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By Kathleen Foxx
Welcome to the #badasswriters podcast! Here you'll find writing tips and how-to's to take your writing from good to great. There are interviews with fabulous guest authors and industry professionals to help writers in the community build their confidence and go from brand new to badass! All kinds of writing topics are covered, there are Q&A's with agents and other professionals, there's book talk and pitch critiques, and if there's something you'd like to see covered, please reach out on Twitter @_badasswriters!
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S4E4 || Sensory Details || Pitches || Jowita Bydlowska
Fair warning: There are a few f-bombs dropped in today's episode in case you have little ears listening! Kat talks about the importance of adding sensory details to your writing and how to do it. Three listeners' pitches are critiqued. Then, author Jowita Bydlowska joins Kat to talk about: her newest book, Possessed tying in important themes how the dating scene inspired this novel writing linearly vs piecing bits of the story together working from even a simple outline to help not get lost in the work research rabbit holes telling the best story you can by doing thorough research using creepy real-life experiences in your story adding in sensory details that you've experienced while travelling to the setting of your story (or anywhere!) writing believable characters so your readers can connect emotionally empathy in writing finding joy in writing digesting feedback her path to publication including three agents and publishing with Dundurn Press what an agent can do for an author pros and cons of working with bigger and smaller publishers the importance of jiving with your agent and editor You can find more information about Jowita on her website at She's on Twitter @happynotsad1 and Instagram @polaroidvirus. Kat is on Twitter @kfoxx_writes @_badasswriters @FoxxEditorial and @moodpitchers. On IG, she's @kathleenfoxxwrites @badasswriters_podcast @FoxxEditorial and @moodpitchers. Her websites are and If you're interested in being a guest on the show, please fill out this form. If you would like to submit a pitch for critique on the show, please fill out this form.
October 04, 2022
S4 BONUS || Memoir, Fiction, and Indie Publishing || Susan Dennis
In today's bonus episode, I chat with indie author Susan Dennis, who published a memoir about her life with her late photographer husband, Charles Dennis, and who also now writes fiction. We chat about: her newest book, The Secret Field having aging characters in a story her fascination with buried treasures in history the depths of research knowing the backstory even if it’s not on the page her memoir, The Swing how she decided she wanted to write and share her memoir with the world the book doctors Shimmering Images by Lisa Dale Norton as a memoir craft resource adding humour into your memoir writing a memoir that is not sad, but has sadness in it the most challenging aspect of crafting a memoir how to pack 25 years' worth of story into a single book how to get your reader to feel what you’re feeling and understand why you’re writing the memoir the importance of finding a good editor to make your story glow You can find more information about Susan, her books, and Charles' photography at She's on Instagram @_susandennis_. Kat is on Twitter @kfoxx_writes @_badasswriters @FoxxEditorial and @moodpitchers. On IG, she's @kathleenfoxxwrites @badasswriters_podcast @FoxxEditorial and @moodpitchers. Her websites are and If you're interested in being a guest on the show, please fill out this form. If you would like to submit a pitch for critique on the show, please fill out this form.
September 30, 2022
S4E3 || Writing Retreats || TSNOTYAW Thank you || Pitches || Daniel Paisner
In today's episode, I talk about how amazing writer retreats and conferences are, how important it is to keep learning all you can about your craft, and I give a huge shoutout to The Shit No One Tells You About Writing podcast hosts for putting together such a terrific weekend retreat for us. Then I move on to this week's pitch critiques. After, I talk with "the world's most prolific ghost," Daniel Paisner, ghostwriter of 70+ books, 17 of which have been bestsellers. His new novel, Balloon Dog, came out this past summer. We chat about: books that “take off” and which ones don’t what inspired the novel capturing the voices of the tellers of stories as a ghostwriter vs capturing the voices of his own fictional characters monetizing your writing skills the pivot point of a writer the life of a ghostwriter embracing the term “ghostwriter” working with the celebrities he’s writing for his podcast, As Told To: The Ghostwriting Podcast his advice to newer writers who want to monetize their passion for stories Daniel can be found on his website at, Twitter @DanielPaisner, and Facebook at DanielPaisnerBooks. Kat is on Twitter @kfoxx_writes @_badasswriters @FoxxEditorial and @moodpitchers. On IG, she's @kathleenfoxxwrites @badasswriters_podcast @FoxxEditorial and @moodpitchers. Her websites are and If you're interested in being a guest on the show, please fill out this form. If you would like to submit a pitch for critique on the show, please fill out this form.
September 27, 2022
S4E2 || On Stephen King || Bev Vincent
Especially for fans of Stephen King, today's episode first covers two pitch critiques sent in by listeners. Then, I chat with Canadian author Bev Vincent about the books he's written on King and his works, meeting and working with King, being approached by a publisher to work on a book, how memorable characters connect us with stories, the "why now" in publishing, nonfiction vs. fiction writing, what catapulted Bev into his career, the benefits of being a member in writing organizations, what he's working on now, music while writing and revising, and advice for writers. Bev's newest book, THE STEPHEN KING ULTIMATE COMPANION: A COMPLETE EXPLORATION OF HIS WORK, LIFE, AND INFLUENCES, launched on Sep 13/22. You can find out more about Bev and his work via his website at He's also on Twitter @BevVincent. Kat is on Twitter @kfoxx_writes @_badasswriters @FoxxEditorial and @moodpitchers. On IG, she's @kathleenfoxxwrites @badasswriters_podcast @FoxxEditorial and @moodpitchers. Her websites are and If you're interested in being a guest on the show, please fill out this form. If you would like to submit a pitch for critique on the show, please fill out this form.
