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Take Root

Take Root

By Take Root
Sharing testimonies to encourage listeners to deepen the roots of their faith.
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Toms Lee: Sharing Faith in the Marketplace

Take Root

Toms Lee: Sharing Faith in the Marketplace

Take Root

Katie Robertson: Anchored in Jesus
Katie Robertson is the founder of The Anchor, a welcoming place for women to gather and hear of the hope that there is in Jesus. After losing her daughter to cancer, Katie knew that she needed to share "the Anchor of her soul" with other women who were facing life's storms, so she launched The Anchor in 2012. Today it has spread to 45 states!   Check it out at 
February 16, 2021
Toms Lee: Sharing Faith in the Marketplace
Toms Lee is Head of Pro Acquisition at Porch, in Seattle Washington.  With his education in business and economics, he is very good at what he does. But more importantly, in a business world that measures success by numbers, he helps his team to understand that their identity and their value is not dependent upon those numbers. And he invites them into conversations of faith that are life changing.
February 16, 2021
Denise Daniels: Intersection of Theology and Business
Denise Daniels, PhD, is the Hudson T. Harrison Endowed Chair of Entrepreneurship at Wheaton College. She is co-author of Working in the Presence of God: Spiritual Practices for Work and is one of the producers of Faith and Company, an excellent documentary series that, ". . . highlight the struggles and triumphs of people living out business as their calling." Be encouraged as you listen to this voice of wisdom share how we can be transformed into the likeness of Jesus as we surrender our everyday work life to God. 
January 20, 2021
Chris Lumry: Addiction, Healing, and Hope
Chris Lumry is the founder of OneStepHope, a nonprofit dedicated to helping those with addictions and mental illness.  In this episode Chris shares the story of his own addictions, and the discovery of his God-given creativity that has become a gift of healing and hope.  
January 5, 2021
Romanita Hairston: Wait and Prepare
Romanita currently leads a global team at Microsoft.   She is a nationally recognized speaker, and is known for motivating change that transforms lives and improves communities.  In this episode, she shares how her love for Jesus, and the spiritual practices that keep her close to Him prepare her for all of life- even the "triple pandemic" we are living in now.   
December 23, 2020
Steve Largent: Choosing Forgiveness
Steve Largent is perhaps best known as one of the greatest all-time receivers in the NFL.  He played for the Seattle Seahawks for 14 years, was inducted into the Pro-Football Hall of Fame, and served as a United States Congressman.  He shares his personal story of choosing to forgive his father.                       After listening to Steve, you may want to listen to Episode 6, where Donna Winship shares practical steps about how to live into forgiveness.
December 8, 2020
Anya Phillips: Healing From Childhood Trauma
Anya Phillips is a wife, mamma of two, life style blogger and interior designer.  Her company, Heart That Built Me, reflects her belief that, ". . . each space is unique and has its own character."  Her story guides us to the same understanding of people: Each has their own unique identity, formed by the God who created us individually, and calls us by name.  He is always with us, loving us, even in the worst moments of our lives.  And He uses all of it to mold us into His image, and use our lives for His purposes. Listen in as Anya shares - with great vulnerability - her story of healing from horrific childhood abuse and how she is now courageously helping others to do the same.   
December 8, 2020
Amy King: Faith-Filled Entrepreneurship
Amy King is CEO of Pallet, a social purpose company on a mission to build equal opportunity access to housing and employment. She is also an owner of Square Peg Construction and is a founding member of Weld Seattle, a non-profit that gives those coming out of prison the opportunity to reintegrate, belong, and thrive. Amy and her husband, Brady, are on a journey with God in all of this, setting an amazing example to all of us. Listen to this incredible story of adventuring with God to care for "the least of these" through entrepreneurship.
November 22, 2020
Krista Hengesh: Living Salted
Krista Hengesh is an incredible young woman with great vision who followed God's calling to start a ministry for college women called Live Salted. She is full of joy, energy, and inspiration, things we all need right now.  
November 10, 2020
Nicole Zasowski: From Lost to Found
