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Ascension Through Entrepreneurship

Ascension Through Entrepreneurship

By Kathryn Morrison
Kathryn Morrison marries the most cutting edge business strategy, the highest level of rigor within mindset work, and the deepest level of soul connection, and each week brings you an episode to bring you deeper into alignment with who you're meant to be-- and the Creation that wants to work through you.

This isn't Matrix Business Building. It's the path of Soul Ascension Through Entrepreneurship-- and it's a path she's helped many of her clients carve into six and multiple six figure businesses. You Comin'?

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118. Your Pricing, Your Brand, and Creating An Energetic Match
How do you know what is undercharging and what is overcharging... and how do you know when you're in energetic alignment with your pricing? Today we're diving into what it looks like to price from unconscious patterning versus soul, how to know what you're doing, and what is required to come into energetic alignment with the pricing you desire to be selling at. To join the waitlist for the Accelerator, head to
October 04, 2022
117. Activating Your Magnetism and Becoming Catnip for Best Clients: Charly's Accelerator Story
From the inner energy work, from the mindset and energetic practices, to the outer energy work--from wardrobe to digital visual assets, Charly has exploded into the Magic Mushroom that is their soul's frequency from their work in the Brand Alchemy Accelerator. Taking the Branding work they did in the Accelerator, and then implementing the Front End Business Precision work in the Mastermind, has created a business full of best clients and a bank account full of big happy money. To connect with Charly head to or follow them on Instagram @travelercharly or tune in to their podcast, Unicorn Millionaire. To join the Waitlist for the Brand Alchemy Accelerator head over to
September 27, 2022
116. Brand Pivots vs Brand Elevation
Today we're diving into the biggest differences between brand pivots and brand elevation, what they both look and feel like in practice and execution, and how to know if your business is ripe and asking for either as the next step in your business's evolution. To join the waitlist for the Brand Alchemy Accelerator, head to
September 20, 2022
115. Energetic Cloaking: How to Know if You're Energetically Blocking Clients
Do you ever feel like you're showing up online, but it seems like nobody is seeing you? That might be true, and today we're diving into how you might be accidentally doing that to yourself, and how the fix might not be as "deep rooted" as you think. To learn more about working together, head to
September 13, 2022
114. Pleasure and Precision: Q&A and All the Juicy Details
It's enrollment week for the Mastermind! Today we are diving into ALL the juicy details, from the precision work to the luscious business waiting for you on the other side of Round 1. Head to to apply
September 05, 2022
113. Precision: The Science of Grounding Your Desires into the 3D
As you heal your masculine energy, you gain access to the potent healthy  masculine power that liberates the feminine--a mindset created to align to your intuitive knowings, skillsets like copywriting that skillfully penetrate the marketplace, and business structure that is set up to nourish and support you, so that the masculine energy is externalized in your business and allows your feminine to relax and expand into her full radiance. The Pleasure and Precision Mastermind lives at the intersection of the art of the feminine and the science of the masculine, and you can get your name on the waitlist at
August 30, 2022
112. Pleasure: The Art of Unleashing the Feminine and Receiving More
Whether it's juicy creativity, deepened intuitive knowings, or simply the embodiment of the vibration of your most wild aliveness, you'll find it in your feminine energetics. For most people in the West, it's been repressed for millenia, and has been nearly non-existent in the "business world." The Pleasure and Precision Mastermind is flipping the script on that, and you can join the waitlist at
August 23, 2022
111. The Dream Economy, Matrix Addiction, and the Rise of the Divine Feminine
This community is at the threshold of a paradigm shift. And our collective uprising creates a higher baseline for everyone. Tune in today to hear what the Divine Feminine has to do with money creation, what the wounded masculine has been historically and how it still haunts us today, and the shift available to any feeling the call. To join the waitlist for the Mastermind, head to
August 16, 2022
110. Expanding from Solopreneur to Entrepreneur
The qualities of character and skillsets you activate as a solopreneur are often the things that create major issues as you expand from solopreneur to entrepreneur. Join me today as we cover the ins and outs of each, the most common pitfalls as you expand from solopreneur to entrepreneur, and what to expect as you venture down the path from solopreneur to entrepreneur. To join the Mastermind waiting list, head to
August 09, 2022
109. Networking and Activating the Potency of Your Network
Your network is your net worth. Join me today to explore how to determine where there is unactivated potential in your current network, as well as how to know if you are in the wrong network to support you in the trajectory towards your future. To learn more about working together, head to
August 02, 2022
108. Should Spirituality Come Into My Brand? (And some BIG NEWS)
Today we're exploring some tools and frameworks to consider if and when spirituality should come into how you're running your business day  to day, as well as if and when spirituality should come into your front end client facing brand. In addition, we have a BIG announcement on what's next for Kathryn Morrison Coaching, and how everything we're exploring today has informed this upcoming big shift. To learn more about the new Mastermind, head to
July 26, 2022
107. Letting Business Be Easeful
Growing your business won't always be easy, but there are many ways that our brains make it way harder than it needs to be. Join me today to explore how to let business building be easeful, no matter what the outside circumstances (or inner resistance) seem to be saying otherwise. To learn more about working together, head to
July 19, 2022
106. Why Your Brand Trumps Your Niche
You don't need a niche. You do need a brand. Tune into to hear about why the online space is so tied up in knots about niches, why they don't matter if you don't feel called towards one, and how branding serves the same purpose... with way more delight. To join the Brand Alchemy Accelerator, head to
July 12, 2022
105. Generating First Clients Using the Brand Alchemy Accelerator: Client Success Stories
