Connect with Me! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
December 13, 2021
Stop Blaming the Devil & Negative Forces For Your Crap!
Stop Blaming the Devil & Negative Forces For Your Crap! Blame is a dangerous habit that most people have. Many people in life will use it as a scapegoat, something to deflect the blame from themselves when things don’t go right. Don’t you think there have been times when you blamed the devil for your wrongdoings? In this episode, I tell you why you need to stop blaming others (and the devil) for your misfortunes and start owning up to yourself and your actions. The reason I say so is because the more power you relinquish, i.e. blaming something or someone for what may have happened/is happening, the more power they have over your life and can control you. Also, the subconscious is powerful! And sometimes the key to your success lies not in negative external forces, but the internal unresolved problems of the subconscious. I also teach you how to keep away from other people’s negative forces, why you should wait till you finish your goal before sharing it with anyone else, and how hypnotherapy plays a big role in declogging your mind off of subconscious self-blaming. PS. Check out for my course on protecting yourself energetically from other people's stuff! Key Takeaways: ● Self-sabotaging your stuff on a deep unconscious or subconscious level may be the cause of all negativity in your life. ● Any physical, mental, or emotional hurt caused to you between the ages of zero to seven might be unconsciously present in you even today and might be the reason for all your self-loathing. ● I share with you how hypnotherapy helped release people from their previous traumas. ● Open listening allows you to connect with people and comfort them. Sometimes, just with your presence. ● Understand that you are on this earth for a reason. ● Sometimes, it is right to limit the things you share on social media. Because when you tell your goals and dreams to other people, they might subconsciously curse it before it goes well. ● Stop telling people your dreams. Wait till it’s done. (Reference to the Chinese proverb, “Dripping water penetrates the stone”.) Connect with Me! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
December 06, 2021
The Seven Types of Meditation Are...
The Seven Types Of Meditation Are... Work. Family. Friends. Entertainment. There’s so much distraction in our environment to get caught up with every day, making our minds crave balance. Is there a way you can control how your mind responds to each of these? Yes, there is, and that’s what meditation is all about. Meditation, of any type, offers a new level of awareness, a clearer mind, self-control, and focus that we've never experienced before. It isn't just about quieting the mind, meditation is about focusing on one thought. It's about finding that centre point where you can feel balanced and at peace with yourself and your environment. In this episode of Upgrade Your Light, I’ll introduce you to seven (wait for a bonus!) different types of meditation and their significance. I’ll teach you how to practice every one of them (we’ll do 7 of them today on the podcast) and why you need these techniques more than ever today. (PS. You can check out my exclusive meditation classes on or Insight Timer for a deeper understanding of them!) More about this episode: ● Benefits of meditation - apart from mental wellness, meditation helps you by lowering blood pressure, reducing depression and anxiety and also increases what's known as grey matter in the brain. ● Different types of meditation: 1. Gratitude Meditation - When you practice gratitude, the energy that emanates from you goes up through the Divine Source. The Divine Source also sends you divine energy which you are then surrounded with. 2. Active Meditation - Active meditation involves activities like walking, drawing, or maybe even dancing. In this way, you’re meditating while also doing something active. 3. Mindfulness Meditation - Mindfulness meditation “is when you are aware of what's happening. And you are sensing it with no judgment. [You] Let the thoughts come. And then they pass.” 4. Breathing Meditation - This type of mediation involves focusing on your breath, and using that to guide you. 5. Mantra Meditation - In this type of meditation, you say a word or a sentence over and over again and use it as a mantra or affirmation. 6. Visual Meditation - This involves visualizing things, or light, or color and using it for healing. 7. Expanded Meditation - This is a type of extended prayer. It’s when you wish others well and ultimately wish good into your life too. 8. Energy Healing Meditation (BONUS) - In this form of meditation, you use your divine energy to help bless your life. Connect with Me! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
November 24, 2021
Prayer Works, But...
Prayer Works But… Spirituality is different from religion, to say the least. While most religion, by definition, is exoteric, spirituality is esoteric and believes that The Divine is within us. While religion, in my opinion, divides, spirituality helps us find meaning individually as well as collectively. Prayer is an important aspect of spirituality, of connecting with the Divine Source. And in today’s episode, we discuss it in detail. I talk about the four different types of prayers, how they’re done and why you should practice them. In essence, I truly believe that prayer works, but… What if you don’t do it the right way? Is there even a right way to pray? Prayer, when done, incorrectly, is ineffective. Tune in to learn how to pray effectively so that your vibrations genuinely reach the light! We also discuss: ● What is prayer? Prayer is a sound request for help or expression of gratitude addressed to God, or an object of worship. ● Learn to practice prayer as I recite two prayers in this episode. ● I tell you why we’re experiencing creative destruction today - this could happen on a massive scale and is going to be seen as failing times. But all this is to create something new and beautiful. ● About energy centers - how they essentially help and guide us and make things work right within our energy. ● Different types of prayer: 1. The Upload Prayer - It is a prayer that sends light from you to the Divine source. 2. The Expanding Prayer - It is a prayer that comes through you and radiates blessings towards others.  3. The Download Prayer - It is a prayer that sends Divine energy from The Source into you. 4. Both Upload and Download Prayer - It is the gratitude prayer. ● I tell you why a completely new spiritual structure is about to birth as we head to the Aquarian era. ● I predict the changes that will come over New York City (also the world at large) in the next 3-4 years. ● You’ll learn how spiritual practice is going to help you move forward and make decisions based on universal truths, divine energies and not based on what you see in the world. ● Why the Aquarian age is known as the "Diamond Age" - our energy centers in the Aquarian age will resemble the shape of a diamond. Resourced Mentioned: ● Master Del Pe Connect with Me! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
November 17, 2021
How To Succeed During Failing Times
How to Succeed During Failing Times The world we live in is changing. We no longer just push the Analog Frontiers, but need to embrace the changes happening around us as we create new, innovative things. If you haven't noticed, there's a big shift happening today and maybe... it's time to let go of something we’ve been holding close and invite something totally new. As a clairvoyant, I’ve sensed and predicted the changes we’re seeing or are about to see as we transition to the Aquarian era from the Piscean era (Head to Season 1 Episode Psychic Predictions Of The World). Today’s episode is to share with you some tools to help change your mindset during failing times. Learn also how spiritual practice could help you swiftly sail through the times! More about this episode: ● I talk about the "changing of the guard" in regards to the Divine Beings happening between the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. ● I tell you why we’re experiencing creative destruction today - this could happen on a massive scale and is going to be seen as failing times. But all this is to create something new and beautiful. ● I tell you why a completely new spiritual structure is about to birth as we head into the Aquarian era. ● I predict the changes that will come over New York City (also the world at large) in the next 3-4 years. ● You’ll learn how spiritual practice is going to help you move forward and make decisions based on universal truths and divine energies and not based on what you see in the world. ● Why the Aquarian age is known as the "Diamond Age" - our energy centers in the Aquarian age will resemble the shape of a diamond. Resourced Mentioned: ● Master Del Pe Connect with Me! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
November 10, 2021
You Are Talking. Are You Listening?
