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By Reina Negra
KD are my initals (i'm not Kevin Durant) and Time is obvious. I'm a corny, quirky, Brooklyn gal with a lot of thoughts and opinons. KDTime is time to talk about a mix/variety of different things anywhere from sports, theme songs, movies, tv shows, mass transportation, nyc, dating and more. New Episodes Weekly! Send me a voice message follow me on Twitter and Instagram @KDTimePodcast
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KDTime 25: Twenty-Five
No Copyright infringement is intended Follow me on Twitter & Instagram @kdtimepodcast Quarta of a Hundo. In this episode, KDTime talks about a couple of things a new project in the works. On my instagram @kdtimepodcast I have introduced a suggestion box. What's better than 24.... 25! It' one of my favorite corny Spongebob jokes and I've waited 25 episodes to use it. There is details on the new project as well as a question asked and answered. There is also a new YSA on sleepovers.  As always subscribe and Enjoy!
January 14, 2021
KDTime24: Interview with @laurabugge_
What's this? KDTime has it's very first fellow podcaster guest interview with @laurabugge_ who is the voice of @conjuredessence and the host of @calm_sway podcasts. Laura has been a great friend for a long time and I'm so glad she was able to come on the show to talk with me about things. Listen in as some pretty cool questions are asked and hear a great talk with myself and Laura. This interview is full of laughter and honesty between friends. Her anchor website for Sway Element is and for ConjuredEssence is Check out Facebook page KDTime Podcast. Follow on twitter and Instagram @kdtimepodcast and check out the blog >>>
November 19, 2020
KDTime23: "In My Own Words" Analysis
In this episode, i give an opinionate analysis on Ne-Yo's first album. Ne-Yo is a well established American singer/songwriter, award winning and nominated artist. I have loved his music for 10+ years and counting. Like many of you, I’ve had crushes on musicians because it’s just expected. Their music touches you in a way and you just want to hear more. Each song of this first album "In My Own Words" has a story to tell and I think that each story is connected like a rom-com or a drama movie. This one guy goes through the heartaches and heartbreaks as well as the ups and downs of relationships and singlehood. Join in as I try to connect each song to one another and give an interesting take on the album that introduces my love for this artist. Follow me on Twitter & Instagram @kdtimepodcast
November 12, 2020
KDTime22: Which Song is Better?
In this episode, KDTime picks between same song titles by different artists such as Photograph by either Nickelback or Ed Sheeran or Somebody to Love by Queen or Justin Beiber and so on. Listen in for a crazy public transit story where a person's choices will make you question humanity and simple courtesy practices. And lastly, there is a younger self-advice segment on School dances. Enjoy! As usual don't forget to subscribe and follow me on twitter and instagram @kdtimepodcast.
November 5, 2020
Happy KDTime Halloween!
A bonus episode for the spookiest holiday of the year. Listen in as I talk about movies, tv shows, & of course music that gets me into the halloween spirit. Some of your favorites will be mentioned. Of course some classics. I'm a big scaredy cat so not every SCARY thing will be talked about but I like certain things. Just sharing spooky spirit along. Enjoy :)  No Copyright Intended. Don't forget to subscribe for more content as such!
October 31, 2020
KDTime21: Tag You're it!
We all enjoy music and it is one of the best forms of self-expression. It makes you move, dance, laugh, cry, feel happy, miss someone and more. In this episode KDTime takes the Song Tag Challenge. 30 songs from one perspective. Try to come up with 30 songs for each category. Some fit perfectly and others can be dually catergorized. Also listen in for a younger self-advice talk to the Elementary student. KDTime's Recommendation comes from being nice to others and a few things to try to spread positivity. Check out Facebook page KDTime Podcast, follow on twitter and instagram @kdtimepodcast and check out the blog >>> 
October 7, 2020
KDTime20: One Score
Twenty is such a great number. It's two decades. It's a score. In this episode KDTime takes time to appreciate some episodes recently created. The ones that had the most impact on this podcast journey. To mention a few "Welcome to KDTime",  "TV Theme Songs", "BIG TEN". KDTime also recalls her experience when the tragedy of 9/11 occured. It is a story that explains the mindset of a young person during such a crucial day. The day that changed NYC forever. Listen in for some younger advice given to a Junior High Schooler. Don't forget to follow KDTime on instagram and twitter @kdtimepodcast. Check out the Facebook Page KD Time Podcast. Check out the Blog KD Time
October 7, 2020
KDTime19: Do One Hit Wonders have Concerts?