September 20, 2022
S4 BONUS || Killer First Lines || C.S. O'Cinneide
Today I talk a little bit about why it's so important to have a killer opening line. Then, I chat with Canadian Edgar-nominated author C.S. O'Cinneide about: her newest novel, Eve’s Rib how she researched for writing a teenage girl how to nail the opening line to a novel writing themes into your story indie publishing with Dundurn Press her Edgar nomination experience in NYC her blog, She Kills Lit writing and publishing during the pandemic her experience walking the Camino de Santiago and how it inspired her first published book, Petra's Ghost her recommendation for writing a structure that will make readers keep turning the pages—whether you’re a pantser or a plotter Kat answers Carole’s question: “Why badass writers?” moving around in genres signing with no agent, then getting an agent after getting a book deal getting reviews from readers You can connect with Carole on Twitter @SheKillsLit, on Instagram @ocinneide1, and on her website, Kat is on Twitter @kfoxx_writes @_badasswriters @FoxxEditorial and @moodpitchers. On Instagram, she's @kathleenfoxxwrites @badasswriters_podcast @FoxxEditorial and @moodpitchers. Her websites are and If you're interested in being a guest on the show, please fill out this form. If you would like to submit a pitch for critique on the show, please fill out this form.
September 16, 2022
S4E1 Pitches and Critiques || Less BS & More Joy with Author Rachael Amarante
In E1 of my fourth season, I officially start with my pitch critique segments. First, I cover the essential parts of a pitch, then I break down the trailer and premise for the movie YESTERDAY (which was really fun!) and create a Twitter-sized pitch out of the trailer version. Then, I critique two pitches sent in by two writers. After, I chat with author, coach, motivational speaker, and mother of four, Rachael Amarante. We talk about: society’s expectations of women and mothers how our successes in all facets of life stem from how we view ourselves and the world from the inside out choosing to move forward instead of always looking back to what was “normal” collaborating with other authors on a project working on her memoir not pigeonholing yourself into any one genre allowing yourself to “winter” to figure out what your goals are and make a plan to reach them how “me time” is a necessity looking for and recognizing joy in your everyday life advice for mom writers who struggle to stay on course with their writing goals using writing sprints and writing prompts to help your creativity the bs part of motherhood book recommendations The book Rachael mentions about writing proposals is called How to Write a Book Proposal (5th edition) by Jody Rein and Michael Larsen. You can connect with Rachael on IG @rachael_amarante, Twitter @RachaelAmarante, and her website at Kat is on Twitter @kfoxx_writes @_badasswriters @FoxxEditorial and @moodpitchers. On IG, she's @kathleenfoxxwrites @badasswriters_podcast @FoxxEditorial and @moodpitchers. Her websites are and If you're interested in being a guest on the show, please fill out this form. If you would like to submit a pitch for critique on the show, please fill out this form.
September 13, 2022
S3E12 || Music and Literature || Christy Alexander Hallberg
Today's episode is all about the blend of music and literature, what these two mediums have in common, and why rock fiction should be more of a thing! Then, Kat chats with author Christy Alexander Hallberg about: her book, Searching for Jimmy Page how we use myth and art to create our own personal narratives the power music has to create emotional experiences the inspiration behind the book how grief and a pilgrimage led to her writing Searching for Jimmy Page how in-person location research can help sharpen the details in the writing letting the characters tell the writer where they need to go outlining vs. not outlining the most challenging part about writing the editing process fast drafting vs taking years to write a book her publishing experience how to sift through feedback the new #RockisLit podcast rock fiction recommendations having song lyrics in a manuscript advice to writers who are writing about music or are including it in any way in their manuscripts Christy can be found on her website at She's on Twitter @ChristyHallberg and Instagram at @christyhallberg. Kat can be found on Twitter @_badasswriters @kfoxx_writes @FoxxEditorial and on Instagram @kathleenfoxxwrites @badasswriters_podcast @FoxxEditorial. Her websites are and
September 06, 2022
S3E11 || Updates || Ruhi Parikh
Today's episode begins with some housekeeping items, such as pitch submissions for critique on the podcast, what a pitch is, MoodPitch details, podcast interview booking information, editing packages, and what YOU would love to hear covered on the podcast. Then, I talk with teen debut author Ruhi Parikh about: her debut novel, Subversion, a YA dystopian story what made her decide to publish this story now how important it is to have supporters to champion you and your books her next book, Conversion, coming out 09/20/22! learning your strengths and weaknesses finding the time to write as a student her writing style and favourite elements to write in stories most challenging element to write and how she works through it her experiences with publishing writing on WattPad and how it inspired her to explore writing more books and begin publishing them what is WattPad? how and why she started a TikTok account and how it can help authors advice for teen writers who are embarking on a writing career You can find Ruhi on TikTok @writingwithruhi. Kat is on Twitter @_badasswriters, @kfoxx_writes, and @FoxxEditorial. On IG, she's @badasswriters_podcast, @kathleenfoxxwrites, and @FoxxEditorial. Websites are,, and
August 30, 2022
S3E10 || Epistolary Content || Bianca Marais
It's the episode we've all been waiting for! Today I'm so honoured to feature an interview with the inimitable Bianca Marias about her new book, THE WITCHES OF MOONSHYNE MANOR, out today! We cover so many topics, such as: the premise and inspiration behind TWOMM writing in multiple genres—and why her unique writing process with TWOMM and her agent’s feedback being the right kind of ally and championing relevant social issues in the right way by getting sensitivity readers calibrating your manuscript according to readers’ reactions in a collaborative process of writing her transition to Cece Lyra as her agent knowing when to reveal information in your story how to properly introduce a huge ensemble cast worldbuilding tips and tricks to make your story and characters believable a special article written for Harper Collins about her characters (that's also out today!) what she’s working on next what her author goals are her teaching plans helping others edit their own work and seeing stories come alive the most underestimated (and probably the most important!) piece of advice for writers So much to cover! I also talk a little bit about epistolary content in fiction writing. Bianca can be found on Twitter @BiancaM_author and @TSNOTYAW and on Instagram @biancamarais_author and @the_shit_about_writing. Her website is and The Shit No One Tells You About Writing website is, where you can find the episodes, information about courses, their upcoming virtual writer's retreat, and more. (P.S. If you haven't registered for the writer's retreat in September, this is your encouragement to do so--it's going to be AMAZING!) Kat is on Twitter @kfoxx_writes, @_badasswriters, and @FoxxEditorial. On Instagram, she's @kathleenfoxxwrites, @badasswriters_podcast, and @FoxxEditorial. Her websites are and For more information about the aforementioned #MoodPitch Twitter pitch event, check out and @moodpitchers. The tweet with the google form to submit your pitch for feedback on the show is here.
