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Kaleidoscope Mind Ministries Podcast

Kaleidoscope Mind Ministries Podcast

By Kennedy Montecue
A woman's ministry dedicate to helping women find who the truly are in Christ.

Each podcast is an audio re-broadcast of each sermon and or interview.

New podcast episodes every Sunday at 8 am.

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It Was All Part Of The Plan

Kaleidoscope Mind Ministries Podcast

It Was All Part Of The Plan

Kaleidoscope Mind Ministries Podcast

The Forgiveness Series: Freedom From Grudges
Kaleidoscope Mind Ministries Thank you so much for watching. We hope that this sermon overview has blessed you! Please come back next week for part 3 ✨ Help Me Forgive Me: How to forgive myself✨ Ways to support! SHARE this sermon with anyone you know who needs it. Like & Save it for later just in case you missed anything. and if the Lord moves you to sow into this ministry financially, below. Venmo: kaleidoscopemindministries Cashapp $kennedym94 Again we want to thank you for tuning in & we hope you join us next week for part 3! Happy Weekend #HolySpirit #jesus #christiantiktok #christianpodcast #christianyoutube #christianreels #christian #faithoverreligion #faithbased
January 22, 2022
It Was All Part Of The Plan
Thank you for making my Birthday (and year) so special! I can't wait to share this whole entire year with you guys!  The harvest is HERE! "Crazier Faith" Series from Transformation Church : Ways to support this podcast/ministry Ways to sow into this podcast/ministry venmo: @ kaleidoscopemindministries tiktok : shefelldowntherabbithole instagram @ iamkennedywren
December 31, 2021
Prayer For Mental Illness
Ways to sow into this ministry and Podcast: @venmo - kaleidoscopemindministries
December 16, 2021
The Preparation Season (Part 2)
This episode is a continuation of The Preparation Season (Part 1) The Holy Spirit decided to take things over. It was super awesome!Thank you so much for listening to this episode of the Kaleidoscope mind podcast. If this podcast blessed you in any way please share it with whoever God puts on your to share it with. Verses quoted/Used Matthew 11:28 John 15:5 John 14:6 Exodus 4:14 ( I am) Exodus 34:5 (Yawah) ( All translations from New Living Translation) Ways to sow into this ministry and Podcast: @venmo - kaleidoscopemindministries
December 11, 2021
The Preparation Season
In this episode we talk about the The Preparation Season and some of the obstacles I had to faced while God was refining and readying me for the harvest (blessing) How to support this podcast : Cashapp : $Kennedym94. Buy me a Coffee : Share this podcast - if this or any of these episodes blessed you or you related in any way, please share this podcast with any one who needs it!🦋
December 03, 2021
You've Been Made For Greater- The Calling on the Creatives & Innovators
In this episode I talked about how Its okay to be working on your dream career from the start. And how sometimes certain opportunities and thing we want in life are blocked because there's a greater calling on your life. Verse Paraphrased/mentions Habakkuk 2:2   Ways to support this podcast  Buy me a coffee: Cashapp: $kennedym94 Who am I? Kennedy Wren Montecue is a Poet, Podcaster and full-time content creator. Along with poetry, she’s written over 10 books which includes “The Funny Thing About Us'' and “Letters to Myself ``which have gotten over 500k reads. She is currently working on her next collections of poetry and her podcast “Kaleidoscope Mind with Kennedy Wren” a faith-based podcast for women navigating their late 20’s and 30’s.  
December 01, 2021
Concerned about your future? give this a listen.
Don't know what to do with your  life? Ask God for the Plan In this episode, I speak on my story,  how God led me to my purpose and how you can allow HIM to do the same for you. Verses discussed/Used Jeremiah 29:11 NLT Isaiah 43:19 NLT  Follow me on IG @kennedymontecue Support the podcast  Buy me a Coffee - Cashapp - Kennedym94
November 28, 2021
Are We at Mental Capacity?
If you need to talk to someone, please don't be scared to reach out! Mental Health Resource for people of color: Text NOSTIGMA to 707070 All are welcome to these: HOME to 741741 Suicide Crisis Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 All these centers are open 24/7 and are free. 
June 05, 2020
June 4, 2020
June 04, 2020