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By Kalen Jordan
Kalen Jordan discussing business, life, mental health, remote work, software development, ecommerce, & more.
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Getting stronger every day
So one of my mantras lately is "getting stronger every day". One of my goals is to improve my fitness -  build muscle, lose fat, that kind of thing - and I find that with a mantra you want to have something that's aspirational but also realistic - because otherwise my brain will go "that's not true" But the cool thing about this one is that you can get stronger in so many different ways - like maybe my ability to curl weights goes up one day,  Maybe one day I lose some weight...weight loss goes up and down so much It's never that consistent - like the other day... I realize I've been drinking more water and having less of the iced tea, which is another one of my goals, right so that so it kind of forces your brain to look for little ways in which you're getting stronger, which I think is helpful to the whole process.
June 17, 2020
Welcome to the shed studio.
June 14, 2020
Learning to let go
As a developer, one of things you need is the ability to really focus for long periods of time. In my own life, I can see that bleed into obsessiveness at times. One of things I'm learning now is how to let go. That's my thing lately...just learning to let go of things. I can be obsessive about things. Letting go is great for me for a number of reasons. It helps me to be less anxious, a bit less of a hassle to deal with, and just happier in general. If an idea comes into my head or a thought or worry, I'll be able to not necessarily have to obsess about it. Not have to solve it or have to figure it out right away. This is something that feels really healthy for me.
June 13, 2020
Remote work and relocation
March 31, 2020
#65 - Flow state leading indicator of income, KPIs, ExtDN installer, learning new ecosystems
Flow state leading indicator of income, KPIs, ExtDN installer, learning new ecosystems
January 23, 2020
#64 - Prep for certifications, Working nights and weekends, eCommerce simplification
Prep for certifications, Working nights and weekends, eCommerce simplification
January 3, 2020
#58 - Remote conferences, Legacy Magento codebases, and more!
Remote conferences are not conferences   If burned out on legacy Magento codebase consider working with more modern codebase with better tooling.    What to do when clients expect quick responses to emails in off hours
December 7, 2019
#57 - Atomic pieces of work, Cybertruck, and more!
1. Atomic pieces of work 2. Glide app to allow people to give feedback on podcasts as they are listening 3. Building CH on airtable 4. Cybertruck is the most innovative design in recent memory
December 3, 2019
Streamlining workflows by creating atomic pieces of work
Atomic pieces of work.
November 28, 2019
#56 - Setting up meetings for conferences, The return of Falkowski, and more!
Playing with content formats - twitter text screenshot, quotes, animated scrolling text, meme videos   Making connections before a conference   Review pomodus - death by 1000 notifications   What I do personally to limit notifications   If you're not posting written content daily to LinkedIn you're missing out.    Timed fields in integromat   Airtable User-specific read/write permissions at view level   Brendan speaking at Imagine
November 21, 2019
#55 - Finding your message, Dealing with unresponsive clients, and more!
Content pillars Content   Dealing with unresponsive clients - let them know you'll drop them - if you bend over backwards they will get worse Developers/Work   "Building systems...  one of my core strengths is building and prototyping systems and not just theoretically but actually doing the grunt work to prove the concept but when I get stuck in doing grunt work that's when it's not productive I need to in a place where I'm building systems. " Product  Nocode job creation Nocode   What's your message? Content   B2B products that people love Product   Social guest pass for imagine Magento
November 20, 2019
#54 - Talking to friends vs. a therapist, Approaching people at networking events, and more!
Talking to a professional who is trained to listen is powerful -a lot of times our friends&family don't actually listen very well    When you're building a PWA and run into missing API endpoints    Business opportunity to create API endpoints to help agencies launch pwas.     Approaching people at conferences  Idea behind content accelerator is to allow the creator to focus on the highest impact/leverage parts - refinding their message, finding their voice, and to automagically amplify that out to various different pieces of content output
November 20, 2019
#53 - Content velocity, Prepay for freelance work, and more!