August 23, 2022
S3E9 || Writing Memoirs with author Debi Lewis
Today's episode features memoirist and novelist Debi Lewis, where we talk about her newly released memoir, Kitchen Medicine: How I Fed My Daughter out of Failure to Thrive. We also chat about: why she wrote a memoir about her daughter’s struggles with eating the unique research she used to help draw an accurate roadmap not just for herself and her family but to share with other families important things you must consider when writing a memoir having good and bad in your villains the hardest part about writing a memoir her path to publication switching gears—and agents—for fiction the differences between submitting proposals and writing query letters and what to include in a query when you’ve already had rep/published a book her fiction series in progress the three questions that must be answered in a memoir proposal and tips for writing them recording your own audiobook You can connect with Debi on Twitter @growthesunshine and on Instagram @growthesunshine. Her website is Kat is on Twitter @kfoxx_writes, @_badasswriters, and @FoxxEditorial. On Instagram, she's @kathleenfoxxwrites, @badasswriters_podcast, and @FoxxEditorial. Her websites are and
August 16, 2022
S3E8 Content Warnings and Writing Difficult Subjects || Narrative Non-Fiction with Arnie Bernstein
First, Kat discusses how to write difficult subject matter into your fiction or non-fiction manuscripts and the importance of putting a content warning on any of your work that might have something triggering for your readers. Then, listen as she chats with nonfiction author, teacher, editor, and coach, Arnie Bernstein. Topics covered include: what drew him to writing about these forgotten stories in America’s history how he structured his book, Bath Massacre the research process for his narrative nonfiction interviewing survivors how he knew this was a story he could and should tell writing a “fake” villain vs. writing a real one his love of typewriters the writing craft book he can’t live without his blog series on how to do research for narrative nonfiction writing tips on writing narrative nonfiction Please note there is talk of some of the subject matter covered in some of his books, including America's first school bombing/mass killing, and some German-American history/swastikas/nazism. Arnie can be found on Twitter @realarnieb and his website is Kathleen is on Twitter @kfoxx_writes, @_badasswriters, and @FoxxEditorial. On Instagram, she's @kathleenfoxxwrites, @badasswriters_podcast, and @FoxxEditorial. Her websites are and
August 02, 2022
S3E7 || Voicey-ness || Aleksandra Tryniecka
In today's episode, Kat covers the difference between authorial and character voice and explains some of the things that can help you establish both. Then, she chats with Polish author Aleksandra Trynieka about her newly published children's book, BUNKY AND THE WALMS. Topics discussed include: how she started with writing, constructing a reality and adding magic to it how having a stuffed animal from a novel can help a child feel connected to the character(s) what was important to her when looking for a publisher her historical work-in-progress and the research that comes with it writing to a word count and following a routine vs. writing spontaneously reading children’s books to keep the child alive in all of us and as a way to introduce beauty into the reality we live in the responsibility of a writer advice for writers who are writing and illustrating their books, or who are wondering about illustrating their own books Aleksandra can be found on Instagram and Twitter, and her website is The first installment of BUNKY AND THE WALMS can be found here. Kathleen is on Twitter and Instagram, and her website is Foxx Editorial is on Twitter and Instagram, and the website is Connect with #badasswriters on Twitter and Instagram, and find out more info here.
July 26, 2022
S3E6 || 11 Essential Elements for Killer Opening Pages || Author Allie Reynolds
Check out these 11 essential elements needed to create killer opening pages! I'll go over the things you should ensure are in your first chapter(s) as well as give some examples on what to include (and not include!) in dialogue. Then I chat with Allie Reynolds, author of Shiver and The Bay/The Swell, which is out TODAY, July 19/22 in North America! We talk about: writing novels set in interesting places, i.e., dangerous natural environments and how being cut off from civilization can give us true insights into who the characters really are at their cores her writing journey, how she got her agent, and how publishing has gone for her how she ended up with two titles for the same book the difference between writing on your own time and writing to a deadline with a book deal how the writing community has helped in her career going from pantsing for 20 years to plotting and how it changed her life as a writer tricks she uses to build characters and plots craft book recommendations how to make sure you’ve got the right #wip idea before you start writing it elements she enjoys writing and those she finds challenging You can connect with Allie on Twitter @AuthorAllieR and on Instagram @authorallier or on her website at Kathleen is on Twitter @kfoxx_writes, @_badasswriters, and @FoxxEditorial, and on Instagram @kathleenfoxxwrites, @badasswriters_podcast, and @FoxxEditorial. Her websites are and MoodPitch can be found on Twitter @moodpitchers, on Instagram @moodpitchers, and on their website at Background music courtesy of tracks found on Pixabay. 
July 19, 2022
S3E5 Genealogy and Fiction || J. D. Edwards
In today's episode, you'll hear about how you can use genealogy research to mine for stories, characters, etc. Then, catch my chat with award-winning author of genealogical papers and of fiction, J. D. Edwards. You'll hear about some really interesting things, like: how he got started in writing winning multiple awards for his published genealogical papers using genealogical research and applying it to fictional writing his editing process and tips to ensure your writing will go smoother “research the publisher before you sign that contract.” what happens when a vanity publisher taints your book advice on working with Amazon if you’re self-publishing using flash fiction to bridge the gap between two series crucial things to do when worldbuilding You can connect with J. D. on his website at, on Twitter @FaerieRealms, and on Instagram @Twyrch. Kathleen can be found on Twitter @kfoxx_writes, @_badasswriters, and @FoxxEditorial. On Instagram, she's @kathleenfoxxwrites, @badasswriters_podcast, and @FoxxEditorial. Her websites are and
June 28, 2022
S3 BONUS || Anna Willett
Today's bonus episode is an interview with bestselling Australian author Anna Willett. Her newest thriller (fifteenth so far!) is Lost to the Lake, which was released earlier this year. In our chat, you'll hear about: how she knows where to start her stories starting with plot or character the inspiration behind Lost to the Lake what’s changed in her writing process between her first book to her fifteenth how she approaches research writing strong female characters being approached by another publisher advice for developing believable characters in thrillers sprinkling in backstory and character development You can find out more about Anna, Lost to the Lake, and her other novels at She's on Twitter @AnnaWillett9. Kathleen can be found at and On Twitter, find her @kfoxx_writes, @_badasswriters, and @FoxxEditorial. On IG, she's @kathleenfoxxwrites, @badasswriters_podcast, and @FoxxEditorial.