We all have our own opinions. But sometimes, we don't follow through with them because we have been told otherwise by OTHERS. There's a certain power in finding your own independent thinking and following through with it regardless of what others say. Whether it’s on something important or simply something that makes you happy; find out why your brain needs to know that you are listening to yourself. In this episode, I tell you why everything we need is already inside us - we only need to listen to ourselves. I also share a quick exercise to keep your listening power in check! Some things we discuss: ● Our body is always telling us what it needs - whether you’re hungry or exhausted, it throws signs to tell you what it requires. ● Most of us get swayed by society because of the sensationalism of news and facts. We are convinced to believe in incorrect things until they’re logically proved wrong later on. ● You need to learn to focus on the present - your relationships, health and career. That’s what life is - this moment. ● A quick exercise to tap into your inner self Resourced Mentioned: ● Hunter x Hunter - anime series Connect with Me! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
November 03, 2021
You Are Lovable
We all want love. We search high and low for the perfect person to be our mate so that we can finally experience what it's like to be loved back. Who doesn't want that? However, this search typically means that we are being less than loving towards ourselves until someone comes along who loves us even though we don't feel lovable. But YOU ARE LOVABLE. When you start loving yourself, you unlock doors to love. Love finds you. In this episode, I talk to you about loving yourself and how to do it. We are continually growing in life, and although some experiences might sound less favorable, remind yourself that you're heading to your dream life every step of the way. Some other things we discuss: ● Love is an internal kinetic process. You cannot always see it, but you’ll know when you have it. ● Love is a subconscious or unconscious, emotional, mental, and energetic state. It makes you do crazy things, and when you’re in it, the world changes. ● There are seven forms of attraction or Seven Love Introductions, as I call them. They help you understand how you see love. ● When manifesting a relationship, focus on the essence of what that's going to give you. Focussing on material goals might not get you what you truly desire. ● When you start to love yourself more, you love your significant other more, you treat them better. ● A quick 2-3 mins exercise to help you tap into YOUR own sense of love. Resourced Mentioned: ● The Love Introductions  by Kadeem Connect with Me! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
October 27, 2021
Just Do It
Ever stopped yourself from doing or trying something because you felt that you weren't fit for it, because you didn't feel good enough? I've been there too. But at a certain point, you have to separate between things that are in your control and things that aren't -- between the outside world and your headspace. You have to stop thinking and start doing - Just Do It. Take the first step towards achieving your goals and living the life you've been dreaming about with me in this episode of Upgrade Your Light. I teach you why it's essential to "Just Do It" when you know that your inner self would want you to do it. It doesn't matter if you succeed or not; whether you feel you're unfit for the opportunity, strong will is what is necessary. Some other things we discuss: ● When you decide to anyway pursue what you want to, you're internally telling yourself, "I have the confidence, I have the ability, I have the opportunity, and the thought process to even want to be a success in this thing that I'm doing." ● How I learned to create my boundaries, respect my space before anything else. ● It's important to consider what energy you're inviting into your life. Some people's energies are stagnant and not dynamic - that could be a challenge. ● You must allow yourself to cleanse and release any unwanted energy. It is your first step to healing yourself. Connect with Me! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
October 20, 2021
Releasing Trauma & Negativities
Life is a maze full of twists and turns. If we ignore trauma, it can linger or grow into a much larger issue. But here’s the thing -- there are simple ways to identify- process- and release trauma from our lives so that we can become thriving versions of ourselves. Today’s episode circles around energy healing and releasing negativities. No matter who created the trauma in your life, the responsibility is always yours to clean it. I teach you to declutter your mind, the incredible power of forgiveness and meditative therapy for emotional and mental cleanse. Some points to take away: ● How I released a minor trauma caused by an incident that happened while I was traveling in a bus ● Using meditative therapy to release trauma ● No matter who caused trauma in your life, it is your responsibility to release it ● Forgiveness releases the emotional connection between you and the person who caused negative events in your life. ● When you don’t release trauma, it builds up to cause stress, which becomes distress, and then disease later on. ● Taking a physical shower could be one way in which you cleanse yourself from within. ● Laugh therapy, aromatherapy, and meditation are some useful techniques to release trauma. Connect with Me! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
October 13, 2021
Climb Every Mountain
We can't live a happy life until we're living it the way we desire. Yes, there will be problems, but isn't that what life is all about? The truth is, most of us are not taking charge of our life. We are living in fear. Today's episode teaches you how to overcome your fear to climb every mountain - to create the life you've ALWAYS wanted. Imagine if you knew exactly what you were going to do in life. What would it be? How would you do it? It's time to be brave. It's time to get started. Life is short, and you have the tools right at your side. It's time to start making your dreams a reality. And if you ever feel like you've taken the wrong turn, remember: you always have the right to change your mind - the choice is of no one but YOURS! Here's what you'll learn in this episode: ● My time assisting and helping young minds at Bailey's Cafe - an arts and wellness nonprofit that offers a variety of free programs for the community. ● Why the song "Climb Every Mountain" suddenly struck with me, what deep-seated memories it unfolded in me, and why I realized I had to share it with you all ● Whatever age, situation, or walk of life you're in right now, it's essential that you take the time to continuously pursue your dreams - get over your fear of the unknown. ● You might not be able to pursue your passion full-time, but the key is to pursue it anyway - whether or not you make a career out of it. ● As long as you build the inertia to climb every mountain, you can achieve everything you want to in this life. Resourced Mentioned: ● Bailey's Cafe - Novel by Gloria Naylor ● Bailey’s Cafe - Non-profit organization Connect with Me! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
