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The Talking Space

The Talking Space

By Karin Blak
The Talking Space is hosted by Karin Blak, author of The Essential Companion to Talking Therapy.
This is where you will find conversations about therapy and all things related.
Interviews with therapists and their membership associations, and readings from articles and books relating to the world of therapy.
This is a podcast perfect for anyone interested in therapy or perhaps wanting to know more before contacting a therapist.
Sit back and enjoy!
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A conversation with Albertina Fisher about psychosexual and relationship therapy
Albertina Fisher and Karin Blak talk about psychosexual and relationship therapy. Albertina tells us what psychosexual and relationship therapy is, explains the effect of sexual issues on a relationship, talks about how she works with clients and gives us a couple of reassuring suggestions for anyone wanting to book an appointment with a psychosexual and relationship therapist. Thank you for listening to this episode of The Talking Space, I hope you enjoyed it. Any links mentioned by Albertina Fisher are listed below: Albertina Fisher's website: Revive The association for finding a qualified psychosexual and relationship in the UK: COSRT How to find Karin Blak: Blogs: Karin Blak on Medium Demystifying Therapy by Karin Blak on Psychology Today Website: Karin Blak Book: The Essential Companion to Talking Therapy
May 4, 2021
The Talking Space - an introduction
The Talking Space is for anyone interested in therapy or wanting to know more before booking an appointment. Here you will find interviews, readings and other items relating to therapy. Here are the links as mentioned in this introduction: Blogs by Karin Blak: Karin Blak on Medium  Demystifying Therapy on Psychology Today Book: The Essential Companion to Talking Therapy Website: Karin Blak
May 4, 2021