Content velocity if you are not generating 5 to 10 original thoughts per day where your iterating on different ideas then something is stuck.     Prepay. Shouldn’t be in business of financing.     How's Work podcast from Esther Perell  Brent's video did really well  IG story hack  Gary's 64 pieces of content  Big companies stop being innovative because they get worse at hiring
November 20, 2019
#51 - How to network at conferences & landing page feedback
1. You don't have to go to conferences if you don't want to. Lots of different ways to build your career and profile.     2. How to socialize at conferences - ask questions, follow a system    3. Landing page feedback
November 20, 2019
#50 - Magezine, Mental Health, and more!
Magezine swag    Basecamp Personal  php 7.1  Social media usernames  Generato  Screenless coding for kids  "Burnout - closing an agency "  Mental health - talk last night, people sharing things vulnerably
November 14, 2019
#49 - Singles day, Setting boundaries at work, and more!
Singles day  Replatforming podcast  Magenews  Portals  Disney plus!  Marketing takes a lot of touches - play the long game  Habit stacking  Conditioning and boundaries for async work / flow state
November 13, 2019
#48 - Amazon Installment Payments, Productized Services, and more!
Table Plus vs. Sequel Pro Amazon installment payments Credit card for chores for kids Lighthouse CI YouTube chrome extension feedback k Who is building a productized service Garyvee reputation from people who actually know you is the entire currency.    Direct video - if you have video content and want help producing clips like this hit us up.
November 12, 2019
#47 - Cricket protein, Maximizing flow state, and more!
Unsplash as a marketing channel Returns products super expensive - Ali's product Cricket protein """Social media isn't a bad thing"" Social media is talked about often as an obvious bad thing. i.e. ""get off social media"" is generally seen as good advice. ""social media fast"" is generally seen as healthy. Social media is just a modern form of socializing. There's healthy socializing and unhealthy socializing. " http://local.commercehero.test/quote...."""Reading is correlated to success - maybe one day Twitter usage will be"" Studies that correlate reading to success. Maybe one day watching certain types of YouTube channels will be correlated. Or linkedin ussage - or certain twitter accounts." http://local.commercehero.test/quote.... """Maximize your flow state for fun and profit"" maximize for Flow State my pass content has been about what not to do in other words turn off notifications but really the purpose is to maximize flowstate because it feels good it will increase profits for companies that will increase productivity for developers happiness for developers ultimately earnings for developers. " http://local.commercehero.test/quote.... Indie maker community growing in influence - taylor otwell numbers, adam waythan, rob walling, tinyseed, etc. 30 years
November 12, 2019
#46 - Free work as a marketing plan, Note-taking systems, and more!
"Free work as a marketing plan" - Marketing plan for Content accelerator do free pieces of content for people. This can also work for other things like free e-commerce strategy or site teardowns.  quote   30k visits what to do next    What to do when your idea has competition  Complaining about 4 months severance  Sylius store  Amazon catalog  Note taking system. David perell.
November 11, 2019
#45 - Remote companies encouraging non-work socializing, GraphQL road-mapping, and more!
"For all-remote companies, leaders should not expect informal communication to happen naturally"  I criticize people for wanting to hire remote but I want to work locally with my buddy  B2B API poll  Graphql roadmap fooman  Tillypay  Subtle ui tweak that prompts you to focus in tiktok is how scroll works.  Onboarding is everything
November 10, 2019
#44 - Nocodevember, Complex systems, and more!
Counting operations for integromat kills creativity a bit  What's your content routine? Maybe tag phil/tj quote   Cataloging your thoughts - my topics airtable - aggregating over time. Retroactive.  Vinai should do video training content for magento  Open source software works better lower in the stack with SaaS being the high-level model for products - conversation with jon bownds quote   Aurora RMA module  Saying complex systems are "broken"
November 9, 2019
#43 - I left my house without my cell phone AMA, Written Content to Video, and more!
Gary Smith unboxing  Akoova review - positioning as best of both saas and open source  Part of the reason we cringe when we see ourselves on video is that we don't love ourselves quote.html - #228422   Dev teams having a nocode person  Mini retirement  On-clothing advertising  I left my house without my cell phone AMA quote.html   Video/audio format for just reading articles. Derek sivers. Kurt elsner.