October 06, 2021
A Psychic's Take On Vaccinations
As the new COVID 19 vaccine is rolled out worldwide, people are starting to question whether or not they should take it. Because the side effects of the vaccine have mixed results, concerns remain. As a psychic, I believe the jab could do you good IF you tie your faith and mind to it. Why? Because your mind is a VERY powerful organ -- you only need to tap into your inner self, listen to it and act how it tells you to. Also, the placebo effect is REAL! Even if you were getting jabbed with water, not the actual vaccine and you believed you were protected from getting COVID, you would be. In this episode, I take you through the history of epidemics and pandemics the world has faced, show you why the vaccine could or could not be a means to help you fight the times, and... if you have to take the vaccine and are concerned about the negative side effects, I share a technique to help you mitigate them! Sneak Peek: ● I talk about the 5 epidemics that the world has seen in detail and the lessons learned from the times. ● Overall, the COVID-19 vaccines can be effective with more research. However upon clairvoyant review, we need more advanced vaccines for every new strain that emerges. ● Your mind has the power to make the vaccine work for you, provided you firmly believe it can. However, if you cling to your fear, the emotional stress caused can cause your immune system to weaken. ● I tell you my story regarding contracting COVID and what I was told from my doctor regarding the vaccine after contracting it. ● How the bless yourself and the vaccine itself before and after the jab to mitigate the negative side effects. I share a quick and effective technique with you! Connect with Me! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
September 29, 2021
Harness your true potential and live your dream life as my guest today shows you how! I am super-excited (as also, it's my birthday!) to introduce to you our very first podcast guest, my dear friend, Nicolle Bennett! Nicolle is the founder of the NYC-based Create Agency. She is an advisor to social-change organizations and a coach for dedicated and socially conscious professionals. Nicolle teaches them tools to get out of survival mode and helps them identify and fulfill goals and strategies that are meaningful to them. On a personal level, Nicolle identifies herself as an explorer, leader, yoga enthusiast, baker, and lover of all things art and science. She helps people integrate self-care into their lives and gives them the right technical and mental support to live their best lives! The biggest mistake you can make in life is to live in fear of making one. If you're worried about what other people think, you'll get stuck living someone else's life. Fear of being judged or ridiculed holds us back from taking the right steps, saying the right words, and doing the right things. Fear of failure keeps us from trying at all. In this episode of Upgrade Your Light, we're discussing ways to break out of people's expectations and remarks -- we're discovering ways to truly set free. We explore: ● How I met Nicolle ● How to process your way out of people's comments - ● Center yourself before you talk to them ● Reflect before you react ● Stay in ownership of what they made you feel - do not turn it back at them. ● Be honest ● Growth and change are normal. Accept the fact that people evolve. Some people like the growing version of you while some others don't. ● Everyone has their own pace for growth. ● How to overcome people's expectations and live your life on your terms. ● Saying it rather than holding it in - often, your problems would find their solutions when you face them and speak up. ● Our Nicolle of Renaissance's advice to her younger self Connect with Nicolle! Instagram Connect with Me! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
September 22, 2021
If People Want to Walk Out of Your Life, Let Them!
We’ve all been ghosted  — at some point in our lives, we’ve all been left hanging with a bunch of unanswered texts and phone calls. It can be a heart-wrenching feeling when you realize that the person you’ve poured all your time, attention, and affection into has just suddenly disappeared. People have different reasons for doing it, but the end result is almost always the same: hurt feelings. Here’s the thing -- Nothing in life is forever. The universe is evolving, and so are we. So when the time comes, we HAVE to let some people go. Today I'm talking all about the "letting go" part of growing up - both for ourselves and for those who inspire us. Let's dive right in! We discuss: ● That you are worthy of love -- the right folks will come into your life when the time is right. ● It’s important to have clear boundaries in life, so when you step out of it, you know you have to pull back and reset. ● Anything new that happens in life is teaching you a new lesson. ● People change over time, which is why sometimes, we have to reintroduce ourselves to others and they need to do the same with us. ● If no one gives you the opportunity to do what you want to in life, create it for yourself. ● To make things happen, sometimes you have to also move out of your space. Take for example the global band, KPop, that traveled the world to pursue their dreams. ● Let go of the past and focus on the present. Mindfulness is key. Connect with Me! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
September 15, 2021
It's Okay To Recalibrate Your Relationships
To everyone who's been a part of this momentous journey with me on this podcast - Thank You, and welcome to the (un)official start of Season Two of Upgrade Your Light! :) The wheel of life is always turning - everything in nature occurs in cycles; a new day turns into night, the seasons change, and the planets rotate around the sun. There are ups and downs, times of plenty, and times when you have nothing left. But it's hard to notice that until you sit down and take the time to reflect on personal periods of growth and development. We're continuing our new season with an all-encompassing understanding of nature and its magnificence. Join me on this episode to recalibrate your inner compass, forgive, and embrace new times as they come! Recalibration is a two-for-one deal we often fail to consider. As much as it is about forgiveness and moving on, it's also about inviting wisdom by learning from the past. We learn today why it's totally okay to recalibrate your relationships to relish every moment of your being. I also talk about: ● Earth cycles, love cycles, finances and the seasonal nature of times ● Why with times of despair come equal moments of joy ● Why you are worthy of all good things in life ● It’s okay to take a pause to reinvigorate yourself before you get back in your journey ● Why forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself and how it helps you move ahead in life with ease ● 3 keys to recalibrating your life and relationships - do not hurt yourself, do not hurt others, keep things consensual...always ● When your energy is clearer, you attract good into your life Connect with Me! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
September 09, 2021
What Are You Believing?
