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The Leadership Advisor Podcast

The Leadership Advisor Podcast

By Kate Garnes
Welcome to the family!! This podcast is specifically for the unsung heroes that are the advisors(or activities directors) of teen leadership groups. You will hear tangible tips, tricks, and motivation from leadership advisors ranging from every walk of life and every state! Every journey is important, including yours. So sit back, relax and learn with some of my favorite people!
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50. Ignite 4 Impact with Michelle Koles
Michelle Koles is the founder of the incredible teen leadership organization Ignite4Impact! What started as a way to help her community during a global pandemic, quickly spiraled into an organization that helps teens around the world develop their soft skills (how to have conversations with adults, phone etiquette, professionalism) to impact the world on a large scale. I am so honored to interview Michelle and share her message! Learn more about Ignite4Impact :
August 31, 2021
49. Overcoming Nerves and Leading To Lead with Lauren Phillips
Lauren Phillips is a 2021 graduate who will be attending John Hopkins University in the fall! She is a proud member of Tech Girlz, and takes time to share her story with me! We dive into everything from overcoming nerves, and knowing your worth to how to be dedicated to your craft! I am SO honored to have interviewed her! I hope you enjoy!! Contact Lauren: Learn more about Tech Girlz:
August 10, 2021
48. The Power of Communication, Connection and Curiosity with Lucy Minchoff
It is my district pleasure to introduce the amazing Lucy Minchoff! Lucy was on the Teen Advisory Board for Tech Girlz in West Chester, PA! She shares her journey of not knowing where she fit in, to finding her place in the world of technology thanks to some amazing fellow teen leaders!! She shows us that confidence is key, and that there is always more you can learn and know! Connect with Lucy: Learn more about Tech Girlz:
August 03, 2021
47. Redefining Leadership with ASB Co Presidents Kellen Bynes and Remy Corbin
I am beyond honored to get to interview the ASB Co Presidents from San Marcos High School in San Diego, California, Kellen Bynes and Remy Corbin! We dig into everything from equity in our community and school, to campus climate, to student voice. I was blown away by their professionalism and energy they brought not only to the interview but to their outlooks on leadership!  Visit the SMHS ASB Website: AMHS ASB TikTok: Contact Kellen: Contact Remy: Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
July 20, 2021
46. All Things Leadership and Tech Girlz with Danica Pascavage and Trevor Gardner
I am SO excited for this episode. I learned about the organization Tech Girlz while working with the Women in Technology Summit. We talk all about the completely free opportunities that tech girlz not only grants to middle school girls, but the leadership taught to the high school women who are stepping up to help lead. From coding, to podcasts, to robotics and so much more, this is an organization that you will WANT to bring to your community.  Learn more about Tech Girlz: Contact Danica:   Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
July 13, 2021
45. Building Leadership From The Ground Up with Tammy McClure
Imagine opening up a brand new school with only Freshman and Sophomores, and realizing that they will be the ones to lead the school into the future. That was the reality for Tammy McClure in Texas. They were tasked with creating the culture and school climate that would become legendary. Join me in this incredible chat with Tammy, who I KNOW will bring a smile to your face, and joy into your life! The way she has led her student leaders and equips them for greatness is something we can all learn from!  Reach out To Tammy: Dude Be Nice: Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
June 15, 2021
44. Stepping Stones into Leadership with Shannon Reynolds
I was SO excited to interview the amazing Shannon Reynolds! She is an elementary school councelor who also heads up the student council! She has mastered the art of creating stepping stones for her young leaders, giving them room to learn how to be a leader, when most adults only see a little kid. It's all about mindset.  We cover everything from participating in state associations, to adjusting to uncertain circumstances to mindset of leaders. You will LOVE this episode!!! Reach out to Shannon:
June 08, 2021
43. A Freshman And Senior Perspective with Natalie and Ashleigh Hewey
What an incredible episode. I was able to interview sisters who one is a freshman and the other is a senior class of 2021. The perspectives from a student how has spent time in the classroom and virtual due to covid, and a student who has only spent her time in student leadership online is mind blowing. I will let the episode speak for itself!! Enjoy!
