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The Mom First Entrepreneur

The Mom First Entrepreneur

By Kat McLead
"The Mom First Entrepreneur" by Kat McLead is dedicated to helping you learn how to make money with your own high purpose, high pleasure business that allows you to stay Mom first.

Are you overwhelmed? Stuck in a business that isn't profitable? Searching for purpose and a pleasurable life? In this podcast we will cover the strategies you need to start your own business. We will also cover mindset, clientele, pinpointing your perfect niche, and more! You will find clarity and leave feeling invigorated and inspired. For more information on how to work with me, check out :)
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Pinpoint Your Niche Challenge, Part 4
The last meaty part of pinpointing your niche is crafting your right offer so your clients yell "YAY!" and PAY! If you're not signing clients, that means that your offer isn't right.  Tie together your skills, gifts and talents with an audience you have access to, that is able and willing to pay you.  Your asking price needs to guarantee high profit for the time spent, to deliver a transformation for your clients.   Your offer needs to speak to your ideal client's pain points, using their own words - not just what you think they need!  If they don't want what you are trying to sell, they're not going to buy it.  With the right offer, clients will be thrilled to start working with you. Join the conversation at our Facebook group:
October 16, 2020
Pinpoint Your Niche Challenge, Part 3
MAKE MORE MONEY! Let's be honest - you're in business to make money.  Once you have your perfect business idea and an audience you have access to that's willing and able to pay you, the next hurdle is your own mindset.  If it feels yucky to expect a profit for working your business, then you need to square it in your own mind so that you're able to ask your premium price.   As busy moms, our time is precious.  In order to make money for your family that pays high profit for the amount of time spent, you have to stand in your expertise and command your premium profit.  Your price should reflect the result for your client, not an hourly rate, making sure you're making high profit for the time spent. You, lovely mama, are a boutique.  Treat your business like the premium, high-end boutique you are and ask your price with confidence.   Join the conversation: Get your free guide here:
October 02, 2020
Pinpoint Your Niche Challenge, Part 2
In part 2 of my Pinpoint Your Niche challenge, we tackle the next important part: how are you going to find your clients? Your ideal client has to meet some specific criteria.  You need to have access to this audience, you have to want to work with this audience, they have to need what you offer, and they have to be able to pay you.  If they don't meet all of these criteria, then you aren't going to be successful.  If they aren't able and willing to pay, they won't hire you! Join the conversation in our Facebook group:
September 26, 2020
Pinpoint Your Niche Challenge, Part 1
If you are already in my Facebook group (Mom First Entrepreneurs: Building Businesses for Profit, Purpose and Pleasure), this is Day 1 from the challenge I ran last week to help you pinpoint your niche and build a profitable, purposeful, pleasurable business. Today's focus is on profit.  It's super important that your business idea is actually profitable.  Don't get sucked into the typical mom traps of online low-profit businesses, spending time and money learning new skills, and assuming that you have nothing to offer.  The right business idea won't magically appear - you have to take inventory of your skills and talents and then lock those into a profitable niche.   Don't get confused though - passion+confidence doesn't necessarily equal profit!  What good is a business idea that doesn't make money?  On the other hand, if you're too broad with your idea, it's way harder to connect with the people who are willing to pay you. Your assignment: talk to the people close to you and make a list of your talents, skills, and gifts.  That's all!  Talk soon! Join the conversation: Get your free guide here:
September 19, 2020
Building Your DREAM LIFE Starts With This!
I just got done with a swim in the ocean and I had to share this with you.  I have created my own dream life through the power of niching in business.  I've always dreamed of the freedom to run away from my horrible upbringing and I've found a way to do it, and create my own amazing life.  I love helping my clients be more themselves, make more money, and really create what they really want from their own life. It all starts with pinpointing the right niche.  Good news is, I can help!  I'm hosting a 4-day Pinpoint Your Niche Challenge in my Facebook group next week, September 14-17!   Join the group here!
September 11, 2020
The 2 Most Common Sales Call Mistakes - And What To Do Instead!