November 9, 2019
#41 - You CAN say no, New podcast from Derek Sivers, and more!
"you can't say no to person x from department y if they are having a problem you can fix or explain" Shout out to Derek Sivers and also some thoughts on youtube/twitter as a channel compared to email. People always say email is the best channel where you own the relationship. "While in principle I don't disagree this is not the reality for agencies and the kind of environment they provide" If there is someone that you’re jealous of force yourself to follow them and struggle with that feeling and get past it.   Cold outreach vs. slow burn approach over time Why you shouldn't put ads on your podcast Upload a picture of an outfit and they find you the items
November 9, 2019
#42 - Is Shopify cannibalizing it's ecosystem, The Messy Middle, and more!
Is Shopify cannibalizing it's ecosystem by getting into email?  ( Rehash acquisition Messy middle Outsourcing writing - I'm assuming it's the ideas and not the writing that people are looking for. Fall in love with a problem Has anyone ever said anything really nice to you online? Sir Michael
November 6, 2019
#40 - It doesn't need to go live today, Real wealth is about freedom, and more!
Wonder if ever been ab test of diet soda vs soda in a society.   file:///Users/kalenj/Documents/quote.html  I wonder if social media platforms blocking political ads will just cause dollars to flow to influencers.  file:///Users/kalenj/Documents/quote.html  "I need this to go live today" - even I felt that way about content team getting stuff done same day vs. next day file:///Users/kalenj/Documents/quote.html  Most powerful sign of product market fit - doesn't need sales Real wealth is not about money Mage2tv so happy for vinai.
November 4, 2019
#39 - Why is Airtable better than Google Sheets, SaaS annual billing, and more!
Shopify credit card hijacking The right time to do annual payment on SaaS is NOT when first signing up file:///Users/kalenj/Documents/quote.html  Talk about what you’re doing when creating content that’s the easiest way document versus create.  Example: I can't really do Magento content the way I could when starting magetalk file:///Users/kalenj/Documents/quote.html  How is airtable different from google sheets - lookups, drag/drop, status colored selects, attachments  30 minute blocks of time are not enough for developers. 2 hours. Appears China is playing the long game more so than the US.  file:///Users/kalenj/Documents/quote.html  Comments are content file:///Users/kalenj/Documents/quote.html
November 4, 2019
#38 - How to trend on LinkedIn, Being an intentional dad, and more!
Stream with TJ Grammarly tone detector Dips with 45 pounds It feels good to express yourself - you don't always have to have a reason or justification for why you want to talk about something  file:///Users/kalenj/Desktop/quote.html  How to trend on linkedin - quantity is quality, linkedin outreach file:///Users/kalenj/Desktop/quote.html  Shout out to Sonassi Official mea culpa for $10k project Being intentional as a dad
November 3, 2019
#36 - Session-based Magento hosting, Shopware API focus, and more!
1. Session based pricing aligns incentives. Magemojo. If you’re just paying fixed price hosting company has no incentive to improve. 2. If someone misses a call, it's not okay for you to miss a call - 2 wrongs don't make a right, it still makes you look unprofessional. 3. Shopware is killing it with API-first focus 4. Need to start spending on pay distribution for commerce hero4 ads need to find the right person to run campaigns and also need to identify the right creative. 5. To put out content consistently you have to get used to recognizing the feeling you have when there's something you want to talk about and then you just need a system for either taking that down as a note or recording it right away on the fly. 6. Chasing the blue dot 7. How many of your sales are attributed to your podcast? The Jets might be the only sports team I actually carry care about because of Gary vee. Furtick preacher gravy content model Business idea: overhead product to track overhead. Content accelerator - gitkeep for documentation - CONTENT ACCELERATOR
November 2, 2019
#37 - You have permission to talk about whatever you want!
We've got 4 solid devs that were recently laid off by a Magento agency on Commerce Hero Publication of record  Gym might be the only place where you can get unbiased information on which workouts are effective from some of that isn't trying to sell something.  Great magetalk yesterday with ampjar MLEU Overview  You have permission to talk about whatever you want. Fitness. Might help one person.  Replace fax Need a word for the content strategy of random plus curated.
