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KRC Guided Meditations: The Violet Gold Room

KRC Guided Meditations: The Violet Gold Room

By Karmic Research Centre
Meditations... Creative visualisations... Breath.... Light... Love...
with Puneeta and Dilip...
Channelled from an Ascended Master.

Music tracks by Avik Roy, Safar Rang, Arjun Sen (AJ), Aseem and Anchor tracks.
Image design by Mrinalini Chawla (

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217. Humaneness (hindi)
Go beyond isms and prejudices and allow a flow of oneness through you...
September 11, 2022
216. Contemplation, Prima Lum (eng)
Lightly visiting the first moment of light... Here in the now.... A recording from a group meditation at Karmic Research Centre. Music track: The Energy of Sound by Almusic34 (courtesy Free Music Archive, CC by NC)
August 21, 2022
215. Meditation, believing in your Self (eng)
Transform into an empowered Being of Light as you drop self judgment and fear. Music: 'Boundless Sky' by Siddharth Corsus (CC by NC, courtesy Free Music Archive)
June 05, 2022
214. Seeds germinating (eng)
Explore space in your self for peace and inner joy. A group meditation recorded at Karmic Research Centre. Music: 'Deep peace' by M 33 Project (CC by NC, courtesy Free Music Archive)
May 15, 2022
213. Specks of Light (eng)
Free yourself from blocks and baggage, be light! A group meditation recorded at Karmic Research Centre. Music: 'The Dignity of Life' by Daniel Birch' (courtesy Free Music Archive, CC by NC).
May 01, 2022
212. In the flow of creation (eng)
A short simple meditation to relax to. Music track: 'Drops of Melting Snow: after Holst, Abroad as I was walking' by Axletree
April 24, 2022
211. Group Meditation 1 (eng)
Posting a live recording of a group meditation at Karmic Research Centre...
April 12, 2022
210. Farewell to the stress boats (eng)
Allow your self to release the stress and anxiety, as you become a radiant source of light...
February 27, 2022
209. Meditation, clearing anxiety & self doubt (eng)
When the Universe accepts you unconditionally, why do you judge yourself with such harshness?
February 13, 2022
208. Meditation, Beyond the Obvious (eng)
If only we can respond to situations from our core as Beings of Light and Love, instead of reacting with anxiety and fear!
January 23, 2022
207. Peering deeply inside (eng & hindi)
Just being inside oneself for a while. Music: Oriental Meditation by AImusic34 (CC by NC, courtesy Free Music Archive).
January 23, 2022
206. Space of the Self (eng)
Connect to the space of your own self. A simple relaxing meditation. Music: Light Lullaby by AImusic34 (CC by NC, courtesy Free Music Archive). 
January 16, 2022
205. Violet Gold Beads (hindi)
Energised by the violet gold light within, allow Oneness. Music: "Meditative Harmony" by Almusic34 (CC by NC, courtesy Free Music Archive)
January 10, 2022
204. New Challenges New Opportunities! (eng)
Let’s receive 2022 with Love and Expanse, with the firm resolve to drop past baggage and break old patterns.
January 09, 2022
203. Inner stillness through the storm (eng)
During turbulent times, always good to be able to maintain a certain equanimity...
October 31, 2021
202. Exploring a vibration centred in Gratitude - JOY (eng)
If only we would immerse ourselves in the magnificence of Creation, we could tap into the wells of Love and Joy deep within us, at all times!
October 10, 2021
201. Meditation, Finding the light... (eng)
Seeking, connecting, re-connecting with what we carry within!
September 26, 2021
200. Meditation, heartfelt gratitude (eng)
When we acknowledge and receive Divine Light and Love from Gurudev and God, what more can be said? Music: Ode to Sunrise by Avik Roy (©️ Karmic Research Centre)
September 19, 2021
199. Meditation, be love and light (eng & hindi)
Commit to being full of love, light and forgiveness always...
September 12, 2021
198. Meditation - A Surrender to Love (eng)
Let’s drop our baggage, shed our Ego and dissolve completely into this vast Ocean of Love that awaits us…
September 05, 2021
197. Meditation, Retaining our Focus on Energy Work (eng)
How often do we panic and forget our core identity as Energy Workers? Instead of expanding in Love and Light, we foolishly allow ourselves to drown in our fears!
August 29, 2021
196. Pluck out the weeds (eng & hindi)
Why let the weeds of jealousy, resentment, guilt etc choke the beautiful plants you grow within you. Pluck them out. Nurture your self and be a channel of love.
August 22, 2021
195. Meditation for Going with the Flow, with Gratitude & Expanse (eng)
When we face ‘blocks’ in our journey, or when things don’t work out according to our plans, do we get angry and frustrated? Are we missing the point here? The Larger Picture?
August 15, 2021
194. Back to basics once more (eng & hindi)
Connect with meditation anew... always helps to get back to simple practice and start afresh.
August 15, 2021
193. An expansion (eng)
A simple expansion... Music by Aseem
August 08, 2021
192. Each moment a new beginning (eng & hindi)
Start afresh... Music track: 'Daybreak in a new town' by TRG Banks (CC by NC, courtesy Free Music Archive)
August 01, 2021
191. Squeeze, expand, flow (eng)
Connect to your self....
July 18, 2021
190. Meditation, healing a scenario (eng)
A meditation for when we are in the midst of a contraction, a difficult phase in a relationship or simply trying to heal a situation within.
July 11, 2021
189. Meditation, gratitude and forgiveness (eng & hindi)
Just a simple reconnect with oneself, once more...
July 04, 2021
188. Meditation on the Magic of Love (eng)
LOVE - the most powerful Divine Energy that can illuminate every expression of ours...
