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500 Words - Encouragement for Christian Creatives with Katrina Hoover Lee

500 Words - Encouragement for Christian Creatives with Katrina Hoover Lee

By Katrina Lee
Katrina Hoover Lee provides encouragement and practical tips to Anabaptist creatives, knowing that conservative Mennonite and Amish communities sometimes view creative pursuits with skepticism. She seeks to encourage both creative Christians and their communities as they serve God, acknowledging the strengths of the Anabaptists rather than focusing on weaknesses. Katrina is the author of multiple Christian nonfiction and historical fiction books, along with a middle grade Christian adventure series. Visit for more.
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Prioritizing Your Craft
How can I know what direction I should go with my writing or art? Should I take on a big project? Should I charge people or work for free? Katrina Hoover Lee ponders these thoughts, drawing on her recent experience writing Kidnapped in Haiti. 
July 08, 2022
Writing Year 10 of 10: 3 Research Tools, One of Which is NOT the CIA! (Thomas E. Kirkman book) With Brad Kirkman and Marnell Lee
How another author, the telephone, and a road trip enabled my research for Thomas E. Kirkman: Artist, Spy, Amish Man.  With a brief chat with my husband Marnell recounting our research trip to Abilene, Kansas, and an interview with Brad Kirkman. 
May 16, 2020
Writing Year 9 of 10 - Dusting Off Historical Characters (Captain Garrison) with Rachael Lofgren
People in the 1600's really did have personalities! Join fellow author Rachael and I as we discuss the fine art of making historical characters presentable. 
May 14, 2020
Writing Year 8 of 10 - 3 Reasons to Stop a Project: Discussing Amish Millionaire With Sara Nolt & Emily Smucker
In this episode, I discuss "the project that never was" with project partner and cousin Sara Nolt. I further discuss reasons to stop a project with Emily Smucker, who also declined the Amish Millionaire project. 
May 13, 2020
Writing Year 7 of 10: Should I Have a Mission Statement for My Project? (Voices of Syria) with Reagan Schrock
This interview with Reagan Schrock delves into the various ways of starting a project, and how to know if you are succeeding. 
May 12, 2020
Year 6 of 10: Find a Great Project Partner (Faces of Syria) with Rosetta Byers
From its birth at a kitchen table in Jerusalem to publication less than two months later?  How was this possible? Not by the strength of one person! Tune into hear how Faces of Syria came about, with an interview with my project partner Rosetta Byers, and a recording of one of the refugees singing. 
May 11, 2020
Writing Year 5 of 10: Be Grateful for Criticism. Really! (Heart Memoir) with Sharon Martin
Today I chat with my friend and former colleague Sharon Martin from Ontario.  We hash out the time I sent her a manuscript and she told me to let it sit. 
May 09, 2020
Writing Year 4 of 10 - Find the Right Voice, and Expect Others to Disagree (Inferno in the Lost Pines) with Debra Pahlow
"This kind of crazy is why I'm an atheist," a reviewer says of Inferno in the Lost Pines. More than just a story of a terrible wildfire in Texas, Debra's story is a kind of crazy - the crazy when you realize that God loves you and knows you by name. With tips about writing that I learned in the process of writing this book. 
May 07, 2020
Writing Year 3 of 10: Writing Might Be Harder Than It Looks, Especially if You Confuse Your Audience (Shatterproof) with Sarah Miller
I was critical of other writers until I tried disaster book writing! This episode includes an interview with research trip buddy Sarah Miller, and a short reading from Shatterproof, the tornado book. 
May 05, 2020
Writing Year 2 of 10 - Write Down What Matters, Now (Blue Christmas) with Bethanie Burkholder
Why I needed to be reminded of what matters, insight into the process of writing Blue Christmas, and an interview with my friend Bethanie, missionary nurse practitioner in Bangladesh. 
May 04, 2020
Writing Year 1 of 10: How Faithfulness in A Small Assignment Mattered in 2010 (On the Winning Side) with my sisters
What to do with creative projects that don't seem to achieve your goals? In this episode, I question my three sisters about their memories of our mom's last days. Also, a brief snippet with my 6-year-old niece. Happy weekend! 
May 02, 2020
Donating Plasma and Donating Words: Intro to the 10 Year Review
This episode introduces an upcoming series of ten lessons from ten years of writing. I also give you a head's up on the 10th Anniversary festivities at my online store. 
May 01, 2020