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The Enlighten & Empower Hour

The Enlighten & Empower Hour

By kbest
This is an unscripted, unrehearsed podcast where Kathy Best and Penny Best discuss topics ranging from health, wellness, and spiritual beliefs to quantum physics, connecting to angels, life strategies, creating abundance, healing, relationships, finding your purpose and passion and so much more!
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E&E - Meet Archangels Michael, Raphael, Chamuel, and Gabriel

The Enlighten & Empower Hour

E&E - Crystals - Tools for Healing
This episode previously aired on March 17, 2021. In this episode we talk about some of the best crystals and stones to use for mental and physical healing and protection. 
December 29, 2021
E&E - You're Not Crazy, You're an Empath!
This episode previously aired on May 5, 2021. In this episode we talk about the difference between being and empath and just being sensitive, five traits of an empath, and how unconscious empaths sabotage themselves as they try to cope in a world that labels them broken, mentally ill, or too sensitive.
December 22, 2021
E&E - Overcoming Depression Naturally
This is a replay of an episode that previously aired June 16, 2021. We thought this was an episode that would be very helpful during the holidays. In this episode we discuss the rise in depression and anxiety, some of the causes, and offer some tips, tools, and natural ways to overcome this debilitating problem.  
December 15, 2021
E&E - The Higher Chakras & More 4th Dimensional Chakras
This is a replay of Season 2, Episode 23 previously aired on June 9, 2021. In this episode we cover the three higher chakras and two new 4th dimensional ones. We discuss the signs and symptoms of blocked or unbalanced chakras and some things you can do to clear and balance them. We briefly discuss human trafficking and humanities ability to inflict pain an suffering on each other, as well as the changes occurring on our planet and some of the new potentials we believe will be manifesting in our future. 
December 08, 2021
E&E - Meet Archangels Raguel, Raziel, and Uriel
This is a replay of an episode that previously aired on January 6, 2021. In this episode we talk about Archangels Raguel, Raziel and Uriel, their specialties, how to connect with them, and the crystals associated with them.
December 01, 2021
E&E - Meet Archangels Azrael, Haniel, Jeremiel, & Zadkiel
This is a replay of an episode that originally aired December 30, 2020. In this episode we talk about the specialties, auras, and crystals associated with Archangels Azrael, Haniel, Jeremiel, & Zadkiel.
November 24, 2021
E&E - Meet Archangels Jophiel, Metatron, Sandalphon, & Ariel
This is a replay of an episode that aired on December 23. 2020. In this episode we talk about the specialties, abilities, and benefits of connecting to and working with Archangels Jophiel, Metatron, Sandalphon, & Ariel and the crystals and stones you can use to connect that represent their energy
November 17, 2021
E&E - Meet Archangels Michael, Raphael, Chamuel, and Gabriel
This is a replay of an episode that aired December 16, 2020. An introduction to Archangels Michael, Raphael, Chamuel, and Gabriel. We talk about their specialties, energy, gifts, abilities and the stones and flowers associated with them.
November 10, 2021
E&E - Intuition: Your Greatest Gift for Your Greatest Life
This is a replay of an episode that aired in December 2020 about intuition. What it is, how to tap into it and why it's so important to use it for confidence, clarity, happiness, and fulfillment.
November 03, 2021
Enlighten & Empower Hour Debut - Thoughts and Emotions Create Our Reality (Replay from August 05, 2020)
This is a replay of our original debut episode from August 5, 2020. Self-Sabotage - Thoughts and Emotions Create Our Reality. We will return next week with a new episode. 
October 27, 2021
E&E - The Heart: The New Super Human Brain
In this episode we discuss the scientific evidence that humanity did not evolve from primates or Cro-Mgnon human and how the heart is the key to unlocking our full super human potential, based on the book by Gregg Braden, Human By Design, and research done by the HeartMath institute,
October 20, 2021
E&E - Becoming A Wealth Magnet Part 3
In this episode, Penny and Kathy discuss the last 3 money genius profiles, review all 8 money genius profiles, Discuss where to look for the people you need on your team, attracting resources, mindset, a checklist for building your entrepreneurial team, and the manifesting process.
October 13, 2021
E&E - Becoming a Wealth Magnet Part 2: 5 Wealth Genius Profiles
In this episode we discuss 5 of the 8 wealth genius profiles from the book, Wire Yourself For Wealth. The 5 profiles are creator, star, supporter, deal maker, and trader.  Next week we will talk about the other 3 and share some strategies to align yourself with your ideal support team.2
October 06, 2021
E&E - Become A Wealth Magnet, Part 1
In this episode Penny and Kathy discuss the book, Wire Yourself For Wealth, by Laura Leigh Clarke, sharing some of the blocks and processes from the book as well as their own personal insights and suggestions. They also share some good news at the end of the episode to inspire and uplift listeners. 