June 27, 2021
187. Meditation for Exploring our Identity (eng)
Who am I? Am I those roles I define myself with? The layers I cling to? The walls I hide behind? I am told that I am a Lightworker but what does that mean???
June 20, 2021
186. Meditation, being at home (eng)
The self is home.... rejuvenate being home in your self... Music track adapted from 'Intoxication' by Sidhartha (courtesy Free Music Archive, CC by NC)
June 13, 2021
185. Meditation, Living life fully (eng & hindi)
A simple resolve to live life fully, unapologetically, fearlessly - with 'masti' track: Raga Bagesri played by Ashok Pathak (CC by NC, courtesy Free Music Archive).
June 06, 2021
184. Mirrors (eng & hindi)
A contemplation on other people, situations being nothing else but mirrors...a reflection of who we are...inspired from writings in 'The Universal Christ' by Richard Rohr
May 30, 2021
183. Meditation to Celebrate a New Day, everyday! (eng)
Celebrate a New Day, everyday! A fresh shoot, a new bud blooms everyday in a dynamic, ever changing Universe. Why then do we not reinvent ourselves too, each day?
May 23, 2021
182. Meditation on Taking Responsibility (eng)
Response-ability! How skilful is our response to any situation? Expectations? Emotions? Do we still blame the Other?
May 16, 2021
181. Meditation, Channeling our Emotions (eng)
E-motion: Energies in Motion! Let’s harvest the Anger, Guilt, Sorrow etc. we may be feeling at the moment, and channel them towards positive action!
May 09, 2021
180. Meditation, graceful in all times (eng & hindi)
Allow your self to gradually let go of the heaviness associated with the passing over of a loved one. Celebrate their life and practice gratitude. Inspire your body to be full of health and healing light and let that vibration reach all, including those who are healing...
May 02, 2021
179. Meditation on Breaking Patterns (eng)
Let’s use these challenging times of expansion and contraction, to become aware of our patterns of behaviour and break them. The Power lies within us.
April 25, 2021
178. Meditation, awakening your inner healer (eng)
When we can connect with our Divine Life Force, where is the room for Fear?
April 18, 2021
177. Meditation, LOVE - the greatest gift (eng)
LOVE - the Greatest Gift we can give ourselves! What are we searching for elsewhere?
April 11, 2021
176. Meditation, towards Seeking Direction (eng)
When our energies get scattered in different directions, why are we so confused and lost. The tools have been with us all along...
April 04, 2021
175. S.M.I.L.E. (eng)
S.M.I.L.E.: So Much In Love and Expansion! Such a simple tool we use so little... unravel its secrets as it resonates from your Core!
March 28, 2021
174. Channel of love energy (eng & hindi)
Relax, expand, receive... Music track: Birdsong by Avik Roy
March 21, 2021
173. Lift the veils (eng & hindi)
Lift the veils of ignorance, doubt, fear and pride and allow the light... Music: Brendan Kinsella, Mozart Sonata No. 13 in B Flat Major II Cantabile courtesy Pixabay (CC by NC).
March 14, 2021
172. Contemplation, Nature's Bounty (eng & hindi)
A few moments contemplate on the gifts of nature...
March 07, 2021
171. Meditation for Connecting with the Divine (eng)
When we are lost or afraid, it seems like we are all alone! If only we chose to look inwards...
February 28, 2021
170. Meditation for the light worker (eng)
Allowing the flow of light...
February 21, 2021
169. Life anew (eng & hindi)
Thank your self for outgrowing your blocks and start the day with new fresh energy.
February 21, 2021
168. I thank my Self for being here (eng)
An affirmation. Internalise gratitude as you repeat the affirmation in your solar plexus, meaning it, listening to it, receiving it and enunciating it. Music by Safar Rang.
February 14, 2021
167. Today's the day (eng & hindi)
Prehistoric humans instinctively needed to bank fear based negative impulses for survival. Awareness calls for breaking this habit... Music: 'Lake of Aviation' from album 'Habitable Spheres' by Lobo Loco (CC by NC, courtesy Free Music Archive)
February 14, 2021
166. Meditation for Connecting with Your Inner Guidance (eng)
We all have our Divine Guides who are loving, guiding and protecting us all the time. If only we choose to Listen and Respond...
February 07, 2021
165. Counting our blessings! (eng)
If only we revisit our journey with the magic keys of Gratitude and Humility,, we will discover how much we have received and continue to.... Music: 'When you see you were the subject of experiment' by Komiku (CC by NC, courtesy Pixabay)
January 31, 2021
164. Sans judgement (hindi)
Just being. Trying to not interpret. Music track by Aseem.
January 31, 2021
163. Meditation for Gratitude for our Journey (eng)
The Challenges, the blocks, the hard path are opportunities for our Growth. What if we have actually asked for them?
January 24, 2021
162. Saying goodbye gracefully (eng)
When a dear one has passed on, in the recent past few days or earlier, it helps all concerned to allow our love and respect to be expressed - not in grief though - but in celebration of a life, a journey...
January 24, 2021
161. Relaxation exercise for children (eng & hindi)
A great way to unwind and relax for children and adults!
January 17, 2021
160. Meditation, Connecting with our True Essence (eng)
If we are Beings of Spirit, Energy Beings of Love & Light, what is it that we Fear?! Music: Breathing Freely by Dee Yan-Key (CC by NC, courtesy Free Music Archive)
January 17, 2021
159. Meditation, being here (eng)
A simple relaxing meditation. Music by Aseem.