May 25, 2021
42. Update and What's Coming Up with Kate
So you may have noticed we took a couple weeks off from producing the podcast. I put into practice what I try to preach, that self care isn't selfish, and taking a break isn't being lazy.  We took a few weeks to rest and reset. But we are now back and ready to rock!! BUT I NEED YOUR HELP!!! We are looking for advisors or leaders (student or otherwise) to be guests on the podcast! I will say it again, no story is too small. Everyone's journey has something unique that will help someone. If you know of anyone who would be a great fit, or if you yourself want to chat with me for an hour, shoot me a message on instagram, or send me an email at We also want to talk about what you want to hear! Is there a topic you want to us to dive deeper on, or that we haven't touched on yet? We want to hear it!! Please reach out at the email above!!
May 18, 2021
41. Guiding The Letdown and The Small Wins with Jason King
Jason King is an SCA Advisor and math teacher at Freedom High School in South Riding Virginia.  I LOVED this conversation, because we were able to pull back the curtain a little bit and take a peek into some of the insecurities and hard choices of being an advisor. It isn't all pep rallys and homecomings. Sometimes we have to have the hard conversations, and lead our students through the let downs of high school life. This is not a conversation you want to miss!! Follow Jason: Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
April 20, 2021
40. Social Emotional Development and Failure with Michele Johnson
Michele Johnson is a coach and educational consultant who spent over 30 years in the education system! She knows how tough of a job teaching is.  In this interview we break down how to walk through the hard sides of teaching, while also meeting our students where they are.  Text Leadership to 240-213-5750 to schedule a 15 minute conversation with Michele Follow Michele on Instagram: Reach out to Michele:
April 13, 2021
39. The Ripples Of Influence Video Course - Aka Kate Being Brave
So this episode is a little bit different, as I don't have a guest with me!!  I have been wanting to serve you and your students even more that just with the podcast, but I knew that meant going out of my comfort zone and creating something virtual. So that's exactly what I did.  The course that you've been waiting for is here!! What kind of leader will we become when we really embrace who we are? How will it change our leadership when we actually love the person we are inside, and serve from a place of empathy and love? This is the course to help answer those questions. It is designed for you and your student leaders to walk through together.  This is the Ripples of Influence.  GET THE COURSE HERE!
April 06, 2021
38. Victim To Victor with 2018 Digital4Good winner Malorie Bournazian
Malorie Bournazian is one of the winners of the 2018 Digital4Good Summit, and honestly, a really cool lady! She went from winning Digital4Good to becoming a student intern which led to her current position as the Lead intern with #ICANHELP.  We talk about all things from Digital4Good, #ICANHELP and working through grief while trying to still be the best version of yourself. She shares her story of how losing her mom could have stiffled her, but instead steadied her to help leaders learn to use your story and circumstances for good!  Learn more about #ICANHELP: Follow Malorie:
March 30, 2021
37. Vulnerability Is The New Courage with Donovan Dreyer
Donovan Dreyer is a school counselor and teen leadership / takeoff coach. He has been working with students over 20 years. In that time he has seen the cry for help when it comes to starting mental health conversations and learning how to meet students where they are.  We talk about everything from restorative circles, to problem solving to what to be when we grow up. Enjoy my chat with Donovan! Connect with Donovan: Reach out:  Follow Donovan: Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
March 23, 2021
36. Expanding What Leadership Looks Like and Vulnerability with Shane Gibson
Shane Gibson is the personal finance, music business and leadership teacher at Sierra Vista High School in Las Vegas, Nevada. Like so many of us, Shane did not expect to become a teacher. He spent much of his life in business and management, then moved to bartending and DJing, before finding his calling to be a teacher. He uses the things he learned as a manager and a DJ to helps shift the way his students view leadership. We also dive deep into what teachers are really facing during this uncertain time, and how to emotionally stay healthy... or as healthy as we can.  Follow Shane and his Council on Instagram: Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
March 16, 2021
35. Filling Big Shoes of Past Advisors with Brad Odice
