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YoPro's In The Know

YoPro's In The Know

By The YoPro Know
Let's be honest...Young Professionals get a bad rep, but we have a lot to offer and share with other working generations. The YoPro Know is here to share the personal and professional struggles and successes of YoPro's around the world with the hope of providing a resource and guide. Join us as Founder Kamber Parker sits down with a new YoPro from a different region, field, and stage of life each week, and start getting in the know.
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"Don't think you have to have everything figured out." l Stella Yuen l Bay Area, CA l Mentoring
Impact. This week we are hearing from Stella Yuen, 34-year-old University Programs Lead at Clorox in the Bay Area.   Stella has the opportunity to guide and mentor college students and create lasting impact on young professionals. In her interview, she shares what she has learned as a YoPro and where she is going next. 
June 09, 2022
Software Engineer at Whoop I Boston, MA
In this week's YPK interview, we chat with Alec White, a 27-year-old software engineer at WHOOP.    You know we covered *YoPro* retention and why he continues to stay at his company, imposter syndrome, and ownership culture in this great interview.    Connect with Alec below!
April 13, 2022
Associate Attorney I NFL Agent I Philadelphia, PA
This week we interview Steve Vanyo, 27-year-old Associate Attorney and NFL Agent at Law Office of Lloyd Z. Remick/Zane Management, Inc. practicing Entertainment, Sports, and Media Law, in Philadelphia, PA. In this interview, we cover everything from how to invest in your future as YoPros, what it means to be flexible, and taking advantage of networking opportunities at this stage in your career.  Connect with Steve below: 215-575-3803
February 18, 2022
Business Development Manager I Fayetteville, NC
What does the post pandemic work life look like for YoPros?   In our interview with Dwayne, 26-year-old business development manager, we cover everything from remote work (including how to ask for it!) and being clear about what you want.
February 04, 2022
Career Coach I Toronto, Canada
Communication is key in the workplace.    Take it from 31-year-old career coach, Max Chan, who reminds us on the importance of soft skills like communication and leadership. Interviewees are looking for those soft skills to for you to be successful in the workplace.    A big thank you Dominic Imwalle for connecting us!    Looking for more tips to succeed in the workplace? Head to the link below to sign up for The YoPro Know’s weekly newsletter:
February 02, 2022
Founder of Albert’s List I Bay Area, California
Albert's List is breaking down the walls of the traditional recruiting process.  34-year-old founder, Albert Qian, from the Bay Area, provides a resource to help professionals navigate the job search process by getting them in front of the right recruiters.    Learn more about how Albert is doing this with his own unique twist at the link in our bio, and if you want more stories like Albert's in your inbox each week, subscribe to our newsletter today:
January 05, 2022
The YoPro Know Year in Review
Through stories, interviews, and experiences of YoPro’s we were able to bring you advice to help young professionals succeed in the workplace.
December 21, 2021
Digital Media Strategy Analyst I Philadelphia, PA
"You have something to offer, so don't let others tell you that you can't."   Koty Marine, 28-year-old Digital Media Strategy Analyst from Philly reminds us to find what you are passionate about in this week's YoPro Interview.     If you want stories like Koty's in your inbox each week, subscribe to our newsletter here:
December 16, 2021
Culture Coach I San Francisco.
We hear about the "Great Resignation" almost daily, but what does it really mean?    We cover all of that + more in our interview with 26-year-old Culture Coach, Seth Willis, from San Francisco.   Head to the link in our bio to watch Seth’s full interview and connect with him!