January 10, 2021
158. Meditation, Lift up your Heart (eng & hindi)
Lift up your heart and receive the new year in love energy. Spare a few moments to energise yourself and the earth. Music: The Fountain of Living Waters by Siddhartha Corsus (CC by NC, courtesy Free Music Archive)
January 03, 2021
157. Meditation for Letting Go (eng)
Letting go... of our Fears, our Anxieties and Insecurities as we welcome the New Dawn..
December 27, 2020
156. Meditation, a renewal (hindi)
Let go of accumulated residues. Receiving love energy, renew yourself. Music: Birdsong by Avik Roy
December 27, 2020
155. Meditation for holding the darkness (eng)
Meditation for Holding the Darkness.... and discover the Potential that exists deep within...
December 20, 2020
154. Meditation, awake! the light is here (eng & hindi)
Acknowledge the presence in you of the light. Awaken to it. Be one with all. Music: adapted from a track by TRG Banks (CC by NC, courtesy Free Music Archive).
December 20, 2020
153. Meditation for Centring (eng)
Centring ourselves - for greater Clarity and Focus... embracing and being embraced by Love Energy...
December 13, 2020
152. Meditation, Unshaken Serenity (eng & hindi)
Observe your breath at the tips of your nostrils, maintain the simplicity and work towards unshaken serenity. Inspired partly from the words of H.E. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. Music by Safar Rang.
December 13, 2020
151. In Gratitude-for the journey! (eng)
Challenges, milestones, triggers. Opportunities for growth... to stumble, to learn and fly!
December 06, 2020
150. Meditation, receive blessings in light (eng & hindi)
Shed baggage, value yourself and be the light bearer you are....
December 06, 2020
149. Claiming your energy space (eng)
Sometimes it helps to cut the chords of attachment and start anew as a fresh energy channel. Music by Lobo Loco from album'Tree of meditation' (courtesy Free Music Archive, CC by NC)
November 29, 2020
148. Starting from scratch (eng & hindi)
Good to start from zero again!
November 22, 2020
147. Meditation, embrace the self (eng)
Value and appreciate all experiences of life, as you embrace your own self.
November 15, 2020
146. On the enchanted boat of my soul (eng & hindi)
Allow yourself to float on the waves of love energy...
November 15, 2020
145. Meditation, Active Co-creation (eng)
Let’s invite our Divine Guides to be an active part of our journey and allow the magic to unfurl....
November 08, 2020
144. Prayer for today (eng)
The prayer from Saint Francis of Assisi always inspires. Make every today the day you choose to be a channel of peace, day by day. Music: 'Deeply Inside-Ohne Beats' by Lobo Loco, album 'Tree of Meditation' (CC by NC, courtesy Free Music Archive)
November 08, 2020
143. Contemplation, I am LOVE (eng)
Love - Our basic DNA, the Energy of all Creation... let’s reclaim our Power! Music track: 'Are you in Heaven' from the album 'Tree of Meditation' by Lobo Loco (CC by NC, courtesy Free Music Archive)
November 01, 2020
142. Meditation, invoke love energy (hindi)
Allow your self to invoke the love energy inside you and all around you. Music track: Inspiracion by Elen Lackner (CC by NC, courtesy Pixabay)
November 01, 2020
141. Musings, resolutions (eng & hindi)
Some musings on resolutions...Music: Sonata 8 Pathetique II Adagio Cantabile by Daniel Veesey (CC by NC, courtesy Pixabay)
October 25, 2020
140. Meditation, Seasons of the Soul (eng)
At times our journey takes unexpected twists and turns... we feel out of control, withdraw, don’t want to reach out. Don’t Judge yourself, accept these changing rhythms as seasons of your soul... Music: 'Journey inside' by Lobo Loco, album'Tree of Meditation' (CC by NC, courtesy Free Music Archive)
October 18, 2020
139. Contemplation, art of being (eng & hindi)
Isn't every moment, every experience an opportunity for you to express and experience your self? Nurture and acknowledge life, this being that you are, as a gift. Music: 'Traumwege' by Lobo Loco, album 'Tree of meditation' (CC by NC, courtesy Free Music Archive)
October 18, 2020
138. Contemplation, milestones (eng)
A contemplation on what really count as milestones... Music: In Pursuit of Silence by Daniel Birch (CC by NC, courtesy Free Music Archive).
October 11, 2020
137. Meditation, earth nurture (hindi)
Gratitude for this earth, and your birth here. Be one with all. Music: Chillout in the garden from Tree of Meditation by Lobo Loco (courtesy Free Music Archive, CC by NC)
October 11, 2020
136. Meditation, tapping into the wells of your creativity (eng)
Pure unbounded space within each one of us, waiting to be accessed... waiting to manifest...
October 04, 2020
135. Contemplation, future nurture (hindi)
Uplift your self in love energy vibrations, to co create a space of nurture for all. Music: Raga Bageshri - Ashok Pathak (Arbiter Records, CC by NC, courtesy Free Music Archive)
October 04, 2020
134. a simple exercise in listening (eng)
Listen to the sounds inside and around. An exercise a child too might like to do... If you like this one, you might like Meditation for deeper listening (no. 42). Music track by Aseem
September 30, 2020
133. Meditation, deep healing (eng)
When we can reach out to our Divine Guides and receive their Healing Light, why do we instead choose to suffer? Why not dissolve Fear with Love?
September 27, 2020
132. Meditation, pearls of light (eng & hindi)
Connect to a larger reality that exists beyond our comprehension.
September 27, 2020
131. Meditation, space for light (eng)
Allow more and more space in and around you, for the light.
September 20, 2020
130. Contemplation, fellow travellers (hindi)
In the vast ocean of space we are fellow travellers. In the journeys we undertake, we come together and often seperate. Only to meet again as light, as inspiration.
September 20, 2020
129. Meditation, the Ocean in a Drop (hindi)
A gentle reminder of certain eternal truths...