Join me today to hear how my clients earlier on in their businesses have used the Accelerator to build an audience, charge premium pricing, and stand out online. If you're early in your business and feel the Accelerator might be your next step, this episode is for you. To join the waitlist for the Brand Alchemy Accelerator, head to To connect with Cynthia That, find her on Instagram @thatgirlphotography_ or on Facebook @thatgirlphotographyct To connect with Crystal Moreland, find her on Instagram @thefreedommedium or at To connect with Amy Turner, find her on instagram @amyturnercoaching or at
July 05, 2022
104. Activating Main Character Energy
Growing a sharply differentiated brand, one that has clients coming to sales calls deeply desiring to hire you specifically, requires a particular energetic in your selling and marketing. It's Main Character Energy. Today we're exploring what that is, how to diagnose when you are in it (and when you aren't), as well as details on the upcoming 30 Day Main Character Energy Reboot inside of the Accelerator. To join the Waitlist for the Brand Alchemy Accelerator, head to
June 28, 2022
103. Aligning Yourself from 6 to 7 Figures: Accelerator Client Success Stories
Join me today to hear how my Accelerator clients in $100,000-$600,000 businesses are using the tools and teaching around Branding to create sharply differentiated brands that are stopping the scroll... and generating delicious amounts of cash. To join the waitlist for the Brand Alchemy Accelerator, head to To connect with Dr. Chavonne Perotte and join her Upgrade Your Marriage program, find her at or follow along on Instagram, @chavonneperotte To connect with Kirsten Roldan and join her Million Dollar Email program, find her at or follow along on Instagram, @kirstenroldan To connect with Dr. Laura McCaffrey and join her Time Alchemy program, find her on Instagram, @laura.a.mccaffrey
June 21, 2022
102. The Problem with Personality Tests and Birthchart Systems
Entrepreneurship means entering the World of creating whatever you want, being whoever you feel called to be. Today we're diving into the  pitfalls that some people fall into when engaging with personality tests or birthchart systems, and how to approach them if there is a deep,  emerging desire. To learn more about working together, head to
June 14, 2022
101. The Push-Pull, Misalignment, and Allowing Energetic Retching
Today we're diving into the difference between push pull in the mind (cognitive dissonance) and push pull between mind and soul, how to  identify when your soul is attempting to purge old programming, and most importantly the mindset you'll need to cultivate in order to allow this  natural process to take place. To learn more about working together, head to
June 07, 2022
100. Owning Your Intuition, Allowing Guidance, and the Push Pull of Trusting the Universe
As you begin deconditioning the programming of the mind, your access to your natural intuitive gifts begin to activate and amplify. In order to fully allow this natural process, you've got to uproot the programming in the mind that is resistant to this process. If you have a desire to operate from a more intuitive place in your business, this episode is for you. To learn more about working together, head to
May 31, 2022
99. Owning The Value of Your Work, Allowing Wealth, and the Push Pull of Money
In order to allow wealth, you have to first allow yourself to charge money for the value of your work... and then, once you have opened yourself to receiving it, you have to have the ability to hold it and strategically plan how and when to spend it as it aligns with the work you feel called to do (and the life you feel drawn to leading). Today I'm breaking down the biggest blocks in both arena, and where to focus your time and energy instead. To learn more about working together, head to
May 24, 2022
98. Owning Your Gifts, Allowing Fame, and the Push-Pull of Shining
So many people start businesses to be compensated for their gifts, to help others with their skills, and then find themselves in a constant push-pull energetic around marketing and really owning their gifts shining out into the marketplace. Today we're unpacking how to identify if you're doing this, why it's happening, and what to do instead. To join us for the 100th Episode Podcast Celebration, just: Rate and Review the Podcast Share the podcast to your social media and tag us @kathrynmorrisoncoaching Screenshot your review and your share and send it to To learn more about working with me, head to
May 17, 2022
97. Ego vs Soul Desire... and How to Trust Your Knowings
As your soul awakens there will be increasing dissonance between the conditioning of your mind and that deeper inner knowing. And when you're just getting to know your inner world, it can be difficult to discern--What do I ACTUALLY desire? Today I offer you a powerful framework to begin to grow discernment between ego and soul desire, and how to deepen into trusting the nudges from your soul. To join me for the Secret Workshop to celebrate the 100th episode of the podcast, just: Rate and Review the podcast Share the podcast and tag us on social (@kathrynmorrisoncoaching) Email screenshots of both to Once we receive your email we will email you back the link to join me on June 1! To work with me, head to
May 10, 2022
96. Behind the Scenes of a Multimillion Dollar Scale: A Conversation with my Operations Manager
Joining me on the podcast today is my Operations Manager, Cheyenne Parent. For the past 14 months, she and I have been diligently at work on the backend, preparing the business for seamless scaling. Today we're talking how to create and handle rapid growth, how to leverage and trust your intuition, and the low down on what running Kathryn Morrison Coaching really looks like day to day, no Instagram filters here  ;) To learn more about working together, head to Loved the show? Share it to your social media and tag us @kathrynmorrisoncoaching, or take 30 seconds to rate and review the show.
May 03, 2022
95. Beyond the First Million: Surrender to Soul
As you come into Alignment and deepen into your Vision, expand your identity to meet it, the driver of the business shifts. There's no need to push, because you are pulled into your Future. This is Ascension.
April 26, 2022
94. Before the First Million: Ignoring Calls of the Soul
A few months ago Kathryn Morrison Coaching quietly passed the 7 figure mark in all time revenue, in only three short years from ground zero. But there were many years BEFORE the rocketship began to take off, years of resentment and sadness and anger, where I had a knowing inside of me and I refused to listen. I'm telling the story today in hopes it can save you some years and heartache on your path. To learn more about working together, head to
April 19, 2022
93. Creating Your Own Compound Interest
With almost 100 episodes created, there is a Best Of shortlist that our audience loves and comes back to, again and again. Creating Your Own Compound Interest is one of those episodes. We start with an update on the compounding that has happened in the  company since that episode was first created, and then dive into the Art of Compounding, and how to leverage it in your business to produce results beyond your wildest dreams.