Concerts are the best part about supporting artists. They tour all around the world and give their all on that stage. When they perform at award shows it’s almost the same thing. But I had a question. One Hit Wonders? How often do they get to do a concert? In this episode, I tell you my concert history as well as name drop some popular one hit wonder songs. Listen in! Follow me on twitter and Instagram @kdtimepodcast
September 15, 2020
KDTime18: Foodie Monday
French Fries, Popcorn, Fried Chicken, ketchup or mustard? In this episode I decide to tackle some on going food debates and food from cartoons and movies I’d love to try. For example Krabby Patties and Bob’s Burgers. Join in the fun with Foodie Monday. Follow me on twitter and Instagram @kdtimepodcast.
August 28, 2020
KDTime17: Chores Suck!
This episodes pretty much speaks for itself! Chores are the worst. You can make them fun and try to distract yourself but that doesn’t change the fact that they suck all the same. Unless you love cleaning in general then that is great for you! In this episode KD talks about chores, younger self-advice on That Ex and KD recommends Adopt Don’t Shop for Sunshine Rescue Puppies @sunshinerescuepuppies is there Instagram and their website is
August 21, 2020
KDTime16: Thanks Disney Part 1
This is episode 16 of KDTime and it's time to talk about some Disney classic movie grievances. If you are a fan of Disney and have thought to yourself. Somethings just do NOT add up. Then I am right there along with you. I am a HUGE Disney fan. I love all things Disney, but I have some questions. "Grind My Gears" issues with some of the plot lines of our beloved classics. Movies like CInderella, Pinocchio, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Little Mermaid, and Sleeping Beauty. Royalty questions are asked. I air out somethings because it's high time these questions are answered. Take a listen while I rant a little bit on these Disney Classics. #NoHardFeelings. Follow me on twitter and instagram @KDTimePodcast and let me know if you feel the same way or if you don't!
August 20, 2020
KDTime15: Big Up Big Up 🇯🇲🇬🇾
All of the gal dem big up big up. In this episode I talk a little about what it’s like for me being Caribbean in NYC. A couple of feel good stories here and there. I talk about Reggae Music, Jamaican cuisine, The West Indian Day Parade, stereotypes and more. This is start of many other episodes on such a broad topic. Follow me @kdtimepodcast on twitter and instagram. KD’s Recommendation is Quinton Smith & The Company. Band from NJ. Linktree is Insta is @qsthecompany
August 15, 2020
KDTime14: Throwback Thursday One
This episode was posted on a Thursday so I decided to use it as an opportunity to give throwback topics. In this episode I talk about things that we didn't realize would happen for the last time. There are a lot of things in our lives that just came to end while we weren't paying attention. Things like riding in the back of a school bus waiting for the bus driver to drive over really huge bumps, going to Blockbuster for a rental movie and texting with T9. I also dive into my memory box and I talk about Facebook from when I first joined to what's like having one today. There's a short and sweet brain teaser quick segment that might make you say hmm or huh, scratch your head or roll your eyes or all of the above! If you enjoyed listening please let me know! Catch me on twitter and instagram @kdtimepodcast ! 
July 30, 2020
KDTime13: Tv Theme Songs
As Told By Ginger, Smallville, Pokemon, Game of Thrones, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Law & Order SVU; each have three things in common. They are all TV shows, they are all popular, and they have some bomb ass theme songs to kick of their shows. I had to do an episode dedicated to theme songs. They have been on my list of topics since the very beginning and it only took 13 episodes to do. A Baker's Dozen. I just really love TV to the point where I had a legit schedule for all my shows and I would center my evenings around these shows. Had to have hw done beforehand. What kind of TV shows did you like? Which ones did I miss? Hit me up @kdtimepodcast on Twitter or Instagram. *No copyright infringement intended
July 27, 2020
KDTime12: Irrational Fears and Fears vs Phobias
Are you afraid of heights but not afraid of a rollercoaster? Do you opt out of going to your best friend's wedding because you have to fly there?Is the spider in the corner of the room going to get ya? In this episode I have two topics for you irrational fears and fear vs phobias. This could bring up the thoughts of your fears and phobias but this episode is not to make you afraid or anything. I just thought about talking openly about my own irrational fears and phobias. Tune in to some interesting stories on fears and phobias. Tweet me your irrational fears and phobias @kdtimepodcast on twitter or dm me on instagram. 
July 23, 2020
KDTime11: Showers, Camps, Ladders Oh My!