Brad Odice was the English teacher at Highlands Ranch High School in Colorado and just helped out with student leadership on the side. Then he was asked to step in the Leadership teacher role, filling the incredibly big shoes of his predecessor. This could be intimidating for anyone, but Brad has handled it with grace and strength. We dig into what it's like to replace a well loved advisor, and how to continue to make the program your own, while still honoring the past.  Connect with Brad: Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
March 09, 2021
34. Being A Storyteller and Telling Your Story with Troy Rivera
Troy Rivera is the assistant principal at Heath Middle School. Not only is he in administration though, but he is also a certified life coach! This is such an incredible episode with so many fantastic tips about different ways to look at teaching, advising and connecting with our students. I learned so much from Troy, and I hope you do too! Follow and connect with Troy on Instagram! Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
March 02, 2021
33. Empathy, Vulnerability and Leadership with Travis Ruhter
All the way from the great state of Washington, I am so proud to introduce my new friend Travis Ruhter! Travis was advisor of the year in 2013. He hails from Mark Morris High School where he is also the leadership advisor. In this interview we focus on the importance of empathy, vulnerability and honesty when interacting with our student leaders. We talk about how all of us especially right now just want to feel seen, and how important it is to meet not only our students but our staff where they are.  I just adore Travis and can't wait to do more episodes with him! Follow Travis on Instagram: Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
February 23, 2021
32. 25 Years of Advisor Wisdom with Dale Garland
What a delight it was to spend some virtual time with the one and only Dale Garland. Dale has been an educator for roughly 30 years, and a student leadership advisor for roughly 25. To say he has some valuable wisdom is an understatement. We talk about all things from failed ideas, to mentorship, to conferences, to working with other advisors. I am proud to call him my new friend! I know you will enjoy!  Connect with Dale: Follow DHS on Instagram: Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
February 16, 2021
31.Creative Leadership, Blue Trumpets and Bike Pedals with Rob Lott
CROSSOVER EPISODE!!!! I have brought together the Leadership Advisor Podcast and The Give Yourself Room Podcast for this one... it's worth it.  It is my distinct pleasure to introduce a very good friend and mentor to you all. Rob Lott, brother of former podcast guest Tricia Lott Williford, is an actor, leader, director, podcaster, puppeteer, and all around fantastic creative human. In this episode we dive into all of the things. Literally, ALL of the things. From being a creative mind, to leadership, to the pandemic, to comedy, to growth, join us for a journey through Rob's career, success and losses. I am so proud to call this man my friend. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed recording it! Follow the Blue Trumpet Creative: Follow Rob on Instagram: The Leading Creative Podcast: Follow Kate on Instagram!: Learn more about Kate: Get Kate's book:
February 09, 2021
30. Mental Health and Well Being with Principal Stewart Bellina
This episode moved my heart. Stewart Bellina, the principal of San Juan Mountain High School shares her passion for meeting students and teachers where they are when it comes to anxiety, depression and overall mental health.  The past 12 months have been really really hard. When we have to handle more than just healthy stress, we can feel exhaustion, more tired, more emotional and extra irritable toward others. This is normal right now, since we don't seem to have an end in sight. Stewart gives us amazing tips and strategies to help not only our students, but ourselves handle this heavy load of stress we are all facing.  All information on Dr. Bruce Perry: Connect with Stewart Bellina: Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
February 02, 2021
29. Different Leadership Styles and Mental Health with Francisco Ortiz Y Davis
Francisco was such a joy to interview. He shares his journey with DECA, from learning about being a DECA advisor in his job interview, to becoming the Executive Director for the State of Arizona DECA. We talk about all things from the pandemic, to mental health, to rising from failure.   Enjoy! Connect with Francisco: Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
January 26, 2021
28. Activity Participation And So Much Laughter with Scott Backovich
