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The Dogs Code Podcast

The Dogs Code Podcast

By Katie Saywell
Become a Paid Subscriber: The Dogs Code is a training and coaching company specialising in Dachshund training and behaviour alongside owner coaching to create best friends through positive training. We aim to bring you valuable content from listening to the podcast
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Interview with Jo Boughton-White from Dorwest
Ever wondered what Dorwest is?  Find out here, Jo shares some incredible knowledge and inside information not only about Dorwest products but how exactly they can help you and your Dachshund(s) Dont forget to comment below and leave a review
April 19, 2022
Interview with Charlotte Carr from Adaptil
At The Dogs Code we recommend using Adaptil products so thought you would like to know a little more who better to speak with than Clinical Animal Behaviourist Charlotte Carr.
April 05, 2022
Interview with Dachshund Rescue UK
Get the inside info for Dachshund Rescue Uk - and find out how you can support the wonderful service they provide
March 29, 2022
Taking the stress out of moving home
In this episode Katie talks about moving home and how we can help our Dachshunds adjust to their new home with minimal stress
March 22, 2022
Interview with Sallie Anne Lent (Sussex Sausage Hotel & Dachshund Superfood)
In this interview you will hear Sallie Anne discuss her journey along with some vital tips for Dachshund owners, Sallie Anne is a wealth of knowledge and with her most recent venture of Dachshund Superfood find out why she is so passionate. For any listeners that wish to try Dachshund Superfood use code THEDOGSCODE10 at checkout and receive 10% off your first order
March 15, 2022
International Womens Day 2022
Just a little message from Katie !
March 08, 2022
Interview with Carrie Kearns (Pet Bereavement)
In this episode you may need your tissues at the ready! This is the reality of loss for various reasons. We dig deep into the world of bereavement after the loss of a pet companion with our special guest Carrie Kearns.
March 01, 2022
Who are The Dogs Code
The Dogs Code are a training and coaching company specialising in Dachshund training and behaviour, also owner coaching.  We are award winning and Katie is a co author for a best selling book called Remote Working 2. Katie was previously a police officer and now has the best job in the world helping Dachshunds and owners all over the world
February 22, 2022