June 24, 2022
S3E4 Jack Lelko || Bailey Gee
Today's episode features two guests: Jack Lelko, author of the forthcoming Christmas Bitch, and Bailey Gee, author of three poetry books: The Many Personalities of Me, Linear, and The Joys of Being Alive. Jack and I talk about the self-publishing process, the inspiration behind his debut novel, writing quirky characters, his writing process, and more. Bailey and I discuss how to write poetry, where her inspiration comes from, using beautiful language to express feelings and process emotions, and more. Connect with Jack on his website at, on Twitter @neurdotically, and on Instagram @neurdotically_writes. His art can be viewed and purchased here. Connect with Bailey on Twitter @BaileyGeePoetry and Instagram @baileygeepoetry. Her books are available on Amazon here. Connect with Kathleen on Twitter @kfoxx_writes, @_badasswriters, and @FoxxEditorial, and on Instagram @kathleenfoxxwrites, @badasswriters_podcast, and @FoxxEditorial. Her websites are and
June 21, 2022
S3E3 || COMPS || Jessica Payne
What are comps? Why do we need them? Kat talks about this part of the querying and publishing process and how to use them properly. Then she welcomes back to the show author Jessica Payne, who just launched her debut thriller, Make Me Disappear, last month. Topics covered are: how her debut launch went getting tagged in negative reviews the changes a manuscript goes through from offer of rep to launch having to write the nice part of evil characters launch teams—what they are and how to organize them (thanks to Peyton!) how to organize your time for marketing using social media channels to build your community how she created her sociopathic antagonist writing authentic characters Lisa Cron’s Third Rail how to make time for new projects while doing a book launch co-writing with a friend imposter syndrome tips the most challenging and most enjoyable parts of debuting as an author Follow Jess on social media: Twitter @authorjesspayne Instagram @jessicapayne.writer and her website is Join in the #momswritersclub chats on Twitter every other Wednesday at 6pm PT/9pm ETT (next one is this Tuesday, June 15!). Kat is on Twitter @kfoxx_writes @_badasswriters @FoxxEditorial and Instagram @kathleenfoxxwrites @badasswriters_podcast @FoxxEditorial and her websites are and #PromptsandComps chats are on Twitter every three weeks on Tuesday evenings at 9pm ET (next one is June 21!).
June 14, 2022
S3 BONUS || Campfire Writing, Map Building, and Kat Gets Interviewed, too! || Adam Bassett
How many of you like to organize all your manuscript stuff (research, notes, maps, character workups, images, etc.) in one place? Adam Bassett joins me for today's bonus episode to tell you how Campfire can help you do just that and so much more! Plus, he talks about building maps for people, writing projects, interacting with the writing community, his work with the Campfire blog and Worldbuilding magazine, and his interviews with some pretty rad people. Then he switches it up and asks Kat some questions about her daily writing questions and character development! Links: Adam can be found on Twitter @adamcbassett. Campfire Writing can be found at Kathleen can be found on Twitter @kfoxx_writes @_badasswriters and @foxxeditorial, on Instagram @kathleenfoxxwrites @badasswriters_podcast and @foxxeditorial. Her websites are and
June 10, 2022
S3E2 || Relatable, Authentic Characters || Hannah Orenstein
How do you keep your readers turning those pages? They need to feel connected to your characters so they care about them and what they're going through in the story. Characters need to be relatable and authentic, and I'll talk a bit about that today. Then, I chat with author Hannah Orenstein about her fourth book, Meant to be Mine, which is out today, June 7/22! We talk about the book, creating authentic characters, where she draws inspiration from, how to make your readers cry!, how she's celebrating the launch, and general advice for writing romcoms. You can find out more about Hannah on her website at She's on Twitter @hannahorens and Instagram @hannahorens. Be sure to check out her Instagram for info on her exciting new newsletter, which is mentioned in today's episode. You can find Kathleen on Twitter @kfoxx_writes @_badasswriters and @FoxxEditorial. On Insta, she's @kathleenfoxxwrites @badasswriters_podcast and @FoxxEditorial. Her websites are and
June 07, 2022
S3 BONUS: Infusing Humour into Tough Topics with Comedy Writer, Voice Actor, and 4x Cancer Survivor Glenn Rockowitz
Today's bonus episode features an interview with Glenn Rockowitz. We talk about his two memoirs about his experiences with cancer and how it's impacted his life. We also cover: bringing comedy to the living rooms of terminally ill people with The Best Medicine Group dealing with reviews on personal stories in memoirs having his first memoir optioned for film and his noot-so-great experiences with that writing comedy for Saturday Night Live and how it prepared him for the worst-case scenario in writing writing stand-up comedy his voice acting career how the landscape of publishing has changed in the last decade the downside of Kindle Unlimited as an author advice on how to infuse humour into subjects that are emotionally challenging to write about Glenn's socials: Twitter: @justaride Facebook: Glenn Rockowitz Author Page Kat's socials: Twitter: @kfoxx_writes @_badasswriters @FoxxEditorial Instagram: @kathleenfoxxwrites @badasswriters_podcast @FoxxEditorial Websites:
June 03, 2022
S3E1 || Q&A with Alex Brown of Rising Action Publishing Collective
You sent in questions, we have answers! Join Alex and me as she tackles questions sent to me by the writing community over the last few weeks. We had a lot to get through, but it's all super interesting and great for authors curious about the indie publishing industry! We cover these topics: how RA got started how distribution works with indie bookstores and libraries how marketing works bringing more diversity into publishing, which is great for indie publishers who are more likely to take on those really unique books than the Big 4/5 are turning to social media to see what trends readers are looking for transparency in publishing how many books they’re taking on and what genres they’re looking for shoutout to the Godmother of Podcasts, Bianca! partnering with indie pub Blackbird from South Africa to get their author’s books distributed in Canada what the author-editor/publisher relationship is like working with outside/freelance editors indie publishing after self-publishing some super-specific stories she’d love to see in her query inbox where “Collective” comes from in their name agented vs unagented authors working with an indie press comps nonfiction writers using comps and being comfortable putting yourself and your truth out there content warnings in query letters revise & resubmits a huge shoutout to all their authors! I hope you love it and learn from it! There are lots of great points here even for authors looking for rep by an agent. Rising Action is a wonderful indie pub that is doing great things and going places. They are hands-down NOT a hybrid or a vanity press but as you'll hear, we can't say the same thing about a possible cult. 😂 (KIDDING!) Keep your eye on them, and if you're considering submitting, DO IT! :) Alex's socials: Twitter @alexandriab_11 @RAPubCollective Instagram @risingactionpublishingco Website: Kat's socials: Twitter @kfoxx_writes @_badasswriters @FoxxEditorial Instagram @kathleenfoxxwrites @badasswriters_podcast @FoxxEditorial Websites:
May 31, 2022
S2 BONUS || Hannah Mary McKinnon LAUNCH DAY
Ever wonder how suspense and thriller authors come up with their evil characters? Or how they do the research to ensure they're authentic? Check out my interview with the lovely Hannah Mary McKinnon, author of several bestsellers including NEVER COMING HOME, her newest suspense that hits the shelves TODAY. We chat about all kinds of writerly things in this fun episode, covering things like interviewing your characters, how to make unlikeable characters likeable, getting inside the minds of criminal characters, interesting ways to do research, switching from one genre to another and switching publishers, what "digital first" means in publishing, two new books coming out, virtual events, First Chapter Fun, and tips for building and maintaining suspense in your novels! Hannah's info: @hannahmarymckinnon on Instagram and @hannahmmckinnon on Twitter First Chapter Fun: @firstchapterfun on Instagram and @firstchapterfun on Facebook (Tune in Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:30pm ET to hear the first chapter of new books!) Kathleen and #badasswriters: @kfoxx_writes @_badasswriters @foxxeditorial on Twitter, @kathleenfoxxwrites @badasswriters_podcast and @foxxeditorial on Instagram.
May 24, 2022
S2 BONUS: Poetry, Fiction, and Marketing with Shelby Leigh and Joseph Fasano
Today's bonus episode features two poets who also happen to write fiction. First I chat with Shelby Leigh who runs monthly poetry workshops and assists authors with poetry book editing and marketing strategies. We talk about her poetry, fiction writing, how poetry can help with fiction, her publishing experiences, how she decides what poems to include in a collection, tips for writing poetry, and tips for marketing--especially when you're nervous to do so. Then, I chat with Joseph Fasano about his living poem--which is catching a lot of media attention as of late--his Poem for You series, the difference between writing poetry and fiction novels, his writing process, and tips for new and/or younger writers who are trying to figure out where their strengths lie. Shelby's socials: @shelbyleighpoet (Twitter) @shelbyleighpoetry (Instagram and TikTok) Joseph's socials: @stars_poem @joseph_fasano_ (Twitter) Kat's socials: @kfoxx_writes @_badasswriters @FoxxEditorial (Twitter) @kathleenfoxxwrites @badasswriters_podcast @FoxxEditorial (Instagram)
May 20, 2022
S2E12 || Preparing for Interviews || Ashley Dugger
If you've never done an author interview before, you may be nervous. In today's episode, I walk you through the process so you know what to expect. Interviews are part of a successful author's marketing plan. Dip your toes in on the #badasswriters podcast! If you're a seasoned author or industry professional who has done many interviews, let me know if you want to hang out on Zoom and talk books and publishing! Then, I chat with writer Ashley Dugger about how her career in journalism prepared her for fiction writing, switching from pantser to plotter, the benefits of writing a query and synopsis before the draft, what she's working on now, her writing plan and publishing goals, why skipping a step or rushing the process isn't going to bode well, the power of writing groups, a shoutout to TSNOTYAW, and more! Ashley can be found on Twitter and Instagram. Kat is on Twitter at @_badasswriters @kfoxx_writes and @FoxxEditorial, and on Instagram @badasswriters_podcast @kathleenfoxxwrites and @FoxxEditorial. Her website is
May 17, 2022
S2E11 || Jennifer K. Morita & Cassandra Yorke
In today's episode, I chat with author Jennifer K. Morita about how she got her agent, how a journalism career helped prepare her for a career in writing, sitting on a book idea for twenty-five years, pitch contests, the Twitter writing community, joining writing associations, becoming the VP of Capitol Crimes, hybrid writing events, tips for mystery writers, and more. Then, I chat with author Cassandra Yorke about the inspiration behind her debut novel, using personal trauma to fuel writing and help heal, writing a series, genre blending, listening to your story and characters in order to write it, finding a writing community, and more. Jennifer can be found on Twitter @jenniferkmorita and Instagram @jenniferkmorita. Cassandra can be found on Twitter @cassieyorke87 and Instagram @cassieyorke1921. Kat and Badasswriters socials: Twitter @_badasswriters @kfoxx_writes @FoxxEditorial Instagram @badasswriters_podcast @kathleenfoxxwrites @FoxxEditorial Website:
May 10, 2022
S2E10 Character Development || Jillean McClory
In today's episode, I go over some interesting ways to help develop characters. Then, I chat with Canadian author Jillean McClory about why editors need editors, too, her writing journey, writing dialogue, her experience with traditional publishing during the pandemic, her blog, writing a series and avoiding redundancies, turning off your "editor brain" and focusing on getting words on the page, layering in story elements, things that developmental editors will look for and help with in shaping your story, tips for writers who are in the self-editing stage, and more! Websites mentioned in today's episode are:,,, and Jillean can be found on her website at and on Instagram @jilleanmcclory. Kathleen is on Twitter @kfoxx_writes, @_badasswriters, and @foxxeditorial. Her website is
May 03, 2022
S2 BONUS || Historical Fiction, Hybrid Publishing, and Cross-Country Biking with Teri M. Brown
Today's guest is a wonderfully inspiration author who's just released her debut historical fiction novel, Sunflowers Beneath the Snow. It's very timely, considering what's happening in the Ukraine these days. It's a poignant novel that follows three generations of Ukranian women and how the decision of one man has a ripple effect on future generations, and how views of politics can differ based on one's own experiences. It shows how, even in the face of adversity, hope, love, and humanity still exist. Teri and I chat about hybrid publishing, her experiences with Atmosphere Press, knowing when you're the right person to tell a story, the stunning inspirations behind her stories--both fiction and non-fiction, finding your own style and process, editing, using dialogue to help move a story forward, writing a NF book about how her travels across the US on a tandem bike helped heal her and show her how much she didn’t need things—both material and otherwise, plus she has a list of ten fabulous historical fiction books that SHOULD be bestsellers and that will make you cry! Teri can be found on Twitter @TeriMBrown1 and Instagram @terimbrown_author. Her website is Kathleen can be found on Twitter @kfoxx_writes, @_badasswriters, and @FoxxEditorial, and on Instagram @kathleenfoxxwrites, @badasswriters_podcast, and @FoxxEditorial. Her website is Make sure you hit the subscribe button and if you love the podcast, go ahead and give it a rating! This can really help me grow it and let it be seen by other writers who may enjoy the writing advice and interviews offered here! :)
April 29, 2022