Which do you go to the most a Baby Shower or Bridal Shower? After a quick survey and some questions answered on Twitter, Reddit, and some other sites the majority has spoken. Tune in to hear the result but I think it's pretty obvious. Also, in this episode I finally reveal the place that has changed my life forever. Finally, I talk about the climb on a very specific ladder called Social Media. How do you go viral? How do you gain followers? Why do we want to follow random people in the first place? It's all a interesting to me. Speaking of which I'm on twitter and instagram @kdtimepodcast
July 22, 2020
KDTime10: BIG TEN 🎊🎉
Hey look Ma I made it! This is the tenth episode of KDTime and it’s where I tell you all a little bit more about me. There are ten lists in here of things I enjoy and care about. Lists on movies, tv shows, music artists, places I want to travel to, books and more. Some of it may resonate with you. Tune in! You’ll find the lists of things on Twitter & Instagram @kdtimepodcast! If you like this episode give me a rating on Apple!
June 30, 2020
KDTime9: Let’s Goooooooooo 🏀🏈⚾️⚽️🎾
Going to a #sports game is not the same as watching it on TV. Your heart pounds darn near outside your chest. You feel everything from the hype in the crowd, the hopes and fears, either the joy of the win or the hurt from the loss but either way the game is what draws you in! You become attached to a team, player, or anything that is sports related. There’s some sports trivia in here and a recommendation for tea! #DrinkUp
June 25, 2020
KDTime8: Did I do that?! 🤓
We all have favorite tv family sitcoms. In honor of Father’s Day; in this episode of KD Time, I talk about some of my favorite family sitcoms. The fathers in these shows gives us a great portrayal of how some dads are in real life. Watching these shows while growing up allowed me to believe that these families do exist and it was a joy to watch and still watch today. Also there’s some really cringe-worthy dad jokes in here. KD’s recommendation: Pilates. Hit me up on Twitter/Instagram for feedback and commentary!
June 22, 2020
KDTime7: We’re Filming 🎥
Do you ever think about those movies that would be a great tv show? Or that movies from another character’s perspective would be need to see? That exactly what I talk about here in this episode! I also have a special “little” guest who just wanted to be on the show with his Aunt Judith.
June 21, 2020
KDTime6: Same Childhood Say Whaaa?
Did you know you probably had the same experiences as many others? yea freaky right! here on this episode I share some common things that happened to all us in one way or other. A story is shared on a last minute plan that I said yes too and it being a wonderful idea. Listen for Kd's Recommendation on a @Tasty Sorbet Recipe with a special intro. #YouAreOfficiallyOldIf gives some fun nostaglic feels and laughing is the best medicine.  KDTime is on twitter & instagram @kdtimepodcast
June 11, 2020
KDTime5: Hey Dj... Is this a Wedding Song?
Have you ever heard a song played a wedding and just thought wait what? why is this playing right now? who approved this song? Well this episode is about songs that in my opinion shouldn't be played at weddings. Songs for the DO NOT PLAY list and Dee-jays or Djs who have the power to make the party sail or sink. Listen in as I practically rant about certain songs and give some personal stories on wedding experiences and more. Like what you hear tell me; send a voice message on You can also reach me @kdtimepodcast on both Twitter and Instragram!
June 9, 2020
KDTime4: Dating Dot Dot Dot Feat. Special Guests
Ahhh Real Dating, have you ever wondered if online dating is a good idea, or if men and women can really be just friends? well this episode is the right one for you. This fourth episode of KDTime tackles dating for online users and answers the question of men and women friendships. The conversation also includes mistakes made in relationships and things that could and should be taken back. Dating is hard and during quarantine it would seem like a viable option. Listen in as I have some guests on to help answer some of those questions. These are our opinions and if you have any input please send me a voice message on You can also reach out to me @kdtimepodcast on both Twitter and Instagram!
June 2, 2020
KDTime3: We Are Essential New York
We Are Essential New York is the third podcast episode of KDTime. Working during quarantine, working before quarantine, living our lives before and during Covid-19. New York City is wild. Hear some encouraging words during the time and enjoy a couple commuter stories. Remember everyone is essential whether they have a physical job right now or not. Teachers, Delivery Drivers (food and postal), Parents and more. Are we all in this together? 
May 28, 2020
KDTime2: What the Cuss?!
Why do we curse so much? Do saying hell and damn count as curse words? Have you tried to do new things? Tried things on your own? What is up with Drug commercials and their side effects? Ask your doctor if this podcast is right for you!
May 22, 2020
KDTime1: Welcome To KDTime
Here Keoni gives a little bit of an introduction to the show and the season. You’ll hear about a movie from 2003, some interesting facts about YouTube, and more.
May 22, 2020