April 12, 2022
92. The Secret to Mind-Blowingly Rapid Identity Change
There is a very specific process I take people through, to guarantee large identity change very quickly. It's the process I used for three distinct identity changes up to my first $500k, and is the process I have led a countless number of clients through to their first  six or multiple six figures. Listen today for the number one place people get stuck in trying to change their identity, and the shift that needs to happen. To join us in the Accelerator, head to
April 05, 2022
91. The Art of Brand: Potent Visual Communication
The brain processes visuals 60,000 faster than text, and having the skillset of understanding how to visually communicate effectively and potently is one of the most magical skillsets you can leverage online to stop the scroll. Join me today to find out why logos and fonts matter a lot less than you think, and where to focus your time and energy instead to fast track your results.
March 29, 2022
90. Activating Magnetism
While every Facebook ad served to you suggests there's just one magical strategy you need, one missing step or formula, there's a whole other world of small business owners making tons of money online without having to make Reels pointing at stuff and posting marketing with click-baity titles. It's now HOW they're doing it-- it's WHO they're BE-ING. Join me today as we unpack Activating Magnetism and amplifying BE-ING. To join the Kingdom Creation: Branding Your Online Space webinar on April 4, head to To join the waitlist for the Brand Alchemy Accelerator, head to
March 22, 2022
89. Becoming Who You Were Meant To Be
Entrepreneurs are Visionaries, seeing constant possibility and opportunity. But the Vision you can birth into this World can only be as big as who you believe your current self to be. Birthing big things requires expanding into who you were meant to be in this World, and today we're diving deep into what that means and the mindset shift that makes becoming that person inevitable. To join the waitlist for the next launch of the Brand Alchemy Accelerator, head to I'll see you there.
March 15, 2022
88. Getting Sh*t Done and Transcending Time: The Energy Edition
People often ask me how I am about to manage my time based on my high volume of creation. Today I am covering the number one biggest factor of my ability to maximize my time and creativity, and the answer might surprise you. To take this work deeper, head to
March 08, 2022
87. How to Thrive in Coaching Programs
There is an optimal way to buy and participate in coaching programs, and I am breaking it down into exactly how to think about investing and  showing up in programs that guarantees you the result you desire. Let's Dive In.
March 01, 2022
86. Creating a $100,000 Business With a 9-5... Without Hustling: A Conversation with Dr. Laura McCaffrey
Today I'm joined by my longtime client, Dr. Laura McCaffrey. We cover her journey from creating $1,500 EVER, hiding her true self in her business, to creating a $100,000 Business owning herself as a witch AND a powerful systems thinker. Laura gives a mini-Masterclass in how to be a total Time Ninja, how to get more done with less time and action, and a million other nuggets of wisdom along the way. You can connect with Laura on Instagram @laura.a.mccaffrey. To apply for the Mastermind, head to
February 22, 2022
85. $35,000 Months Through Transforming Herself... AND the Corporate Culture She Left: A Conversation with Michelle Yu
Join me today for an intimate, real deep dive into the unwinding required to fully step into your mission as an impact driven entrepreneur. Michelle Yu joins us today to cover ALL of it, from unwinding systemic racism to the hustle culture promoted within bands of corporate culture, and how the inner work she has done has empowered her as an entrepreneur to go back into the system as a Healer from the inside out. You can connect with Michelle on Instagram @michelle.k.yu. To join the Waitlist for the Mastermind, head to
February 15, 2022
84. How to Collapse Your Success Timeline: An Interview with Mastermind Rising Star Emilie Martin
Emilie Martin is a living, breathing example of what is possible when you go for your Dreams. She left her job as a Pharmacist, had her second baby, and started the Mastermind all in a matter of months. She joined having just created the minimum $10,000 income requirement to apply, and has since shot off like a rocket. She's here sharing ALL the gems of her journey and you can connect with her on Instagram @emartincoaching. To join the Waitlist for the Mastermind, head to
February 08, 2022
83. The Precision of Your Next $100,000
Running a wildly profitable business isn't complicated. In fact, one of the major issues I see is how overly complicated strategies often ARE the problem. Today I'm diving into two of the biggest mistakes I see struggling entrepreneurs making, and how building the skillset of Precision solves for them. To get your name on the Waitlist for the next round, head to
February 01, 2022
82. Pleasure As A Business Strategy
In the dictionary, the literal definition juxtaposes it AGAINST business. This is complete... and utter... bullshit. There is literally zero reason why business and pleasure need to be at odds, and today I'm not only making the case that they aren't at odds, but that pleasure is actually an extremely powerful strategy IN BUSINESS. To join the Brand Alchemy Accelerator, head to
January 25, 2022
81. Magnetizing The Future Through Your Office Space: A Conversation with Spatial Alchemist Olga Naiman
Olga Naiman has left her mark on the Interior Design World. From serving as an editor at House Beautiful Magazine to styling the catalogues of West Elm, Olga knows how to make a space beautiful. But her spiritual work has also awakened her ability to make a space MAGICAL, and today we're diving deep into Spatial Alchemy, how it works,  the impact your space has on you, and the power of this work. Ready to take this Deeper? Olga and I are offering the first 20 people enrolled in the Brand Alchemy Accelerator a custom office design consult. This is literally a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity. Do not miss it. Head to to be first to grab your spot when doors open on January 24.