S2E9 || LB Harpdog
Today's episode features erotic paranormal fantasy author LB Harpdog. We chat about writing through emotions, how his personal experiences inspired him to write a 5-book series (as well as other works), infusing your own emotions into characters, capturing the mind, heart, and body of your reader, the importance of finding good writing partners, tips for self-publishing, seeing authors as your peers--not your competition, and that writers should never be afraid to reach out and network! LB can be found on Twitter @HarpdogLb and Instagram @lbharpdog45. Kathleen can be found on Twitter @kfoxx_writes, @_badasswriters, and @foxxeditorial and on Instagram @kathleenfoxxwrites, @badasswriters_podcast, and @foxxeditorial. Her website is
April 26, 2022
S2 BONUS: #AskAgent w/ Claire Harris
After such a great reception of my first #AskAgent session with CeCe Lyra, I decided to do another one to help writers get more questions answered about querying and publishing. Today, I'm joined by P.S. Literary Agent Claire Harris for a fabulous chat. We even wore matching space buns for the occasion! We cover quite a few questions, including querying ethically, the importance of using comps, what her favourite moments of agenting are, having tiers of agents on your query list, important things in a client-agent relationship, and so much more! Claire Harris can be found on Instagram @claire_m_harris, Twitter @Claire_m_harris and the P.S. Literary Agency's website. Kat's website is You can find her mostly on Twitter @kfoxx_writes, @_badasswriters and @foxxeditorial. She's also on Instagram @kathleenfoxxwrites, @badasswriters_podcast, and @foxxeditorial. If you have suggestions for future episodes, please let Kat know here!
April 22, 2022
S2E8 | The Importance of Pursuing Your Passions | Jackie Amsden
In today's episode I talk a little bit about finding time to pursue your writing passion and protecting that time, how the writing community can help you get there. When you're a parent and you write, finding this time is usually challenging but it's also crucial to reaching your writing and publishing goals. After, I talk to fellow mom, writer, and host of the These Mums Write podcast, Jackie Amsden. A former teen model, she got her inspiration for her first book while modelling in the Tokyo modelling industry. She self-published her first book, The Tokyo Cover Girls, and is now working on her next project. She lives in British Columbia, Canada, and recently began her podcast with the goal of connecting with other mom writers to share with and learn from, and to celebrate and recognize the unique challenges that mom writers face. We chat about: how she became a writer her modelling career inspiring her first book unrealistic expectations new writers have about publishing building up a community before you publish writing a MomCom! how she got started with These Mums Write podcast and what her goals are mom guilt and finding the time to dedicate to your writing thinking of yourself as a business and using platforms to build relationships incorporating meditation into your daily routine Jackie can be found on Instagram @jackieamsden and Facebook @jackieamsden. Kat can be found on Twitter @kfoxx_writes, @_badasswriters, and @foxxeditorial. She's also on IG @kathleenfoxxwrites, @badasswriters_podcast, and @foxxeditorial. Her website is
April 19, 2022
S2E7 Ami Maxine Irmen || Santita D'Anjou
In today's episode I talk with two guests, both of whom are teachers. First, Ami Maxine Irmen is a creative writing instructor at a community college. Ami has also been involved in teaching how to write memoirs to young women at the Jane Adeny Memorial School in Kenya, and she's been heavily involved in the bringing together of a very special project: a book full of memoirs written by the young women she taught. Proceeds from the sale of every book, called Voice of Jane Adeny Memorial School, will go towards funding scholarships so that more of these girls can attend school, which is no easy feat in Kenya, as you'll hear in my interview with Ami. The book is available now and the link to purchase it is Ami can be found on her website at You can find out more information about the school on her website here. She's also on Twitter @Ami_Maxine and on Instagram @ami.maxine. To learn more about the school and find out how you can help, click here. Next up we have Santita D'Anjou. We chat about her special writing projects which tackle difficult themes that teens struggle with. Santita wants to reach teens who are going through difficult times and give them a voice, make sure they know they're not alone. She's been inspired by her students, and she also inpires her many middle school aged students in a different creative way: theatre! *** There is a content warning for my interview with Santita for mention of suicide. *** Santita's website is, and she can be found on Instagram @santitadanjou.books. Follow Kathleen on Twitter at: @_badasswriters @kfoxx_writes @FoxxEditorial and @MoodPitchers. Kat's website is where you can find out information about the podcast, her editing services, and her writing projects. Moodpitchers website is
April 12, 2022
S2E6 Encouraging Creativity in Kids || JoAnn Conner
In today's episode, I talk for just a few minutes about how important it is to inspire and encourage creativity in kids--whether that's your own kids or someone else's, we should all take every opportunity to help enrich kids' lives--and our own--with creativity. Then, I chat with author JoAnn Conner about publishing a children's book with her granddaughter, creating a book to help kids process when a parent has cancer, different methods of research, what an "author book" is and why it's important to use one, the difficulties in marketing and publishing, and tips for writers when doing research. She also mentions how great podcasts are and how important it is to embrace your fellow writers, which is something I'm often talking about. JoAnn's socials: Her website is on Facebook. Email: Instagram: j.connerbooks Kathleen's socials: Websites: @kfoxx_writes @_badasswriters @FoxxEditorial @moodpitchers on Twitter @kathleenfoxxwrites @badasswriters_podcast @moodpitchers on IG
April 05, 2022
S2 BONUS EPISODE || Amy Tector
Today's fabulous bonus episode is an interview with debut author Amy Tector where we get to nerd out about research and archives! Amy's novel, THE HONEYBEE EMERALDS, released this week, and I got to chat with her a couple months ago. We talk about her work as an archivist and how it has helped her writing career, how archival research is like a tangible connection to history, her journey to publication, signing a 3-book deal after her debut, the importance of having a critique group, sensitivity readers, giving yourself permission to be the writer you are, and yes, we even talk about finding the bones of a whale ear in her archive work! THE HONEYBEE EMERALDS is available now. Inquire at your local indie bookstore! You can also order a Kindle version here. Amy can be found at her website at, Twitter at @amy_tector and Instagram at @amytectorwrites. Kathleen can be found at and previous episodes are available at She's on Twitter every day @kfoxx_writes @_badasswriters and @FoxxEditorial. Moodpitchers is at at @moodpitchers on Twitter and Instagram.