September 15, 2020
128. Contemplation, a return to our Centre (eng)
A return to that point of Stillness, of just Be - ing, where we are One with the Divine. Music: Shipping Lanes by Chad Crouch (CC by NC, courtesy Free Music Archive)
September 13, 2020
127. Meditation, in appreciation (eng)
Relax into appreciation and gratitude, as you truly acknowledge yourself, and the moments of care.
September 13, 2020
126. Meditation, deep counsel (eng)
Seeking connection with your birth vision, allow the space in your self for insights. Music track: Alpha Hydrae - 'Keratine rust and clear soul' by Monplaisir (CC by NC, courtsey Pixabay)
September 08, 2020
125. Meditation, flower of dignity (eng)
An opportunity to allow expression. Music: phase 2 by Xylo - Ziko (CC by NC, courtesy Free Music Archive)
September 06, 2020
124. Shimmering white light (hindi)
A meditation to release residues gently and refresh your self. Good before a rest or perhaps even at night before going to bed if you like. Music: Mozart Sonata No. 13 in B Flat Major Andante Cantabille played by Brendan Kinsella (courtesy Pixabay).
September 03, 2020
123. Meditation, Floating in Light (eng)
Allow your self to be a particle, adrift in space, let go and hand over...
August 31, 2020
122. Bathe in the ocean of love (eng)
Bathe in the Ocean of Love... cleanse, nourish, replenish your Inner Core with this precious resource so easily available to all...
August 30, 2020
121. Meditation, neither this nor that (eng &hindi)
Discover the light that is your essence, without judgement, beyond roles, masks, postures or facades...Music: World of Brothers Allegretto by Dee Yan Kay (Cc by NC, courtesy Free Music Archive)
August 30, 2020
120. Meditation in green gold energies (hindi)
Connect to the healing love energies of the universe and as the golden web of love energy connects you to the universal source, relax. Music: Deep Singh (tabla) and Ikhlaq Hussain Khan on sitar (CC by NC, courtesy Free Music Archive)
August 25, 2020
119. Meditation, living in the moment (eng)
Celebrating new beginnings with each day, replenishing ourselves each moment... Music: The Kiss of the Sun by Elen Lackner (courtesy Pixabay)
August 23, 2020
118. In the Gathering of the Light (eng & hindi)
The gathering of the light where you are one with the exalted ones. Dance, or just be. Open your self to be intoxicated in divine love energy. Music tracks used: Karcığar Ud taksim, Hüzzam Kanun Taksim, Hüzzam Sazsemai ''Nargile'' by Ehl-i Keyif (CC by NC, courtesy Free Music Archive).
August 23, 2020
117. Meditation, dissolve into love energy (hindi)
Open your self, your being to the presence of the eternal guidance within. Music by Chad Crouch (licensed under CC by NC, courtesy Free Music Archive, direct permission from Chad Crouch)
August 18, 2020
116. Meditation, towards further lightness (eng)
A step towards forgiveness of one's own self...
August 16, 2020
115. Meditation, the Light in you (eng & hindi)
Open yourself to the light in you, and to your inner voice, gently, a little every day... Music by Safar Rang
August 12, 2020
114. Meditation, on expansiveness (eng)
We are aware of expansion and contraction as the Breath of the Universe. Why then do we contract and remain fearful when the unexpected happens? What is the role of the Light Worker? Music: Shipping Lanes by Chad Crouch (licensed under CC by NC, courtesy Free Music Archive, direct permission from Chad Crouch)
August 09, 2020
113. Dance of the Sufi Heart (eng)
Open yourself to unconditional love, give in to the Dance of Life... stride the journey of pain and loneliness with gratitude, and embrace the Oneness with all... Music track used Penceresi Yola Karsi by Turku, Nomads of the Silk Route (licensed under CC by NC, courtesy Free Music Archive). 
August 09, 2020
112. Meditation, zoom out and flow (hindi)
Soar like a bird, zooming out, observe, flow like the waves of music, dive deep in to yourself... Music track featured: 'Great Blue Heron' by Chad Crouch (licensed under CC by NC, courtesy Free Music Archive, direct permission from Chad Crouch)
August 07, 2020
111. Meditation, the peace seeking heart (hindi)
Open your heart chakra to the vibrations of love energy, and open your self to peace.
August 04, 2020
110. Meditation, merging with the Cosmic Heart (eng)
Let’s release our Fears and open our Heart Chakra to a constant flow of Love Energy. It’s our portal to connecting with the heartbeat of the Universe, the Cosmic Heart.
August 02, 2020
109. Contemplation, commitment to the journey (eng)
The journey is a spiritual partnership with your higher self and it needs commitment, courage and compassion. Clarify and state your intent to honour this commitment with love, fearlessly.
August 02, 2020
108. Meditation, the Journey is the process (eng)
We are constantly dismayed when we behave in a mean or undignified fashion. Let’s stop judging ourselves and embrace these triggers as part of the process towards our empowerment.
July 31, 2020
107. Meditation, the Eternal in You (eng & hindi)
Meditate to celebrate universal life force within you - it is all in you....Music: the voice of Dhrupad exponent Shri Tarun Krishna Das of Vrindavan
July 26, 2020
106. a meditation in sky blue energies (hindi)
Soak in the light of creative energy, and join it's flow. Soothing and relaxing.
July 23, 2020
105. When anxiety stops you from Meditation (eng & hindi)
This is not a meditation. This is a little chat for those who find anxiety coming to the fore when they sit for a meditation. Don't give up. Let's find a way. If you would like an exercise to go deeper into solving the issues behind the anxiety, email to and we will send you an exercise.