January 18, 2022
80. The Art Of Brand: Cohesion
Today we're talking about what it means to be a cohesive brand, and the impact on both you and your audience when elements of your brand are disjointed or unintentional. To learn more about the Accelerator, head to To join the Waitlist for the Mastermind, head to
January 11, 2022
79. The Biggest Mistake in Branding
Most people think about branding as logos and color palettes, but branding-- true branding--is the blueprint of the soul of a company. This is particularly potent work for solopreneurs, and today we're diving into the biggest mistake I see being made in the Branding space. To learn more, head to
January 04, 2022
78. Marinating in 2021
As New Years approaches, you see a lot about goal setting for 2022, planning and making sure you're on track to hit the ground running. But one of the most powerful practices, that I've actually never heard spoken about, is spending the end of year marinating in what you've already done, being radically reverent of yourself and what you've already created, and making THAT your baseline for heading into the New Year. Let's talk about it. The Brand Alchemy Accelerator will release on January 24. To join the Mastermind waitlist, head to
December 28, 2021
77. How Much Money Is Enough?
Recently in an Ask Me Anything on Instagram I was asked, "How much  money is enough?" It's an interesting question, and today I'm answering with some questions that will help you find and own your specific number, as well as practical financial planning tips once you have defined the number. To pre-order the Brand Alchemy Accelerator, head to To join the waitlist for the next round of the Mastermind, head to
December 21, 2021
76. A Quick Tool When You "Don't Know How"
Imagine how much faster and more productive moving towards your goals would be if you stripped "But I don't know how" from your brain. Today I'm sharing a quick tool to do just that. To pre-order the course before its January 24 launch, head to To join the waitlist for the next round of the Mastermind, head to
December 14, 2021
75. My Spiritual Awakening and Leveraging Energy
A few years ago I was an atheist. Today I have an altar, deep spiritual practices, and use intuition as a regular guide in my life and business. You might say... a lot has happened in a short period of time. Today I'm diving into the story of my spiritual awakening, sharing intimate stories and my struggles as I came into a new identity. I also dive into how this unfolding has led to the creation of the Brand Alchemy Accelerator, which will launch on January 24. To learn more, head to To join the waitlist for the next round of the Mastermind, head to
December 07, 2021
74. F**k Domestic Work: Managing a Household As An Entrepreneur
In a recent Ask Me Anything on Instagram, an audience member asked for a podcast on Managing a Household As An Entrepreneur. On average,  women spend 2 hours more per day on household tasks than men. As more women scale successful businesses, we need to reckon with who we've been  taught we "should be" in the home, and instead renegotiate the role we WANT to have at the throne in our own kingdom. To get on the waitlist for the next round of the Mastermind, head to
November 30, 2021
73. Breaking the MBA Brain to Thrive in Online Entrepreneurship: A Conversation with my MBA Masterminders
Today I am joined by three of my Masterminders--Amelia Munson, Michelle Yu, and Sara Lim. All three have MBAs from some of the top universities in the World, and they're here to dive into the good, the bad, and the ugly of what the transition into online entrepreneurship looks like coming from the World of MBAs and "prestigious" 9-5 industries. To join the waitlist for the next round of the Mastermind, head to
November 23, 2021
72. Mindset vs Skillsets in Online Entrepreneurship
One of the major mistakes I see new entrepreneurs make is, from an employee mindset, trying to learn entrepreneurial skillsets. Today we are covering the topic of mindset and skillset for the initial employee to entrepreneur transition, as well as the nuance in entrepreneurship of the big transition made between solopreneurs at six figures to full on entrepreneurs running multimillion dollar companies. To join the waitlist for the next round of the Mastermind, head to
November 16, 2021
71. Unpacking the Myth that Only People Who Sell Business Make Money
If your brain has ever told you that you can't make money doing  what you love because "only people selling business results make money"... THIS IS FOR YOU. We unpack why and how this happens, and what to do instead to optimize for YOU making money. To join the waitlist for the next round of the Mastermind, head to
November 09, 2021
70. From Ringling Ringmaster to His Own Damn Circus: A Conversation with Kevin Venardos
Kevin Venardos started his career on a fantastic adventure, on a circus train with elephants as a Ringmaster for Ringling Brothers, but over time kept feeling the desire to be the "engineer of his own train." So he started his own circus that now tours the country in sold out shows across 25 cities, but the story wasn't always easy. It involves bankruptcy and living in his car—a real live "World's Greatest  Showman." Join us today to hear his amazing story, and learn: how  you can learn hearing "NO" to make you stronger and grow your business, instead of diminishing your own belief in what you have to offer how professional performers manage to deliver first class performances that create rave reviews even if "turnout is low" the role the creation of joy plays in shifting your audience's perspective the balance between mindset and skillset in achieving success To connect with Kevin, head to or on Instagram @venardoscircus
November 02, 2021
69. Calculating Risk: Lessons Learned from a Night Watching Extreme Sports
We recently went to Nitro Circus, a big extreme sports live event. One of the athletes said something on the field, just before the show started, about how the best extreme sports athletes aren't daredevils. He said the "best of the best calculate risk." And as it turns out, the same thing is true of the best of the best in entrepreneurship. Calculating risk is a learned skillset, and today we're breaking it down into real, tangible examples of what this looks like in your business.
October 26, 2021
68. Inspiration Porn and Elon Musk
I recently watched an interview where Elon Musk gave his top tip to new aspiring entrepreneurs: "If you need inspirational words, then don't do it." Today we're diving into the usefulness and limitations of inspiring words, and how to know if you're accidentally using inspiring words to distract you from achieving your goals.