September 29, 2021
E&E - Epstein-Barr: What You Should Know Part 2
In this episode Penny and Kathy discuss Epstein-Barr based on the work of Anthony William: Medical Medium, his insights, evidence based protocols and what the medical establishment doesn't understand about this invasive, debilitating virus. We offer some foods that can help heal your body and reduce the EBV viral load so your body can start healing.  
September 22, 2021
E&E - Epstein Barr - What Everyone Should Know Part 1
In this episode we talk about the misunderstandings and misinformation related to the prevalent EBV, the variations, serious symptoms, how EBV is linked to other illnesses, how truly debilitating and frustrating CAEBV can be and things you can do to prevent and recover.
September 15, 2021
E&E - The Essentials of Essential Oils Part 2
In this episode we discuss some more of the ultimate essential oils you should have on hand, safety concerns, as well as benefits, ways to use each oil and much more.
September 08, 2021
E&E - Introduction to the Healing Power of Essential Oils
In this episode we talk about how to use essential oils, safety concerns, dilutions, carrier oils, some of the best essential oils to keep on hand, their uses, and precautions. 
September 01, 2021
E&E - How to Find Your Life Purpose
In this episode we discuss some of the ways and processes you can use to uncover your purpose, mission, and passions. 
August 25, 2021
E&E - Conscious Capitalism: Oxymoron or Business Brilliance?
In today's episode Penny and I discuss the growing movement toward conscious business, what it is, what it means, how you can support it and some of the businesses that are already setting the standards for business that benefits everyone.
August 18, 2021
E&E - God's Message to the World Part 3
In this final episode of God's Message to the World series we talk about whether God has a plan for us, if God honors self-sacrifice, long-suffering, and martyrdom, whether God answers prayers, and if God is in a battle with Satan. Don't miss this thought provoking episode and some Good News at the end.
August 11, 2021
E&E - God's Message to the World Part 2
In this episode we cover a few more of the misunderstandings about God we have been taught to believe and how life would change for everyone if we re-evaluated our beliefs and decided to expand or change them. We also share some good news at the end.
August 04, 2021
E&E - God's Message to the World Part 1
In this episode Penny and Kathy discuss some of the divinely inspired messages author Neale Donald Walsch has received over the years. How their understanding of God has evolved and how transformative and liberating it can be to question personal and cultural beliefs. 
July 28, 2021
E&E - EWG Skin Deep Personal Care Products Review
In this episode we talk about some of the best and worst personal care products, including soaps, face cleansers, moisturizers, and hair color. Check out the to find out how your own products rate. Don't forget to listen until the end for our good news segment. 
July 21, 2021
E&E - Cleaning Products - The Good, Bad, and the Ugly
In today's episode we talk about some of the every day products we use to clean our homes and offices that may be causing health and environmental issues, some simple, clean homemade alternatives and some of the better products you can buy that won't wreak havoc on your health or the environment.
July 14, 2021
E&E - Cosmetic Chemicals To Avoid
In this episode we talk about some of the toxic chemicals and ingredients companies put in cosmetics. We suggest for research on your products and finding better alternatives and offer some suggestions for cleaner cosmetics. We end with some interesting and inspiring good news.
July 07, 2021
E&E - Inspiration From Oracle Cards & Numerology
In this episode we have some fun doing some numerology examples and oracle card readings to demonstrate the value of these tools for guidance, clarity, understanding, and empowerment. 
June 30, 2021
E&E - Let's Save Our Soil to Save Our World
In this episode we talk about the destruction of our environment and our food from commercial farming practices and talk about some solutions we came across in a documentary called The Need to GROW. We have everything we need to solve our energy problems, climate crisis, food shortages and more if we would simply implement them on a large scale and take personal responsibility for our health, welfare, and the health and welfare of our planet. You can watch The Need to GROW for free until June 28, 2021 on the website. You can also purchase the digital version for $7. Definitely worth it. 
June 23, 2021
E&E - Our 4th Dimensional Chakra System
In this episode cover the first four traditional chakras and the new chakras that are coming online as the frequency increases on the planet. We share some of the qualities of blocked and open chakras and ways you can clear and balance them. Stay tuned next week for the second part of this discussion where we talk about the higher chakras.