November 29, 2021
Studio Manager of Silver Art Projects I New York, NY
Join the YoPro Know this week, as we interview Lilly Robicsek, studio manager of Silver Art Projects, a non-profit artist organization in New York City.   We cover everything from breaking into the art industry and the hardships she has experienced along the way.   Check out more about Lilly and the amazing Silver Art Projects here:
November 29, 2021
Licensed Clinical Social Worker I Philadelphia, PA
Sadly, the term burnout is not unfamiliar one to young professionals today.    Danielle Silberman’s story is one that many YoPro’s can relate to. As a licensed clinical social worker, she shares her experience that included burnout early on and how she found a better way of coping with such a taxing job. Connect with Danielle here:
October 27, 2021
IT Analyst and Founder of DX Consulting I Cleveland, OH
Join the YoPro Know this week as we interview Dominic Imwalle, 23-year-old IT Analyst at Deloitte and the Founder of DX Consulting in Cleveland, Ohio. We cover everything from his experience as a career coach to balancing his job at Deloitte. Dominic also speaks about his young age as a career coach and why it actually gives him an extra edge to support his clients and the growth of his business. Check out more about Dominic here:Check out more about Dominic here:
September 15, 2021
Banker at JP Morgan I New York, NY
Charlie is a 31-year-old Banker at JP Morgan in New York. Charlie is a 31-year-old Banker at JP Morgan in New York. She made the shift from working in the Army to business school and then her role at JP Morgan. During this transition, she learned a lot about the importance of tackling learning curves and asking the right questions.
September 01, 2021
Comedian, Actor, and Video Editor I California
30yo Comedian, Actor, and Video Editor, Anand Mahalingam, Takes Los Angeles. We cover everything like why he moved out to California to pursue his dream of acting and comedy, how he sometimes works 3 jobs in a day + then goes for an audition, and what motivates him. You won't want to miss Anand's story.
August 18, 2021
Senior Marketing Operations Manager at Twitter I New York, NY
Do it now!  What is  “it”? Well, that’s up to you. Is there a job you like but think it might be a stretch? Apply. Is there an industry or company that interests you? Go learn more. Doubting yourself can be easy but if you want to develop and grow as a professional you must take risks and leap into action. Tori Levine is a 27-year-old Senior Marketing Operations Manager at Twitter. She began as the head of marketing at a small start-up company but took a risk and applied to a position at Twitter.
August 04, 2021
Founder of Brett Lyle Coaching & National Account Director I North Texas
Brett Lyle is a 34-year-old Founder of Brett Lyle Coaching and a National Account Director for Pulsara in North Texas. She has always worked in healthcare and then decided to add-on coaching part-time. As someone who graduated during the 2009 recession, she knows what it is like for recent graduates who graduated during the pandemic. She saw the need for helping people de-stress and navigate the job search and launched her coaching business.
June 15, 2021
Higher Education Career Consultant I Indiana
Jordan Hallow is a 28-year-old Career Consultant in higher education from Indiana. As a first-gen grad himself, he now helps college students prepare for life after college through networking opportunities, resume building, interview prep, and job fairs.
June 09, 2021
Media | Actress from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Callee Miles is a 26-year-old actress from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Callee has been a part of off-broadway theater for the past 3 years, however, the pandemic made her industry look much different. Watch her interview to get a deeper look into the acting industry!
June 02, 2021
High School English Teacher and Students in Action Advisor I Lexington, SC
Jessica Bonnett is a 35-year-old High School English Teacher and Students in Action Advisor in Lexington, South Carolina. Jessica comes from a family of educators so she has always known that this was the career path for her. She and a fellow English teacher got involved in Students in Action which is an organization that instills and encourages leadership in students through service and philanthropy. Text CMUPSTATE20212 to 71777!
May 26, 2021
Finance | Vice President at Acrisure Re
Leah Hunter is a 28-year-old Assistant Vice President at Acrisure Re in Burlington, North Carolina. Leah has always had an interest in the insurance field but understands that not everyone shares that passion. Insurance can be a difficult industry for young professionals to become interested in which is something that Leah wants to change.
May 19, 2021
Entrepreneurship & Media | Owner of Amanda Worthington
Amanda Worthington is a 29-year-old User Experience and Web Designer for her own company, Amanda Worthington. Her company was originally a side business and her 9 to 5 was in software consulting. Like many YoPros, Amanda found herself jobless in 2020 during the pandemic and that is when she made the decision to pursue her company full time.
May 12, 2021
Engineering & Non-Profit | Civil & Environmental Engineer in New York City
Meet Bhargavi Golluru, a 29-year-old Senior Civil & Environmental Engineer in New York City made when she moved back to the states after working in New Delhi for a year. After working in a corporate engineering job after graduation, she decided she wanted to feel the impact of her work on a global non-profit scale, which led her to India. She moved back in January of 2020 and then found herself seeking a new job opportunity during the height of the pandemic.
