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Two Third Agers

Two Third Agers

By Katy Betts Adams and Jenny Anderson
We're two women friends in our early 60s who come together to talk life in this decade, aging in our culture, figuring out who we are and can still become, and enjoying the ride. Our podcast is part humor, part serious discussion about the early stage of aging, or the Third Age, living as a long-time married woman in the 2020s and relating to our spouses, our children, our friends, and our own aging selves.
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Embracing the Third Age: Upsides of being where we are
In our final episode of our first podcast season, the Two Third Agers, Katy and Jenny, switch it up a bit to focus on the upsides of being the age we are and discuss similarities and differences between us and between us and others of our age. This is a fun discussion about all things aging, but not too old yet!!  Stay tuned for our second season after a break when we plan to have invited guests talk with us about their experiences with aging and some of their particular expertise.  THANKS for listening!  
April 08, 2022
Downsizing and Dealing with Family "Stuff"
In this 7th episode, two third-agers Jenny and Katy talk about ways to manage the material goods passed down from parents and other relatives, all those family photos, and the emotions as well as the practicalities of sorting and giving away precious mementos.  
March 17, 2022
Our Bodies, Our Faces, Our Aging Selves
In this 6th Episode of Two Third Agers: The Podcast, we delve into what it means to see and feel ourselves aging. Your hosts, Katy and Jenny, talk about how we've experiences the aging of our physical selves, faces and bodies. From receiving serious health diagnoses, to finding you have age spots and bunions, to a discussion of positive and negative self-talk and our hopes for younger women from the body positive movement, this episode touches on many important issues. We share some good laughs, too. As always, sound production, content editing, and original music by
February 10, 2022
Make New Friends and Keep the Old?
In this 5th episode, Jenny and Katy discuss friendships across their lives and the differences in finding and keeping friends in the Third Age where we are now.  This episode touches on the changes that COVID has made in how we engage with friends as well. 
January 14, 2022
Adult Relationships with Our Grown Kids
Jenny and Katy discuss their thoughts on parenting adult children in the Third Age, both some of the joys and some of the challenges. Letting go of knowing every detail about your child's life is a very gradual process and some developmental stages, like leaving for college, seem to be harder than others. Each of us has had some worries about our grown children as they've matured from teens into their 20s and early 30s, and we acknowledge that sometimes if we hover too much or offer un-asked-for advice, the young adult may pull away abruptly. We discuss some of the feelings and adjustments around the avocations and other big life choices our adult children pursue, their significant others, and milestones like an adult child's wedding and the first grandchild.
December 10, 2021
In this episode, your two third age hosts, Katy and Jenny, talk about our very common concerns about our own cognitive health  - e.g., everyday "forgetting," losing things, and so on. We discuss normal changes and who to see if one is concerned about memory loss. We touch on ways we try to stay mentally active and share some of the stories of our parents' dementia, including Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's dementia, and the wrenching experience of placing a loved one into a Memory Care facility.  
November 11, 2021
Travel and Adventure in the Third Age
In our second episode, Jenny and Katy catch up from last time, and then discuss recent experiences with travel and adventure. Some things get a bit harder, are more of a hassle, or simply change as we've aged, but travel for near and farther adventures can certainly give us joy that lasts beyond the actual time away.     Music and sound editing by Harrison Adams, studio
October 30, 2021
Introduction to Two Third Agers - The Podcast: How long has it been?
In this first episode, longtime friends Jenny, a former attorney, and Katy, a former gerontological social worker, introduce ourselves to listeners and discuss some of the things we have in common. Our podcast will focus on what it's like to be in "The Third Age" - the time of life when you start to be "older" but not yet "old." Some things have changed and some stay the same since we first met 35 years ago! We each discuss our current lives as long-married women with empty nests, what we're up to, and what we find satisfying or not so satisfying. We touch upon many issues and in future episodes will address topics such as loss, changing interests, grown children, health, travel, work and volunteering.  Recording through Zencastr. Music and production by Harrison Adams at studio on the Ridgewood/Bushwick border, New York. 
October 21, 2021