Nicole Zasowski is a marriage and family therapist, an author, wife, mamma, and speaker.  She has a passion for helping her clients grow in emotional freedom. What she couldn't see for many years was that she was living her own life outside of that freedom, clinging to shame, performance, and control in order to feel valued and safe.  Listen in as Nicole shares her story, which just might encourage you to move forward in the freedom God has for you.   
October 27, 2020
Jack McMillan: Learning to Listen for the Voice of God
Jack McMillan began his career at Nordstrom as a women's shoe salesman in 1957. He eventually became the Co-President and Co-Chairman of this iconic Seattle business. Through his career, Jack learned the powerful lessons of unity in leadership as well as the redemptive power of Jesus. Listen in as he tells the story of lessons learned along the way and how he is currently learning more about listening for the voice of God in his life. 
October 13, 2020
Donna Winship: Discovering Forgiveness
Donna Winship and her husband, Jamie, spent 25 years raising their family in Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, and Jerusalem. This journey forever changed their worldview because through it they discovered principles of the Kingdom of God as demonstrated by Jesus. Donna is the co-founder of Identity Exchange, the author of Knowing Rediscovered, and she loves to see people hear from God and live in their true identity. Donna Winship brings people to a deeper understanding of forgiveness and the genuine freedom it offers.  Listen in as she shares from her heart one of the most important principles she has learned. 
September 28, 2020
Tyler Gorsline: Understanding Lament
Tyler Gorsline is the lead pastor of A Seattle Church, husband to Kim, and father to three adorable daughters. He has an incredible heart for Jesus and longs for people in Seattle and everywhere to experience His love. Currently, Tyler helps others to understand the grief we are experiencing during Covid-19, the journey to healing, and meaning on the other side.  Listen in as Tyler shares his own story of lament and encourages us all to lean in to God's love.
September 14, 2020
Anya Phillips: Healing from Childhood Trauma
Anya Phillips is a lifestyle blogger, home designer, mom of two, and wife. She is also a survivor of horrific childhood abuse, and is a courageous woman who shares her story of healing with the hope that it might help others. Anya's journey of faith will leave you filled with hope and inspiration, so listen in as she tells how God is alive in her life and active in her ongoing healing.     
August 31, 2020
Steve Mitchell: Faith in the Emergency Room
If your loved one was in the emergency room, wouldn't you want to know that the director of that E.R. walks the hallways praying over patients and their families?  Dr. Steve Mitchell is the Medical Director of the Emergency Department at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, and he does just that on a regular basis.  Steve is a husband, father, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Washington, and is also one of the most humble people you will ever meet.  Listen in as he shares his story of faith and what it has been like responding to Covid-19.     
August 15, 2020
Alyssa Galios: Finding Faith Through Devastating Loss
Alyssa Galios is an author, mom, motivational speaker, social media influencer and online coach. Founder of the #MadeforBrave movement and CEO of the Made for Brave company, Alyssa is known for helping countless people create better lives through faith, family, and fitness. Listen in as she shares how God restored her faith and life after the devastating loss of her husband at age 26.  Her vulnerability and story of discovering a deeper faith is a beautiful testament to the One who never leaves us. 
July 31, 2020
Jamie Winship: Learning to Listen for God's Voice
Jamie Winship has decades of experience bringing peaceful solutions to some of the world’s highest conflict areas. Starting with a distinguished career in law enforcement in the metro Washington, DC area. Jamie earned an MA in English and developed a unique process based on the Identity Exchange premise: identity transformation is the key to acquiring new levels of learning and creativity in any field. His unconventional efforts to bring about societal and racial reconciliation led him to Indonesia, Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, Israel, and now Seattle. In recent years, Jamie has worked with leaders in a variety of sectors, from police departments to pro football teams to churches and other faith-based organizations, including Centered.  Along with his wife, Donna, Jamie is the co-founder of Identity Exchange, a training and consulting company that is committed to teaching people the transformative power of living fearlessly in their true identity.   In this episode, Jamie shares how all of this began when he learned to listen for the voice of God in his life.   
July 16, 2020