This episode was SO much fun to record. If you don't already know Scott Backovich, you are in for a treat. Scott is a speaker and the creator of Envolve Schools, a program to help schools foster strong school culture and activity participation. Scott and I dig into the issues surrounding why students aren't as quick to participate, and what our students today might need now more than ever... trust.  I am so honored to share my friend with all of you. Enjoy.  Learn more about Envolve: Follow Scott: Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
January 19, 2021
27. Fostering Positive Inclusion and Connecting With Students with Josh Rosenbloom
Josh Rosenbloom is the Principal at Edward C. Reed High school in Washoe county in Nevada! I love getting to connect with administration and picking their brains as to how they foster relationships with their student leaders. Josh leads us through how he has navigated the uncharted waters of being a principal during a global pandemic, and how the school as a whole has continued to foster positive school spirit even during such an unprecedented time.  Connect with Josh: Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
January 12, 2021
26. Living the Legacy with Amanda Griesbaum
Have you ever wondered what it's like to be the child of a leadership advisor, a student leader, and then become a leadership advisor yourself? You're about to hear all about it!! Meet Amanda Griesbaum! Amanda grew up the daughter of an FFA advisor, became an FFA member, then became an FFA advisor herself. What a treat to get to spend a few minutes talking to the woman who has truly done it all!!!  Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
January 05, 2021
25. Administration Support with John Gulley
John Gulley is the principal at St. Francis Xavier Catholic School in Fort Meyers Florida. He is also one of the kindest men I've ever met. John shares his journey as a leader, and his love for student leadership.  I could feel the love he has for his teachers and students alike in his words as we talked through how his administration has navigated this chaotic year. I am so grateful he took the time to chat with me. I hope you enjoy his interview as much as I enjoyed interviewing him!  Contact John At: Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
December 15, 2020
24. Deep Kindness with Houston Kraft
One of my dear friends joined me for this episode, and I couldn't be more grateful. Houston is a speaker, author, and all around really fantastic person that I am proud to call my friend. This interview is focused on the topic of being truly kind, not only to others but to ourselves.  I know you will love Houston as much as I do.  Follow Houston: Learn More about Character Strong: Get Deep Kindness: Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
December 08, 2020
23. Delegating To Students With Joenelle Futrell
Joenelle Futrell is leading Oregon FFA as the Leadership Development Coordinator during this crazy year.  While dealing with transitioning to virtual, she is having to learn how to have so much facetime with her state board, who are usually constantly on the road. I had such a wonderful time with this interview. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed recording it!! Reach out to Joenelle: Follow Joenelle: Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
December 01, 2020
22. Listening to and leading the student body with Dawson Deal
Dawson Deal is an outstanding student body president at Edward C. Reed High School in Reno, Nevada. Dawson and I dig into how it feels to have dreamed of being a student body president, and how to handle the job, when it doesn't look the way you've always dreamed it would. Dawson's honesty, courage, and perseverance shine through his words in this episode. You don't want to miss this! Email Dawson: Follow the Reed Raiders on instagram: Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
November 24, 2020
21. Membership Engagement with Iowa FFA's State President Mickayla McGill
Mickayla McGill is doing amazing things in the state of Iowa as the State President of Iowa FFA. She is leading the charge of shifting their organization from very hands on in person visits and events, to virtual meetings and conferences. She takes us through how she and her state board made their shift to virtual, and how they have full embraced the change. I could have talked to Mickayla for hours, because she is so personable and kind. Enjoy my interview with Mickayla! Iowa FFA Website: Reach out to Mickayla: Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
November 17, 2020
20. Restructuring Your Student Leadership with Brodie Kaster
I learned so much from this interview, I can't even put it into words. Brodie Kaster is studying the art of organizational psychology. He has used his knowledge to help advisors restructure their student leadership programs to work FOR them and to work to their strengths. I was BLOWN away by his heart for leadership, and ability to break things down in a way that everyone can understand. This is NOT an episode you want to miss!!!
