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By Kaveh Hamedani
A podcast hosted by Kaveh Hamedani. A teenager from Washington State. Each episode Kaveh will talk about a film and the background behind the film. He will also interview fellow Filmmakers on their perspective on movies and making a ​film. He will also talk about the upcoming films and his opinion on them.
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Scott Pilgrim vs the Wold 10th anniversary
Dive into a film about video games and music while knowing the true meaning of life. Scott Pilgrim turns 10!!
August 16, 2020
Hamilton Review
Happy 4th of July weekend this is about the exclusive Disney+ Musical/Movie Hamilton hope you enjoy
July 6, 2020
The Irishman review
Wanna know more about Scorsese new film def take a litsen
November 17, 2019
E.2 Spider-Man FFH review (Spoiler and non spoiler)
A throughly review of FFH with details from the film. Kaveh talks about the entire film actors and everything so be prepared for spoilers. Enjoy :)
July 5, 2019
E. 1 Spider-Man FFH and Stranger things season 3
This episode Kaveh introduces himself but also talks about the upcoming events in Fourth of July.
July 4, 2019