July 22, 2020
104. Meditation, on That (eng & hindi)
That which is everything and everywhere. In me too, in every one around me. I allow myself to acknowledge THAT. Let compassion grow.
July 19, 2020
103. Meditation, Honouring your Incubation Period (eng)
As we seize this opportunity to pause, reflect and reset our lives, we may receive dreams, insights, visions, guiding us to a New World Order. Allow these seeds to germinate within our hearts with patience, so that the projects develop with the right energies, before they are released to the world. Music track: Cosmic Dance of Creation by Arjun Sen (AJ) & Dilip Shankar
July 19, 2020
102. a simple relaxation (eng)
Just be with your breath and ready yourself to be in Meditation in your everyday tasks...
July 18, 2020
101. Meditation, Enhancing Our Love Quotient (eng)
Enhancing our Love Quotient - our Capacity to Give! We constantly judge our relationships as transactions, a barter of feelings. When we are lonely, or feeling misunderstood, let's ask ourselves - what is our LQ at the moment? Music by Avik Roy. Also listen to our podcast, Kabir - voice of love, link:
July 13, 2020
100. Meditation on the One (eng)
A meditation to acknowledge the One, the Supreme Self. The light which is in every being. Tune into and allow yourself to go into the deeper state of inner peace and acceptance. 
July 12, 2020
99. a gentle meditation (hindi)
Just relax and receive simple love energy flow...
July 10, 2020
98. Meditation on Breath 8 (eng)
Taking forward what we started with Meditation on Breath 6, let's take our breathing practice further towards retention of breath, which strengthens the lungs. Take your time and find your rhythm. Best practiced in a clean, peaceful environment - early morning or evening. Ideally, on an empty stomach. Hoping you have already practiced Meditations on Breath parts 1 to 7. If you already practice Pranayama, please note: this is for beginners, still. However, you are more than welcome to join in!
July 06, 2020
97. In Gratitude - Meeting our Guru Half Way! (eng)
Even as we acknowledge with humility the presence of our Divine Guides, let’s now raise the frequency of our vibrations so that we can become active partners in the process of Co-Creation.
July 05, 2020
96. Meditation, the Light of Guidance (eng & hindi)
Express your gratitude to the guidance - the Guru is inside you. Look after this relationship with transparency, gratitude and love.
July 05, 2020
95. Meditation, stay connected (eng & hindi)
Use your mind to go beyond itself and allow your visualisation to help you connect with all. Visit loved ones, connect as healing light. A meditation also for those who feel they are alone.
June 30, 2020
94. Meditation on Scripting a New Day (eng)
An empty canvas stretches out before us every morning, waiting for our Imprint. If we Choose our Intent for the day carefully, perhaps we can live the day we have always dreamt of!
June 28, 2020
93. Meditation, Raising our Consciousness through the New Energy Portals (eng)
All around us new doorways have opened up, to lead us into higher frequencies of Vibrations. Let’s tune in and seek these out, even as a portal opens within us.
June 28, 2020
92. Meditation on Breath 7 (eng & hindi)
A rather simple Meditation with breath awareness...ride on the swing of your breath. Hope you have been practicing with Meditations on Breath 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.
June 27, 2020
91. Meditation, in the essence of Love Energy (eng & hindi)
Dip into the the light of the essence of Love Energy... a soothing visualisation invoking the intelligent energies of creation. Music tracks by Avik Roy and Aseem.
June 21, 2020
90. Meditation for the Bearers of the Energies of the New Earth (eng)
Let’s align ourselves to the New Frequencies and commit ourselves to being bearers of the new energies that have been streaming in.
June 21, 2020
89. Meditation, Birthing a New Earth (eng)
Even as we are aware of the energy shifts happening on the Planet, we can play a proactive role in helping manifest a new Reality. The Birthing is happening not just outside of us but more importantly, within us.
June 18, 2020
88. Meditation, I rise (eng)
Going beyond the cliche of human conditioning of prejudice based on ethnicity, belief, colour, creed, let's acknowledge the divine in all, and rise up into the super consciousness of oneness.  Music by Safar Rang.
June 16, 2020
87. Meditation, looking through the eyes of our soul (eng)
As we shift our perspective from our physical being to that of our Divine Self, we begin to actually SEE ourselves and others through the lens of Love and Compassion. And open up new dimensions to explore! Music tracks by Aseem, Safar Rang and Avik Roy.
June 14, 2020
86. Meditation on the light swan of your breath (hindi)
Dwell in light, ride your breath into the rasas and colours of life...
June 11, 2020
85. Meditation for Counting Our Blessings (eng)
There is so much we have received, so much to be grateful for, our best response would be to share these blessings, pass them on.
June 11, 2020
84. Meditation for Tuning in to the Mother Healer (eng)
As we pause and take out time to really listen to the rhythms of Mother Nature, we learn to see a reflection of the Expansion and Contraction we go through in our daily lives. And learn to celebrate each phase for what it is!
June 09, 2020
83. Meditation for acceptance (eng)
Let’s Gift ourselves complete acceptance of ourselves, without judgement or rejection. Let us also extend this Love and Respect to the Other, as we gift them too, this understanding and compassion.
June 07, 2020
82. a simple handing over (eng & hindi)
Invite the universe to work with you... Start your day, your week...
June 07, 2020
81. What is Forgiveness? (eng)
So why should we forgive or ask for forgiveness? Good question, which someone asked. An attempt to answer, may lead to further questions! Just reflections, NOT a meditation. There are no easy paths to forgiveness, and it doesn't mean you will forget the hurt. It's a process, a gradual one. Embark upon it for you to heal.