June 02, 2021
E&E - We Are the Creators of Our Reality, Finding Your Zone of Genius and the Power of Laughter
In this, the original first episode which aired August 5, 2019 Penny and Kathy discuss the power of beliefs, thoughts, and emotions in creating reality, finding your zone of genius, the power of laughter and much more. 
May 26, 2021
E&E - 5 More Traits, Tools, and Tips for Empaths
In this episode we share more ways to recognize if you're an empath, what it means to be an empath, how you can balance and shield yourself from overwhelm, and some crystals and stones that can help you harness your power, protect your energy, and flow through life with more ease and confidence. Of course we end the show with some good news from around the globe.
May 19, 2021
E&E - 4 Tips, Tools, & Traits for Empaths
In this episode we continue our discussion about Empaths, how they embody and express their traits, what they can do to protect, cultivate, and empower themselves and some crystals that offer them support and protection.
May 12, 2021
E&E - More Mighty Messengers of Ascension
In today's episode we talk about Prageet Harris who channels a group consciousness known as Alkazar, which guides and supports humanity in overcoming their limitations and reaching their highest potential; Maureen Moss, who is a catalyst for human evolution and offers meditations and transformational experiences; and Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs, aka Oracle Girl, who describes herself as a multidimensional cosmic being, one of a group of six on the planet right now, who are here to purify and model new ways of working with the body, nature, and life.
April 28, 2021
E&E - Two Mighty Messengers of Hope & Empowerment
In this episode we talk about two of our four favorite transformational, inspirational leaders of higher consciousness, heart-centered awakening, evolution, and ascension - Lee Carroll and Patricia Cota-Robles. We discuss their messages, where they get their guidance and how you can access their free content for support, encouragement, growth, enlightenment, and empowerment.   "Whatever power you think you have is but a drop in the ocean compared to your divine potential." Kathy Best
April 21, 2021
E&E - Lightworkers, Lightbringers, Lightbeings, Oh My!
In this episode we talk about what a lightworker is, how lightwork is really the same as lightbringers and lightbeings, what you can do to bring more light to your life and the world, some of the impediments, how individuals and groups censor our own light and the collective light, and the simplest way to be the light
April 14, 2021
E&E - Body Wisdom, You're Real Intelligence (previously aired September 2020)
Today we are posting a replay of a popular episode on body wisdom that aired in September 2020. We'll be back more a new episode next Wednesday, so stay tuned. Check out our archives for other enlightening and empowering topics.
April 07, 2021
E&E - Decoding Your Life with Numerology
In this episode Penny and Kathy discuss the basics of numerology, what the numbers mean, and how to find your name number.
March 31, 2021
E&E - Angel Numbers: Messages From the Angels
In this episode we talk about the meaning of triple digit numbers and some double digit numbers and how you can apply their messages to your life.
March 24, 2021
E&E - Spring Into Detoxing Your Life
In this episode we talk about the different ways to detox your mind, body, and environment, why we need to detox, the benefits, and some of the tools & techniques to use when detoxing. Before starting any physical detox program you should consult a physician and anyone with health issues should closely monitor their progress. Not all detox programs are right or beneficial for everyone. You are the expert on your body and must use your own personal judgement and due diligence to find the right program for you. Functional, Holistic, and Naturopathic doctors or experts as well as primary care physicians should be consulted when doing a detox for the first time. If you experience severe symptoms during any detox regimen you should stop immediately and seek medical attention.
March 10, 2021
E&E - Cycles, Higher Will, Life After Death, Winning, Losing........
In this episode we discuss the Law of Cycles, the Law of Higher Will, and then we digress into life after death and some of our experiences with people and pets who transitioned, winning, losing, success, failure, and our limiting perceptions, beliefs, and constructs that are being brought to the surface for evaluation, observation, and transformation. We end, as always, with some good news.
March 03, 2021
E&E - Honesty & Intuition, Important or Overrated?
In this episode we dive into two more Universal Laws - Honesty and Intuition. We discuss the different levels of honesty, how they impact our heath and our experiences, what situations make it difficult to be honest, the difference between conscious, compassionate honesty and judgment, criticism, or personal opinion. Next we tap into the law of intuition, how it works, why we all don't use it more, and how it can help us. As always we close this episode with some good news.
February 24, 2021
E&E - The 2 Most Important Spiritual Laws for a Happy Life
In this episode we talk about the spiritual law of choice and the law of patterns. We discuss the impact these laws have on our daily lives, how childhood patterns can sabotage life and how past lives come into play for these laws. We also discuss the kinds of support you have available to you and some tools and assistance that can help you make the most of these laws for a happier life. 