The internet today is OVERWHELMED with news of all sorts! And as it turns out, there is an epidemic of false, sensationalized information going around us. While our most tended celebrities, social media influencers, or the ever-so-resourceful media circulate factual jargon, many of us put sensationalization into our brains without digging out the actual facts. Talk about intoxication! In this episode, we talk about the need to research before believing in anything. However catchy the content seems, however top the news website ranks, it is necessary to find out what’s real. We also discuss why sensationalization is a means to deceive the audience or even divert our attention to something different. We dig into: ● The effects of keeping a blind loyalty to influencers, the media, and celebrities. ● Real-life scenarios where sensationalization of news took honesty downhill. Example - Accusations of child abuse against the late singer-star Michael Jackson. ● Sensationalization indicates deception. It kills our ability to think wisely by showing us only what they want us to know. ● People who spread such news are often made to do this for remuneration or other personal benefits. ● Learn why there is a need to do detailed fact-checking and research before confirming any news. Resourced Mentioned: ● Leaving Neverland: Michael Jackson and Me - Documentary by Dan Reed ( Director and Producer) Connect with Me! Instagram | YouTube | Facebook
September 05, 2021
Season 2 Comes Out Tomorrow!!!
Thank y'all for listening and staying with me. We are here now for Season 2!! Take a listen in, tomorrow!
September 03, 2021
The End of Season 1
Thanks so much for listening. See y'all in the fall!  Love always, Kadeem
June 16, 2021
What Is The Standard of Success?
Think along. Have you ever noticed how we get trapped into thinking that there is only ONE standard definition of success? And this standard is usually in the shape of money, or how many people are paying attention to you, or how you stand out from the rest of the world! What many of us fail to understand is that success, in actual case, is a tricky word with no universal definition— it’s purely subjective. To some, it could mean making more money, reaching your weight loss goal, or acquiring an entirely new skill set. Maybe it’s even something more spiritual than a milestone or achievement. Today, we’re breaking out of the stereotypical standards of defining success. In this episode, we discuss why it is important to evaluate our achievements holistically, for it is undeniably true that everyone is unique. In the end, what really matters is how you view yourself and your success as you advance in life. Listen in! We talk about: ● Why you shouldn’t make gumptions, intuitions and opinions of another person’s success. ● How time changes people and transforms their thinking - you cannot judge them unless you’ve realized their transformation. ● Uniqueness - it isn’t the only thing that stands out or makes you successful always. ● Understanding self-worth and why it is important. A victim mentality could hamper your progress in life. ● “Realize that there is more to life than just the physical world. There are many, many, many other layers in the universe. And if we tap into those layers, that's when we can truly find true, holistic success. [...] Find success on all levels, not just financial or materialistically. But mentally, emotionally, spiritually, everything.” ● To become successful, you need to only find out what resonates with you and makes you feel best. There is no one-size-fits-all definition of it. ● There’s deep seated, subconscious and unconscious stuff that people need to overcome in order to get to where they need to get to in life. Connect with Me! Instagram | YouTube | Facebook
June 09, 2021
Is Your Life Bearing Fruit?
Let's be honest. Many of us have held onto things in life despite knowing that they were taking us nowhere going forward. Haven’t we? And this is because letting go can be hard. But isn't it equally hard to stay sticking around things that STUNT your growth as a human being? In this episode, we are talking about evaluating the various elements of our life holistically. I share how dissolving a company that I had been running for 11 years taught me that it is imperative to break a current cycle to invite something new. We also learn how to see things in terms of them bearing fruit or not. Here are some talking points: ● My up-and-down journey with our first business venture, Full Force Wellness Repertory. ● Learn how Lord Jesus also reinvented life processes. We look into the Holy Bible's story where Jesus cursed a tree because it stopped bearing fruit. ● A sense of thriving gives our life meaning. However slow our growth may come around to be, it must exist. ● Learn to let go of things with a sense of love. ● Volunteering, mentoring, and coaching are all things that bear fruit because you are helping others, even if it means not making any money. ● We don't necessarily like to do some of the things that might actually be bearing fruit for us. ● Once we let go of some things, we let in the things in our lives that we really want. Relevant Links: ● Kadeem One Connect with Us! Instagram | YouTube | Facebook
May 30, 2021
Psychics Exist, But…
You’ve probably wondered why some people just seem to have a master “sixth sense”. They somehow foresee unfortunate events, figure out why you behave a certain way or even see beyond reality to the world of the unseen! And while many are skeptical about such powers, why do you think some others like me believe that it’s real? In this episode, we are talking about psychics, AKA people who can see things beyond our natural range of perception. But… years of my understanding about these phenomena clearly show that psychics can ONLY see within the current reality. Today, I’ll also share with you how we validate this point. We will see that psychism is actually an umbrella term for a range of metaphysical occurrences like karma, mediumship, and clairvoyance. Listen in and discover how psychics can use their otherworldly abilities to change things around for good! We explore: ● My personal experiences that explained psychic abilities. ● What is psychism? Is it our ability to sense beyond the physical world? ● Why is psychism also attributed to our ability to feel others’ pain more, experience unearthly presence in dreams or our everyday lives? ● Psychic experiences draw a parallel to karmic occurrences. Learn how. ● Who is a medium, and how does it come under psychism? “All mediums are psychics, but all psychics are not mediums.” ● How do you awaken your gifts to help enhance other people’s lives? Relevant Links: ● Pranic Healing by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui Connect with Us! Instagram | YouTube | Facebook
May 25, 2021
How Much Is Your Self-Worth, Worth!
