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A Bit of Historical Context

A Bit of Historical Context

By Kathy Joseph
In this fascinating podcast, science historian Kathy Joseph gives a bit of scientific, historical context to experts in their fields.
Every Tuesday at 10 AM PST.
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The History of Xray with Patrick Kelly
About This Episode: What did they do with an x-ray machine before they discovered x-rays? In this episode, Kathy Joseph and guest Patrick Kelly discuss The History of the Xray and how it all began, from its discovery to how it was invented and how Edison got related to x-ray safety. Topics discussed in this episode: How Faraday's discovery of induction led to the creation of X-ray machines Why the international debates about the nature of Cathode Rays were important How the first medical X-ray was discovered How the World reacted to X-rays How Edison was involved for both good and ill The Lightning Tamers Book by Kathy Joseph This book will change your perspective of the pioneers you thought you knew like Franklin, Volta, Faraday, Ampère, Ohm, Joule, Morse, Bell, Edison, Tesla, and Westinghouse. She will also introduce you to many who should be famous but are not (yet) like Stephan Gray, Matthias Bose, Laura Bassi, and Charles Proteus Steinmetz. Rigorously researched, historically and scientifically accurate, and quirky as hell, you are guaranteed to learn something new. If you have wondered how our electric universe functions or just like reading a fun history book, THIS is the book for you. JOIN THE WAITING LIST HERE Resources: Kathy Loves Physics YouTube Channel Kathy Loves Physics Instagram Kathy Loves Physics Facebook Group Kathy Loves Physics Website Patrick Kelly's YouTube Channel Patrick Kelly's Instagram
June 28, 2022