May 05, 2021
Entrepreneurship & Health | Owner of Clarity Fitness
Abbey Griffith is the 25-year old Owner of Clarity Fitness in Atlanta, Georgia. Abbey took her passion for body positivity and wellness and combined it with her experience at the University of Miami where she did her senior project on opening a gym for her industrial engineering degree. Growing a business pandemic has certainly come with its own set of challenges but Abbey has not let that get in the way of her determination to help those who may struggle with having a healthy relationship with their body.
April 28, 2021
Sales | Commercial Real Estate Broker at JLL
Isaiah Wilson is a 23-year-old Commercial Real Estate Broker in Houston, Texas. He was a job seeker during the height of the pandemic, however, he did not let that deter him. He shares how his passion and goals are reflected in the work that he is doing and hopes to do in the future.
April 22, 2021
Sales | Sales Director at Vivint
Tim Jooste is a 36-year-old Sales Director in Tampa, Florida. Tim was not sure what career path was going to be right for him, but after having two very successful bosses he learned what skills he needed to develop to best set himself up for success.
April 14, 2021
Sales & IT | Sales Strategy and Operations Associate in the Talent Solutions Department at LinkedIn
Michael Leath is a Sales Strategy and Operations Associate in the Talent Solutions Department at LinkedIn in San Francisco, California. Michael made the switch from finance to the tech industry and although it wasn’t a speedy process, it proved to be a successful endeavor.
April 07, 2021
Entrepreneurship | Founder and CEO of Emergency Medical Solutions
Tim Nowak is the 37-year-old Founder and CEO of Emergency Medical Solutions. The pandemic has shown the benefits of being able to work remotely and that is what Tim is hoping to do in order to have the ability to spend more time with his family. A young professional is defined as a person between the age of 21-39 which is also a time period in which many people get married and consider starting a family. The increase in opportunities to work digitally can allow yopros to progress professionally and personally.
March 31, 2021
Health | General Pediatrician in Detroit
Dr. Liz Johnson is a 33-year-old General Outpatient Pediatrician in Detroit, Michigan. Dr. Liz has always had a passion for working with children which made the decision to become a pediatrician a no-brainer.  The medical school journey is not for the faint of heart and I got to learn about what the process is like in my conversation with Dr. Liz.
March 31, 2021
Entrepreneurship | Founder of Jess Smith Coaching
"Where do you want to go next?" That is a question that changed Jess Smith’s career goals and it is the question she works through with her clients now.  Jess Smith is a 30-year-old career coach from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Jess originally worked in recruiting and then made the decision to start her own career coaching business to help others find clarity in their job search and determine what they truly want to do.
March 10, 2021
Finance and Media | Consultant & Actress From Pittsburgh
Shravani Charylulu is a 26-year-old Consultant at PNC, and she is also an Actress. Being a consultant can be a demanding career but Shravani has found a balance that has made both careers work and you can too. When you find something that makes you happy, you have to pursue it and that is exactly what she is doing.
March 03, 2021
Entrepreneurship | Founder of AYM Consulting
Meet Andrea Macek, Founder and Career Coach at AYM Consulting in Chicago, Illinois. Andrea has not had a linear career path yet has still been incredibly successful. She decided to launch her own company because she wanted to give back to others who may be struggling to find the right career fit. If you are a recent graduate or a YoPro looking for a new career, Andrea’s interview is perfect for you.
February 24, 2021
Finance | Founding Member and VP of Peak Money
Meet Jonathan Yagel, a 34-year-old Founding Team Member and VP of Peak Money, a goal-based savings app. Jonathan has been with the company for 10 years and helped it take off as a start-up. Peak money understands the importance of young professionals creating smart savings plans early and they want to help! They have launched a special promo for our audience so make sure to watch the full interview to learn how to get started!  Need resume help? Reach out to Next Level Career Coach here:
February 17, 2021
Engineering | Software Engineer at Nuro
Meet Manu Goyal, a 26-year-old Software Engineer in San Francisco, California. He works for a start-up company called Nuro and shares with us how his passion for coding and computer programming led him to this innovative company.  Shop all things Flashpacker here:
February 10, 2021
Entrepreneurship | Founder and CEO of Hello Earth
Meet Aidan Heintzman, the 26-year-old Founder and CEO of Hello Earth based in New York. Aidan has always had a passion for helping others and making the world a better place in any way possible. Aiden created Hello Earth to be able to make a difference for people and the planet on a larger scale.   Check out our WOLACO link here:
February 08, 2021
Health & Engineering | Epidemiologist in California
Meet Jessica Hinman, a 32-year-old Epidemiologist in the Bay Area, California. She shares with us what led her to the field of epidemiology, what exactly an epidemiologist does, and how her company's projects have shifted given the uprising of the coronavirus.