Sounds like a no-brainer, doesn't it? Ever since our 20s, we've worked on setting our career straight - drafting resumes, building our skillset, doing things for the sake of getting noticed, and gaining expertise. Fast forward to today, after years of experience, some of us are still willing to do things just so that we get money despite knowing we're worth a LOT more. That is why in this episode, we talk about understanding our worth. From a career spanning over a decade in the art and wellness industry, I have faced many clients who weren't willing to pay what I charged. And the reason? We live in a society that glorifies specific careers and undervalues some others. It stems from their failure to understand self-worth. Join me in this episode as I tell you how to develop a razor-sharp eye for opportunities and align people, finances, and jobs with your self-worth. Here are some talking points: ● Learn that sometimes, you have to do things that you've never done before to get what you want. ● When you start charging what you're worth, the right people will come to you. ● Religious institutions have thrived because they had the funds and the resources to spread their religion far and wide. ● How to assess things in terms of the opportunity and value they offer. ● Understanding and making others understand your self-worth. ● "People can always find the time to do things that they want to do. And the same way, people can always find the money to do the things that they want to do." ● If you believe in God and his gifts, you would also know that God wouldn't want you to sell yourself short. Relevant Links: ● Song - Go Get it by Mary Mary Connect with Us! Instagram | YouTube | Facebook
May 18, 2021
How To Get Lucky! ...And The Reasons Why You May Not Be. (Part II)
Psst! Getting lucky is no more a secret! In the second part of our get lucky podcast series, you'll discover the remaining 3(+1) powerful factors to inviting good luck and helping flip the script of your lives! Isn't it incredibly surprising to realize how powerful a four-letter word such as luck could be? Previously, we discussed the role of your personal energy and spirit, mindset, and karmic and soul entitlement in bringing you good luck. Today, we don't just learn the rest of the KEYS, but we also connect the dots to see how they all work in unison for a happy and successful life! As it turns out, what you think is lucky for you might not actually be so. How then do you understand the divine rules that create your luck? Listen in as we unpack the factors that decide good fortune: ● KEY 5: Our Divine Angelic Family or Guardian Angels, who help us in our birth journey and purpose. One needs to connect with them and seek their blessings at all times. ● Be careful what you decide to manifest in life. ● The most challenging times give us the greatest life lessons. ● KEY 6: Our environment, a factor that helps us notice what we want. The people you surround yourself with or converse with, your house, and your office setup are all things that count under this. ● KEY 7: Timing. Whatever comes over needs to happen to you at the right time. ● KEY 8: Others. It cannot be that whatever is good for you is good for others. Your luck is also a function of the way it affects the others around you. "It may not necessarily be in the best interest of others for you to become a billionaire." Connect with Me! Instagram | YouTube | Facebook
May 11, 2021
How To Get Lucky! ...And The Reasons Why You May Not Be.
Why do some people discover outstanding success in life while others just don’t get to live up to their manifestations? The answer lies in a variety of factors, but ultimately, a lot of it comes down to luck. While some people seem to be extremely fortunate, some people are less so. While some of us get everything we want, some don’t. That brings me to the central theme of today’s episode - uncovering the most significant factors that create luck. Because when you work your luck, it starts working for you effortlessly. In this episode, I give away four of the seven unobstructed reasons that bring luck and success in life. Key learnings: ● When something you manifested comes to life, it means your energy at that moment was resonating with your overall energy or your spirit. ● Here are the four reasons for luck:      ● Your energy - Energetic clearing is real. Bad feelings could be associated with different parts of your body, like your hair even. The reason why monks shave their heads is that they have one less thing to worry about when aiming to cleanse their energy.      ● Your mindset - You need to remove the blockages that are there in your mind. These blockages could have stemmed from your past experiences.      ● Your karmic entitlement - Practice karmic exchange. Give, and you’ll see bigger things come back to you.      ● Your soul entitlement - The reason why certain things don’t happen to you even if you manifested it could be because you are not entitled to live in your present life. Maybe it keeps you from doing what you’re supposed to, or maybe it is entitled to another life of yours. ● From infancy till the age of about seven, we absorb everything that is given to us. We are like sponges that take in everything that comes into our contact. Growing up, we realize what is good and what is not. ● Hypnotherapy is an amazing way to control your mind and break it free from within. ● Karma happens on a soul level, not on the body. ● Small things have significant impacts. The butterfly effect is real. Relevant Links: ● Pranic Healing by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui ● Tai Chi : Chinese Martial Arts ● Reiki : Energy Healing Practice Connect with Me! Instagram | YouTube | Facebook
May 04, 2021
The Love Introductions
Even before you use verbal language to speak to a potential partner, your brain unconsciously ropes in what I like to call "Love Introductions" to prepare you for it. These teeny infallible ways of mentally greeting your might-be lover are what prompt you into connecting with them in the first place! Interestingly, even matchmakers agree that the stories of different people are as unique and diverse as they are. Look into yourself a little deeper today as I share with you some of the most untethered love greetings in this episode! In a fantabulous conversation today, I take you through the roadmap of romantic introductions and open your eyes to your relationship preferences and habits. I also open up about my first book, A Spiritual Guru Walked into the House of a Cash Master… And the Rest is History (quite literally)! Listen in. Here are some talking points: ● There are 5 ways by which you show and receive love from others, and these are called love languages. These are:      ○ Time - Giving them your time      ○ Gifts - Showing your love by giving gifts      ○ Using words of support and encouragement      ○ Physical touch      ○ Acts of service ● Love introductions are unconsciously used by you to communicate with your potential partner even before you open your mouth. ● There are five love introductions as I have learned over the years. These are:      ○ Physical attractiveness - Most of us develop a love interest for somebody based on their appearance.      ○ Wealth and Money      ○ Power and Status      ○ Fame - This is different from Power and Status as a person who is wealthy need not necessarily also be famous. Some people are attracted to fame while some others are attracted to power.      ○ Talent and Skill - A person’s abilities could also draw you towards them. Relevant Links: ● Show - The Oprah Winfrey Show ● Book - 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman ● Book - A Spiritual Guru Walked into the House of a Cash Master… And the Rest is History by Kadeem One Connect with Me! Instagram | YouTube | Facebook
April 26, 2021
The 7 Keys To Prosperity
Money makes the world go around. But prosperity could be more than that. Prosperity is about the collective JOY we go after in life; it is what gives us freedom, contentment, and security. What have you known about prosperity that makes you work for it every day of your lives? Consciously or unconsciously, we’ve begun to understand that the fullness of life revolves around health, relationships, time, and resources. The abundance of all vitals is what totals prosperity. Today, I share with you the seven KEYS to the same. Because if you know what you want, you’re already a step closer to getting it. Tune in! P.S. - If you are interested in learning more about enhancing your prosperity and increasing your materialization abundance, I’m inviting you to check out my website I extend meditations and other courses you can take at your own time and help you transform your life for the best! In this episode, we learn: ● The 7 invaluable keys to prosperity: ● 1- Giving your time or resources to another person. ● 1 ½ - Receiving the same as gifts from others. Never refuse to accept gifts from others. Not only are you blocking yourself access to the things given, but you’re also blocking the blessings you are being given. ● 2 - Gratitude. You’re inviting abundance by thanking the universe for everything you are offered. ● 3 - Feng Shui (or Chinese geomancy). It deals with the energy of placement of objects, your house, and yourself. The way you organize your surroundings, the direction you face when you meditate, all of these matter. ● 4 - People Feng Shui. People around you in your life affect you in ways you may not have known before. If they’re draining you of your energy, it’s time you start doing something about it. ● 5 - Clearing your subconscious from anything negative that has been dumped on you. ● 6 - The law of attraction or putting in affirmations and the mantras. ● 7 - Being truthful about everything and not stealing anything. If you have, make sure you’re giving back more than you stole from them. Relevant Links: ● Chinese traditional practice of  Feng Shui Connect with Me! Instagram | YouTube | Facebook
April 20, 2021
The Positive Effects of COVID-19.