November 1, 2019
#35 - Work asynchronously!
Respond to all of the linkedin comments on my post related to notifications being unprofessional Most devs aren't working async. Especially remote. Follow up to yesterday’s thing on notifications
October 31, 2019
#34 Notifications are unprofessional and it’s all about the quadrant
Multistreaming with Prep questions for m2 technical interview Maybe not having privacy is a good thing? “Coming out of the shadows” Product idea - saas app for building conditionals to hook up to integromat. Mobile friendly.  file:///Users/kalenj/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202019-10-29%20at%207.25.16%20AM.png Notifications are unprofessional It’s all about the quadrant ecomscan
October 29, 2019
#33 Texting Santa & Will MS acquire adobe?
Multistreaming with Will MS acquire adobe?  - largest m&a ever Maybe talk more about magento api coverage  - magic quadrant Not streaming to linkedin any more If you're trying to create more content don't limit yourself to certain topics talked about everything that comes to mind and then segment out those topics.  Text santa idea. #sms Double down on content that’s working. SMS topic for example. Paying attention to whether people follow back is a waste of time.  Maybe keep going through remote work statistics Better idea   automation might end most unskilled jobs
October 28, 2019
#32 Webflow eats the web, Multi-currency for Shopify, Jesus is King
Multistreaming with Product idea: Channelizer from future commerce Webflow traffic stats Webflow twitter designers Multi-currency for shopify kanye album Data studio  gross domestic product Remote work statistics
October 26, 2019
#31 Streamlining RFPs, Content creator group, and more!
Multistreaming with RFPs no code Buy stock with cash app FC shirts Content creator group I got your back If you don't like seeing video of yourself that means you don't like yourself
October 25, 2019
#30 - Payment Request API, Magento API Coverage, $5m Fund for wordpress businesses
Multistreaming with Instagram carousel bad ux Payment request api Stripe leaving san francisco Basecamp tenure lengths - pay, salary, bonuses, equity Magento - drop it all and get full api coverage $5m fund for wordpress businesses Review of get mesa
October 24, 2019
#29 Magento Innovation Lab, Streamlining RFP process, Developers working ourselves out of a job
Multistreaming with Innovation lab Workflow for streamlining RFP processes between clients and agencies. Our job as developers is to work ourselves out of a job. Micro vs. Macro. Macro is no code. Maybe SCA Makerting
October 23, 2019
#28 MLEU19, Zapier vs. Integromat, New CA law about freelancing
Multistreaming with MLEU19 Zapier vs. integromat zapier face detection  taylor $10m CA law on freelancers The average modern person is exposed to 5,000 ads per day (500 in 1970).
October 22, 2019
#27 Importance of a content team, Bing reading tweets, Podcast distribution
Multistreaming with Having a Content team is really helpful so that you don't second-guess yourself while posting.  Medium is the message There’s something very freeing about recording long form content and then deciding after the fact which pieces of content you want to distribute. Deciding on whether to talk about 1 topic or 17 topics. Idea - binge read individual’s tweets Communities moving off of social media Podcast distribution Age of the individual The average modern person is exposed to 5,000 ads per day (500 in 1970).