January 27, 2021
Entrepreneurship | Founder and CEO of Wedzee
Meet Jennifer Burns, the 34-year-old Founder and CEO of Wedzee, a website that allows people to buy and sell new or used wedding items. Jennifer once had an Etsy shop that she used to sell wedding goods and once that small shop took off her husband suggested that she launch her own platform. Together they created Wedzee using Jennifer’s wedding industry knowledge and his digital marketing background. She shares with us what it takes to be successful as a young entrepreneur.
January 22, 2021
Law & Politics | Law Student at Samford University
Meet Meredith Taylor, a 25-year-old second-year law student at Samford University. She shares how having time off between undergrad and law school helped her to realize her larger goals and solidify that law school would help her achieve them. Meredith also interned at the Capitol one summer and shares how her law school responded to the horrific events that took place and her personal view as someone who once worked there.
January 13, 2021
Marketing | Director of Products and Marketing at Phonetic Eyewear
Meet Caitlin Northup, 34-year-old Director of Products and Marketing for Phonetic Eyewear in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Caitlin studied communications and marketing in college but began her position at Phonetic Eyewear as an Office Manager. However, she showed continuous dedication and proved that she had the ability to be an asset to the company in a marketing capacity and ultimately worked her way up. She shares with us why she likes working at a smaller company that aims to bring in employees that grow with the company and create a strong internal structure.
January 12, 2021
Health | Registered Nurse in Birmingham, Alabama
Meet Emma Katherine Valentino,  a 25-year-old Registered Nurse in Birmingham, Alabama. She originally started in the emergency department of hospitals but has now transitioned to the cardiac intensive care unit. However, since the pandemic began, her unit has been converted to the covid unit in her hospital which has come with its own set of challenges. She shares with us the importance of checking in on the mental health of front-line workers and how she is balancing working while completing her Master’s.
January 12, 2021
Media & Entrepreneurship | Morning Anchor and Founder of Modern Man
Meet Ted Phaeton, a 32-year-old Morning Anchor and Modern Man Founder. Modern Man is a men's group in Greenville, South Carolina that gives men a place to share their struggles and help one another. Work stress goes hand-in-hand with mental health and it is important that people have the resources to keep their emotional-well being healthy.
January 06, 2021
2020 YoPro Know Year In Review
Join YoPro Know Founder, Kamber Parker, as she reflects on what 2020 brought for the YoPro Know. She also highlights the exciting plans for YPK in 2021. Happy Holidays!
January 04, 2021
Education | Founder of CampusHQ
Meet Pragya Chaturvedi, a 19-year-old student at The University of Virginia. Pragya started CampusHQ as a way to provide advice and guidance to high school and college-age students as they become young professionals. She believed that too often, the advice that is put on the internet about finding the perfect college or perfect career path is being given by older adults who went through this process a much longer time ago than current Gen Z college students.
December 16, 2020
Law & Politics | Campaign Strategist in Washington D.C.
Meet Ben Bostick, a 26-year-old Campaign Strategist in Washington D.C. Ben currently works for GQR, a polling and strategy campaign firm. With this year being a major election year, roles such as Ben’s have been more important than ever.  There is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into campaigns beyond the advertisements that end up on our phones and television screens. Ben shares with us the various components that go into campaign strategy and where he hopes this career will take him in future years.
December 09, 2020
Sports | Assistant Men's Basketball Coach at Howard University
Join us this week as we talk with Jake Brown, 25 -year-old Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach at Howard University. Once a player himself at Middlebury University, Jake received a Bachelor's degree in Economics with a minor in political science. He attended Columbia University for his Master's where he got a first glance of being a graduate assistant coach for a division 1 school. He shares what a daily coaching schedule looks like, how it has looked different since the pandemic, and his aspirations as a basketball coach. Link in our bio for his full interview.