Life has a way of throwing you for a loop, whether it's an undeniable lockdown of sorts or you getting fired from your job. And although it can seem like your world is ending, often the toughest periods in life serve as life-changing experiences, changing us for the better. Your worst day can turn into your best if you let it. History has lessons that teach us the same. An incredible Harlem Renaissance followed the deadly Spanish Flu; Trump's era taught us that racism and bigotry were never really wiped off America. There's a silver lining to all the happenings in the world - and today, I'll share with you why even this pandemic has offered immovable lessons to humanity. In this episode, I talk about the unexpected ways in which the coronavirus pandemic has shifted our focus to a more connected and spiritual lifestyle, among the many other positives it brought in. While I unquestionably acknowledge that these times have put us all into many painful situations, let's also focus on some good that has come by. Listen in! We’ll learn: ● How we learned to reassess or redefine our relationships - getting closer to the people we already know, moving away from people who were no longer good to be around, or validating romantic choices. ● How and why I decided to walk away from a nine-year-old friendship. ● I share my thoughts on being nice vs. being kind and why I say I fall in the first category. ● Some friendships are seasonal. They happen for a reason and then fade away - because they have to. ● Learning to be introspective and taking care of ourselves. The pandemic has taught us to tap into meditation practices and other spiritual and wellness practices and rituals to stay level. ● Why you need to prepare yourself for situations before they come over you. ● Some major lessons from Trump’s times. ● What we learn from the Spanish Flu and Jewish Holocaust - and how it affected generations of people later. ● Why we say that trauma can run through generations. ● Using intelligent evaluation to see beyond the hype of anything. Relevant Links: ● Book - A Spiritual Guru Walked into the House of a Cash Master… And the Rest is History by Kadeem One ● References - ○ Tyler Perry ○ Deepak Chopra ○ Jim Crow ○ Harlem Renaissance ○ Spanish Flu ○ Jewish Holocaust Connect with Me! Instagram | YouTube | Facebook
April 12, 2021
Are You Successful?
It's no secret that the world runs on comparisons — even the most seemingly complete measures of success are almost always unwise. What we are blessed with is the liberty to choose whether to go by the existing staged definitions or not. Remember, there's going to be a barometer measuring your success in every facet of life. You're going to be weighed with others like you, financially, critically, or in different other ways. Let me teach you this today - your success metric NEED NOT match with any others'. Explore the eight different facets of success you could really be missing on noticing in this episode. You'll be doing a mindful exercise with me on understanding and evaluating your success in life. It's going to be an EYE-OPENING experience, I promise! We'll discuss: ● How a former friend of mine showed me that success cannot only be measured by the amount of money a person makes. ● Celebrities are a great example to understand that money and fame need not be the only things happening around people's lives. Documentaries of many celebrities have shown how despite having a lot of money, they've had struggling times. ● The first definition of success is "accomplishing an aim or purpose". And this means, if you accomplish an aim or purpose, you're successful. It also means if you can get through the day without having any issues or emotional upheaval - that was a successful day. ● Western cultural definitions of success are often illogical. Listen in as I cite a few examples today. ● Learn the difference between external and internal success. ● We learn about having "moments of success". I share with you my ways of looking at how successful I am today. ● We do an exercise to determine where YOUR success lies in life. We discover and delve into the various aspects of internal success - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, career-related, financial, relationships, hobbies, and interests. Relevant Links: ● Documentary - Justin Bieber: Seasons Connect with Me! Instagram | YouTube | Facebook
April 05, 2021
Get Rid of Stress & Anxiety, Fast!
If you've ever been told that you have a "stress problem," I have some good news for you -- you can get over it really quick! You might not know this, but your stress could be the outcome of the tension or distress caused by another person - the vibes or energy of others. But have you known that stress isn't always bad? Amid all the negative feelings brought in my stress lay some good ones - eustress or GOOD stress is that which you experience before a rollercoaster ride or before you get to the stage to speak, and at times when it HAS a critical role to play in our lives. In this episode, I walk you through the different types of stress and their causes. I also share with you a quick breathing exercise and five bonus ways to get over stress and anxiety at any time, FAST! We'll discuss: ● Good stress and bad stress - while bad stress or distress is entirely harmful to us, good stress is essential to carry. ● As humans, it is natural for us to feel the stress and anxiety of others. ● Square breathing - You'll do this incredibly rewarding technique with me today! Square breathing takes you back to your center and allows you to really harmonize your entire body. ● Ways to get over stress fast-           ● Breathing - practice square breathing or any other stress relief breathing technique as step one.           ● Environment - Switch from the environment you're into a different one, one that's calming or if it's closer to nature, the better. The mind-body connection is what comes to play here.           ● Change your posture.           ● Use pattern interrupts - changing the subject is often a good pattern interrupt.           ● State - Change your emotional state. If you'd like to learn more about the technique or find out more, check out my website @ Connect with Me! Instagram | YouTube | Facebook
March 29, 2021
Say what? Say how!
