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You Talk, I Talk

You Talk, I Talk

By Kanyin Studio
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EP07 | 大观有约资深辅导师 Faith Foo
这一次,大观有约资深辅导师、EMDR治疗师兼作者Faith Foo分享如何更关爱自己活出精彩人生。   ✔ 压力,来自于不切实际的期望  ✔ 昨天的遗憾改变不了,但别忘了我们还有许多个明天   ✔ 中年危机或人生第二春,你自己决定
June 28, 2022
EP06 | You Talk I Talk with Certified Counsellor Faith Foo
When was the last time you give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done? When was the last time you thank yourself for self-care action as simple as making yourself a nice hot cuppa? Well, let’s try the other way: when was the last time you blaming yourself for leaving the house without your wallet, or calling yourself stupid just because of some petty mistakes? In this exclusive interview with certified counsellor and EMDR therapist Faith Foo, we're going to get more insights on mental health and how to be kind to ourselves. Self-care is the key to happiness.
June 21, 2022
EP05 | You Talk I Talk 大观有约气球造型师 Syndy Tan @ Popalloon
外国的月亮比较圆 – 这番话即使对时下年轻人来说或许有些人还会有所共鸣和向往。十多年前,陈馨懿Syndy放弃美国绿卡和月入7千美金返马发展,只可惜事业发展不尽理想,更曾经一度背负着十多万债务。一起来看看Popalloon创始人Syndy重建人生的心路历程吧!
June 14, 2022
EP04 | Author says: Book Sharing by 曹杰峰, 黄燕萍, 刘贵雄, 蔡有维 - (E-book) 唱游韩流大世界
另类的韩流现象专书+旅游导览,深度剖析韩国文化及娱乐现象 ! 想知道书中内容?那就马上点击以下视频,听听作者怎么说吧!  想要了解更多的话,赶快到我们的Kanyin网店: 查询并选购哦!  别忘了为我们按赞、订阅Kanyin Studio😍:
March 23, 2022
EP03 | Author says: New Book Sharing by JunKit 萧俊杰 - 交易背后的操盘手
继 'Behind A True Trader' 后,作者 Jun Kit 萧俊杰再次推出另一本书 《交易背后的操盘手》!  想知道书中内容?那就马上点击以下视频,听听作者怎么说吧!  想要了解更多的话,赶快到我们的Kanyin网店: 查询并选购哦!  别忘了为我们按赞、订阅Kanyin Studio😍:
March 16, 2022
EP02 | Author says:什么!?Nickson吴启聪作者又有新书了!? | Nickson吴启聪 -- 财务自由一本通
继《新手买股一本通》后,作者 Nickson 吴启聪再次推出另一本书 《财务自由一本通》!  想知道书中内容?那就马上点击以下视频,听听作者怎么说吧!  想要了解更多的话,赶快到我们的Kanyin网店: 查询并选购哦!  别忘了为我们按赞、订阅Kanyin Studio😍:
September 25, 2021
EP01 | Author says: How a trader is being audited or verified? | The valuable experiences of Jun Kit -- Behind A True Trader
How a trader is being audited or verified?  The valuable experiences of the author of Behind A True Trader: Jun Kit.
June 25, 2021