November 18, 2020
Entrepreneurship | Founder and CEO of Brave Freight
Join us this week as we interview Troy Bravenboer, 34-year-old Founder and CEO of Brave Freight in Tampa, Florida. Troy has gone from working in sales to being in ministry full-time with his wife, to being the Founder and CEO of a trucking business. He is proof that your career does not have to follow a traditional path. Troy shares with us what it took to build Brave Freight and what he does to help the company continue on a path of growth and success.    Interested in starting your own business or becoming a CEO? If you want to develop and refine your leadership skills and qualities, Stacey at Next Level Career Coach can help prepare you to be a leader in your field!
November 10, 2020
Sports and Entrepreneurship | Founder and CEO of Nischal Sports Group
Join us this week as we interview Parus Nischal, 25-year-old Founder and CEO of Nischal Sports Group, originally from England and currently living in Pittsburgh. Parus was once a football player himself but suffered a career-ending injury at 19. Working at KMPG in London for a short time, he quickly realized his true passion was helping Indian football players develop and play at the next level. He founded Nischal Sports Group in 2018 and has been growing ever since.
October 27, 2020
Entrepreneurship | Transform Your LinkedIn Profile For Free With Founder of McMillion Consulting
Meet Lindsey McMillion Stemann, a mentor, and friend of YoPro Know founder, Kamber. Lindsey started McMillion Consulting four years ago with the goal of helping professionals enhance their profiles and now she has something BIG coming.   She is launching a 4-week Complete LinkedIn Profile Course to help individuals craft a strong profile that truly showcases their abilities. If you have ever felt like your LinkedIn needs some fine-tuning but you haven’t had the time or money to make it happen, now is your time to act!
October 22, 2020
Finance and Education | Investment Associate at Equitable Facilities Fund
Meet Shannon Falon, a 32-year-old Investment Associate at Equitable Facilities Fund in New York. Once a teacher herself, Shannon now works to help non-profit charter schools provide quality education to kids from various backgrounds. She shares with us her full circle journey in the education field and the importance of having a job that challenges you and allows you to continually grow.
October 13, 2020
Education and IT | Cofounder and CEO of Knack
Join us this week as we interview Samyr Qureshi, 27-year-old Co-Founder and CEO at Knack. Knack is an online education system for tutoring, based in Tampa, Florida, that serves schools all over the United States. Samyr shares with us why he left his job in corporate to start a business in a completely different field. Also, congratulations to Samyr and his co-founder, Dennis Hansen, for being named on the 2020 Forbes 30 under 30 list!
October 06, 2020
Marketing & Sports | Director of Community at Way Of Life Athletic Company
Meet Linley Shaw, 25-year-old Director of Community at WOLACO in New York City. Linley shares with us how she began working with WOLACO and why the company’s main audience is young professionals like you.
September 29, 2020
Health & Entrepreneurship: Founder of Thorne Ambulance Service | Greenville, South Carolina
Join us this week as we interview 33-year-old Ryan Thorne, Founder and CEO of Thorne Ambulance Service in Greenville, South Carolina. Ryan shares why his previous jobs in healthcare prompted him to start his own private ambulance service and what the day-to-day business operations look like, especially during a pandemic.
September 22, 2020
Making an Impact Through Your Work With Naomi Boshari
Join us this week as we interview Naomi Boshari, a 26-year-old editor for Elephant Journal in Dublin, Ireland. She shares why she decided to leave her previous job in a different country and pursue her love for writing and storytelling.
September 15, 2020
How To Be a Young Entrepreneur with Derrick Freeland
Join us this week as we talk with Derrick Freeland, 24-year-old motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and author from Charlotte, North Carolina. Derrick’s work focuses on giving guidance to the youth of today and helping them to become young entrepreneurs.
September 09, 2020
D&I in the Workplace with Crystal Brockington, Consulting Campus Recruiting Specialist at Deloitte
Join the YoProKnow this week as we chat about diversity and inclusion in the workplace with Crystal Brockington, a 24-year-old Consulting Campus Recruiting Specialist at Deloitte in Atlanta, Georgia. She also shares excellent advice on how to find your passion and what recruiting looks like during a global pandemic.
September 01, 2020
The YoPro Know ft. Jason Kraemer, Cofounder of FlashPacker Co.