In life, real communication is not the same as talking. It’s a skill we don’t often think about but that we use all the time. Imagine the last time you had a disagreement with a loved one. What did you say? What was your tone? Were you able to reach a happy medium? All we want is to get our point or message come across more effectively. For this, we need just to soften the blow, be credible and genuine. How is it different from sugarcoating? How do you convey your message and yet not create a conflict or stir? The key is to soften HOW you say it, not WHAT you say. In this episode, I’ll share how I learned the hard way that most often, saying what you have to in a better way could lead to healthier relationships and better outcomes. It’ll be a guidebook of my personal experiences that taught me how to master this ability. I share with you: ● How I got out of friendships that did not respect me, and how I ended up creating non-negotiable terms for my dealing with people. ● Holistically looking at an entire situation when some happening of the present triggers a bad memory from your past. ● Non-negotiable terms could work in business, but in real life, sometimes you have to evaluate it better. ● How I soften situations and say what I have to without hurting another individual. ● Learn how sugarcoating is different from softening the blow and why the latter is more genuine and works better. ● Using sandpaper as a metaphor to soften the blow. You gradually make it appear soft and smooth. ● If someone feels hurt by you, they are going to do something to retaliate. No matter how nice a person is or how kind they are. That is human nature. ● My top 3 supporters in life and how a personal memory with them taught me the importance of conveying a message in the right way and not to hurt another person’s sentiments, no matter how true your point is. ● I read out the letters I wrote to 2 old friends of mine whom I couldn’t stay with any longer - excerpts from my book, A Spiritual Guru Walked Into The House Of A Cash Master. ● According to science and the hormones, when our hormones are all over the place, sometimes we're up and sometimes we're down. So it's important to know that it’s not what you say. It's how you say it that matters more. Relevant Links: ● Jeffrey Vincent Noble of The Noble Touch ● Book - A Spiritual Guru Walked Into The House Of A Cash Master Connect with Me! Instagram | YouTube | Facebook
March 22, 2021
Being "Spiritual" Is a Cop Out!
We all have a hundred, if not thousand reasons to believe that spirituality, when rooted in a particular religion, invokes divisiveness. It's so easy to get stuck in the trap of thinking that religion is a means to restrict us. While we see some people trying to distance themselves from it, some others find no way to tap into their spiritual self other than through religion. Fact is, religion was always meant to only enforce spirituality. We’ll explore in this episode how to justify the same. With more and more people wanting to connect with their spiritual energy, the world is seeing a boost in spiritual gurus - social media influencers put up even baseless knowledge to draw people into their practice. What exactly does spirituality mean? Is it a path of meditation or prayerful contemplation on God? Who do you turn to for spiritual guidance? I find spirituality to be awesome. I believe people have spirits, I believe you can tap into yours, and I believe you can use it to whizz ahead in your life with magnificent awakened energy! Here's what we are discussing about spirituality and religion today: ● What spirituality means and why we say that it helps enhance, enlighten and connect your life with The Source. ● Religion, in its true sense, was never meant to be restrictive. ● Translations of Holy books have been happening since time immemorial. Are you sure the one you read in the past properly translated the message from the higher power? ● Why it is that a lot of people blindly follow religion without making their self-discovery and practicing their sense of self-mastery. ● Not everything preached in the Bible, or other religious books are meant to be taken literally. Many things you read in the Bible are actually meant to be deeper spiritual truths. ● An example of how man misunderstood the Bible's teachings - What the Bible said about a slave-master relationship was nowhere related to slavery practiced in America years ago. It lasted for about 246 years, and that's multiple generations! ● Why you need to practice spirituality, whatever your take is on religion, whether you like it or not, the religious practices that are done are formatted, regimented, and are there for a reason. ● Why do we say that not all spirituality gurus are authentic? ● Using intelligent evaluation to determine whether something is good or bad. ● A spiritual cord is a divine cord of energy that connects you to the source. The larger and stronger someone's spiritual cord is, the more connected they are to the spirit. ● Why we all want to connect with our spiritual energy. Relevant Links: ● Pranic Healing by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui Connect with Me! Instagram | YouTube | Facebook
March 15, 2021
Are You REALLY Living Your Own Life?
Most people are waiting for something to happen or for someone to tell them what they need to be doing in their life. We all know that it's impossible to please everyone. We know this, and yet we spend the majority of our lives trying to do just that. We waste precious time and energy on the opinions of others, often hurting ourselves in the process. Is someone else's opinion holding you back from living the life you want? In this episode, we learn to assess, evaluate, and discover our passions and work towards achieving them. We find out if the life we're living is based on our choices and desires or whether we're living it from someone else's opinion. And if it is not where you want to be, I'll tell you how exactly to get there! We'll discuss: ● We are our own individuals - our opinions of our life should not be a product of someone else's dictations. ● If you have the passion and the heart to pursue something, do it. ● Keep moving because when you do, the way will clear itself for you. You'll find out ways as you move. ● Life is cyclical. So, if you think you're at rock bottom now, know that there will be a time when you'll get to the top. ● Assess first and then take steps to move forward in your life. ● Outside influences can affect how you feel and how you want to move with a particular situation, especially if it's in a state where you feel like you're already unsure. Connect with Me! Instagram | YouTube | Facebook
March 08, 2021
Why Manifestation Doesn't Work
If you're a spiritual seeker, you've probably dawdled around manifestation. And I'm sure many of us have been there - manifested something we really wanted but ultimately lost it. Or maybe we manifested something that we DIDN'T want, and it came true! How can this be? Why do you think your manifestations sometimes do not work? Here's putting it properly - manifestation is the practice of creating mental pictures and making conscious choices in order to realize them. Or, in simple words, it is about creating your reality through the power of thought and emotions. We all fail to understand that most of our dominant thoughts are on the subconscious level. And until you bring your thoughts from the unconscious or subconscious to the conscious, manifestations cannot work. In this episode, we'll learn to reinvent our techniques and practices to turn our manifestations into reality. You'll also get to do a quick gratitude manifestation technique with me as I guide you through! We’ll learn that: ● Your energy needs to be in a calm and stable place to manifest what you want. You cannot practice manifestation out of stress or anxiety. ● Trauma can pass through generations. And it really affects our manifestations. ● Why manifestations do not work most often - the technique you are using may not work for you, or you might not have cleared all your other negative thoughts that come in the way of manifesting your dreams and desires. ● Your mind does not know the difference between what is real and imaginary. So if you're grateful for something that you already have, even though you don't necessarily have it, the mind finds ways to bring them back to you. ● A simple and quick gratitude manifestation technique to do right now! ● How to use vision boards the right way. Connect with Me! Instagram | YouTube | Facebook
March 01, 2021
"No" Is Your Superpower
I've said it before, and I'll say it again -- saying NO is hard, particularly when we're taught that putting others' needs and wants before our own is a sign of a good person. But what does it cost you when you try to be nice and accommodating to everyone? More stress, more anxiety, stretched resources? Why do people have such a difficult time saying no? We all want to please others, and when it comes to our loved ones and friends, we will always put their needs before our own. Being kind is about doing the right thing but being nice and saying yes all the time is about doing what you think others want you to do. In our society, the line between the two has become very blurred. In this episode, I teach you to use "No" as your greatest superpower. That said, I would not ask you to stop helping people, but I would tell you how and why to put yourself first at all times! We'll learn: ● We discuss the book - Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes, and I talk about the opposite of what she explains through her book. ● Nice is pleasing and agreeable, but kind is just being considerate or helpful. ● Authenticity is about hearing the background noise sometimes. Do not overcommit yourself to things you don't really want to do. ● It's okay to change your mind when you realize you want to be kind and not nice. ● If you were to do something that you don't really want to do, there might be a sense of not being really in it fully, not being enthusiastic. By doing this, you're bringing that energy to the project and the other person. ● If you work hard, you need to rest hard. Life is always telling us this - recharge yourself when required. ● Sometimes, you have to sacrifice some things. You have to learn to take care of yourself first. Resources Mentioned: ● Book - Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes ● People - ○ Stevie Wonder (artist) ○ Oprah Winfrey (American talk show host, television producer, actress, author, and philanthropist.) Connect with Me! Instagram | YouTube | Facebook
February 22, 2021
Earth Is Ghetto!
