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Kadosh Shachah “Holy Worship”

Kadosh Shachah “Holy Worship”

By Robert Randall
A Chronicle of Biblical music history (Musicology). Examining evolution & archeology of ancient musical instruments into their modern incarnations along with the cultural, religious, and educational contributions to music from Babylon, Israel & Greece
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KS "Holy Worship" Meditations
Season 2 Finale ends in two parts.  The first part of this episode will educate you on how missionaries share the Gospel to people who have never heard it in their native tongue through music and story telling.  The second half is music to meditate and praise God with.  The first three songs are Accapella "Pilgrims Hymn" "Hagallim" and "Salvation is Created"  Followed by two songs written by Robert Randall, the complete orchestration to the intro/outro tracks for this radio show/podcast "Hail to the King" and a Hebrew Jazz song "Brew-Jazz" as Robert calls it titled, "Baruqe Ha'ta' Ye'Ho'Vah"   Meditate and rejoice in Spirit and in Truth.  oBxa5CEFocstXEbpba83
March 24, 2021
KS "Holy Worship" Vocals Part 2
This podcast examines the means by which vocal phrasicng in the middle east gave rise to the different cultural approaches to Hebrew vocal music for Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Western, and Egyptian worshipers.  Examining the tonal linguistics of Hebrew in comparrison to another eastern language, Chinese.  In so doing, we hear clearly the ornimentation and grace notes flow expressions and improvisation inbetween the consenant phrasing of eastern notation where the vowels rise, fall, and trill to give character distinction between cultural use.  Finally Robert gives vocal examples of such phrasing.  
December 27, 2020
KS "Holy Worship" - Vocals Part 1
Season two consludes with three Vocal episodes.  This podcast examines the various Massoretic "Traditional" worship in Synegogues today, as well as the means by which the priesthood worshiped in the Jerusalem temple.  We further more examine the poetic examples of songs in the Psalms (Hebrew=Tehelym) and Exodus (Heb=Shemot).  The song of Moses is given particular weight as it is the only song found throught the volume of the Holy Bible.  Next episode we examine the speculative composition of various vocal phrases.  
December 27, 2020
KS "Holy Worship - Percussion"
Nearly to the end of Season 2 we examine ancient percussion instruments in the bible and their application to spiritual warfare, the priests garments, and their cultural evolution.  finally we end with an audio sample of the oldest gongs ever used by mankind going far back before biblical instruments, back to the very bedrock of the creation itself.    Video Link - Rock Gongs
July 10, 2020
KS "Holy Worship" - The Chosen
Today we examine something Different that is doing film, and distribution of the Gospel differently.  The Chosen, the first independently crowd funded mini series on the life of Jesus and his disciples, the pharisees, Romans, etc using fictional scenarios incorporated with scriptural events that present a living picture of 1st century Israel in a fresh new way.  While we are stuck in Quarantine you can watch this show free on the Chosen stream partner Vidangel all month long FREE - NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED.    The Chosen Website Vidangel As well as Youtube stream FREE on the Chosen App.
April 2, 2020
KS "Holy Worship" - Do Not Be Deceived
We address the Corona virus and its impact on the body of messiah and the globe all over.  During this Biblical new year it is fitting there is a plague that we wish to pass-over us.  Examining a meeting that took place in October 2019 we will hear from the top private and government officials that met to discuss what to do during a possible pandemic, held at John Hopkins University and funded by the Bill Gates and Rockefeller foundations.  The disease they chose as the case study is intreguing and raises questions when one watches enough of the netting apart from the highlights provided on this show.  Is it possible we are being deceived as our MEssiah stated in his sermon on the mount.  DO NOT BE DECEIVED for many will come in my name saying I AM THE MESSIAH.  Pray, Unite as brethren and come to your own conclusions as Gods wisdom and discernment guides our hearts and minds during these uncertain times.  
March 26, 2020
KS "Holy Worship" - Prayer for our Nation
Taking a break from our instruments.  Robert is inspired by a banner on Hebrew Nation Radios website to pray for our nation.  Brad Scott's banner asked for a day of fasting and prayer Sunday March 1st for all Hebrew Nation teachers, Pastors, elders, etc.  This episode encourages you to pray like never before as the days grow dark so that we as Messiah's brid can prepare our hearts and minds for the Kingdom of God to manifest so that all beleivers name, destiny and calling in the bride is manifest t omake an impact in these last days.  
February 29, 2020
KS "Holy Worship" - To the Body
Finishing our first year of this radio show and podcast Robert reflects on its global impact.  The nature of music in its past, present, and speculating as to its future is brought to the table.  Along with this an admonition and exhortation to the body to grow up and tkae a stand as worshipers of God and light bearers of his word to set aside differences where Grace can abound and unite through Dos love to fulfill the name, destiny and calling we have been given as the bride of our coming King and his eternal kingdom.  
January 27, 2020
KS "Holy Worship"- Shofar
This episode covers 3 Trumpets.  Two are for Jubilee and War, while the third is ceremonial for the Temple.  These trumpets are distinctively Hebrew in their culture and scriptural classification.  One New Testament verse presents a problem of cultural context.  Robert addresses a misunderstanding in the west that must be corrected for a more profound understanding of Jesus Passion on the night that he was tried in the temple and lead to Calvary to atone for the worlds sins.  Get ready to hear the Cock Crow in a whole new way. Video links. Early 16th C music part 1. Early 16th C music part 2 Israel history of the shofar How are Shofars made?