It's not static - it's the ocean!   The 2 most common mistakes I see when it comes to sales or discovery calls are extremely common and can completely derail your sale. When you're jumping into messenger, don't immediately talk about your "program."  People don't care about your program unless you're already strongly established and the program is recognizable by name!  Focus on your potential client and their specific situation.  Keep it about them!  Really listen to what they're saying and what they need, then fill in your expertise. The second mistake I see is letting imposter syndrome rule your discovery call.  Sales calls are a learned skill and nobody gets them right the first time - but the most important thing is to not let your insecurities tell your potential clients that they're doing fine without you, or that you should immediately give them a discount.  State your offer, stand in your expertise, and shut up!  Let them make the decision whether they need your services or not! Join the conversation on Facebook: Get your FREE guide to my 4-step system for having clients excited to pay you!
August 28, 2020
Letting It Be Easy
Letting it be easy and fun - giving up the tendency to make it way too freaking hard.   When getting your online business going, it's a very common mistake to learn a new skill in order to start a business.  You won't feel like an expert, you'll feel like an imposter, and you won't be standing in your expertise.  Pick a skill, talent, or gift that you already have and niche down with that, into an audience that you have access to. Make sure you're adding in fun, giving yourself permission to enjoy it! What can you do to make your business feel easier today?  What can you do to make your business more fun? Then, let it be easy.  Don't burn yourself out by making it all too hard! Join the conversation in my Facebook group: Get your FREE 4-step guide for building a successful business for profit, purpose, and pleasure at
August 22, 2020
What Does Pleasure Look Like For You?
You owe it to yourself to show up for you business with high energy, but that doesn't look the same for everyone.  If I'm feeling low vibe before a call, I do a very silly jumping-up-and-down session until I laugh at myself.  That works for me because I'm usually very high vibe, but that may not feel right for you.  Maybe you need to be calm and relaxed, or strong and confident.  Whatever it is, make sure you are in the most pleasurable state of mind you can be in with your business.  Show up as yourself and your people will find you.  Let's face it - if someone is scared off by that, they weren't your ideal client anyway! The more "you" you are, the more profit you will make! Join the conversation at our Facebook group: Get your FREE guide to avoid the top 3 mistakes moms make in business at my website:
August 07, 2020
Build Your Business The Way You Want It
One of the biggest mistakes many new entrepreneurs make is building a business that's full of hustle, not pleasure.  What happens then is that they burn out, thinking that being an entrepreneur is not right for them. It doesn't have to be that way.  Build your business the way you want and use my hyperfocus model to make the maximum impact in the shortest amount of time possible so you can get back to being mom.  Don't get stuck doing 8 hours a day of busy work that's not really moving the needle forward.  Know your vision and your goals and work deliberately toward them. Join the conversation at our Facebook group: Get your FREE guide to avoid the top 3 mistakes moms make in business at my website:
July 31, 2020
Some Business Fun with a Hamilton Reference
Hamilton Reference: For business DON’T be a Burr - be a Jefferson!  It's not doing you any favors to keep to the middle of the road.  It's time for you to stand for something. How the more YOU you are, the more money you’re going to make… Your people will identify with you, and those that aren’t your people will leave. Join the conversation at our Facebook group: Get your FREE guide to avoid the top 3 mistakes moms make in business at my website:
July 24, 2020
Master Your Sharks
A shark was coming right at me!  Want to hear the rest of the story?? This is relevant to your business, though.  Fear is vital and necessary for moving to the next level in your business.  Success doesn't live in your comfort zone.  Fear doesn't have to be a bad thing.  Move through it and master it - you won't believe how amazing it feels to get through to the other side. Join the conversation in my Facebook Group. For your FREE 4-step guide for building a mom-first business with profit, purpose, and pleasure, visit
July 17, 2020
Rich B*tch Vibes
I'm rolling in my "rich b*tch" vibes today!  If you've been following my process towards Profit, Purpose, and Pleasure, then you've likely run into some thoughts like: "Rich people are evil." "Rich people are amoral." "If I'm wealthy, I'm a bad Christian." All of that is internal: money mindset issues.  When thoughts like that come up, allow yourself to feel them, but also really examine them and try to figure out where they really come from.   Wealth doesn't have to mean just money either.  It can mean wealth of wisdom, comfort, and time with your loved ones. Listen on for tips on how to pull on your own "rich b*tch" vibes! Join the conversation at Get your free 4-step guide to building your own business for Profit, Purpose, and Pleasure at
July 10, 2020
Crafting Your Offer
When it feels like you've missed the mark with your offer, it doesn't necessarily mean that nobody wants your service or that your price is wrong - they just might not understand WHY they need your offer!  Another reason, other than profitability, to do market research is to gather the pain points of your ideal clients, in their own words.  Then, use that wording in your marketing.  In your posts, emails, messaging, discovery calls, walk your potential clients through the problem they have and connect the dots to why they need you to solve that problem for them.   Did you catch that?  Use their own words to market to them!  They will feel heard, understood, and connected to you immediately! Join the conversation: Get your 4 steps to success freebie here:
