Kamiseta Perspectives

Episode 03 - Ria Benitez-Combes | New York City + Philippines

An episode of Kamiseta Perspectives

By Jason Barrera & John Golingan
Kamiseta Perspectives explores kulture, heritage and travel through first-hand accounts and discussions with globetrotters, travelers, immigrants and sons/daughters of immigrants.
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Episode 06 - Sasha Viney | Sydney
Episode 06 features the engaging Sasha Viney of Sydney, Australia. While she is originally from Sydney, Sasha has lived in San Francisco for four years now. Sasha is the daughter of Mauritian immigrants who migrated to Sydney in the 1960's - but she herself was raised in Australia. On this episode, Sasha shares her perspectives on the cultural differences between Australia and USA (7:30); a trip back to her ancestral Mauritius years ago + insight into the Mauritian community in Sydney (3:00); travel destination suggestions in Sydney & Australia (15:00 / 25:00); and a few personal stories of romance & dating Americans (17:15).
November 12, 2018
Episode 05 - Discovering Routes: Keesa Ocampo & Elaine Ficarra
This week’s guests are the very fun and affable Keesa Ocampo & Elaine Ficarra of the award-winning travel-reality series "Discovering Routes". Keesa is the executive producer of the show and Elaine is one of the cast members. Keesa and Elaine share their travel experiences from their tour around the Philippines and hidden gems explored throughout the show. “Discovering Routes” is an original series that follows people to their lands of ancestry in search of adventure. The digital series won in the Online Short and Original Content categories at the 2018 Cablefax Digital & Tech Awards in New York on March 6th. New episodes are released every Thursday at 5pm PT on DiscoveringRoutes.com
November 5, 2018
Episode 04 - Edgar Orozco | Colombia
Episode 04 features the smooth Edgar Orozco of the San Francisco Bay Area. Edgar is the son of a Colombian father and Mexican mother. On this episode, Edgar shares stories of his ancestral/cultural exploration from a recent trip to Colombia (3:00); Mexican food vs. Colombian food (18:35); The similarities between American Hip Hop trap music and Latino reggaeton (23:30); His suggested travel activities and destinations in Mexico & Colombia (28:24); The cultural significance of Dia de Los Muertos (33:55).
November 2, 2018
Episode 03 - Ria Benitez-Combes | New York City + Philippines
This week’s guest is the delightful Ria Benitez of Manhattan - New York City. Ria is a Filipino immigrant who speaks five languages and has a vast-array of international experiences. On this week’s episode, Ria shares some of her secret late-night New York eats, the nuances of expression in multiple languages, experiences of returning to the Philippines since immigrating and why in her eyes New York City isn’t the USA. Ria and Jason also have a fun discussion on how to properly eat “Kamayan” - that’s Filipino for eating with your hands.
October 30, 2018
Episode 02 - Natasha DeRivi
This week’s guest is the well-traveled Natasha DeRivi of San Francisco. Natasha is an experienced traveler who has visited nearly 50 countries in her lifetime. On this week’s episode, Natasha shares her travel trips, thoughts on the English privilege abroad, experiences with culture shock, traveling in the age of the internet and how she landed in Tanzania solo at midnight.
October 24, 2018
Episode 01 - Morgan Lee | Chicago
(:50) Traveling to the Philippines as a Filipino American born in USA; (6:11) Podcaster Morgan Lee talks Hapa Identity; (13:41) The California Asian bubble; (16:00) Morgan Lee’s near death experience on a Colombian highway; (17:00) Traveling solo as a woman
October 19, 2018
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