October 20, 2019
#26 Throw your phone on the ground, Long form text content, Podcast ad spend in recession
Multistreaming with Life hack - throw phone on the floor in the car Bitcoin stats Prediction when recession hits ad spend is going to shift rapidly from TV to podcasts. No code is democratizing app creation the way that YouTube democratize Startup episode exit I feel so happy for Alex Tinyseed tales - everything Rob Walling touches turns to gold Short and medium form text Jealousy CH job
October 19, 2019
#25 alternatives, Nocode prototyping as best practice, Magento BI Review
Live stream #25 alternatives, Nocode prototyping as best practice, Magento BI Review —— Really enjoyed first in-person podcast with Jon linked events - meet up alternative - Every platform should have an indicator of average response time for example Twitter, email, LinkedIn etc. Show the average response time for each person. Traditional recruiters fees and litigious I think a time is coming soon or has already come wear for a bootstrapped business owner the best practice is to prototype on no code tools and potentially scale to a decent revenue amount on no code. Review power BI  Should you start a podcast? Should you do it with a cohost? How to find someone? Spanish segment  Gitbook looks awesome - about page is en fuego
October 19, 2019
#24 Interview with Jon Bownds
What podcasts do you listen to? Reference material: Thinking fast and slow: Sapiens, central insight  NYtimes: Susan Wojecki  Enlightenment now: Stephen Pinker Accelerate: The science of building and scaling high performing technology organizations,  Everything is F*cked- a book about hope (Mark Manson). Random Cool stuff: Helium IOT routers, new internet aimed at IOT incentivized by Cryptocurrency and Data Credits Helium: Takeaway- Whitepaper My airtable workflow - I’m so pumped about airtable/nocode I’m losing my mind Not sure if you listened to serial podcast but if so I’m very curious what you think about this (and also generally what you think about subscription payment mdoels for pods)
October 18, 2019
#23 Compassionate firing, Pods I listen to, B2B Personalization software
Multistreaming with The best way to fire - garyvee podcast 46 minutes their new plan to give 90 days notice and place people in a new company when they fire them. 100% ux vs. 80/20 go through podcasts that I'm subscribed to Mutiny review If you're trying to create content, hack your psychology. Find the right time of day. Coffee in the morning for me. I feel discouraged multiple times per day. FAM review
October 16, 2019
#22 How to prep content, Lifestyle businesses, Landing page feedback, Video content for audio pods
Multistreaming with Brent feedback on landing page  - and dad jokes Recess How I prep content. When recording audio podcasts video yourself Adults as atrophied children vs. children as immature adults Lifestyle businesses are great Random large invoice number
October 15, 2019
#21 Stillness/Meditation, Airtable for Productized Service, Facebook Inflating Viewership
Multistreaming with Shout out to Ben’s dog cooper Stillness by Ryan Holiday - meditation might not be best first step  - Ironically I can’t get still enough to listen to the book Quantity of content gary eve Working on document with my daughter Playing with airtable / zapier for building a productized service Facebook inflating viewership - don’t run ads based on views Brainstorming ideas for building website for Mark - cool how much there is on social
October 14, 2019
#20 No-input customer onboarding, Content team as service, Last mile of UX, Live stream typing
Multistreaming with #20  Feedback on itstim Aim for zero field inputs with account creation Crazy Twitter doesn't have support for articles. Content team as a service typing live stream contest last mile of UX Hard to make friends podcast
October 13, 2019
#19 Fear of Insignificance, What to do with a billion dollars, WYSIWYG, Dogs & Recessions
Multistreaming with The Fear of Doing Something Insignificant Startup podcast what would you do with a billion dollars. Webflow has delivered on wysiwyg What does walking your dog have to do with operating a business in a recession? Website testimonials Monthly pricing billed annually
October 12, 2019
#18 The gold standard for podcast ads, Therapy, Code School Success, 120% Off Store Credit
Multistreaming with Tim ferris listeners like ads #WorldMentalHealthDay Lambda school student 120% off for store credit Webflow makes me enjoy making websites again.   - crazy how many ads ignored Site review - Magequest Site review - Atkinsons review
October 11, 2019
#17 Remote companies are winning; Gift-sending app; Career coaching; Sleep on contentious messages
Multistreaming with Congrats to Navarr Companies that embrace remote are winning. Without naming names I see this playing out in Magento ecosystem. Companies who previously were anti-remote are now remote. Sending gifts app Frictionless ways to capture ideas is important voice to text and things like that.  Career coaching service Before sending a potentially contentious message, sleep on it  - Another nice thing about batching your replies on social media is that it forces you to sleep on it before responding to something that could be potentially sensitive or make you angry.  Based on current maturity of nocode I think nocode is more important than code for my 10 year old daughter.