July 02, 2020
Commanding Your Premium Profit
You're in business to make profit.  However, that doesn't mean just charging an arbitrarily high rate. Competition is good - it means that there's money to be made doing what you want to do.  Do your market research and make sure that the niche you've chosen is profitable, and then make sure that you are packaging your offer accordingly. Selling your services by hour or by session is not going to help you in the long run.  Set one rate, with one package.  No more piecing it together. Join the conversation in my Facebook group. For your free copy of my 4-step framework for building a business for profit, purpose, and pleasure, visit my website at
June 25, 2020
The Easiest Way To Find Clients
It's commonly taught that once you pick your niche, then you go and find your clients.  This is backwards!   A critical piece of choosing your niche is choosing an audience that is WILLING and ABLE to pay you!  Do your market research among an audience that you already have access to.  It doesn't make sense to build a business for an audience that you don't already have access to. Join the conversation in our Facebook group. Get your FREE guide to the 4 key steps of building your business for Profit, Purpose, and Pleasure at
June 18, 2020
The Easiest Way To Build Your Business Right Now
Have you spent months, or even years, working way too hard on a business that's just not profitable?  Do you feel guilty spending time with your family instead of working? There's a much easier way.  Lean into your existing skills, talents, and abilities.  What are some things that people come to you for?  What is it that you're really good at?   Join the conversation in our online community here. Get your free 4-step framework to build your own business with profit, purpose, and pleasure at
June 11, 2020
How Being "Mom First" Allows Me To Pause
My business is sort of on pause right now.  The protests of the past week have forced me to face my own Asian privilege and internalized racism. Because of the way I have built my business, I'm able to scale back a little so I can put energy into learning how to do better and be better for my black brothers and sisters. You can build your business this way too.  When you build a business that is high profit for the time spent, purposeful, and pleasurable that allows you time to be mom first, you also allow yourself to push pause when you need to. Join the conversation at You can get your free 4-step framework to build your own Mom First business at
June 09, 2020
Being Vulnerable, Transparent, and Messy
I never thought I'd talk about this publicly, but here it is: my 7-year-old son and I were racially, verbally attacked and harassed because we are Asian. I've been processing that experience for over a month and with the recent unrest, protests, and new lockdowns, it seems appropriate to speak out. Messily.   It's similar to doing the hard, messy, vulnerable things as a businessowner.  Listen on to hear a gem of advice for businessowners in this turbulent time. Join our online community here to join the conversation. Get your free 4-step guide to building your own business for profit, purpose and pleasure at
June 02, 2020
"I Just Want Clients To Come To Me - I Don't Want To Do XYZ"
"I just want clients to come to me - I don't want to show up every day, I don't want to hustle." You don't have to hustle, but you do have to be consistent!  Consistency doesn't have to mean every day and it doesn't have to take a ton of time, but you do need to build relationships with your audience and show up consistently.  A couple of posts, and nothing else, isn't going to cut it. Clients won't have much faith that you'll show up for them if you're not consistently showing up for yourself.  But, this does not mean that hustling harder is the answer. Join our online community here. Get your 4-step guide for building a business for profit, purpose, and pleasure at
May 28, 2020
How To Niche So That You Become Known As The Expert
One of the top concerns I hear from my clients is that they're worried about narrowing down their offer too far and missing out on potential clients.  Actually, the opposite is true.  If you niche down into your true expertise using your existing skills, talents, and gifts, you can confidently stand as the expert in your field.  Potential clients can tell if you're confident in your offer or not!  Offering too many different services is confusing and it erodes trust with your audience.   Join our online community here - There's a massive giveaway happening right now! For your free copy of my 4-step process to nail your niche, visit
May 21, 2020
The Easiest Way To Make High Profits
Niching is the easiest way to make high profits in business. Here are 3 key points I’ve learned in the last 13 years of helping women pinpoint their perfect business idea.  I began by helping women transition out of the adult industry and the way to do that was to make sure they were going to make high profit for the time spent.  Next was to add in the "Purpose" piece so they could feel really good about their work. 1.  Start with an existing skill or talent that you're already known for.  Don't waste your time learning something new that you won't be the expert in! 2. Start with an existing audience that you already have access to. 3. Solve one specific problem for that audience.  Don't dilute your offerings by trying to offer everything to everybody. Join our online community here. Pick up your copy of the 4-step framework for pinpointing your niche here.
