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Kaleidoscope Teen Radio

By Kaleidoscope Teen
Welcome to Kaleidoscope Teen Radio, the podcast for Kaleidoscope Teen Magazine. Kaleidoscope Teen Magazine is an online magazine made for and by girls of color. View all of our podcasts here! ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻
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Charting Your Own Path as a Creative with Stephanie Bell
The guest for this episode is Stephanie Bell. Stephanie Bell is a media producer and journalist who specializes in photography and video production. Listen to this podcast to hear more about her story, advice, and how she got to where she is today. Follow Stephanie Bell on social media: Stephanie’s Personal Instagram: @xostephbell Stephanie’s Business Instagram: @bystephaniebell Website:
March 4, 2021
GIRL OF THE MONTH: Maya Whites (Co-Head of Umoja at The Brearley School)
Maya Whites is the Girl of the Month for our 8th issue! Maya is a senior at The Brearley School. She is the Co-Head of Umoja and on the Advisory Board. She also is the Host and Founder of the podcast: Independently Black. Listen to this podcast to hear more about Maya’s story and about the initiatives, programs, and events she’s put in place for Umoja. Contact Maya via email: Independently Black Instagram: Independently Black Podcast:
February 22, 2021
A Perspective: An Alternative to College w/ Jada Jones
Today’s guest for this episode is Jada Jones. Jada is a YouTuber, podcaster, actor, dancer, and singer. Today we are talking about the different paths and options besides attending college and Jada’s experience. Come hear her journey and advice for those considering this path. Follow Jada on social media - Instagram: @jadajonesss YouTube channel: Podcast: Highkey Adulting Not in College Diaries Series:
February 21, 2021
GIRL OF THE MONTH: Drew Townsel (Founder & CEO of Intersect Magazine)
Drew Townsel is the Girl of the Month for our 7th issue! Drew is the Founder & CEO of Intersect Magazine and a freshman at Loyola Marymount University. She also works with Sony Music U and has an internship with 10k Projects. Listen to this podcast to hear more about Drew’s story and about how she created Intersect Magazine. Follow Drew and Intersect Magazine on social media: Drew’s instagram: @drewtownsel Intersect Magazine: Intersect Magazine’s instagram: @intersectmagazine
January 10, 2021
GIRL OF THE MONTH: Josie Helm (Founder and Executive Director of BSDC)
Josie Helm is the Girl of the Month for our 5th issue! Josie is a Junior in High school at The Brearley School in New York City. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Black Students Demanding Change (BSDC). "BSDC is dedicated to fostering a centralized community space where Black students feel heard, supported, and celebrated. We work to implement racially equitable reform in private schools across the U.S. by serving as an intermediary between Black students and our administrations." Follow Josie and BSDC on social media: Josie's instagram: @josieehelm BSDC's insatgrams: @bsdcnational @bsdcny @bsdcdmw BSDC's website:
September 30, 2020
We Are The Change with Madalyn Salkowsky
Hi and welcome to Kaleidoscope Teen Magazine’s podcast. My name is Madalyn Salkowsky and I am a human being.  First I'd like to start off by saying how proud I am of you for tuning into this podcast and wanting to  further your knowledge on some problems in the world today. This podcast will be about societal and systemic racism and how we as Americans can be the best versions of ourselves. RESOURCES: Instagram accounts- @blklivesmatter, @privtoprog, @antiracism_collective, @talkspace, @civilrightsorg, @aoc, @idontmind Podcasts you can listen to - A Decade Of watching Black People Die, We’ve Been Here Before, “I can’t breathe.” Again. Instagram live I loved is now in the IGTV section of Melissa Benoist’s Instagram titled, “COFFEE LIVE”. You can go to and sign endless petitions, and there are multiple documentaries you can watch to further educate yourself. - Madalyn Salkowsky
August 2, 2020
Asian-American Allyship 101: Together We Must Stand
In this episode, we will talk about the importance of solidarity between people of color in order to dismantle the roots of all of this: white supremacy. We will place the Black Lives Matter movement in the context of everything else happening in the world right now, and learn to stop playing the Oppression Olympics. - Tazrean Hossain
August 2, 2020
Asian-American Allyship 101: So You Want to Be an Ally…Now What?
In this episode, we will break down what it really means to be an ally as an Asian-American. Now that we know the history of prejudice between Asian-Americans and Black-Americans and understand why the arguments made against allyship aren’t valid, how do we, as Asian-Americans, actually become better allies and hold ourselves accountable? This episode will talk about what allyship looks like and how to practice accountability, from my perspective as a South Asian at a predominantly white school. RESOURCES: PROTESTING INFOGRAPHIC: Some petitions: BLM Resource Guides (includes petitions, tips for protesters, mental health resources, educational resources, and places to donate to): Specifically for Asian-Americans: Sources: - Tazrean Hossain
July 20, 2020
Asian-American Allyship 101: "What Have They Done For Us?” and Other Myths That Hinder Allyship
In this episode, we will debunk the arguments that Asian-Americans often use against Black Lives Matter, such as “What have they done for us?”, “We worked hard to succeed, why can’t they?”, and “We’re minorities too, so how could we even help?” through the lens of the model minority myth. We will learn about how Black activists have aided Asian-Americans in achieving civil rights. This episode will give you talking points for your Asian family members who don’t want to support Black Lives Matter and prove why arguments against Asian-American allyship are futile. - Tazrean Hossain
July 5, 2020
Asian-American Allyship 101: George Floyd and Tou Thao–A Story Rooted in White Supremacy
In this episode, we will unpack the relationship between the Asian-American and Black-American communities, investigating the history of anti-Asian racism and anti-blackness. In doing so, we will understand what happened with George Floyd and Tou Thao and how our past and present continues to be rooted in white supremacy. This episode will give you the foundation needed to inform what we, Asian-Americans, must do as allies to the Black community. - Tazrean Hossain
June 28, 2020
Never Have I Ever Seen Someone Who Looks Like Me on TV with Anjali Tandon
This podcast is about Mindy Kaling’s new Netflix hit, Never Have I Ever, and its role in South Asian representation in the media. In this episode we discuss what worked in season one and what didn’t, and what we hope to see next season!
May 29, 2020
Colorism: The Media's Impact on People of Color with Alisha Joseph
Hey everybody! For KTM’s first podcast, we will be talking about colorism and the media’s contribution to colorism. Feel free to leave comments down below and thank you for listening in advance. Follow us on IG @KaleidoscopeTeen and stay tuned for more podcasts. As you’re listening, you will hear that I make generalizations about certain groups of people. Understand that I am not speaking for everyone in that group and that everyone does not do the specific thing that I am speaking about. I tend to generalize when I speak and I apologize if I offend anyone. Please leave feedback in the comments so I can make my content better for you all. With love, Alisha Joseph.
May 28, 2020