October 10, 2019
#16 Elevator pitch feedback; Meditation device; Scary-credible phishing; Traveling & escapism
More feedback on elevator pitches A cool device for meditation Self-doubt when doing video - every day usually multiple times per day I feel like I should stop doing videos. Hack is coffee + twitter replies in the morning Scary-credible phishing attempt  - Also I got a phish email from maligun support Bemeir’s 5th anniversary Traveling and escapism Deity / bigcomerce
October 10, 2019
#15 Live streaming audio, China!, Investing in students, Startup elevator pitches, Making friends
#15 Live streaming audio, China!, Investing in students, Your startup’s elevator pitch, An app to help you make friends Audio - Twitter voice reply long tap, Live streaming audio An app that helps you make friends LinkedIn live streaming access  China gary v podcast - Reframing your success episode  Recent CH job posts Invest in lambda school students Elevator pitch feedback
October 8, 2019
YTT #14 - MageDerby, Adobe Commerce v Magento Commerce, Uber for photography, Move for 3X$, Robots taking over
1. MageDerby - an international webshop development competition 2. Adobe commerce vs magento commerce 3. Uber for photography service 5. Is it worth moving to make 3X as much $ 4. Will robots take over? 6. Super-interesting threads on crossovers in society 7. How to be a good recruiter #ecommerce #website #contest #adobe #adobecommerce #magento #magentocommerce #photography #salary #jobs #relocation #happiness #robots #automation #ai #society #crossovers #recruiting #linkedin
October 7, 2019
YTT #13 - Podcast studio update, Weight loss update, Social auth, 11 Remote work best practices
Podcast studio update! Weight loss goal update What’s your secret? Single social auth 11 best practices for working remotely Webflow update - so nice to not think about code, franchising CH in other industries
October 6, 2019
YTT #12 - Last season of Startup podcast, Ad-free social media, Webflow, Fist reply from Gary Vee..
Last season of Startup podcast Paying for ad-free version of social media Playing with webflow My first reply from gary vee A philosophy of writing Investing with Republic Great promoted tweet #livestreaming #video #writing #podcast #startup #advertising #socialmedia #twitter #linkedin #webflow #shopify #investing #blockchain
October 5, 2019
Coding is like a drug
September 6, 2019
Everyone will have a podcast
September 3, 2019
August 26, 2019
Return of the content machine
August 26, 2019
Day 2 of Darwin schedule
June 4, 2019
"Service" is a funny word
February 4, 2019
#19 FL tags update
January 14, 2019
#17 Founderland
January 11, 2019
#16 Red Davis
Red Davis
January 9, 2019
#15 Mentoring and hiring junior developers
Mentoring and hiring junior developers
January 8, 2019
#13 Mike Sudyk
Had a great chat with Mike Sudyk about challenges that we face as fathers. Mike has a podcast called 2 Cent Dad where he discusses these types of issues. We talk about how to be present at home, the challenges of screen time, a little about homeschooling, and more. Hope you enjoy.
January 5, 2019
#12 TJ Gamble
TJ Gamble
January 3, 2019
#11 Transparent pricing for developement agencies
Transparent pricing for developement agencies
January 2, 2019
#10 Kevin Schroeder
#10 Kevin Schroeder
January 1, 2019
#9 Subscription Bananas
Subscription Bananas
December 31, 2018
#8 Long term m1 support
Long term m1 support
December 27, 2018
#7 Contentment
December 24, 2018
#6 Working with a great developer
The dofference that working with a great developer makes.
December 23, 2018
#5 Walking and talking
December 22, 2018
#4 Joel Hart - Building a Killer Remote Dev Team
In this episode, I talk with my buddy Joel Hart, the CEO of Mediotype, about how they have built out their almost fully remote team of 30-35 people. 
December 21, 2018
#3 First Interview - Gary Smith
Did an inaugural episode of the Walking & Talking podcast with my buddy Gary Smith of Web Solutions NYC and Nectar Bridge today. With a strong smattering of Alabama humor and inside jokes, we talk about what Gary has been up to lately, including business development at Web Solutions NYC as well as fractional COO consulting through his consultancy Nectar Bridge.
December 13, 2018
#2 Dribbble for kids
Latest episode of Walking and Talking
December 5, 2018
#1 New podcast idea - walking and talking
Latest episode of Walking and Talking
December 5, 2018