May 19, 2020
Your First Paying Clients - Now What?
You have nailed your niche, crafted your offer, now it's time to build your audience and close your first clients.   Kat shares her tried and true techniques for collecting raving fans and staying in integrity.   Tweaking the copy on your website again won't do it.  Learning how to build the perfect funnel won't do it.  You need to show up consistently, build true relationships with your people, and walk them through step by step on how you can help them. Join our online community here. Get your free 4-step guide to pinpointing your perfect niche at
May 14, 2020
Sales Calls: Converting with Pleasure and Ease
There's a weight around sales calls, but they don't have to be icky.  In fact, taking the pressure off and approaching calls with pleasure is far more likely to convert than grabby energy. Objections are a natural result of interest in your offer.  Look at objections as an opportunity to start helping your people right away!  Connect the dots to move them through their pain and into the pleasure of letting you help them.  That is, if you're a good fit in the first place.  In this episode I'll walk you through some tips for addressing common objections including the money objection and the spouse objection. Join our online community here. Get your free 4-step checklist to build your business with pleasure and ease, all while staying mom first at
May 12, 2020
Letting It Be Easy
I just got off an EPIC mastermind group call.  The main theme that kept coming up was making it harder than it had to be.  Letting perfectionism get in the way will wreck your productivity every time.   Join our online community here! To get your free 4-step system for unfolding your high purpose, high profit, high pleasure business, visit
May 07, 2020
How Pleasure Brings In More Profit
The other day, my client shared that she was "rolling in pleasure" in her business.  By infusing pleasure into business, you are able to invite in more profits with ease and joy. Join me for a walk in the park today as I model pleasure and talk about how that is essential while unfolding your business.  Profit is important of course, or your business won't be successful!  Your work needs to be purposeful so you feel fulfilled and inspired.  Where does pleasure fit in?  Release the grabby energy that comes from displeasure and stress and you will attract clients left and right. Join our online community here. Visit for more.
May 05, 2020
Hung Up On Tech
Are you stuck spending hours, months, or even years trying to craft the perfect website, funnel, or freebie?  How's that working for ya? Time and time again I've seen moms get stuck trying to build everything perfectly before they try to find clients.  It's safe to do that stuff because it feels like you're working on your business and moving things forward, but if you're not connecting with your people, how can you expect to find clients? How are you going to know what problems your people need solved if you don't talk to them first?   Don't fall into the tech trap of feeling busy, but spinning your wheels! Join our online community here. Get your free blueprint here!