Join the YoPro Know this week as we interview Jason Kraemer, 28-year-old Cofounder of FlashPacker Co., in Ontario, Canada. Flashpacker is a startup with a mission to help the growing number of global flashpackers get the most out of their traveling adventures through their online resources and e-commerce platform. In this video, you can get a behind the scenes look at Flashpacker and how Jason and his business partner decided to take their idea to the next level. We touch on everything from work flexibility to prioritizing your focus, two things that helped Jason get to where he is today.
August 27, 2020
The YoPro Know ft. Alicia Kimiagarov, Market Analysis Specialist
Join the YoPro Know this week, as we interview Alicia Kimiagarov, a 33-year-old Market Analysis Specialist at Carrier Corporation in Indianapolis, Indiana. Alicia talks about her prior work experience, which varies from technician to management consulting, and explaining that any experience you can get, will teach you valuable lessons and skills for your next job landing. In this brief interview, Alicia talks about a major career change in her life, which eventually led her to believe that sometimes you have to take experiences in places where you normally wouldn’t look. 
August 18, 2020
The YoPro Know ft. Wilson Roberts, Account Executive at Nylas
Join the YoPro Know this week as we interview Wilson Roberts, a 28-year-old Account Executive at Nylas, in Denver, Colorado. Wilson talks about a major change in his career path when getting laid off from a director of sales and global admissions job in 2019. With this, he shares valuable advice to reach out and connect with other professionals that are in industries that you ultimately want to be in. Wilson’s biggest takeaways are to not be afraid to reach out to people who resemble a career path that you wish to follow and to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.
August 11, 2020
The YoPro Know ft. Blake Bozarth, Consultant
Join the YoPro Know this week as we interview Blake Bozarth, a 31-year-old founder and CEO of CoThryve, while also living in Orlando, Florida. During this interview, Blake talks about CoThryve as a mentor and consulting company, which began from a major change in his career path, transitioning out of the corporate world and into CoThryve. Blake’s three keys to growing your influence in a corporate company are competence, character, and relationships. Having competence will grow your influence in a company, developing a unique character gives you the right to be followed and influenced, and having the intention of building strong relationships will result in more people to care about what you do/say.
August 04, 2020
YoPro Know Interview ft. Jordan Montgomery, Coach and Keynote Speaker
Join the YoPro Know this week as we interview Jordan Montgomery, a 33-year-old Coach and Keynote Speaker, and owner of Montgomery Companies, living in Iowa City, Iowa. Jordan and Kamber spend this interview discussing Jordan’s career path, and why he decided to transition from a financial advisor to a coach and keynote speaker. With this, Jordan also shares an important message to Young Professionals who are trying to find their identity, and how to continue to grow as a person and professional during their career journey. 
July 28, 2020
The YoPro Know ft. Stacy Mehler, Career Coach/Resume Writer
Join the YoPro Know this week as we interview Stacy Mehler, a 29-year-old Career Coach, and Resume Writer, in Miami, Florida. In this interview, Stacy briefly talks about her day to day life, running her own Career Consulting business. With this, she goes into detail about one of the many hardships that are faced, when starting your own business, why she decided to start her own business, and what drives her as an individual in her line of work. 
July 21, 2020
The YoPro Know ft. Sarah Henning, Consultant
Join the YoPro Know this week as we interview Sarah Henning, Founder and Lead Consultant of Shiftive. Shiftive is a career development and talent acquisition consultant group outside of Nashville, Tennessee. In this brief interview, Sarah talks about her company’s goals as a consulting group, how her role was impacted by COVID-19, and the interesting studies about the new working generation, Gen Z. Sarah’s biggest takeaways talk about how individuals who focus on their knowledge skills and self-awareness are the ones that create a longterm career for themselves. Own your career path, but really invest in developing yourself more than being so specifically focused on what your longterm end outcome is.
July 14, 2020
The YoPro Know ft. Imani Grace King, Writer
Join the YoPro Know this week, as we personally interview Imani Grace King, a writer in Greenville, South Carolina. In this brief interview, Imani Grace talks about her current profession as a Screenwriter, also going into detail about her work life during the COVID Pandemic, her current projects, and what drives her as a writer.