October 19, 2021
67. What Happens Before the Client Clicks
The CLICK. You know the one. Where the client drops in to buy. It's oftentimes the first interaction we have with them. So what the hell is happening before the click? Tune in today to find out how large adtech companies handle this, what's different for solopreneurs with smaller data sets, and how to optimize your path to clicks and conversions. To join the Mastermind Waitlist, head to
October 12, 2021
66. The Truth About Likes, Clicks, and Making Money
A lot of new entrepreneurs think it's important to look at their numbers, but when you look at the wrong numbers and do it from the wrong place, you totally f*ck your business. Tune in today to hear exactly how this shows up, how to avoid the pitfalls before they happen, and where to focus instead. To join the waitlist for the next round of the Mastermind, head to
October 05, 2021
65. Replacing a High Income Salary and Thoughts About Privilege
High income earners often spend their beginning days in their business comparing their business income to their prior salary, or worrying about what their high income network will think of their new venture. Today we're diving into the unique mindset obstacles high income earners face, and the path across into freedom within entrepreneurship.
September 28, 2021
64. Comparison and Thoughts About Other People's Success
Comparison can either wreck your self confidence and belief in yourself and your business... or be a tool that you use to grow stronger, more  resilient, and more in alignment with who you want to be in this World. Today we're diving into the two different types of comparison triggers  you'll come up against, and the unique prescription for each to remove the trigger and come out of it stronger, more resilient, and more deeply  YOU in your business.
September 21, 2021
63. Delivery Creates Demand
There is so much content, so many books, so much in the air around Marketing and Selling--hashtag strategies, how to send the perfect pitch, #allthethings. But today we are diving into what I have found to be the most effective business growth strategy I have--and that is exceptional client delivery. Tune in to hear what it is, the common misperceptions business owners have about it, and how to approach it in a way that deeply serves both you and your clients.
September 14, 2021
62. The Weird Thing About Discipline and Freedom
One thing that people often miss about the freedom that entrepreneurship provides is that the most successful entrepreneurs share a unique quality: SELF-DISCIPLINE. This is completely different than how many employees view discipline, and many new entrepreneurs make the mistake of implementing the wrong kind when starting their business. Today we're covering all of it. There are two seats remaining in the Mastermind, and you are invited to apply at if you feel the tug.
September 07, 2021
61. $10,000 Months from Soul and Service: A Conversation with Kieran Lenahan
Today we're diving into niche, mindset, money, and faith with my longtime client Kieran Lenahan. We dive deep into the transition from employee to entrepreneur, how your beliefs play into your niche decision, and the process to $10,000 months feeling easy and fun. To connect with Kieran, head to Instagram @kieranlenahancoaching To come join him in the next round of the Mastermind, head to
August 31, 2021
Enrollment Now Open: Mastermind Details
Applications for the November class of the Think Like An Entrepreneur Mastermind are now open. Today I'm diving into everything you will learn and gain access to through joining the Mastermind. Enrollment is open now through this Thursday at midnight. Head to to apply.
August 30, 2021
60. The Value of a Mastermind
Masterminds are not a word ever spoken in the 9-5, but they're one of the most popular and effective ways to grow your business as an  entrepreneur. Today I'm covering how to process the decision of joining a Mastermind, and some of the main benefits of joining. To join us in the next round, head to
August 24, 2021
59. $33,000 in 2 Months: Masterminder Kelly Donahue on Being a Visionary, Changing the Culture, and the Power of Being Decided
Kelly Donahue created her first $10,000 ever in order to qualify for the Mastermind. Now, in our first two months? She's created  $33,000... in her first 6 months as a business owner. She's on the podcast today sharing how she did it, the Revolution she is Creating for Moms, and the power of being decided in creating something that's bigger than yourself. You can connect with Kelly at or on Instagram @kelbel_badassmoms To join the Mastermind and create your Kelly-level-results head to
August 17, 2021
58. The Quality of Your Clients
The quality of the clients you attract will determine the quality of your day to day working within your business. Today we're covering how to optimize for the highest caliber of clients, the pitfalls your brain goes into when your belief dips and the ripple effects, and what taking full responsibility for your client roster, including its quality, looks like in practice. To join the Early Access list for the Mastermind, head to
August 10, 2021
57. The Quality of Your Money
We talk a lot about the QUANTITY of your money, but very rarely do we discuss how to evaluate the QUALITY of your money. The higher quality  your money creation, the higher quality the day to day of your life. Today we are diving deep into two ways to raise the quality of your money creation: magnetic branding and effective goal setting and attainment. To get your name on the Early Access list for the Mastermind, head to
August 03, 2021
56. Taking Vacation as an Entrepreneur
So many people start businesses for time freedom, and then create businesses that they're afraid to take a vacation from. Today we're unpacking why this happens, and the blueprint within both your brain and business to allow you to take big, luxurious vacations away from your business while fully trusting it will flourish without you.
July 27, 2021
55. On Delusion
I have coached clients on their thoughts about "being delusional" more times than I can count. Today we're diving into what delusion is... and why it's not a problem at all. To join the waitlist for the next round of the Mastermind, head to
July 20, 2021
54. Eliminating Insecurity
My coach recently asked for the top thoughts that I have that have created my rapid growth, and as I sat with it my honest answer surprised even me. Tune in today to find out what it was.