People often take others' words as a representation of their true feelings. And there's a good reason for this -- Unlike our thoughts and beliefs, which are often just internal monologues, it's very easy to pick up on the subtle signs people give off about how they feel about you. Their tone of voice changes; they get an uncomfortable look on their face; or change their body language. But there is a thin line when it comes to the toxicity of fear and people's concern, and you need to respond to them only after careful thought. In this episode, I share how I learned that there is a significant difference between being kind and being nice, and I chose kind. I also share with you why, sometimes, it is essential that you cut off certain relationships to keep yourself sane. We'll learn: ● Blocking others' toxicity from entering our lives. From the ages of one to seven, we're totally open to everything. You may still be experiencing some things in your adult life based on what they said. It is important to clear your mind from those thoughts. ● Fear is toxic. Sometimes, when people talk to you, they might be talking out of their fear and self-judgment. They're looking at it from their vantage point. ● There is a difference between being responsive and reactive. While a reactive individual makes snap judgments, a responsive individual considers the whole picture before making a judgment. ● Sometimes, it is essential to let people go. They might have been there only for a particular point in your life. ● There is a difference between being nice and being kind. On tough calling, I chose to be kind, and I tell you why. Resources Mentioned: ● Song - Earth is Ghetto by Alia Sheffield Connect with Me! Instagram | YouTube | Facebook
February 15, 2021
Psychic Predictions Of The World From 2021-2024
Let’s view our earthly happenings through an astrological lens today! Do you know that each astrological age REFLECTS a particular type of consciousness that exists on our planet during a given time period? In astrology, each age is defined by specific elements, and each of these elements comes with a set of challenges as well as gifts. As it appears, the earth was formerly in what we call the Piscean age, where the determining factors were money, power, and control. But we’ve now advanced to the Aquarian Age, which has traits of love, brotherhood, unity, and integrity. What we’re witnessing in these times is this MASSIVE change that the entire universe is undergoing currently! In this episode, I talk about my psychic predictions for the earth from 2021-2024. I’ll explain why you need to get into your holistic wellness even better to prepare for the years coming. We'll discuss: ● The traits of the Piscean age vs. the traits of the Aquarian age. ● The Aquarian Age is about accepting yourself as a whole person - more freedom of sexuality and identity. ● To welcome the Aquarian age completely, we need to cleanse out anything that remains from the past. Hence, we're going to witness a lot of tragic phenomena before we enter the new age. ● I predict there will be a major economic meltdown in the coming years and that all of this that has happened is only a portion of the major. ● There could be a possible civil war and internet shutdown in the times forward. Countries would fight against themselves. The internet will stop working for some time because its karma needs to clean up too. ● I also predict lots of physical destruction happening in the next few years - this includes many natural disasters, including tsunamis, more tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes that'd be very violent and very destructive. ● You need to tap into your holistic wellness more. Holistic wellness practitioners are going to be the leaders for tomorrow during the Aquarian Age. And although modern medicine will still be relevant, we're going to see significant mixing in holistic wellness and Western medicine. If you'd like to explore holistic wellness with me, check out my website @ Resources Mentioned: ● Song - Aquarius from the Musical “Hair” Connect with Me! Instagram | YouTube | Facebook
February 09, 2021
Let There Be Light!
Ever since I was a young kid, I could see things that others could not, experience things that didn't seem earthly. I was indeed born with psychic abilities. I have always had vivid dreams and could see spirits. As I grew older, my abilities became more vigorous. Fast forward to today, and I have been able to help others with their psychic abilities and help them resolve events in their past that they needed closure on. Although it has not always been easy, being different is something that I'm proud of today. "There is a light that is within us that's consistently burning, [one] that's consistently a flame." Upgrade You Light is my way of helping you discover the light within you. In the pilot episode of the podcast, I tell you the story of how I dug out my otherworldly abilities and the techniques and non-negotiables that you could use to make the best out of this venture! I'll tell you: ● My personal and professional background as a hypnotherapist, clairvoyant, energy healer, and aromatherapy practitioner. ● How I learned about my psychic abilities: feeling things before they happened, seeing things that did not exist, or finding objects or figures in the sky or space around me. ● Taking my first Pranic Healing class in 2013 by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, and what difference it brought in my life. ● How to use the podcast to upgrade your life and use intelligent evaluation to see if something fits your life or not - while most things would resonate with you, some others won't. ● Tap into your higher self using yoga, meditation, and the techniques I share on the podcast. Resources Mentioned: ● Pranic Healing by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui Connect with Me! Instagram | YouTube | Facebook
February 01, 2021