April 01, 2022
S2E5 #MoodPitch Info || H.S. Dilazak
Today I go over just a few basic guidelines about our upcoming #MoodPitch Twitter pitch event. If you're a querying writer and haven't heard of the #MoodPitch contest, head over to our website at where Jaimie Hunter, Lula Lockwood and I have been hard at work organizing a brand new Twitter pitch event to help you get connected with agents and publishers! After which I chat with horror author H.S. Dilazak about how she got into writing, exploring the darker elements of character, leaning on experiences with mental health, nature, and social issues, figuring out where your strengths and weaknesses are, engaging with the writing community to help hone your skills, and tips for those who want to write in the horror genre and for people who want to get into writing but just aren't sure how. Socials Get in touch with H.S. Dilazak on Twitter @Dilazak_HS29 Kathleen is on Twitter @kfoxx_writes @_badasswriters @moodpitchers and @FoxxEditorial for all the previous badass episodes
March 29, 2022
S2E4 Author Websites || Becca Day
Are you unsure about building an author website or what to include on it? Check out today's episode where I talk a little bit about why you should have one and what you should start out with. Then, I chat with debut thriller author Becca Day, whose book launches TODAY! The Girl Beyond the Gate is being celebrated with a free virtual launch party, which I'll post the link to below. Becca and I chat about her debut, how she got her dream agent, how her previous career inspired her love of crime fiction, marketing efforts prior to a book launch, what's in the works, author websites, and more! Socials: Becca's website is Twitter: @AuthorBeccaDay IG: @authorbeccaday The free virtual book launch party, where she's joined by special guests Alexa Donne, TM Logan, Sarah Pearse, and Lauren North, is happening TODAY, March 22/22 at 8pm London time, which is 3pm EST. The link for that is: Badasswriters: Twitter: @_badasswriters IG: @badasswriters_podcast Kathleen can be found at: Twitter: @kfoxx_writes IG: @kathleenfoxxwrites Foxx Editorial: Twitter: @FoxxEditorial Moodpitchers: Twitter: @moodpitchers IG: @moodpitchers
March 22, 2022
S2E3 Flash Fiction || Tommy Dean
Do you write flash fiction or other short forms of fiction? Are you interested in learning more about it? Today's blog segment is all about flash fiction, how I discovered it, and why it's so wonderful. But don't just take it from me! I called in an expert, Tommy Dean, author of some pretty rad flash fiction and editor of Fractured Lit and Uncharted Mag. Tommy's full flash collection, Hollows, just released on March 14/22. We talk all about different forms of flash, what works and what doesn't, what to focus on, and so much more. This episode is a little longer than usual because I had so many questions, and Tommy's so insightful! Tommy's socials: Twitter: @TommyDeanWriter Fractured Lit: @FracturedLit Uncharted Mag: @uncharted_mag_ Buy Tommy's newest collection, Hollows, here: Kathleen's and #Badass Socials: @kfoxx_writes and @_badasswriters on Twitter @kathleenfoxxwrites and @badasswriters_podcast on IG The story that Kat mentions by Eric Scott Tryon can be found here: Kat also mentions Kathy Fish @kathyfish on Twitter
March 15, 2022
S2E2 || Taking the High Road in Social Media || C.M. Quinn
In this episode, I talk about nasty messages that you can get on social media and how to handle them. Then, I chat with self-published Australian author, C.M. Quinn. We cover topics such as learning how to improve your mind space when getting feedback on your writing, writing a series, publishing with Ingram Sparks and Amazon, avoidable stress in self-publishing, learning from your mistakes, and her top five tips for authors who want to self-publish. C.M. can be found on Twitter @CM_Quinn21 and her website is Follow @_badasswriters on Twitter, or on Instagram @badasswriters_podcast. Kathleen's website is, and she can be found on Twitter @kfoxx_writes and Instagram @kathleenfoxxwrites.
