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Evolving Lotus

Evolving Lotus

By Karajah Morris
I believe when we share our stories, it opens up the hearts of others to share their stories as well. Story telling gives us the sense that we are not alone in our journey of evolution. With this podcast, my hope is that through storytelling, vulnerability, empowerment and fellowship we can all bloom together into the best versions of ourselves.
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Ep 8: Passion to Purpose: My first Doula experience!
In this episode, join me as I discuss my journey to becoming a Doula and my very first shift experience! follow us on IG:  @evolvinglotuspodcast
June 12, 2022
Ep 7: Soul Care > Self Care
Hey Lotus Tribe! I'm back after a much needed break. Join me in this vulnerable episode where I catch you up on where I've been, imposter syndrome within yourself, healing your inner child, living by the four agreements as stated by Miguel Ruiz, & more.  Follow us on IG: Evolvinglotuspodcast
May 15, 2022
Ep 6: "The Show Goes On"
In this episode we will be discussing the different stages of grief when it comes to disappointment from a friendship/relationships or other life opportunities. Grief is not only experienced when there is a death. Join me as we unpack what you may experience but most importantly how to combat this disappointment to receive comfort, ease, and peace knowing that "the show goes on". 
March 20, 2022
Ep 5: Welcome 2022!
In this episode, we will welcome the new year of 2022 as I reflect on lessons learned in 2021 as well as resolutions for the new year. I provide you with tools and self-care tips to truly have an amazing new year, let's bloom! IG: Evolvinglotuspodcast
January 08, 2022
Ep 1: Welcome Lotus Tribe
This episode is a brief introduction to the Evolving Lotus podcast. I will be discussing the story behind the name of the podcast, what inspired me to create this podcast and what's to come in future episodes! IG: Evolvinglotuspodcast
January 07, 2022
Ep 4: Stop Stealing Your Own Joy!
Welcome to episode 4! In this episode we will be discussing ways in which we steal our own joy and how we can prevent this from happening.  IG: Evolvinglotuspodcast 
December 12, 2021
Ep 3: Combating Seasonal Depression
Welcome to episode 3! In this episode, we will be discussing seasonal depression. The seasons are changing, but we can get ahead of seasonal depression before it develops. In this episode talking about what SAD is, what may cause it, and how we can combat it. Let's bloom! IG: evolvinglotuspodcast
November 04, 2021
Ep 2: Transitions
In this episode we will be discussing transitions, what they bring, and most importantly how to get through it.  IG: Evolvinglotuspodcast
September 23, 2021