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The Joyful Life - A #Shareyourstory Podcast

The Joyful Life - A #Shareyourstory Podcast

By Katheryn Clatterbaugh
The Joyful Life was created to be a love letter to every women who has ever struggled. My goal is to shine a light on topics women around the world face, in order to provide inspiration and hope to those who are currently walking through a difficult time.

This podcast is your source of positivity and guidance to women everywhere.
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Episode 11: Time Management with Caitlin Cornett

The Joyful Life - A #Shareyourstory Podcast

Episode 12 - Advocating For Disability Rights with Nicole Covney
Mrs. Colorado 2020 speaks to us today about the importance of advocating for The Disability Rights Movement.
January 02, 2021
Episode 11: Time Management with Caitlin Cornett
Season 2 Episode 1: Time Management with Caitlin Cornett In today's episode, Caitlin teaches us how to truly be intentional with our time in order to produce the best results.
December 01, 2020
Episode 10: Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse with Katrina Spagnoletti
In today's episode, Katrina shares her story of sexual abuse at a young age. Katrina's resilience, fight and dedication to healing is not only inspiring, but a much needed message for anyone who has ever been through a similar traumatic event.
July 24, 2020
Episode 9 - Operation Innocence with Elizabeth Peace
Elizabeth Peace is a former television news anchor who now works as a Director of Corporate Communications for the U.S. Navy. She is the host of the Purpose Over Perfect podcast and founder of Operation Innocence. Elizabeth previously worked on Capitol Hill as a speechwriter and communications director in the United States House of Representatives. She is an Air Force Veteran now married to an active-duty U.S. Marine. Together they have two children. full bio at  @purposeoverperfect  Book Recommendation: Protecting the Gift by Gavin DeBecker
July 01, 2020
Episode 8 - Being Your Own Health Advocate with Ally Whalen
4 years ago Ally was struggling with her health. After rounds and rounds of tests and a missed diagnosis, Ally was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. In today's episode, Ally takes us through her incredible journey of this disease and how she decided enough was enough and took charge of her health.  Book Recommendation: The Medical Medium by Anthony William Follow Ally's Journey Here: @allywhalendesign or
June 24, 2020
Episode 7 - Racial Reconciliation in America with Michelle Brandt
I want to start by acknowledging the racial injustices that our nation is currently facing. What is happening is not ok. This podcast was created to shine light on difficult topics and be a source of positivity for those who need comfort. It is the mission of The Joyful Life to promote positivity, inclusion, and lead with love. With the current state of our nation, it is imperative we step up in our communities and be a light in this dark world. Today’s episode may be difficult for some to hear, but Michelle’s message is one every person must hear. In this episode, Michelle and I discuss racial reconciliation in America and ways we can help bridge the gap and end this era of racial divide. This is a must hear episode and one you certainly don’t want to miss. Book Recommendations:  * Sulwe by Lupita Nyong'o * Crown: An Ode to the fresh cut by Derrick Barnes *Princess Hair by Sharee Miller *Last stop on Market street by Matt de la Pena *I Am Enough by Grace Byers *Mr. Scruff by Simon James *Little leaders bold women in black history by Vashti Harrison *Dear Dragon by Josh Funk *Be The Bridge by Latasha Morrison
June 12, 2020
Episode 6 - The Drab to Fab Life with Lisa Mohager
Have you ever simply felt stuck? Like you wake up one day and wonder what happened? That was Lisa Mohager. She found herself 60 lbs overweight, bankrupt and a single mom. Then one day things clicked and she made a decision to do something different. Today she coachs women to get healthy & fit, both physically and financially. Today we will talk about how she went from "Drab to Fab" and how you too can transform your life. 
June 03, 2020
Episode 5 - The Impacts of Drunk Driving with Stacey Scarborough
In today's episode we hear about the impact drunk driving can have on the lives of those you may not think about when you get behind the wheel after a night of drinking. At 29 years old, Stacey was driving home from a Clemson football game when she was struck head on by a drunk driver who was driving on the wrong side of the highway. Stacey retells her incredible story of triumph and survival from a victim's perspective .
May 27, 2020
Episode 4 - Body Image & Food Freedom with Caitlin Anderson
In today's episode we talk with Caitlin Anderson about body image, self acceptance and finding freedom in what you eat. There was a time in Caitlin's life when she was so hard on herself when it came to her own body image. She would feel guilty about eating certain foods and feel a sense of failure if she wasn’t at a certain weight or couldn’t be just a little smaller/or shrink a little more.  Who in this world hasn't struggled with this at some point in their lives? I know I certainly have! Listen to how Caitlin overcame her body shaming and turned her self loathing into self love. #Shareyourstory #bodyimage #foodfreedom #selflove
May 19, 2020
Episode 1: Living In An Abusive Relationship - With Isabel Skormin
The FIRST episode of The Joyful Life - A #ShareyourStory Podcast is now UP!!! Thank you Izzy Skormin - Miss Orlando For America for being brave enough to share your story of domestic abuse. You are such a light in this world and by sharing YOUR story, are giving hope to so many who find themselves in this situation currently.
May 15, 2020
Episode 2 - Infertility And Loss with Kate Spencer
Episode 2 - Infertility and Loss: The Joyful Life - a #Shareyourstory podcast is NOW live!! This is a must see interview for every women. Infertility is far too common and often times we shy away from speaking about it or perhaps feel uncomfortable asking friends whom are experiencing infertility how it is going. Kate and I discuss all this and more in this weeks episode!
May 15, 2020
Episode 3: Hearing Your God Whispers with Suzy Bootz
Episode 3 of The Joyful Life - A Share Your Story Podcast is all about listening to your God whispers. This is SUCH a powerful episode. Suzy shares her story of finding her purpose and life's mission after hearing God speak to her so clearly. Suzy Bootz is Author to FIVE incredible books, Certified Life Coach & Interview Coach. She is a dear dear friend of mine and I am so thankful she came on today, to share her story.
May 15, 2020