July 07, 2020
The YoPro Know ft. Erin Slay-Wilson, PR and Communications Manager
Join the YoPro Know this week as we interview Erin Slay-Wilson, a 25-year-old PR and Communications Manager for Make a Wish Alabama, in Birmingham, Alabama. In this video, Erin talks about her role as a PR and Communications Manager, and what that consists of in a nonprofit organization. Erin’s biggest takeaways focus on the impact of creativity in the nonprofit and fundraising world, especially during the COVID pandemic. Her key advice to others interested in venturing out in the PR field, is to learn, shadow, and intern as much as you can, because PR has many avenues.
June 30, 2020
The YoPro Know ft. Braxton DeCamp, Analyst
Join the YoPro Know this week as we interview Braxton DeCamp, a 26-year-old Senior FP&A Analyst at Hydrant Inc., in New York City. In this video, Braxton talks about Hydrant Inc., an electrolyte beverage company, that focuses on creating a healthier and better science-driven hydration product for people. Braxton explains his day to day life as an analyst for a start-up company, and how Covid-19 has affected their business. His biggest takeaways focus on the effectiveness of communication and self-reflection on a day to day basis in the workforce.
June 23, 2020
The YoPro Know ft. Walker Zimmerman, Professional Soccer Player
Join the YoPro Know this week as we interview Walker Zimmerman, a 27-year-old professional soccer player who currently plays for Nashville SC. During this video, Walker briefly talks about what his daily life is like as a professional player, and how he got to where he is now. Walker talks about the key to keeping yourself mentally motivated, especially during this pandemic, and how sticking to a schedule and finding a routine allows you to be your most efficient self.
June 16, 2020
The YoPro Know ft. Suyash Raiborde, Associate
Join the YoPro this week, as we interview Suyash Raiborde, an Associate at a legal firm, in New York City.  In this brief interview, Suyash covers his career journey as a lawyer. With this, Suyash goes into detail about his daily life in New York City, the impact of COVID-19 in the law firm industry, and his keen advice to other young professionals about reaching and staying connected.
June 09, 2020
The YoPro Know ft. Anna Cate Berman, Graphic and Web Designer
Join The YoPro Know this week as we interview Anna Cate Berman, Graphic and Web Designer of Sela Vie Creative. In this brief interview, Anna Cate talks about her journey as an entrepreneur who started her own company, the resilience, and courage one must face when starting a business of their own, and what she wished she knew when graduating from college.
May 27, 2020
The YoPro Know ft. Rebecca Lankford, Director of Senior High Ministry
Join us this week as we sit down with Rebecca Lankford, 25-year-old Director of Senior High Ministry and Master's of Theology Candidate in Birmingham, Alabama. In this brief interview, Rebecca covers what you should know about this field, why being relational is key, and how she manages a part-time master's program while working full-time.
May 18, 2020
The YoPro Know ft. Adam Jennings, Director of Sales and Marketing
Join us this week as sit down with Adam Jennings, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing at Harmony Senior Services in South Carolina! In his interview, Adam discusses how COVID-19 is impacting the Senior living industry and how the changes happening will be helpful post-crisis. He also touches on his story of how he ended up working for Harmony, and advises taking a chance and saying yes to potential jobs.
May 12, 2020
YPK Interview With Tom Bennett, Business Development Representative
Join us this week as we chat with Tom Bennett, 25-year-old Business Development Representative for Nylas, a SAAS Company in Denver, Colorado. When Tom started his career in the luxury travel business, he didn't think he'd find himself out of a job within a few short months. In this interview, we cover everything from finding a job within days of losing one, why it's important to keep your routine, and how to remain positive.
May 05, 2020
The YoPro Know ft. Khailing Neoh, Regional Territory Manager (Engineering Firm)
Join us as we sit down with Khailing Neoh, a Territory Manager and VMI Specialist at Parker Hannifin. We cover everything from her industry, how it's being impacted during COVID-19, and ways young professionals can show support during this time, like donating blood, buying gift cards for small businesses, and writing reviews on YELP.
April 30, 2020
The YoPro Know ft. Katey Gordon, Certified Integrative Health Coach & Founder
Join us as we sit down with Katey, health coach & founder of her own company, Katey Gordon Health. She covers the importance of taking care of your stress levels both during and post COVID-19, and about ways to stay healthy as a YoPro.
April 24, 2020