July 13, 2021
53. From €1,500 Ever... to €16,000 in Three Weeks: The Anatomy of a Rising Star Mindset with Nathalie van Haaren
Income avalanches happen all the time, but before the avalanche there is a period of building to the tipping point. Tipping points and income avalanches don't happen to you-- they are actively created-- and today my client Nathalie van Haaren is breaking apart the components of her growth and thinking that took her from €1,500 ever to €16,000 in the first three weeks of the Mastermind. To connect with Nathalie, find her on Instagram @nathalie_npower. To get your name on the Waitlist for the next round of the Mastermind, head to
July 06, 2021
52. Industry Leadership and Legacy Creation: Lessons from a Year in Podcasting
It's Episode 52, which means it's been an entire YEAR of being on  this journey together! Today I'm diving deep into my biggest lessons  from a year in podcasting, exploring thought and industry leadership, idea generation, and reflections on human potential. To get on the waitlist for the next round of the Mastermind, head to
June 29, 2021
51. The Fastest Path to Success
Your brain has a basic idea of what it will take to create $10,000 months. It has plenty of "information" that has given it a general map--but the map is not the terrain, and the mindset you have while in process of navigating the terrain determines how quickly and nimbly you are able to navigate entrepreneurship. To get on the waitlist for the next round of the Mastermind, head to
June 22, 2021
50. Get the F*ck Out of Your Industry
It can be tempting to spend all your time and energy thinking about your industry, talking and hanging out with other people in your industry, because it's comfortable. But in doing this you miss out on creating something truly remarkable that is uniquely you. Let's talk about an alternate path that puts you at the top of your industry... and maximizes your aliveness. To get on the waitlist for the next round of the Mastermind, head to
June 15, 2021
49. Creating Epic Things
Today we're diving into the foundation to create epic things from, as well as practical strategies of how to get started NOW on the simplest first version of what you know will be an epic thing over time. To join the waitlist for the next round of the Mastermind, head to For established entrepreneurs ready to scale to multiple six or 7 figures, apply for my last private coaching spot at
June 08, 2021
48. Creating Your Benefits Package
While there's a lot to leave behind in Corporate America, there are a few things we should take with us... and designing benefits packages is one of them. Doing this not only motivates you, but it greatly reduces your decision fatigue within your business. For the step by step download on making these decisions, head to
June 01, 2021
47. Big Feelings About Little Words
Debt. Money. Goals. Selling. Little words that people have big, gigantic feelings about. Today we're unpacking words in entrepreneurship that are worth cleaning up your thinking on, as well as a powerful question that will help guide you into curiosity when you have sudden or unexpected big feelings about little words.
May 25, 2021
46. $10,000 Months Through Ditching Student Thinking: A Conversation with my PhD Masterminders
We grow up in a system that teaches us to look outside of ourselves to find the ONE right answer, which is the opposite of how soul led  entrepreneurship works. It requires unwinding the student mindset, and stepping into an entrepreneurial one. We also dive DEEP into the fallacy of hard work. To connect with Laura, head to or follow her on Instagram @laura.a.mccaffrey. To connect with Jacqueline, head to or follow her on Instagram @jacquelines.coaching. To apply for a June spot in private coaching with me, head to
May 18, 2021
45. My $50,000 Coaching Investment
I just invested $50,000 in my brain and business... with no drama. The first time I invested, I was full of fear and doubt and worry. Today I'm unpacking the transformation I've had in my mind that has allowed me to confidently invest. Ready to apply for one of my June spots for 1:1 coaching? Head to To sign up for the Waiting List for the next round of the Mastermind, head to
May 11, 2021
44. Money Magic with Accounting Wizard Mari Ramirez
LLC or SCorp? What's deductible? TurboTax or hire somebody? Coming into entrepreneurship opens you up to a whole new way of doing your taxes, and my private client Mari Ramirez is a master accountant. She's on the podcast today dishing ALL the tax things, from how to structure yourself to all the juicy benefits you get as an entrepreneur. To connect with Mari, head to
May 04, 2021
43. The Customer Isn't Always Right
Many new entrepreneurs believe that the customer is always right, and when this thought error layers on with an aversion to selling, being able to curiously and powerfully work with clients on their objections becomes impossible. This keeps the client from being helped, and the business from growing. Nobody wins. Today we're talking about what this looks like, what it has to do with dog collars, and how to get out of it. To learn more about working together, head to
April 27, 2021
42. Your Selling Frequency
In corporate sales structures, there are fresh college grads who get paid peanuts to cold call people... and then there's the CEO, who goes out and gives keynote addresses and has people lining up to meet them. Each has a different selling frequency. Which one are you embodying?
April 20, 2021
41. Salesy is a Mindset
Your success in entrepreneurship is directly correlated with your relationship to selling. When you're new in business and haven't unpacked all of the beliefs you've picked up around selling, this ends up being a huge blockade to business growth. We're diving deep on this today.
April 13, 2021
40. The Good News: Your 9-5 Brain is Coming With You
The time you spent as an employee uniquely prepared you for your entrepreneurial journey. Today we're diving into the two biggest assets that will come with you: Skills and Network. Even the most random things your brain think you'll never use again has the potential to be your secret sauce as a business owner.
April 06, 2021
39. The Bad News: Your 9-5 Brain is Coming With You
Many people leave their jobs to escape the boss that doesn't appreciate them, to opt out of the culture of corporate greed that "takes advantage  of them," and then find themselves repeating the same sh*t from their jobs in their businesses. Join me today to explore some of the areas, big and small, that this shows up, and how to move forward from it.
March 30, 2021
38. Creating a Million Dollar Brand
The fastest way to create mind blowing results in your business is to become an entrepreneur that creates mind blowing results. Join me today to explore where to get started in doing deeper level identity work, and how it's the fastest way to make your goals inevitable.
March 23, 2021
37. It's the Wizard, not The Wand
Many new entrepreneurs spend a lot of time trying to find the right niche, the right offer, the right price, the right marketing platform. It's a thought error and today we're digging into why, how it presents, and how to know when you've moved into the entrepreneurial mindset. Loving what you're hearing? Come connect with me on Instagram @kathrynmorrisoncoaching. To learn more about working together, head to
March 16, 2021
36. My $200,000 Launch
Today I'm digging into my $200,000 launch, how I did it, and how you can take these best practices and apply them to your business—even if you aren't at a point where you're doing launches.
March 09, 2021
35. How to Handle the Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship
Many new entrepreneurs liken the experience of starting and scaling a business to riding a roller coaster. It doesn't have to be, and today we're digging into the path to creating a more pleasant, efficient route for yourself.
