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Ma va' là! Pedala!

Ma va' là! Pedala!

By kappazeta
Sounds, musics and thoughts from our bike trip from Europe to Mongolia. Soundscape is as important as landscape, because sounds tell stories about people, places and culture. It's even more true when you discover new countries following the slow rhythm of cycling. That's why our recorder is always with us.
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Nowruz edition (music, more music and two intermezzos)
We keep traveling eastwards and we meet more and more musicians with their passion and their traditional instruments. From Georgia to Iran through Azerbaijan here is the music we discovered for you. A special mention to our youngest musicians: Nima (santur) and Pouya (tonbak). Our podcast theme is always "Rotte distratte", composed and performed by Rocco de Rosa. 
March 16, 2019
Of the absence of silence, Italian cooking and your imagination
Edited in Tbilisi during a cold January, we listen to traffic (it's not normal!), to Italians cooking, shared breakfasts and much more! Theme music is composed and performed by Rocco de Rosa, a great musician and a friend (
March 16, 2019
Accross the Balkans, towards Turkey
The very first podcast from our bike trip, our soundscape for the first two months of riding across Balkans, Greece and (a little bit) of Turkey. Our podcast theme is "Rotte distratte", composed and performed by Rocco de Rosa, a great musician and friend (
March 16, 2019