April 30, 2020
Behind the Scenes of My Sold-Out Multi-5-Figure Launch
Before this most recent launch, I had launch trauma.  My joint boot camp with another coach (who I adore, by the way) had gone sideways and it was not pleasurable.  However, I stuck to my New Year's Resolution of failing big 10 times this year, regrouped, and came back to this 6 month mastermind, launched with pleasure and ease.   I stuck with what felt good, I stuck to my commitment, and I filled all 8 of the spots with amazing women who are going to crush it, all while staying within my pleasure and unfolding with ease. Listen for details on how I did it! Get your free business training at
April 28, 2020
Instant Confidence
Instant confidence. What I hear is a struggle with confidence, imposter syndrome, knowing if you got this and here's a little taste of a quick tool that I use with clients.  Usually I go way more into detail and it's personalized, but I'm going to generalize it so that you can take advantage of this. Have instant confidence and unfold your business from a source of confidence and pleasure, because that's the kind of business that you want to have. Join me for this powerful visualization tool to boost your confidence before a client meeting or whenever you're feeling low. Join our online community here. If you're ready to level up your business and get un-stuck, book a call with me.
April 23, 2020
The 3 Ps - This Shit Works!
There's a reason why I continue to preach the 3 Ps: Profit, Purpose and Pleasure.  Because it works! Join our online community here. If you're ready to level up your business and get un-stuck, book a call with me.
April 21, 2020
ROI Every Time
I don't often talk about Return On Investment, or ROI, because it depends on what you put into it. Join our online community here. If you're ready to level up your business and get un-stuck, book a call with me.
April 21, 2020
The 5 Bloody Things You're Doing Wrong If You're Not Attracting Clients
1.  You're not speaking to your clients' pain points. 2.  You're not moving them through to pleasure! 3. You're not making sure they know the consequences of staying stuck! 4. You're not grounding them in the pleasure of what happens if they change - with your help. 5. You're not bridging the gap so they know how you can help them. Bottom line, these are the five bloody things that you have to actually do right to get clients. You must speak to your people's biggest pain points. You must speak to their ultimate wants and desires and lead them to pleasure. You need to have them feel the negative implication of staying where they are now. And the truth is, they don't want to stay where they are now or they wouldn't be talking to you and looking at your stuff in the first place. Then you want to move them to grounding into the pleasure of what happens when they make the change, hiring you to help them with their problems and make it better. And then you are going to bridge and connect the dots so they fully understand that you are the one that's going to move them from pain to pleasure and make their lives so much better. Join our online community here. If you're ready to level up your business and get un-stuck, book a call with me.
April 21, 2020
What A Mom First Business Looks Like
We're all moms first - but here's how to balance that and your own purposeful, profitable, pleasurable business. I'm going to talk about just that: exactly what a mom first business looks like, because I'm all about being mom first. I think it's so important. I absolutely love being mom first. While my son is young, of course, he's my biggest priority. And it means a lot to be able to be mom first, especially now, since we all are mom first. And that's why I create businesses that enable moms to be mom first. And that's why we talk about high profit for the time spent, it's really important to be able to do high profit for the time spent, which enables you to work less, and still bring in money for your family, for yourself, for your lifestyle, for your pleasure. Part of a mom first business is unfolding a business that you truly want with pleasure, and taking care of that high profit so you only work a couple hours a day and bring in that consistent money that makes your life better.  Join our online community here. If you're ready to level up your business and get un-stuck, book a call with me.
April 21, 2020
Fear Buster
What are all the ways fear holds you back? So we're going to go into a major Fear Buster today. I'm Kat McLead, your host with pinpoint your high profit high purpose business for mompreneurs, and the number one thing I see derailing moms on their business journey is fear. Or in life period, and we all experienced fear - I myself experience it. That's why, for my new year's resolution, it was to fail big 10 times this year, because that lets me know that I'm moving past my fear, just moving bigger. Because in your safe place, you're going to be exactly where you're at now. So if you want something different in your life, you want to create your dream life, then fear is going to be part of it. And we're not going to pretend it doesn't exist. We're going to move through it and transcend it and there is a way to do this.  Journaling exercises: "My fears surrounding business serve me because they give me an excuse to..." and I want you to write a minimum of 20 reasons how they serve you. Because they do - they're giving you an excuse to stay safe, to not feel overwhelmed, to not fail to not have to put yourself out there.  "I deeply fear and resent having a successful business because..."  and then whatever that list is, just let it all out. And then, this is the key point, you want to go into each point, and then talk about how you're going to handle it. Join our online community here. If you're ready to level up your business and get un-stuck, book a call with me.