June 05, 2020
80. Meditation on truth, dialogue and love (hindi)
A meditation in humility really. Co-create an environment of love and respect for your self and others, so you may be able to present your truth, and be more open to receiving the other's truth.
June 04, 2020
79. Meditation, celebrate the colours of the rainbow (eng)
Each hue, each shade of the Rainbow is within us. Let’s rejoice in the opportunity to choose which color we want to express ourselves with, even as we infuse them with the Golden Light of Unconditional Love.
June 03, 2020
78. Standing Breathing Exercise 2 (eng)
Going further with what we started in exercise 1 (Meditation no. 67). The second in three exercises which are from Tai Chi. Best done mornings or evenings, on an empty stomach or at least two hours after a meal. In case you absolutely cannot stand, try this exercise sitting on a chair or on the floor. Even so, whether you sit or stand, it is important to stay tall and relaxed, spine and neck gently stretching up. Try to maintain your body in a vertical position relative to the floor.
June 02, 2020
77. Meditation, become one with the Cosmic Ocean (eng)
As we flow along on our journey, from the pond to the stream, widening into the river that merges into the sea, we finally reach the destination of our ultimate union with the Divine - the limitless Ocean of Love!
June 01, 2020
76. Meditation, this precious birth (eng)
Travel into nothingness, and into everything-ness. Be in gratitude for your precious birth.
May 31, 2020
75. Meditation on Breath 6 (eng)
The first steps towards learning Pranayama. Recommended that you practice on an empty stomach. Do not practice if you feel exhausted. Best practiced early mornings or evening. Hoping you have explored Meditations on Breath 1 to 5.
May 31, 2020
74. a simple meditation (hindi)
Go beyond your predicaments, at your basic particulate level of existence and energise a world of equality and beauty for all.
May 30, 2020
73. Meditation for Debt Clearance (eng)
Releasing yourself as well as anyone else who may have incurred a karmic debt, for or against you, so that you can move ahead lighter and brighter!
May 29, 2020
72. Meditation for merging with the Larger Self (eng)
As we resume our ‘normal’ lives, we could face situations where we feel crushed or inadequate, let us use our tools to merge our tiny Ego, the ‘I’ into our Larger Self, the Universe, and hand over to the Divine for guidance and protection.
May 28, 2020
71. Meditation, moving towards New Horizons (eng)
Let us take ownership and commit ourselves first to the energies transparency and integrity, responsibility and accountability, so that together we can manifest the New World Order.
May 27, 2020
70. Meditation, Celebrating the Tool of Free Will (eng)
Let’s centre ourselves in Gratitude and Humility and watch the magic unfold in our journey, without finding excuses or blaming our circumstances or "destiny"!
May 26, 2020
69. Meditation, moving towards the Dancing Heart (eng)
Even as we forgive others and release the baggage towards them we chose to carry, let’s also accept and forgive ourselves, drop our judgement as we journey towards our own evolution, towards the Dancing Heart.
May 25, 2020
68. Meditation on this moment (eng)
Meet your self afresh this moment. Embrace your self, this friend that you are to your self. Music track by Avik Roy.
May 24, 2020
67. Standing Breathing Exercise 1 (eng)
The first in three exercises which are from Tai Chi. These are only for those who feel comfortable standing. Best done mornings or mid mornings, on an empty stomach or at least two hours after a meal. Practice this on your own. Will soon share a further development of this breath work. In case you absolutely cannot stand, try this exercise sitting on a chair or on the floor. Even so, whether you sit or stand, it is important to stay tall and relaxed, spine and neck gently stretching up. Try to maintain your body in a vertical position relative to the floor.
May 22, 2020
66. Meditation towards loving kindness (eng & hindi)
A meditation to ease the judgement and feelings of negativity you carry for others... its a gradual process. Breathe easy and don't be in a hurry!  Music track by Avik Roy.
May 22, 2020
65. Meditation for Enhancing your Two Way Communication with the Divine (eng)
Even as you clear your own fears through receiving the unconditional Love of the Divine, step forward to hand over the darkness in your environment to your Divine Guides, simultaneously releasing their Healing Light all around.
May 20, 2020
64. Meditation on breath 5 (eng)
A simple exercise in breathing with minimal visualisation. Good for beginners as well as practitioners. Good to do this not immediately after a meal. Hoping you have practiced Meditations on Breath 1, 2,3 and 4 as well.
May 18, 2020
63. Meditation on the Spark of Life (eng)
Cleanse your energy system as you celebrate the spark of life, its resonance in innocence and silence. Music track by Aseem.
May 17, 2020
62. Meditation for Raising Frequencies (eng)
As we become aware of our energy vibrations, let us retain the sense of interconnectedness , the Love and Compassion we have felt for every living being.
May 17, 2020
61. Intent: Forgiveness (eng)
One of our highest purposes in life is to be used in the service of the forgiveness of mankind, in order to awaken us from our collective sleep. Forgiveness intent. A short meditation. Music track by Aseem.
May 15, 2020
60. Meditation, towards mindfulness (eng)
Let's go with Puneeta into this Meditation towards Mindfulness. Becoming aware of the energies flowing around us and through us, especially when we are centred in Love.
May 14, 2020
59. Meditation: relaxed alertness (hindi)
A simple meditation practice for deeper alert relaxation. Suitable for beginners as well.
May 13, 2020
58. Meditation - Giving and Receiving (eng)
There is Grace in how we give and how we receive, be it kindness or laughter, when gratitude is the space we operate from.
May 12, 2020
57. Meditation - Rebirth and Reset (eng)
Puneeta guides us through this Meditation for Rebirth and Reset. Renew our life’s Intent to be a Channel of Love Energy for the Universe, as we surrender our fears and darkness to the Violet Flame of transmutation.
