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By Kal Sellers
Health, enlightenment, personal power and wisdom, recognition of truth, changing the world, restoring balance to the creative field of humans, creation of a practical new world immune to corruption from above, removal of all dependence on central resources, peaceful overthrow of all current corrupt powers, empowering personal creative fields in every single individual, every community, every state and country, the world and, when appropriate, the galaxy.
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Depression Defense 1&2
Learn how to program your brain for success in healthy thinking and transform your life going forward as you choose. Health-promoting patterns and exercises for the brain and body, which nearly anyone can do, are taught.
April 29, 2022
The Final Epitaph of 2020
Dr Kal Exposes the reality of the situation we are in with finality and definition. He lays out where we must start to do anything now to make our world better. Included is the appropriate warning about propaganda and dangerous drugging pushed upon us currently.
March 14, 2021
ER 9:2 Healthy Whole
In this episode we discuss the second step of the enlightened revolution which is becoming a whole as individuals and then also as a planet. In this episode we specifically discuss steps you must take in order to obtain wholeness and health as an individual. In this way you can have a whole and healthy thinking thereby enabling you to be part of the solution.
January 11, 2021
ER 9:1 Where You Are
The first step in the enlightened revolution is seeing all things clearly. This is the foundation of that first step
January 10, 2021
Jesse and Kal: Mustard Seed and Detox Living
Heart math, moving to a higher resonance, Faith, observer effect, Maharishi Effect, character development
December 17, 2020
Jesse and Kal: HeartMath and Epigenetics
We discuss Epigenetics and how what we think and choose decided what we are and our genetic expression
December 07, 2020
Jesse and Kal: 1 listening to yourself
Jesse and Kal discuss the beginning of healing, heart math and proactive thinking choices
December 03, 2020
The Creatures in the Forest
An exploration of psychology of the group, a solid expose and a satire story that teaches everything you need to know up to right now.
November 15, 2020
ER Preparedness: Herbal First Aid Audio Coursework
This is the collection of the herbal first aid audio files I have taught for years in my practice. Some of this may have changed from the time I recorded this to the present, but having listened again to some of this, I am convinced most of it is spot on and will steer you right in your preparedness efforts
September 06, 2020
Choose sides carefully part 1&2
The ER depends on those who can see clearly. Today’s narrative is filled with lies easily seen. Expose them. Know them and resist them. Be true to the truth.
August 14, 2020
ER History of Corruption and Creative Solutions
In this episode we talked about the very sad difficult realization of corruption above us and the history of how that came about and some of the motivation. We also talk about the enlightened revolution and possible solutions that are within the grasp of creative committed people. We talked about some solutions which no one can interfere with
July 12, 2020
Why shelter is the first step in preparation and what the ER people think about shelter
July 03, 2020
State of Our Nation ER
More candid and realistic discussion of what’s really happening with loss of liberty the current calamities and where we’re going next. Also a discussion of what we might do about it.
June 24, 2020
ER the History of Our Food
Food quality and history is introduced and Dr Kal’s plan to re-create our world for stability, health and intrinsic value is unveiled. Wisdom is offered in listening to ourselves inside to select food which makes us healthier and wiser to carry out the Enlightened Revolution
June 20, 2020
The World’s Simplest Riddle
The first installment of rules for life as part of the Enlightened Revolution ER. Here we get the groundwork needed to actually work within the ER and be successful. Here we become impossible to control, corral or deceive much or for long.
June 17, 2020
Dr Kal discusses enzymes and how and why to take or not take them
Enzymes can make inflammation worse or can facilitate complete healing and cleanup of your body. Learn to use them right
June 10, 2020
ER Decoding Lies parts 2-4 the template and the 5 highlighted conspiracies
9 11, coronavirus, chemtrails, social gender movements, global warming, vaccines discussed and what we really know revealed along with how to tell what we know and what’s a lie
May 24, 2020
ER Decoding Lies part one: 5 conspiracies, 6 part template
In this episode the introduction of what we must do to decode lies and identify them is discussed
May 24, 2020
Environmental Agendas parts 1&2
Talks about the 5 top priorities needed to heal the environment and the need to switch our efforts to those for the preservation of all
May 23, 2020
5 tools for recognizing organized lies
Teaches you how to use 5 simple tools to evaluate media reports, advertisements and statements or pushes from politicians or organizations to see if they are lying to you!
April 25, 2020
Is this how you want to go out?
Begin the Enlightened Revolution with me. Understand your situation and options. Learn 4 questions you must ask yourself and then 4 steps you can take in the next 24 hours to begin the Enlightened Revolution.
April 22, 2020