April 21, 2020
Why Charging Is Caring
Why charging is caring: If you want to help people, then the most helpful thing to do is to sell your services because the truth is, that people value what they pay for. It's been said many times and it's because it's the truth people value what they pay for. So, when you learn to own your expertise and charge for your services, people are more likely to actually get value from them and implement, and I'm going to give a perfect example. I charge for my coaching. I'm amazing at coaching people. I've helped hundreds of people start successful businesses and I do not coach for free. I do give my free value in my free challenges and by all means, enjoy that and if you want customized support, you're going to pay for it. So, if you want to help people, package up your service, actually hear your people's need. Take a skill that you already have, a viable skill, matching it with an audience who is able and willing to pay for it, and then solve their problem. Charge them to solve their problem. They're going to be happy to pay to have their problems solved. That is the truth. If my pipes were bursting right now and flooding into the room, I would be super happy to pay for a plumber to come fix the problem. And that's how business is. And here's the truth. People value what they pay for. Join our online community here. If you're ready to level up your business and get un-stuck, book a call with me.
April 21, 2020
The 4 Key Steps to Pinpointing Your Perfect Business for a Busy Mom
Pinpoint your perfect business with me, Kat McLead. In this training, you are going to learn how to pinpoint your perfect business. We are going to go deep into the four key steps for having a successful business as a busy mom.  You'll get to feel like a bad ass money maker and feel purposeful in your work.  Here are the four key steps for starting the ideal high profit business as a busy mom. Step one, pinpoint your perfect business. Step two, instant access to future ideal clients. Step three, command your premium profit. And step four, craft the right offer. Have your clients excited to pay you! You want a business that makes happiness, profit, and gives you an amazing sense of purpose. The perfect business idea means marrying your gifts, skills and passions with the needs and desires of your future clients. And by making sure this is your right idea, by measuring it on the profitability index, you will have yourself a winner. Join our online community here. If you're ready to take the steps to move forward, you can schedule a call with me now!
April 21, 2020
Pinpoint your perfect business by avoiding these 3 Common "Mom Traps"
Pinpoint your perfect business with me, Kat McLead.  We are going to go deep into the four key steps for having a successful business as a busy mom. You're in the right place if you're a mom that's been stuck on your perfect business idea and you are tired of months, if not years, going by with zero to show for it. Maybe you feel like more and more a part of you is just sinking down and missing. You've tried copying what you see working for others, but it has not been working for you. And you've tried all the lame online clarity exercises with zero results. I'm going to show you exactly how to pinpoint your perfect business idea using my profit and purpose framework. That way you can have a successful business you've been longing for without learning any new skills. Yes, with the existing skills that you currently have. I've seen it time and time again, and you have the skills necessary for a high profit, high purpose, high pleasure business.  You'll learn the three main mistakes that so many moms make that derail their entrepreneurial dreams, and you are going to avoid them so that you don't make these mistakes. Most likely, you've already made one of them. And that's okay. You'll learn exactly what to do.  And at the end of the training, I'm going to share with you how you can build your own high profit, high purpose business with a simple step by step framework designed to be complete in 15 minutes a day. In this training, you will learn the four key steps of pinpointing your perfect high profit, high purpose business for you, a busy mom. Join our online community here.
April 21, 2020
Pinpoint Your Perfect Business Challenge, Part 4
For this finale of Season 1 of the Mom First Entrepreneur Podcast, we're bringing you Day 4 of the Pinpoint Your Perfect Business Challenge.   Today is step 4, which is crafting the right offer.  You need to know your audience, know your niche, and know their pain point.  Know how you are going to solve their problem.  Use their exact words in your marketing so that they know you're speaking directly to them.  Get them excited to pay you! When you're ready to go deeper, the doors are open for a few more heartfelt moms in my group mastermind.  Schedule a call with me!