March 02, 2021
34. The Art of Demand Creation
Today we're diving into some of the most common thought errors new entrepreneurs have around value creation and marketing, and covering the fundamental shifts you'll make as you move into mastering the art of demand creation. This is the work we do in the Mastermind. To apply, head to
February 23, 2021
33. Finding Your Voice and $10,000 Months with Katrina Galka
Joining me today is my client and renowned opera singer, Katrina Galka. Katrina is the life coach for singers, and the journey she has gone through to scale into her $10,000 months was created through finding her voice outside of the opera stage and owning her value in the marketplace. To connect with Katrina, find her on Instagram @katrina.galka or on her website at To apply to the Mastermind, head to
February 16, 2021
32. Creating Your Own Compound Interest
As an employee you use compound interest as a strategy to maximize returns in your 401K for your future. Today we're diving into how you create your own compound interest as an entrepreneur, and where some people fall off the track. Get on the Early Access list for the next round of the Mastermind at
February 09, 2021
31. Becoming a Money Magnet with Whitney Morrison of Holistic Money
Join me today for an interview with my client, Whitney Morrison, of Holistic Money. She covers her journey from hustle and undercharging to  creating multiple five figure months with ease, and spills all the beans on how she's created it. To learn more about working with Whitney, head to To get your name on the Early Access list for the Mastermind, head to
February 02, 2021
30. Money Integrity: Investing
When you come into entrepreneurship, it requires an entirely different way of thinking about earning money, and to earn money as an entrepreneur requires investing in becoming the person who can easily generate top line revenue growth.
January 26, 2021
29. Money Integrity: Earning
Coming into entrepreneurship, you come into creating money for yourself for the first time. In the process, you bump up against a backpack of  thoughts that dictate the way you show up, the rules you live by to "make money." Often these thoughts are at odds with our desired result of how much and HOW we make our money. Tune in today to begin defining what money integrity looks like for you within earning, and where your brain might try to trip you up.
January 19, 2021
28. Money Scarcity and Leaving People Behind
Today we're diving into money scarcity, how it shows up in different  groups, and thoughts about "leaving people behind" as you begin to create success.
January 12, 2021
27. Your 2021 Frequency
We've all heard about the importance of branding, agonized over colors and fonts... but how does brand differ for solopreneurs, when they are the face of the business? We'll dive into this today, and cover some questions you'll want to dive into to make your 2021 goals inevitable.
January 05, 2021
26. How I Created Over $300,000 in 2020
This year I more than quadrupled my revenue from last year. Join me today for some of my year's most pivotal moments, my beliefs that fundamentally changed, and the practices I used to support my growth.
December 29, 2020
25. Data Doubt
Many new entrepreneurs fixate on their metrics, their clicks and conversion rates. It feels super responsible and "CEO level" operating,  but if you're not actively managing your mind around your data then the interpretation of it will lead nowhere productive. Tune in today for how to catch if this is happening and where to direct your brain instead.
December 22, 2020
24. Giving Up the Golden Handcuffs to Create a $325 Million Real Estate Portfolio: A Conversation with Andrew Campbell
You know that saying-- give up the good to go for the great? My  guest today is Andrew Campbell, a friend and former coworker that jumped off from his 9-5 just a few years ago and has since created a real estate company that has created a name for itself as THE company to work with for investors interested in riding the wave of Austin's growth. We talk money mindset, the transition from employee into full-time  entrepreneurship, and what it looks like to truly embrace the limitless possibility that exists within entrepreneurship. To learn more and connect with Andrew, head to To learn more and apply to work with Kathryn, head to
December 15, 2020
23. How to Know If You're Cut Out for Entrepreneurship
As my clients transition into full-time income within entrepreneurship, their mind often offers them the thought: "Maybe you're just not cut out  for this." Today we'll cover the one question that determines whether or not you ARE cut out for it, and the common mindset blocks that keep  people who ARE cut out for it from transitioning quickly into full-time income.
December 08, 2020
22. From Side Gig to $600,000 Business: An Interview With Sam Knowlton
Sam Knowlton started a small side project for his ex-girlfriend's Dad, a simple side gig, which over the years has turned into a business generating over $600,000 annually. His secret to success? Care about your customer. Learn to be extremely valuable to a small group of people. Tune in today to hear the story of his first $10,000 check, and the simple strategy he used to grow it to what it's become today.
December 01, 2020
21. Gratitude, Motivation, and Money
Today we're going to cover the power of gratitude in income creation,  and the biggest blocker from it I see for many employees moving into  entrepreneurship in how they fundamentally motivate themselves to work.
November 24, 2020
20. The Case for Madagascar
Madagascar broke off from the rest of the World millions of years ago, and has developed in relative solitude ever since. The result is a country where 90% of its plants and animals exist nowhere else in the World. What can it teach us about managing our brain and running a business in 2020? Tune in today to find out. To learn more about working with me, head to
November 17, 2020
19. Reflections on my First $100,000 Month
Join me today as I deep dive into the mindset I cultivated to create my first $100,000 month in my business and the business strategy that flowed from it. I'm sharing it all today, including what something as seemingly innocuous as buying a new doormat had to do with hitting my business goals.
November 10, 2020
18. A Peek Inside: An Interview with my Husband
Join me today for a deep dive with my husband on all the questions you had for him on my Instagram stories, including how my growth has affected our marriage, whether or not I get coachy on him, and how we manage a house with three small children.
November 03, 2020
17. Becoming the Entrepreneur that Guarantees ROI
Tune in today for a foundational tool I teach my private clients, that gives you a quick and effective way to see where your thinking is standing between you and money creation. Implementing this fully guarantees a return on your investment every time. To get the latest updates on my programs and offerings, head to and get your name on the list.