May 11, 2020
56. Meditation - contraction and expansion (eng)
A simple exercise in contraction and expansion.
May 10, 2020
55. Meditation on Deeper Cleansing evoking Deeper Gratitude (eng)
Be guided by Puneeta towards The Power of this Greater Attitude of love and humility, that empowers us to burn the toxicity in our energy system and be reborn.
May 09, 2020
54. Meditation for Being your Witness Self (eng)
Zoom out with Puneeta to watch your Control Dramas so that you can break patterns and write your script centred in Love.
May 06, 2020
53. Meditation on light awakening (hindi)
A meditation on light. Accept your role in the scheme of things. Allow your self to be a channel of love and well being for your self and all around you.
May 04, 2020
52. Meditation Celebrating the Season of Flowering (eng)
As the flowers bloom around us, lets go inward with Puneeta to nourish the seeds of love Mother Nature and our Divine Guides have planted.
May 03, 2020
51. Meditation on breath 4 (eng)
A simple exercise on breath with a certain amount of imagination. You can do this sitting or standing. Hoping you also worked with Meditations on breath 1, 2 and 3.
May 03, 2020
50. Meditation for Awareness and Acceptance (eng)
Puneeta guides us through a meditation for going within the cave of awareness to accept ourselves with clarity and transparency. Making choices with responsibility and not blaming any other.
May 01, 2020
49. Meditation upon the Dance of Life (eng)
Acknowledge your feelings - your grief, your fears, your anger - all emanate from love. Channelise your feelings, and through them make space for love energy you are so fully a source of. An energy that is your joyous participation in the dance of life - includes all feelings, and all separations, and meetings...
April 29, 2020
48. The Doing Nothing Exercise (eng)
A simple exercise that could help those dealing with high anxiety. Is also a way to learn detachment, even from'feel good' meditation. A simple way to relax. To allow your self twenty minutes of the leisure of doing nothing. Children seem to like this exercise.
April 28, 2020
47. Meditation for deep cleansing in the Violet Flame (eng & hindi)
Allow the Violet Flame of Love Energy to cleanse you deeply. Nourish your self in the golden pool of healing. Cleanse your energy system at the subtler levels of consciousness. Don't attempt this Meditation more than once in a day.
April 27, 2020
46. Meditation for becoming a Clear Channel for Divine Energies (eng)
Puneeta guides us through a Meditation for becoming a Clear Channel for Divine Energies. Become an empty vessel, clear the clutter in your Energy Being so that you can be Open, Able and Available for Divine Energies to flow through you.
April 27, 2020
45. Meditation on breath 3 (eng)
Hoping you have already practiced Meditation on Breath 1 and 2 sufficiently to practice this one... Learning to ride our breath out...
April 26, 2020
44. Meditation on the joyful rain (eng)
Puneeta guides us through this meditation inspired by the morning rain! Opening yourself up to deep nourishment and rejuvenation as you rejoice with the cascade of Love pouring down! Please note, Puneeta recorded this outside in thunder and rain, so audio clarity is a little uneven in the earlier part.
April 26, 2020
43. Meditation for Handing Over (eng)
Puneeta guides us through a Meditation for Handing Over. A simple tool for surrendering our Vision to the Divine, so that it can manifest in our physical reality in the best possible manner.
April 25, 2020
42. Meditation for deeper listening (eng)
Join Puneeta in a Meditation for Deeper Listening. Hearing not just words but tuning in with every fibre of our being. To Listen. To Receive. To Respond.
April 24, 2020
41. Meditation for the aware energy worker (eng)
Puneeta guides us through a Meditation to become an Empowered Energy Worker. An awareness of ourselves as energy beings and our choices between Love and Fear.
April 23, 2020
40. Meditation in your Secret Garden (eng)
Travel to a space of unconditional love and acceptance. Meet wise counsel and feel free. Relax.
April 22, 2020
39. Meditation for Healing our abandoned Inner Child (eng)
Puneeta guides us through a Meditation for Healing our Abandoned Inner Child. Releasing the fears and trauma of abandonment deep within that continually disempower us and affect our sense of Self Worth.
April 22, 2020
38. Meditation for being the flow (hindi)
Relax and flow with the vast ocean of love... Very few spoken words... just allow your self to flow...
April 21, 2020
37. Meditation for Rekindling Hope (eng)
Puneeta guides us through a Meditation for Spreading Hope. Ignite your own Divine Light to radiate outwards so that it can re-kindle the light in others.
April 20, 2020
36. Meditation for healing of the soul (eng)
Travel with your Guides to a healing hall full of white light and rejuvenate yourself.
April 19, 2020
35. Meditation on Breath 2 (eng)
A simple basic meditation on your breath: just observing the breath at the tips of your nostrils... Hope you also try Meditations on breath 1, 3 and 4...
April 19, 2020
34. Meditation on gratitude for blessings (eng)
Puneeta guides us through a Meditation for Feeling Blessed. Counting our blessings and sharing them with the 'less' fortunate.
April 18, 2020
33. Meditation to welcome the new energies of the universe (eng)
Meditation to receive the New Energies of the Universe. With Puneeta guiding, receive the new Empowered Love Energies as they come to usher in the New World Order.
April 17, 2020
32. Meditation for healing situations (eng)
Puneeta guides us through observing and increasing our awareness of emotional energies, even as we practice letting go. Stepping up our Light Quotient as an Energy Worker.
April 16, 2020
31. Meditation for laughter (eng)
Puneeta guides us through this beautiful Meditation for Laughter. Using the tool of Laughter to lighten up, release our stress so that the flow of Love Energy through us can be more powerful.