April 14, 2020
Pinpoint Your Perfect Business Challenge, Part 3
Welcome to day 3 of the Pinpoint Your Perfect Business Challenge!  Today we dive deep into money mindset and commanding your premium profit. Yes, we're talking about money. Now, almost all of us love money, we want more money yet, there's a lot of conflict surrounding money. As I've worked with clients over a decade and with my own money stories, there's just a lot of energy surrounding money.  It is true that people value what they pay for.   The number one mistake I see that causes moms to stop running businesses, close them down or never launch them in the first place, is starting a business that was always going to make peanuts. Like, never more than $100 a month. One of my clients, she never made more than minimum wage busting her butt. She would have been better off with a J O B. So this is why focusing on profit, along with the other two Ps, purpose and pleasure are just so important.
April 09, 2020
Pinpoint Your Perfect Business Challenge Part 2
How to have instant access to future clients. This is so important. It is so much harder for a new business when you're starting out to try and find your clients.  The easiest way to have instant access to your future clients is to start with an existing audience that you have access to. It sounds super simple, yet it's counter to what's being taught.  You want your audience to have the next two important key things in a viable target audience. And those two key things are the willingness and ability to pay.  You're going to take that audience, you're going to run it through the three P's: profit, purpose pleasure.  To learn more about this challenge, join our Facebook community here.
April 07, 2020
Pinpoint Your Perfect Business Challenge, Part 1
PINPOINT YOUR NICHE CHALLENGE Part 1 To participate in this challenge and win a 1:1 coaching session with me, join my Facebook Group! I don't want you learning anything new. We're going to take your existing skills, talents and gifts, and turn that into a high profit business that you feel purposeful and pleasurable doing. If you're going to create your business from the ground up, make sure that you're on track for your vision. So today, pinpointing your niche, we're going to go into your skills, gifts and talents. And I want to make a note that this is really different than traits. I have found that clients will first start off with a list of traits, or they've done some clarity exercise based on traits, and I do not believe in them. I've had many clients come to me after failed clarity exercises, had them doing businesses that were never ever going to be profitable. Profit comes first. And then we need to build upon that. So we're going to go deep into your skills, gifts and talents.  People are not going to hire you to be dependable. Now they're going to hire you to solve a problem for them. That's why I want you to go into your skills and skills are anything that you've gained from your job, your job experience, your life experience, things that you know how to do that you learned from your mom, your best friend, whatever - those are your skills.  It's got to be profitable, purposeful and pleasurable. Stay tuned for Part 2!
April 03, 2020
Pleasure Isn't Selfish, It's Necessary
Pleasure: how to do business with pleasure and why this is so important, especially now. Pleasure is an important and often forgotten about element of a successful business. A successful business must have profit, purpose, and pleasure to be sustainable. It actually makes you more money the more pleasure you put into your business because people can feel that. And who do you want to do business with?
March 31, 2020
Bonus Visualization
Use this meditative visualization often to re-align yourself to your goals and bring yourself a sense of peace in these troubled times.
March 30, 2020
Be Courageous, Not Flawless
It is more important than ever that we, as moms, stand in our expertise and serve those around us.  As important as it is, don't let perfectionism get in the way!  Be big, be courageous, be bold, and don't try to be flawless!
March 26, 2020
Transforming Your Negative Emotions For Success
I truly feel like it's our duty right now as moms, and we are very powerful - we raised beings that are going to be the next generation in the world. We are powerful! We've gone through birth. That's no fun thing. We've done a lot of stuff. We're powerful and it's our job to help others during this scary time by being an example of transforming all that negative emotion into success. Letting others see us hitting our success, making it happen, being an example for our families, and ourselves, to be leaders right now. If you want to join my exclusive community of like-minded mompreneurs and participate in my challenge, you can find my Facebook group here.
March 24, 2020
What You Can Control
I'm going to guess that most of you moms are now in the same boat as me: being homeschoolers. Some of you might question if this is the right time to start a business, with all of the pandemic going around and people in huge anxiety, and I feel you. I understand where you're coming from and I want to reassure you that this is a perfect time to help people.
March 19, 2020
The "F Word" - Failure and How To Reach Success
Failure can look like this to people: You've bought a few courses, you've maybe even used a coach or two coaches or more, and you have not gotten to where you want to be in business. And you feel like you are a failure and that maybe owning a business, a successful business, is not possible for you. I feel you! I have conversations with women who feel this way on a regular basis and I want to assure you that you are not alone!
