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Finding faith in Mumbai’s Fort

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By Kalyan Karmakar
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The legend of Delhi’s Kwality Restaurant lives on
The Kwality Restaurant is located at Connaught Place. The hub of New Delhi. I went to the restaurant on a recent trip and was in awe of the makeover it seemed to have undergone and the majesty of the channa bhatoore that I had there. Do listen to this episode to know more about what happened and then read about it on my blog too. Here’s the link:
April 11, 2019
After Sunset and till well after sunrise. My Love affair with Koshy’s
Koshy’s Restaurant at MG Road in Bengaluru is a part of the city’s living heritage one could argue. In this episode, I tell you about how I fell in love with Koshy’s over the years. A love affair which started over dinner one night and spilled on to breakfast years later.
February 28, 2019
A walk down Kolkata’s College Street: A food love song
I spent five years of my life as a student in Kolkata’s College Street during the years 1992-1997. First at the Presidency College where I studied Sociology and then at the IISWBM where I did my MBA before I moved out to Mumbai. I returned to College Street two decades later in 2018 to go on a nostalgic food walk there. This time as a food writer and not a student. This podcast is about the places we visited and about what we ate there as well as about certain memories which one was unable to relive. You will hopefully at the end of the episode fall in love with College Street just as I once did.
February 15, 2019
Finding faith in Mumbai’s Fort
This episode is about Fort in south Mumbai. The original central business district of the city that’s the commercial capital of modern India. It’s about being enchanted by its grandeur and history when I moved into the city twenty years back. About getting to know it better over the years that followed and about finding out the food treasures that it hosts. It’s about how these ‘discoveries’ gave provided the launching pad of my living a life as a food writer, after having originally come to the city as a market researcher. It’s about finding purpose and happiness in life in Fort
January 15, 2019
How I fell in love with Maharashtrian food in Mumbai’s Aaswad restaurant
Aaswad is 33 year old restaurant which offers Maharashtrian vegetarian food and sweets. This is where I first fell in love with Maharashtrian food. This episode is about how that happened
January 8, 2019
Lucky and the Biryani in the sky
I am feeling Christmassy so I thought that I would share a warm and fuzzy story with you. Of Biryani though, and not turkey. It’s the story of Mumbai’s Lucky Restaurant and of how it welcomed me to Bandra when I moved in here 21 years back from Kolkata and made me feel at home. Lucky restaurant is located at SV Road at Bandra West and completed 80 years of its existence this year.
December 24, 2018
Candies and me. My home away from home
Candies is a family run chain of eateries in Bandra in Mumbai. It’s one of my favourite spots to hang out in and Candies is where I spent my time while I made the transition from being a market researcher to being a food writer and the place is special to me. In this podcast I tell you about what makes Candies special and what you should order if you go there yourself
December 19, 2018
The birth of Radio Finely Chopped & my Ling’s Pavilion Story
Ling’s Pavilion is a heritage Chinese restaurant of Mumbai and is one of my favourite restaurants in town. I got the idea of starting this podcast series while having lunch there and this episode originates from my experience that afternoon
December 10, 2018
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