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India’s exclusive SAREE/SARI podcast featuring Saree crusaders and enthusiasts as they share their journey and love for the 6 yards.These trailblazers are vibrant & quirky in their styles and each episode is as unique as their own personality , just like a SAREE.
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Episode 3 - So what’ the noise about handloom vs Powerloom also singing our favourite song
The co-founders of Kalaneca - Kavea & Ramya dedicate this episode to the legendary singer SP BALASUBRAMANYAM gaaru. Catch them sing their favourite Annamacharya Keertana ( pardon the audio lag if any)
September 26, 2020
Reflections over Sarees & Rains
2 interesting fun facts coming your way and trust us you would want yo listen to this episode with a cup of chai/coffee and some yummy pakodas. Wondering why? Well you will know in the next 4 minutes
September 19, 2020
Transcending borders through sarees and styles with Yoriko from Japan
From having draped a Pokémon bedsheet as a saree style unknowingly, to creating fascinating styles with six yards of handwoven fabric , this PhD student of neuroscience chooses a saree as a fabric of expression. Tune in to hear why ?
August 09, 2020
Fresh episodes and fresh new conversations with one THEME - FUN . We begin with an international guest who loves to wear sarees and we will bring yo you fun-filled conversations throughout Season 2 , because hey Saree is all about having fun .Isn’t it .
August 08, 2020
Episode 11 - A special episode on KALANECA, featuring the co- founders Kavea & Ramya
So 11th June is our work anniversary and we thought why not share our journey with the sarees on our 11th episode. Co-Founders Ramya & Kavea will share their memories of sarees and take you on a fun trip as the twin sisters chat over this episode of the podcast. We hope you enjoy it
June 20, 2020
Episode 10 - The Fine ‘Art ‘ of Colour Therapy through the Artist/Author & saree addict -Srushti Rao
Srushti Rao is not just an acclaimed corporate communications professional but is a multifaceted woman having worn many hats including that of an Author & a fabulous painter. This episode is a colourburst of her experiences on her beautiful journey with the sarees.
June 05, 2020
Episode 9 : Embracing one's true self in a saree and promoting inclusivity with Sanjay Kumar
Episode 9: Sanjay Kumar believes in adding vibrant colors of his personality to the closed boxes created by the society. He is by no means sorry for it . He shares the story behind his hashtag #ManInAsaree
May 31, 2020
EPISODE 8 - Romancing the PleatsnPallu while she drapes her individuality with sass- TANAYA
The extensively travelled Tanaya loves to read books on textiles and embraces the freedom to just let be. With astute clarity of thought, she does not let the length of the pleats define her and yet through her pictures captures our imagination around the SAREE.
May 16, 2020
Episode 7 , Part 1 : On a journey to help the world find an identity through a saree with Nikaytaa
Saree researcher Nikaytaa shares her body of work and the fabulous insights from her study and experiences. Here she also shares her insights on the origins of the Nivi Drape
April 26, 2020
Episode 7, Part 2 : On a journey to help the world find an identity through a saree with Nikaytaa
Saree researcher shares her fantastic insights from her work and experiences and brings forth some beautiful thoughts in this episode
April 26, 2020
Episode 6 - Weaving a story of smile and substance with Aparna
How many of those who have worn sarees remember the mini sarees for the tiny tots. Those small sized stitched sarees for kids available in the busy bylanes of our cities and towns. Our guest Aparna weaves a story of memories and good vibes as she talks about her tryst with social media that got her to appreciate and spread the joy of a saree.
April 18, 2020
The style diva who is making the saree hip - Ashwini Narayan
Ashwini or fondly known as Wini Narayan is always surprising us with new saree drapes and looks . Adding a dash of her gleeful smile she is such an affable personality who is on a mission to make the saree hip and happening. This podcast will focus on a very salient point on where she found the inspiration to try out new saree styles and in the journey inspire us all.
March 14, 2020
Episode 4 : On a journey of weaving memories with the fabulous DesiDrapes -Isha Priya Singh
Her approach to life has passion and purpose . She belives in being a connoisseur or a collector and not a mere hoarder of items . Join this beautiful conversation as she shares her love for handwoven drapes , living life to the fullest and weaving beautiful memories.
March 07, 2020
Episode 3 - Spreading the saree love with Chinna Dua
Our guest Ms Chinna Dua is a powerhouse of creativity and versatility .Conversations with her is like interacting with a friend . She shares her beautiful journey of six yards and beyond in this episode
February 27, 2020
Our guest Viji Venkatesh is a rockstar to have a conversation with. Be it her genuine love for the six yards or her cool avataar with her tattoos, catch her nuggets of insights on the saree that will make you want to have a chat with this dynamic personality who is a Grandma to 2 and Amma to many .
February 20, 2020
Breaking the stereotypes one weave at a time, our guest believes that the Saree has to be celebrated and IS NOT just a feminine piece of clothing. The very suave and stylish Himanshu Verma AKA the saree man is our guest in this episode.
February 13, 2020