November 14, 2019
KS "Holy Worship" - Symphonia
This episode welcomes guest speaker Alexander Hislop, A Scottish Presbyterian Preacher and best selling author who introduces the show in Gaelic instead of Hebrew.  Being from Scotland he knows something about our topic instrument and its rich cultural heritage.  As a proud Scotsman he will share with you one of his favorite bagpipe bands and give you a cultural rundown of the bagpipes evolution linguistically in various countries.  Finally Robert returns for the latter half of the show to have a heart to heart chat with the listeners about up coming plans for the show in Season two and beyond.  Video: Army Core of Bagpipers
November 14, 2019
KS "Holy Worship" - Ugav
The most unique instrument within S2 and Robert's favorite.  After some academic debate as to whether this instrument has valid existence as an ancient instrument based on its controversial transliteration and definition in various scriptural passages it becomes clear this is more than it appears to be.  Perhaps this instrument is the most Hebraic in origin for scholars to examine as it is Asiatic in origin and is considered to be as old as the Lyre or Kinnor.  We finally conclude with our audio segment listening to Wu Wei playing the ancient Chinese Sheng An ancient and unique instrument that he calls, "The Mouse Organ"  video links: Chinese Sheng Hand pumped organ
November 14, 2019
KS "Holy Worship" - Khalil
We continue our journey of instruments through the Woodwinds of  Israel.  The Khalil was a unique pipe, perhaps most likely a pan pipe.   The debated history  lies in a controversy of the transliteration  between an instrument and an expression through music that such a pipe  causes through dancing.  Archeologically it evolved into the modern  flute as we know it today that is played during feasts (S2 was recorded  during the Fall feasts) and at funerals. Finally we conclude with a  presentation of various woodwinds by USC Thornton faculty Adam Gilbert,  director of the Early Music. 1. Early 16th C woodwinds Adam Gilbert part 1. Adam Gilbert part 2
November 14, 2019
KS "Holy Worship" - Silver Lyre II
Season 1 of our show concludes as we examine in a biblical dramatization the one chapter where the majority of biblical instruments can be found in the book of Daniel.  Robert then gives a final packaging of the instruments we've examined within the string family.  Finally concluding the show with the final segment of Richard Dumbrill describing the tuning of his reconstructed silver Lyre in the Penta-tonic scale (The black keys on the piano).  Followed Dumbroll interviewing textual Babylonian scholar Irving Finkel.  Video link Richard Dumbrill interview part 2
July 27, 2019
KS “Holy Worship” - Silver Lyre I
To conclude the strings portion of our evolution or biblical ancient instrumentation we examine the archeology and musicology behind the Silver Lyre from Ur.  Richard Dunbrill an expert Archeomusicologist, details the history of this instrument from excavation to reconstructing its original casing for display in the 1960s.  Unfortunately it is no longer able to be viewed by the public.  However, Richard, along with Peter Pringle, have taken upon themselves to reconstruct the frame for the silver Lyre as well as the Babylonian tuning of the strings. Video links:   Richard Dumbrill interview Part 1 2. Sarah Collins British Museum
July 11, 2019
KS "Holy Worship" - Kittara
The Greek root names sake gives away its evolution, stemming from a similar linage as that of the dulcimer.  However this gives rise to not only the guitar, but also the modern stringed instruments for orchestration.  After scriptural citation of its use we will hear an excerpt about an odd instrument called the Theorbo.   Video links: 1. Kittros 2. Theorbo
July 8, 2019
KS ”Holy Worship” - Psaltry
This Babylonian instrument has its ancient origins as a dulcimer. Upon learning of its construction and scriptural reference within Daniel’s account, we learn a valuable hermeneutical methodology to avoid when researching the names to come to a conclusion. The Macro-evolution of this instrument is unique in that its modern inception will surprise you. Video links : piano history 1 Piano history 2. 3. Folk Dulcimer
July 4, 2019
KS ”Holy Worship” - Nebel
Continuing our “Stringed Instruments” series we look at two highly debated instruments, the Nebel and Nebel Azor pronounced (Ad-Zor). Like our previous broadcasts we examine its construction and the debate surrounding its origin culturally as well as the number of strings. Scriptural citations and academic debate also take stage allowing for the case of these instruments origin to be made as a native or foreign invention among the Hebrews. Finally we shall listen to one of the earliest harps still used in Ethiopian worship by Coptic Christians, the Nanga. Video Link: BBC The Harp
July 4, 2019
KS “Holy Worship:” - Kinnor
Beginning our adventure into Biblical instrumentation we examine one of the earliest Lyres in the Bible, the Kinnor. Robert will take you through the kinnors construction into its linguistic and hermetical significance in scripture as well as the opinions of academics and church fathers through ancient records. Video link: Megiddo Lyre
July 4, 2019
KS “Holy Worship” - Origins
Today Robert gives his testimony on how God gave him a passion for music, history, and their theological connection to the Holy Bible. Exploring the academic means by which history is taught and establishing a need for biblical musicology (Bible Music History) to fill a gap commonly found in Liberal arts textbooks, while also educating the body of Messiah in a unique topic of scriptural study and contemplation.
July 4, 2019