February 17, 2021
E&E - Antibiotics, Chronic Pain, and Natural Remedies
In this episode we talk about the overuse of antibiotics, some of the side effects and what you can do to mitigate side effects. We discuss your body's natural ability to heal, supplements that support immune function, and the foods and activities that can help reduce or even stop chronic pain.
February 10, 2021
E&E - Critical COVID-19 FAQs No One's Asking
In this episode we ask some very important questions around the COVID-19 virus prevention and handling as well as the vaccine efficacy and why only one story is being promoted and support by social media, news media, and government officials. We also offer links to scientific and medical information you may not be getting from your typical sources. We support freedom of choice and the ability to make an informed decision based on all data, not just certain data selected by people and organizations that have a conflict of interest in a desired outcome.
February 03, 2021
E&E - COVID-19 What You May Not Know
This episode originally aired in September 2020, but we felt it was pertinent information that needed to be shared again due to the push by media, military, government, medical, and pharmaceutical entities to accept unproven vaccines that they clearly state Will Not prevent Covid-19, Will Not reduce the severity of acute symptoms, and Will Not even enable people to end mask-wearing and social distancing. Each person needs to do their own research and investigation when it comes to infectious diseases make their own educated, informed decisions about the safety and efficacy of preventative methods and treatment. 
January 27, 2021
E&E - 10 Tips for a Healthier 2021
In this episode we discuss the health benefits of color, meditation, detox techniques, cures for back pain, sinus problems, thinning hair, immune boosters, dementia prevention, ending sugar cravings, and improving sleep
January 20, 2021
E&E - A Generous Dose of Good News for 2021
In this episode we talk about inspiring people, doctors doing good deeds, people helping animals, and green alternatives to traditional funeral costs.
January 13, 2021
E&E - Economic Democracy: Propaganda or Potential?
In this episode we discuss the drawbacks of globalization and centralized capitalism, countries that are leading the way in progressive democratic economies, and the benefits of public participation in all aspects of economy.
December 09, 2020
E&E - 7 Ways to Activate Your Intuition
In today's episode we talk about intuition, what it is, how we block it, how to activate it, recognize it, and understand it.
December 02, 2020
E&E - Are You An Empath? Tips and Tools for Navigating This Gift
Today we talk about empathy, something that seems to be lacking in the world, why it's important, signs that you may be an empath, and some tools and practices you can use to shield, balance, and ground yourself so you can use your gift without draining yourself or losing your mind.
November 18, 2020
E&E - Give Peace a Chance - Tools to create more serenity & harmony in your life
In this episode we talk about the significance of 11/11/2020, why we believe life is changing for the greater good of everyone, what each of us can do to create more resilience, peace, calm, and harmony in our life right now, and how we can create the future we truly desire.
November 11, 2020
E&E - Cancer Treatments No One's Talking About
In this episode we discuss little-known, evidence based, effective cancer treatments
November 04, 2020
E&E - Police and Politicians, Do We Really Need Them?
Today we talk about whether defunding the police is the answer to one of this nations biggest problems, what might be the ramifications and what other solutions there might be, and we talk about poloticians and some of the problems and changes we think would improve our political system.
October 28, 2020
E&E - Inspiring Alternatives to Healing & Unlimited Energy
In today's episode we talk about some brilliant, innovative people who have come up with real, viable holistic, clean solutions to our health and energy problems. There are hundreds of people around the globe working  with the natural laws of physics, biology, and universal principles to create devices and affordable protocols that can heal disease and produce unlimited, renewable, free or low cost energy, but many of these people are being slandered, imprisoned, threatened, and even physically harmed to prevent them from sharing their efforts with those in need.  The more people that discover, learn, and share about these exciting, valuable alternatives the more likely they are to become manifest, viable options in true free market competition with the current monopolies that make up our health and energy infrastructures. 
October 21, 2020
E&E - What's Self-Love Got to Do With It?
In this episode Kathy and Penny discuss self-love, what it really is, why it's vitally important, and what it can do for you and your life. We share a couple of practices you can use to cultivate self-love in just a few minutes a day. We end the episode with some good news from the Good News Network.
October 14, 2020
E&E - Planetary Reboot? What's That?
