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Brain Revolution

Brain Revolution

By Kathleen Doehla
Forget all the assumptions you’ve ever had about your health! Sports medicine physical therapist Kathleen Doehla will teach you how to use neuroplasticity—your central nervous system’s ability to constantly change and adapt in response to feedback—to feel better and improve your health. Learn how to train yourself to release pain, heal injuries, get stronger and more flexible, improve your movement and sport technique, feel calmer and happier, live your best life, and other fun stuff!
11. …But That’s Not Important:” The Relevance Of An Accurate Medical History
You can’t rewrite your medical history. Own it if you want to heal! Your signs, symptoms and medical history are a map showing health care professionals how to help you. More about that in this episode!
August 15, 2022
10. Building A Resilience Mindset
Resilience is a learned skill, and can be cultivated via neuroplasticity through physical training, mental training and mindfulness activities. Learn ways to help build a resilience mindset to protect yourself from the toxic effects of chronic stress.
August 02, 2022
9. Hey Girl, Just Chill: The Fabulous Fields Of Psychoneuroimmunology And Epigenetics
This week we get into the science of exactly how stress affects physical and mental health and how you have the power to reverse those effects!
July 18, 2022
8. Chronic Pain: Live An Amazing Life Within An Imperfect Framework
Chronic pain is no joke. Don’t give in to its drama and demands for attention! Learn the pathophysiology of chronic pain as well as strategies to conquer pain, free yourself and own your life!
July 10, 2022
7. What A Fiasco! (The PT’s Thoughts On The Outcome Of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health)
A look at the confluence of events that led up to this point in time, the smooth power move pulled by the Supreme Court, and how to recognize cleverly disguised conservative rhetoric for what it actually is!
June 26, 2022
6. Believe!! ❤️
Learn the neuroscience of how your beliefs become your destiny, also known as manifestation. You have control over your beliefs and thoughts! This episode will help you get started on finding beliefs that will improve your life.
June 19, 2022
5. Neuroplasticity! (cue the jazz hands)
Neuroplasticity 101: what neuroplasticity is, what it isn’t, how it works, how we use it in our everyday life, why you shouldn’t believe marketers claiming to use neuroplasticity in their product or service, and a discussion of the coolest thing ever, the cortical brain map!
June 12, 2022
4. Pain part 1—Acute pain and the drama in your brain
In this episode we’ll discuss the differences between acute, subacute and chronic pain, cover three important concepts that will help you self-modulate your own pain, and I also will share a protocol that you can follow in the event of acute injury.
June 05, 2022
3. “The Inbred Violence In Our Society”
It’s been a really rough week. Please join me for a discussion of a silent epidemic contributing to preventable tragedy, learn about what initiatives are being taken to address this epidemic, and how we all can help.
May 29, 2022
2. Claim Your Brain Space!
In this episode, we will cover some of the major influences in our world that contribute to toxic brain overstimulation, as well as how you can take control by creating space in your mind and limiting your brain’s exposure to toxic input.
May 22, 2022
1. How My Sports Medicine Clinic Turned Into a Crisis Clinic
Introduction—why a podcast, and what is the Brain Revolution method all about?
May 15, 2022