November 10, 2020
19. Shifting The Stigma- Getting Your Hands Dirty With Jilian Reece
Jilian Reece (Carter County Drug Prevention Youth Coalition and SADD Club Advisor) give us an incredible look into meeting at risk students where they are. From an article in the New  York times, to finding ways to connect with her students during this unprecedented covid time, this is not an episode you want to miss.  New York Times Article: Keep up with Jilian and the Drug Coalition: Learn more about Adverse Childhood Experiences: Reach out to Jilian at: Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
November 03, 2020
18. All things diversity and patience with Debbie Hawkins
Debbie Hawkins is the campus culture director at Sunnyside High School in California, and she is a powerhouse when it comes to cultural diversity in her community. From a school diversity assembly to brave conversations with her students, Debbie is creating a safe environment for all students at her school by celebrating their diversity.   Enjoy my interview with the incredible Debbie Hawkins! Email Debbie - Follow on Instagram: Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
October 27, 2020
17. The Students Perspective with Karinne Mitchell
FBLA IN THE HOUSE!!!! I am SO excited to have our first FCCLA guest. Though this episode is a little bit different as Karinne Mitchell is the President of Florida FCCLA!! We have another incredible student interview.  Karinne takes us through not just the ups, but also the tough times of working with different advisors.  Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
October 20, 2020
16. Not Who We Are But Who We Become with Rashaan Davis
Rashaan Davis is an incredible man, dad, StuCo Advisor, and Educator out of Colorado. In this episode, Rashaan shares his journey as a black male teacher and advisor in today's world. He helps us see how we have the hard conversations around race and equity, while also sharing insight into why mentors are so important in our advisor journey. Buckle up, this is a great one!  Contact Rashaan:  Follow Rashaan: Courageous Conversations: Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
October 13, 2020
15: Recruiting and Training Peer Mentors with Brian Reeves
Transitioning from middle to high school can be really scary and really hard. Brian Reeves has created a program at his school where upperclassmen take younger at risk teens under their wings and mentor them. Through training and honest communication most mentees end up becoming mentors when they become an upperclassmen. This episode goes deep into the heart of working with at risk teens, and how everyone just wants to find a place where they are loved and accepted for who they are.  Contact Brian to learn more: Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
October 06, 2020
14: Giving Back and Community Service with Sharon Freeman
Sharon Freeman brings an energy and enthusiasm to the podcast that is infectious! She shares so much incredible information about bringing spirit to your school as well as community service ideas!  Contact Sharon at: Follow Prospect High School on Instagram:  Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
September 29, 2020
13. Being Deliberate As We Face Hard Conversations With Paul Dols
Paul Dols, the social climate and culture coordinator of Monrovia High School in California has had to face some very vulnerable moments with his students in the last few months. He walks us through his journey with facing his own short comings when it comes to equity, and how continues to be blown away by the strength of his students during this turbulent time. This is not a conversation you want to miss.  Follow Paul In instagram: Contact Paul at: Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
September 22, 2020
12: Delegating To Students And Going Virtual With Steve McKinley
4-H is well represented in this episode by the one and only Steve McKinley of Indiana 4-H. Steve does an incredible job of breaking down how they delegate and train their teen leaders to ask the right questions, and solve their problems that arise. When the pandemic hit in early 2020, his leaders hit the ground running with how to shift their already planned conference to fully virtual. There is so much wisdom in this episode!! Get excited!! Contact Steve at: Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
September 15, 2020
11. Taking Time For Yourself and Your Wellbeing with Julia Topholm
This conversation moved my heart in a wonderful way. Julia Topholm of Nevada Student Council shows in the most vulnerable way how important it is to listen to your body, your health and your heart as an advisor. Not only that but how to lead your students as a human who isn't perfect, but who is strong enough to admit when help is needed. I know you will love Julia as much as I do.  Contact Julia below: Instagram: @juliatopholm Twitter: @BucksLowry Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
September 08, 2020
10. The Student Perspective With CASL President Andrew Santana
Today's episode is a little bit of a shift, as today we are interviewing a student!! Andrew Santana is the CASL Board President in California.  Andrew leads us through his journey as a student leader, and how his leadership advisors provided safe environments for the student leaders to not only thrive, but also fail.  From homecoming activities, to state conferences, to community service, Andrew gives a very real and honest look into the life of a student leader in todays world.  Contact Andrew: Follow CASL: "Grit" by Angela Duckworth: Follow The Leadership Advisor Podcast on Instagram At: Learn More about Kate at
September 01, 2020
9: Talking about Equity with James Layman