April 15, 2020
30. Meditation for gratitude to frontline caregivers (eng)
Puneeta leads us in thanking all those courageous souls who have been out there in the service of mankind.
April 14, 2020
29. Meditation for nourishment of the soul (eng)
Puneeta guides us through a meditation to deeply nourish ourselves. Feeling Low? Feeling depleted ? Use Love Energy to rejuvenate yourself as you set up an Energy Exchange with the Universe
April 13, 2020
28. Meditation to refresh your being (hindi)
Fill your self with the energy of love, become a source of it, and then shower it on every thing including your self.
April 12, 2020
27. Meditation for relaxation (eng)
On popular demand, Puneeta guides us through the meditation for relaxation (in English only :)). Using the tool of Creative Visualisation to refresh and rejuvenate ourselves, so that we step closer to Being Love.
April 12, 2020
26. Meditations on Breath 1 (eng)
The first in a series of Meditations where we will be sharing breathing exercises as meditation. Am not placing any music, as you must be able to listen to your own breath!
April 12, 2020
25. Meditation for aura balancing with colours (eng)
Bathe in the wholesome healing colours of love energy...
April 11, 2020
24. Meditation on gratitude to ancestors and loved ones (eng)
Puneeta leads us in a meditation to connect with our Ancestors and Loved Ones. Sending out gratitude and love to all those who have played a vital role in the journey of our Soul’s evolution.
April 11, 2020
23. Meditation for re-creation of the Self (eng)
Meditation for Re-Creation of the Self with Puneeta. Use the tools of Love and Light to break your old moulds, control dramas, patterns of behaviour you are stuck in.
April 10, 2020
22. Meditation for living in the present moment (eng)
Puneeta guides us through receiving each moment as a Gift from the Universe, as we express our Love and Gratitude with our every expression, consciously.
April 09, 2020
21. Meditation for relaxation (eng & hindi)
Meditation for relaxing your free...
April 08, 2020
20. Meditation for creative expression (eng)
Puneeta guides us through a Meditation for Creative Expression - receive your Vision from the Universe as you allow Love to express itself freely.
April 08, 2020
19. Meditation for connectivity with the universe (eng)
Join the network of Love n Light that connects all living beings with Puneeta. Feel the Oneness with the Universe.
April 07, 2020
18. Meditation for healing of your physical self (eng)
Puneeta guides us in a Meditation for Healing your Physical Self - awaken the Healer in You as you connect with Sacred Spaces within your Self. Proactively partner with the Universe.
April 06, 2020
17. Meditation to open your self (eng & hindi)
Nurture and be the environment of love...
April 05, 2020
16. Meditation for healing the planet (eng)
Step forward as a light worker with Puneeta, and use your tools of love and light...
April 05, 2020
15. Meditation for transmutation of anger (eng)
Puneeta leads us through this meditation for transmutation of anger. Break old moulds and meet yourself anew. As you release old patterns, explore your self deeper...
April 04, 2020
14. Meditation for chakra cleansing and healing (eng)
Puneeta gently takes us through a deep cleansing of our energy flow.
April 03, 2020
13. Meditation for oneness with the universe (eng & hindi)
Feel one with all...
April 03, 2020
12. Meditation for connecting with your Higher Self (eng & hindi)
Connect with your Higher Self, a friend you always have...
April 02, 2020
11. Meditation for connecting with your inner child (eng)
As you start to embrace and accept your self completely, Puneeta connects us with our inner matter what, you truly are love...
April 02, 2020
10. Meditation for co creation - partnering with the divine (eng)
Puneeta leads us through guidance for co-creating with love. Be a partner of the universe!
April 01, 2020
9. Meditation for releasing residues before you go to bed (eng)
A meditation to release residues. Good to practice before you go to bed. Another great podcast recommended by us if you find it difficult to sleep is
March 31, 2020
8. Meditation for meeting your self anew (eng)
Start your day with Puneeta. Refresh your self. Meet your self anew.
March 31, 2020
7. Meditation for deep forgiveness (eng & hindi)
Forgiveness is for one's own self, for cleansing and for healing. Forgiving others and asking for forgiveness is done with love and humility. Music: Safar Rang
March 30, 2020
6. Meditation to create a grid of love n light (eng)
A meditation with Puneeta for light workers to join anew the universal grid of love and light... Music by Safar Rang.
March 30, 2020
5. Meditation on being love (eng & hindi)
Soothe yourself into being Love yourself... Music: Cosmic Dance of Creation by Arjun Sen (AJ) and Dilip Shankar Image Design: Mrinalini Chawla (
March 29, 2020
4. Meditation for peaceful coexistence with all (eng)
Puneeta guides us through a meditation to connect us to the Mother Healer. Bask in this healing Love Energy and share it with all. Music by Avik Roy. Image Design: Mrinalini Chawla (
March 29, 2020
3. Meditation for clearing anxiety (eng)
Puneeta guides us through a meditation to release all anxieties, refresh ourselves and be ready for a new day! Can be done any time of the day. Music: Avik Roy. Image Design: Mrinalini Chawla (
March 28, 2020
2. Meditation for general well being (eng)
A simple meditation for all times.Specially designed for beginners and is an excellent tool to start your day. When you fill yourself with unconditional love energy and light, you can use the same energy and light in every part of your life and work. Send this love and light to others as well. In this way, get used to a life of greater awareness - full of love and light. Experience it in every moment of your life. Music: Safar Rang Image design: Mrinalini Chawla (
March 28, 2020
1. Introduction to meditation (eng)
Welcome to our Violet Gold room! Karmic Research Centre welcomes you to an  introductory chat. Try out a simple way to get into meditation. Music: Bird song by Avik Roy Design: Mrinalini Chawla (
March 27, 2020