In episode 10 we talk about why this planet and our life experiences have been so painful and fearful. How physical life wasn't meant to be this way. How science and ancient wisdom are proving we are not the victims of life, but actually creators of our experiences. How we are going through a monumental shift in consciousness that will enable us to reconnect to our higher Self, higher dimensions, and the Sacred Essence that is our eternal Source. How this planetary shift will raise our physical and earthly vibrations to an unprecedented level where we can no longer create poverty, sickness, fear, war, and every other painful miscreation. How we are being prepared for this shift by exposing every destructive, disruptive, abusive manifestation to the light in order to be acknowledged and transformed and what we can do to help ourselves and others move through this process with peace and assurance that powerful, positive change is manifesting moment by moment, day by day.
October 07, 2020
E&E - The Martian, Poverty, Greed, Multidimensional being, Good & Evil, and the Human Energy Field
This episode was previously recorded in 2017 but never released. In this episode we discuss: The movie The Martian and why our world insists on wasting resources exploring other planets instead of investing in the one that we live on. (0:57) Poverty, homelessness, abuse and why we as a nation ignore other parts of the world that we deem unimportant or nonessential and why we are wasting (8:55) Greed and generosity and how we could all live lives of prosperity and happiness as we help those less fortunate fulfill their greatest potential and contribute to the economy and society. (12:11) Big business and why paying your employees well and appreciating your employees can increase your bottom line and improve the economy overall. (18:50) Money and power and how it is a temporary pleasure that doesn’t sustain or even increase happiness, health, or fulfillment. (22:50) Multidimensional being, Spiritual mastery, ‘junk DNA,’ what we may all truly be capable of, and how to activate our quantum abilities. (29:05) Religion and its powerful hold over so many (35:15) Quantum Science and stepping out of our comfort zone (38:00) Other Intelligent Life Forms and our propensity toward fear (42:27) Is Good and Evil real or simply projections of the human mind (46:14) How developing our heart-centered compassion, kindness. & love and raising our frequency can repel negativity and harmful experiences. (49:20) The Human Energy Field and how our frequency effects ourselves, others, and the planet (53:07) Good News (59:42)
September 30, 2020
E&E - Body Wisdom, Your Real Intelligence
How your body speaks to you and how listening to its messages can help you create better health, happier lives, longevity, and unlimited potential
September 23, 2020
E&E - Is Death Really the End: Overcoming Our Generational Programming
In this episode, originally recorded in 2017, we discuss what happens after death, if we choose our circumstances, how our thoughts and feelings vibrate at certain levels and can limit or expand us, how to shift your vibration, how cultural, community, and generational programming creates so much of what we experience, creating heaven on earth, having a divine experience, how do we access our divine connection consistently, the planetary consciousness and how humanity is influenced by it and how we influence it.
September 16, 2020
E&E - Healing Our Past & Redefining Our Future
In this episode we talk about a novel written by Bebe Moore Campbell in 1994 that sparks a discussion about how our human history tends to repeat itself untill we understand the message, heal the wounds, and become more conscious, compassionate, and kind toward ourselves, one another, and all life. Learn a process that can help you process emotional pain and trauma and restore peace.
September 09, 2020
E&E - Transhuman or Superhuman? We all need to make a Conscious Choice.
In this episode we talk about the transhuman movement which would have us evolve into externally controlled nanotechnological beings and becoming superhuman using the untapped abilities, gifts, and potentials we were all born to embody.
September 02, 2020
E&E - COVID-19: What You May Not Know and Should
We discuss the facts not being publicized about COVID-19 , simple, effective remedies, prevention, and why we believe this was blown way out of proportion.
August 26, 2020
E&E - Education, Entertainment, Employment and the Need for Change
Today Penny and Kathy discuss our failing education system, the sad state of entertainment and employment, how we've been programmed to accept such limiting, superficial lives and how our true potential could solve every problem on our planet.
August 19, 2020
E&E - Gratitude - What's the Fuss About?
Today we talk about gratitude. What it can do and why it's so important. There is also a short meditation you can do each morning to help you start your day on a positive note. 
August 12, 2020
E&E - Self-Sabotage: Don't Believe Everything You Think
In the second episode of the Enlighten & Empower Hour we discuss self-sabotage, how your thoughts and emotions effect your life, how living in your comfort zone can be a death sentence, how the Universe conspires to bring your good, the healing power of the mind and self-love, and how we distract ourselves from doing and being what we most desire. 
August 05, 2020
E&E - The Science of Human Potential
What you've been taught to believe about life, your capabilities and your place in the world may not be accurate. We explore scientific evidence that indicates you are much more than a body and more powerful than you believe.
July 29, 2020