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Re-visioning Investing

Re-visioning Investing

By Karen Kunz & Jena Martin
In the next stock market crash the banks will likely be bigger than too big to fail - they'll be too big to save! We share our ideas of how investing might be re-visioned to eliminate the boom and crash cycles.
Based on our book: When The Levees Break:Re-Visioning Regulation of the Securities Markets.
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Episode 2. The What

Re-visioning Investing

Episode 3. Watching the waves roll in
In this episode, we begin to explore  why the structure of investing and regulation must change to prevent constant and worsening crises.  We start with the impacts of technology on the markets and regulation's inability to keep up.
November 29, 2019
Episode 2. The What
In the last episode we talked about why we wrote our book. In this episode begin to explore what the book is about.
October 17, 2019
#1 Welcome to Re-visioning Investing.
In this episode, we introduce ourselves to you and tell you how we came to write the book together.  In upcoming episodes, we talk about the various chapters and topics raised in the book.
August 29, 2019