October 27, 2020
16. $200,000 Business... with a 9-5 with Dielle Charon
Since our work together started a few months ago, my client Dielle  has created over $100,000 in her business... with a 9-5. Dielle stands  for success no matter what, never letting outside circumstances dictate  what is possible for her. Tune in today for so many gems of wisdom,  including the changes she made in her investments in herself and her  business and increased her income, how she guarantees her success no  matter what is happening externally, and how her values as a social  worker are coming with her into her business. You can follow her on Instagram @diellecharon. To get the latest updates on my programs and offerings, head to and get your name on the list.
October 20, 2020
15. Success Compression
Success does not need to take a long time, and in this episode I  dive into the three critical components needed to compress your timeline  towards your goals. To get on the Early Access list for the Mastermind, head to
October 13, 2020
14. From Tenure to $10,000 Months with Dr. Linda Sterling
Tune in today to hear what it takes to create consistent five figure months from my client, Dr. Linda Sterling. Linda  is a sports psychologist that gave up the golden handcuffs of tenure at  her university to create what she really wanted-- her dream business.  Tune in to hear about how she guarantees herself results, the process of  learning to have your own back as an entrepreneur, and what shifted to  take her from very few clients to a thriving business on the verge of  multiple six figures. To get on the Early Access list for the Mastermind, head to
October 06, 2020
13. The Dream Economy and the Great Divide
There is the 9-5 and all of the people, the minds, that operate  within that system. And then there is the Dream Economy, a world full of  people making their dream income doing work they love and creating an  impact in the World. And in between the two there is a Great Divide.  Today I cover what exists in the gap, and how to navigate your way  through. To get on the Early Access list for the Mastermind, head to
September 29, 2020
12. The certification myth
Not sure what you want to do? Buy a course or degree! It's a common  pattern in our social fabric, and there's times when this is a great  path and times where it puts us on a circular path that doesn't lead  anywhere. Tune in today to tell which is which. When you're ready to take the work deeper, you can apply to work with me at my waitlist at
September 22, 2020
11. Coming into Entrepreneurship and Maslow's Hierarchy
There's some interesting mindset pitfalls I see 9-5ers fall into,  again and again, that create them trying to solve the wrong problems  rather than addressing the root cause-- employee thought errors that  come into entrepreneurship. Join me today as I cover what a fundamental  psychological concept of human motivation introduced in the 1940s has to  do with starting your first business in 2020. When you're ready to take the work deeper, you can apply to work with me at my waitlist at
September 15, 2020
10. Hard Work vs Hustle
Many new entrepreneurs think something has gone wrong when creating  their dream business feels really hard. Join me today as I  differentiate between Hard Work and Hustle, how to differentiate between  the two, and the process to moving towards creating consistently from a  more fun and joyful place-- even when it's hard. When you're ready to take the work deeper, you can apply to work with me at my waitlist at
September 08, 2020
9. White Collar Strategy, Blue Collar Grit: Lessons from my Dad
There is a mix of qualities I see in my most successful clients, and I  recognize it very clearly because it was a way of being I learned from  watching my Dad. Join me today as I cover a way of thinking that ties  the most successful entrepreneurs together-- it's White Collar Strategy,  and Blue Collar Grit.
August 31, 2020
8. Maximizing Your Time ROI (It's Not Getting a Planner)
The 9-5 gave you a container, it gave you deadlines. Coming into  entrepreneurship, you have a whole wide world of freedom, all the time in the World, and somehow all that time isn't producing maximum results. What's happening? Tune in today to find out. Ready to take the work deeper? Head to to apply to my waitlist, or come hang out with me on Instagram @kathrynmorrisoncoaching.
August 25, 2020
7. Scaling Past Your 9-5 Salary
Coming into entrepreneurship from the 9-5, your brain often wants to use  your previous salary as a benchmark for what is possible. Join me today  for a couple mindset tweaks around that, as well as the way you want to  approach income goals as you come into your business.
August 18, 2020
6. The Gap Between Your Vision and Your Business Results
Vision Boards are a fun activity, but most of them go to die on  Pinterest. Why? For new business owners it's employee thinking that  kills it every time. Join me today as I dive into the different ways  this shows up, and how an entrepreneur approaches owning and creating  their vision.
August 11, 2020
5. How Entrepreneurs Think About Money
We go through a culture that teaches us about money and wealth creation  through the lens of the 9-5, which is all well and good until you come  into entrepreneurship-- which goes against what most of mainstream  society is taught about how money is earned and invested. Join me today  as I cover the three biggest money mindset shifts needed to thrive in  entrepreneurship.
August 04, 2020
4. Getting to Zero F*cks: The Economic Case for Authenticity
At its core entrepreneurship is about freedom-- and you are never truly free if you are walking around giving a f*ck about what other people think. Join me today as I cover a very effective process that, if implemented, gets you to zero f*cks very quickly.
July 28, 2020
3. Training Your Internal Management Team
When you come into entrepreneurship from the 9-5, you come into managing  yourself for the first time. Lacking this crucial skill is at the root  of every struggling entrepreneur issue. Join me today as I cover what  the Internal Management Team is, how to identify the makeup of your  current team, and the shift that needs to be made to create long term  success in entrepreneurship.
July 21, 2020
2. What Success Takes in Entrepreneurship vs The 9-5
In the 9-5 we're taught to "climb the Corporate Ladder." That success  takes a long time, so much so that many companies have policies around  how long you need to be in a position before being promoted to the next  salary band. A lot of employees carry this arbitrary belief in  entrepreneurship, and completely miss the foundation of what is required  to create success in entrepreneurship. Tune in today to hear what it  takes, and the lies from the 9-5 that need to be released.
July 21, 2020
1. Entrepreneurship is Only Risky with an Employee Mindset
One of the biggest lies that employees are taught is that entrepreneurship is risky. Join me today as I dive into the three biggest thought patterns that employees tend to take into growing a business, as well as the greatest risk that 9-5ers are taught is normal.
July 21, 2020