March 17, 2020
Make Money by Signing Clients
You want your offer to be so compelling to your target audience that they are eager and happy to pay for your services. This leads to raving fans, a thriving and fulfilling business and of course, profit! So how do you know you have the right offer? You'll know when clients are coming to you and asking to work with you. 
March 12, 2020
Command Your Premium Profit
It seems like human instinct to undersell yourself.  So why do we do this? The easy answer, the most common answer, is fear and doubt that no one will buy from us if we charge too much. Bottom line: fear and doubt keeps us from commanding our premium product. The truth is, you want to position yourself as the high-end offering. You want successful clients that want to hire successful people.
March 10, 2020
Instant Access To Future Clients
Standard business advice teaches you to find clients.  In today's episode, we are going to discover how to have instant access to your future ideal clients RIGHT NOW!
March 05, 2020
What's My Bloody Purpose??
What's my bloody purpose? Let's dive into that on today's episode. When you don't know what your purpose is or you feel like you're not living a life of purpose, it feels terrible. I know from my 10-year obsessive search for purpose. While I was making multiple six figures in my fetish business, I felt so un-purposeful. The entire time I was obsessed with purpose in finding work that would be of meaning to me: work that I could be proud of. And that's how I am a hundred percent sure that having high profits does not equal happiness or a good life for yourself or your family. It's so important to feel good about the work that you're doing; to feel happy, to feel like you're helping people. Otherwise, even if you're making great profits, it feels overwhelming and it's just unsustainable. It's not sustainable to be doing work that you hate and work that doesn't feel good for you.
March 03, 2020
Infusing Pleasure Into Your Business
Welcome to episode 3 of the Mom First Entrepreneur! Today, we are going to talk about pleasure and why pleasure is an essential piece to a sustainable and successful business and how pleasure actually brings in more profits. We've discussed the 3 Ps: profit, purpose, and pleasure and today we're really going to deep dive into this pleasure. I have found with clients that pleasure is low on their radar. It's something that feels indulgent, maybe selfish, and they're just trying to get through the day because you're juggling work and you're juggling kids and the home and pleasure feels like something you long for yet unimportant. And I'm here to really challenge this and invite you to feel more pleasure into your life.
February 27, 2020
Your Perfect Business Idea
Build your business FASTER by doing LESS Hi fabulous Mom, I know you’re busy and don’t have time to waste… So, I’m going to be super straight forward and give you the secret straight away. Starting with a skill, talent, or gift you already have is the best shortcut you can take to starting a business. I mean it! Instead of starting an online business in blogs, vlogs, content, online marketing, MLM, etc... That require you to master creating websites, funnels, ad campaigns, writing endless copy, creative designs, making webinars, social media, SEO (if you even know what that is), running challenges, creating freebies, HTML proficient, and more. All of this shit takes years to learn and put into practice. Let’s take YouTube. You’ll need 10,000 subscribers BEFORE you can even earn a single penny! So what that means for you is countless hours of filming and editing before you even have the CHANCE to MONETIZE. Yikes! But YOU already have the skill/talent/gift necessary to start a rewarding, High Profit Business. Yeah, it’s totally true! The KEY is to find the intersection of one of your skills/talents/gifts and measure it on the Profitability Index to make sure it will be both FULFILLING and bring in MONEY.
February 25, 2020
The Riches Are In The Niches
 Hi Mom First Entrepreneurs! Today, I'm going to talk about niching down and why it is so important for entrepreneurial success.   I started my entrepreneurial journey in the world of BDSM as a professional dominatrix. After 6 months, I hated it and decided to niche down to what I most enjoyed/tolerated. I thought that I would have to get a “normal job” to support myself because my new niche was less than 10% of my dominatrix business. What happened instead was that my business EXPLODED… And that’s how, at the age of 22, I discovered that the riches are indeed in the niches. I grew to hate that business, shut it down, got my M.A. in Psychology, and as my second year project, chose to help Sex Workers transition out of the Adult Industry. Since then, I’ve used the same framework I developed then (High Profit High Purpose Framework) to help busy moms start high profit high purpose businesses that allow them to be Mom first.
February 21, 2020