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The Well Fed Podcast

The Well Fed Podcast

By Katey Gordon
Welcome to The Well Fed Podcast! I'm your host, Katey Gordon. I'm a certified health and nutrition coach on a mission to help women just like you eat well and love their bodies. In this podcast, I'm creating a space where we can chat candidly about what it looks like to be well fed - Not just nutritionally, but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well. In every episode, you will hear encouraging, informative, and impactful chats about nutrition, body image, mental health, & so much more as you gain insight & inspiration to help you on your own health journey toward a well fed life.
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Life Lessons That You Must Hear (and Apply)
If you are looking to grow, transform, become better, or pivot in any way, these life lessons are the KEY concepts to enhancing your health journey. I did some serious soul-searching this summer, and THIS is what I learned! Follow on social! IG: FB: TikTok:
August 06, 2021
Weight Loss vs. A Healthy Relationship With Food
Have you ever wondered if it's possible to pursue weight loss while also healing your relationship with food? It's a great question, and Katey breaks it all down in this episode! Pour a cup of coffee, grab your notebook, and get ready for an incredibly thoughtful conversation with KG! Follow on social! IG: @kateygordonhealth FB: TikTok: kateygordonhealth
June 03, 2021
Will Food Freedom Help Me Lose Weight?
This episode answers one of the most common questions Katey gets - Will food freedom and intuitive eating help me lose weight? If you struggle with being pulled between wanting to lose weight but also wanting food freedom, this episode is for you! Follow on social! IG: @kateygordonhealth FB: TikTok: kateygordonhealth
May 12, 2021
Diet Tips to Ignore
Do you struggle with the battle of wanting to find food freedom but not quite ready to let go of diet rules and tips? In this episode, we talk through why these diet tips are doing more harm than good and how to let go of them in your pursuit of food freedom! Follow on social! IG: @kateygordonhealth FB: TikTok: kateygordonhealth
April 29, 2021
The Well Fed Academy Q&A
Well fed doesn't just mean good food. To truly live a healthy life and achieve your health and fitness goals, we can't just focus on being nutritionally well fed. We must also become physically well fed, emotionally well fed, spiritually well fed, and mentally well fed. Learn to clear out obsessive negative thoughts, eat well, and prioritize the things that allow you to thrive. To register, click here:
March 23, 2021
Eating Disorder Q&A
In this episode, Katey answers incredibly important and very common questions about eating disorders. Some of those include: -How do I distinguish between healthy eating and disordered eating? -How do I overcome an eating disorder? -How do I talk to a loved one who has an eating disorder? This episode is a fantastic start to your education, but for more in-depth research and education, visit
March 12, 2021
Do Calories Really Matter?
Have you ever felt confused, frustrated, or overwhelmed by calories? Same! This episode is going to answer all of your burning questions about calories - What they are, how much you need, and if you should be counting them or not. Grab a pen and paper, and get ready to take notes! This episode is short but packed with value. Follow on social! IG: @kateygordonhealth FB: TikTok: kateygordonhealth
February 12, 2021
Shop Smart: How to Make Grocery Shopping Less of a Chore
In this episode, Katey is chatting about ways to efficiently and strategically shop the grocery store to save you time, stress, and money! She's spilling some of her best tips so that grocery shopping is no longer a dreadful experience. Follow on social! IG: @kateygordonhealth FB: TikTok: kateygordonhealth
February 05, 2021
Body Image and the Pandemic
In this episode we are chatting about what body image is, how to cultivate a positive body image, and how to manage negative body image thoughts, especially during a pandemic. You'll be given 8 practical tips to help you start transforming your self-perception. Follow on social! IG: @kateygordonhealth FB: TikTok: kateygordonhealth
January 29, 2021
How to Respond to People Who Like to Talk About Dieting
So, you're no longer a chronic dieter who obsesses over food and body image, but you're noticing that it can be a pretty isolating place to be. You feel like you are around people talking about diets, workouts, and their body all the time. So how do you respond in situations like that? In this episode, Katey chats about how to navigate diet talk and set boundaries to protect yourself from potentially triggering conversations! Follow on social! IG: @kateygordonhealth FB: TikTok: kateygordonhealth
December 18, 2020
Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season
In this episode Katey chats about how to navigate the holidays free from stress and anxiety around food and body image. She shares 9 practical tips that will enhance your health and holiday experiences. Follow on social! IG: @kateygordonhealth FB: TikTok: kateygordonhealth
December 04, 2020
How to Stop Feeling Bad About What You Eat
The topic of today's podcast is one of my most-asked questions AND one of the most common struggles among all my clients. We are chatting in this episode about why we experience food guilt and how to overcome it. We'll talk about: -real-life experiences -our culture -the diet industry -body image -food morality -steps to end food shame Connect with Katey: IG: @kateygordonhealth  TikTok: @kateygordonhealth  FB:
November 20, 2020
15 Signs You May Have a Toxic Relationship W/ Food
In this episode, Katey is chatting about our relationship with food, signs that the relationship may be toxic, and how to handle it if it is. She'll touch on disordered eating habits, recall personal experiences, and challenge you to evaluate your own relationship with food.  Connect with Katey: IG: @kateygordonhealth TikTok: @kateygordonhealth FB:
November 13, 2020
What To Do After An Indulgent Weekend
Host Katey Gordon talks about what to do after overeating or overindulging, especially during the holiday season. She'll touch on what NOT to do, the multiple purposes of food, why health is more than just nutrition, and why restriction can be dangerous. Connect with Katey: IG: @kateygordonhealth TikTok: @kateygordonhealth FB:
November 06, 2020
Meet Your Host and Hear Her Story
In this first episode, you'll meet Katey, learn about what she does and how she can change your life, and hear a little bit of her story! Katey is a certified health and nutrition coach on a mission to help women eat well and love their bodies. With a world so focused on diet culture and idealized body types, the concept of health has become tainted and misleading. Eating should be stress-free and enjoyable. Our bodies deserve essential nutrients and genuine love. Health and nutrition is multi-faceted and highly individualized. Katey is here to teach you and guide you through all of it.
October 30, 2020