This conversation is messy. Like really messy. But so are many conversations that are focused on equity, not only in America but in our schools. James Layman shows so much grace as we waded into the deep waters of the difference between equity and equality, and how to start the conversation. If you are a teacher, advisor, or even just a human who wants to learn and try to do better.... this episode is for you.  Follow Association of Washington Student Leaders: Follow James on Instagram: Email James at : Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
August 25, 2020
8. PANEL ALERT!! All Things State Associations With Terry Hamm, Lou Miller, Sara Nilles and Michelle McGrath
HOLY MOLY THIS EPISODE IS EVERYTHING!!! Today I interview some of the most influential and kindest people in the student council market. Terry Hamm (Texas Student Council), Michelle McGrath (Wisconsin Student Council), Lou Miller (New Jersey Student Council) and Sara Nilles (Oregon Student Council) graciously came together to discuss how being a part of your state student council association is a game changer for not only advisors, but for students as well.  From mentorship, to activity ideas, to life long friendships, these titans of student council share it all. You do NOT want to miss this episode.  WASC:    Contact Michelle: TASC: Contact Terry: NJASC: Contact Lou: OASC: Contact Sara (Until December 2020) Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
August 18, 2020
7: Giving Students A Voice with Terri Johnson
There is so much wisdom in this episode, I can't narrow it down to just one topic! Terri Johnson of Missouri Association of Student Councils speaks on everything from being a mom while also being an advisor, to giving student leaders the room to learn from their mistakes, to conference advice. This is a woman I admire for her work ethic, her kind heart, her friendly enthusiasm and her love of all things Missouri Sports! I can't wait for you to love her as much as I do! Follow Terri on Instagram: Follow MASC on Instagram: All Contact Info: Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
August 11, 2020
6: Membership Engagement With FFA's Matt Chaliff
Future Farmers of America is represented in an amazing way today by the one and only Matt Chaliff of Kentucky FFA! He gives are a really great insight into recruiting members. He helps advisors see how to appeal to the types of teens that aren't already involved in their leadership organization. Great advice from a great man! Kentucky FFA: Reach out to Matt at: Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
August 04, 2020
5: Fishing Rodeos To Paint Your Heart Out - All Things Activities With Dana Grow
If you're trying to find a new activity or fundraiser that works with leadership teens, this episode is gold. Dana Gros of SASC and Louisiana Student Councils is a wealth of information and advice for advisors. I had a blast recording this episode, and I know you will enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed getting to spend a little bit of time with my sweet southern friend!  How to reach Dana: Keep up with the podcast: Follow Kate: Learn More about Kate:
July 28, 2020
4: Tales of a first year advisor during a global pandemic with Cameron Chitwood
Cameron Chitwood accepted the roll of Student Council advisor in January of 2020... and as we all know in March 2020 the world stopped turning for a while due to a global pandemic. Cameron takes us through his journey of being thrown into the deep end of advising, and how he is continuing to stay positive while doggy paddling for his life. I am honored to have this first year advisor to help us remember that we have ALL been there, and we are never, ever alone in this journey.  Resources Cameron Shared: California Association of Director of Activities (CADA) : Dougherty Valley High School Instagram: Cameron's Instagram: Tracy High School's Instagram: Follow the Leadership Advisor podcast on Instagram! Learn more about Kate: Check out Kate's Book "Mixtape: How To Stop Listening To The Recordings Of Your Past" :
July 21, 2020
3:Feeling like a 1st year teacher all over again (PLUS SO MANY RESOURCES) with Allison Gadeke
You guys. This episode is everything you've been waiting for. Allison Gadeke, the current President of CADA and all around amazing human,  gives us more advice and resources than I could have ever expected. If you have ever felt like a 1st year advisor (even in your 29th year) this episode will resonate with your soul.  Reach out to Allison on the Contact Us page here! :  Or email her at: CADA (California Association of Director of Activities) : CASL (California Association of Student Leadership) : PROVIDING RESOURCES WEBINARS!! : "Daring Greatly" By Brene Brown: "White Fragility" By Robin DiAngelo: Follow The Leadership Advisor Podcast on Instagram At: Learn More about Kate at
July 14, 2020
2: Addressing Social Emotional Concerns with Brent Swolsky
Brent Swolsky might be one of my favorite humans (I say that about a lot of people though). He is a high school counselor and has been involved with leadership for many many years. Today Brent shares with us his experiences as a high school counselor and the importance of listening to our teens, especially in times such as this current pandemic we are living in.   Stay in touch with Brent: Learn more about Operation Snowball: Learn more about your host, Kate:
July 07, 2020
1: Navigating Online Outreach with Kim Karr
Kim Karr is a pioneer in this generation's search for growth in social media relations and teen outreach online. She walks us through overcoming her own insecurities with not being tech savvy, to creating #Icanhelp and being tech sexy!  Find Kim online Resources mentioned in the episode: Mural: Flip Grid: Nearpod: Learn more about Kate: Follow Kate:
June 30, 2020
Ep 0: What exactly is The Leadership Advisor Podcast?
Welcome all Leadership Advisors!! This podcast is made for you, the creators of leaders. Every episode will feature an leadership advisor giving their advice, experience, and story to help guide and encourage others. Get excited, because we are LIVE!!!
June 29, 2020