March 08, 2022
BONUS EPISODE: #AskAgent with Cece Lyra
Comps and queries and slush piles, oh my! Get the answers to some burning publishing questions by literary agent Cecilia Lyra of P.S. Literary in this first instalment of #AskAgent on the podcast! Questions were sent via Twitter in a previous call out. During the Q&A, you'll hear Cece mention a couple of things to provide in the show notes. They are: 1. This quick read provides results of the Bowker Study that shows more adults are reading YA: 2. The name of the author who self-published, then traditionally published, then went back to self-publishing is K.A. Tucker, and you can catch her interview with Bianca Marais on The Shit No One Tells You About Writing podcast here: Also note author Jayne Allen (Black Girls Must Die Exhausted) originally indie published her debut and then was approached for traditional publishing. You can catch that interview with Bianca here: Hope you enjoy the episode! Watch my Twitter page for my next call for #AskAgent questions! @_badasswriters
March 04, 2022
S2E1 Rejections || Chantal Corcoran
Welcome to my second season! Rejection is something that every writer deals with. I talk about how to move through it and past it and continue on your journey. Then I chat with author Chantal Corcoran about her writing journey, writing short vs. long fiction, why she's moved from non-fiction to fiction, her querying process, taking your writing seriously, and more. Then I announce the WINNER of the #badass giveaway I ran in Feb 2022! P.S. The fan was going crazy on my laptop again so I apologize for the noise during the blog segment and at the very end! 
March 01, 2022
BONUS EPISODE: Pitch Critiques Feb 2022
Today's bonus episode is full of pitch critiques! A whole bunch of you sent in your pitches to me to be critiqued on the podcast, and I got to as many as I could within about an hour. So sit back, grab a notebook and a pen, and take some notes about your own pitch as well as about others. If you didn't send in a critique for this round, don't worry! I'm planning to do this again in the future, so keep your eyes peeled for that. There's still plenty to learn from today's pitches that you can apply to your own. If you sent yours in for critiquing, I will be sending out an email with written feedback, so watch for that in your inboxes.
February 23, 2022
S1E12 Story Prompts || John Steiner
Do you use story prompts? Find out more about them and why you should use them in today's blog segment. Then, catch my convo with sci-fi, fantasy, and horror author John Steiner. We chat all about writing in those genres, what happens when an indie press gets bought out by another indie press, story prompts, the importance of diving deep into research, and more!
February 22, 2022
S1E11 Using Social Media the *Right* Way || P.L. Stuart
How to use social media as a tool in your writing journey - the RIGHT way. Plus, hear me chat with self-published fantasy author P.L. Stuart about writing a series, self-publishing, blogging, using social media to help launch your writing career, celebrating successes, and tips to get that writing in any way you can. And, find out how you can enter the #badasswriters giveaway during the month of February!
February 15, 2022
S1E10 Writing the Story You Want to Write || Huck Beard
Today I talk about writing the story you want to tell, using your passion to do it, and not turning your story into something unrecognizable to fit what someone else wants. Then, I chat with author + friend Huck Beard about his writing journey, how his agent found him, how his dog Humphrey helped him draft his debut, being out on submission, writing sprints, the importance of the writing community, and more!
February 08, 2022
S1E9 - The Line Between Fact and Fiction || Kiersten Marcil
Let's talk about the line between fact and fiction in historical fiction! We'll look at ways to infuse facts into your story, when to deviate from history and take a different path for your fiction, and how to do the research. Then I chat with Kiersten Marcil, author of historical romance/fantasy and fellow avid researcher. We talk about her experience with indie publication, her historical series, and research process. She gives us tips for writing in the historical fiction genre and some advice for writing a series. PLUS, a recap on a very special announcement about a new upcoming event for the writing community!
February 01, 2022
Imposter Syndrome and Writer's Block || Joseph D. Slater
Today's episode is all about overcoming imposter syndrome and learning different ways you can kick that annoying writer's block to the curb. Then, I chat with author Joseph D. Slater about those two topics, using feedback to improve your writing, challenges of self-publishing, hiring a book cover designer, and changing genres to write something your kids can read and love. The blog post can be found at
January 25, 2022
Betas, CPs, and Dealing with Criticism || Jenna Morrison
Find out what the next step is after you've finished writing your first draft. What's the difference between a beta reader and a critique partner? What do you do if you don't have a critique partner or want a deeper dive into your manuscript? How do you deal with criticism? Top 5 tips for this stage of your writing journey. After which I chat with author Jenna Morrison about self-publishing at a young age, using writing to help process grief, indie publishing, getting negative feedback, her writing journey, and her debut novel, A BROTHER'S TRUTH, launching Feb 4! The blog post can be found at
January 18, 2022
Pantsing vs. Plotting || Jessica Payne
What's the difference between pantsing and plotting, and what's a plantser? Find out on today's episode, after which I'll be chatting with thriller author and #momswritersclub host, Jessica Payne. We'll be talking about taking risks in writing, the importance of the writing community and the right way to join it, believing in yourself, having a social media presence as an author, #momswritersclub, plus her path to publication and writing process, and a little bit about her debut novel coming May 16, 2022, MAKE ME DISAPPEAR. The blog post can be found at
January 11, 2022
S1E5 The Wonderful Writing Community || Hannah Sharpe
Happy New Year! In this episode, I get to do my first writer interview with the lovely Hannah Sharpe. We discuss how important the writing community is, juggling writing with family and work responsibilities, how the querying process has been, writing shorter fiction to help tighten up writing, difficult and rewarding aspects of the writing journey, and advice for newer writers. The corresponding blog post is available at
January 04, 2022
Infusing Emotion Into Your Writing
Today I put my storytelling hat on and show you ways you can infuse emotion into your writing by drawing on your own emotional experiences! The blog post is available at
December 14, 2021
Writing Your Synopsis
Everything you need to know about the basics of writing your synopsis in about 15 minutes! Many think it's hard to do, but with these tips, you can change your mindset about this crucial piece to your query package. This episode is also available as a blog post:
December 07, 2021
The Art of Querying: Blurbs + Pitches + Synopses—PART II
Officially my first podcast "episode" where I talk all about PITCHES. Learn how to craft your perfect pitch with real examples and exercises. This episode is also available as a blog post:
November 30, 2021
AUDIO: The Art of Querying: PART I (Query Blurbs)
All about querying and composing the back cover copy or "book blurb!" Tips, examples and exercises to help you hone this important skill. This episode is also available as a blog post:
November 30, 2021