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Under Construction: Stories of the Journey to Success

Under Construction: Stories of the Journey to Success

By John Regan
This KeeleyU podcast shares stories of what makes people a success. Gathered from around the companies, roles and settings, this podcast shows that there are numerous ways to be a success and will encourage you to keep pushing yourself towards growth.
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S2E18 Intern Eli - Under Construction
This special episode of the podcast features Eli, a rising Junior in high school, who interned with KeeleyU over the summer of 2021.  Hear from Eli what he learned about career growth from the earliest stages of planning his future. Enjoy!
September 20, 2021
S2E17 Ray Boehm - Under Construction
Many people have experienced Ray Boehm in his safety role at the Keeley Companies.  In today's episode, Ray shares the story of how he came to be in the safety industry, including careers in law enforcement, extreme sports, and insurance.  Enjoy the episode!
September 9, 2021
S2E16 Brittany Moore - Under Construction
Today's episode features Brittany Moore, Talent Acquisition Manager for L. Keeley Construction.  This episode feature topics including metrics, how to personally outsource, and the importance of relationships in business. Enjoy!
August 23, 2021
S2E15 Aggie Sherwin - Under Construction
This episode features Aggie Sherwin, Video and Graphics Manager for the Keeley Companies.  Aggie shares how learning to accept and give criticism has helped accelerate her career, and that of her team. For examples of Aggie and the team's work visit: You can also visit the website Enjoy this episode!
August 9, 2021
S2E14 Matt Taylor - Under Construction
This episode features Matt Taylor, Sr. VP of the L. Keeley Paving group.  Enjoy!
July 26, 2021
S2E13 Dennis Gillan Under Construction
Today's episode features Dennis Gillan, Executive Director of Half a Sorrow Foundation, Tedx speaker and friend of the Keeley Companies.  Dennis shares about mental health and suicide prevention to companies and organizations speaking from his personal story.  You can connect with Dennis at his website, the Half a Sorrow website or on LinkedIn.
July 13, 2021
S2E12 Mike Rupinski - Under Construction
This episode features longtime Keeley'n Mike Rupinski.  Mike has held various roles in his career, most recently assuming the role of VP of Risk Management, IT and Legal for the Keeley Companies.  This episode is packed with great insights - be ready to take notes as you listen!  Enjoy!
June 28, 2021
S2E11 Jeff Fischer - Under Construction
My guest on this episode is Jeff Fischer, President of Mercury Wireless.  Jeff discusses how his focus on the customer helps to drive business success. Enjoy!
June 14, 2021
S2E10: Susan Conrad - Under Construction
Today's episode features Susan Conrad, Partner, at Chapman & Company Leadership Institute.  From lessons learned in the 2008 market downturn, to today's focus helping consult with firms on sustainable business results and human performance, Susan shares what has helped her to become a valued partner with businesses: nimbleness, gratitude, and staying focused on your values and mission are all touched on during our chat.  Enjoy!
June 1, 2021
S2E9: Ryan Perryman - Under Construction
Today's episode features Ryan Perryman, VP of the LKC Building group. This episode features the concepts of problem solving, humility, and mentoring. Enjoy!
May 17, 2021
S2E8 Gina Hoagland - Under Construction
Today's episode features Gina Hoagland, Partner at Collaborative Strategies (, a St. Louis based consulting firm specializing in Strategic Planning, Succession Planning, Board Governance, and Talent Development services for privately held organizations. During this episode we discussed numerous topics include mindful meditation.  Gina mentioned Dr. Andrew Hill of the Peak Brain Institute (, and John mentioned the Headspace App ( Enjoy this episode!
May 3, 2021
S2E7 Jill Lauer - Under Construction
Today I'm sharing this conversation with Jill Lauer, claims administrator for the Keeley Companies.  Enjoy this episode!
April 12, 2021
S2E6: Zach Schaefer - Under Construction
This episode features Zach Schaefer, founder and CEO of Spark the Discussion, and a longtime trusted partner of the KeeleyU program.   Zach shares his thoughts on how passion plays into career choice, day to day action, and overall job and life satisfaction. We have a high energy discussion about trust and emotions during stressful times. Enjoy the episode!!! You can connect with Zach by email: LinkedIn: 
March 29, 2021
S2E5: John Naccarato - Under Construction
Today's episode features John Naccarato - Sr. VP. of Business Development for the ADB Companies. The Golden Rules of Successful Customer Interaction:  You can connect with John on LinkedIn at:
March 15, 2021
S2E4: Sonny Kamper - Under Construction
Today I'm having a conversation with Sonny Kamper, Director of site work and utilities for L. Keeley Construction. Enjoy!
March 1, 2021
S2E3: Elizabeth Haberberger - Under Construction
Today's episode features one of KeeleyU's valued partners, Elizabeth Haberberger, Owner and President of Dale Carnegie St. Louis. This is a fun and fast paced episode that I know you will enjoy! You can follow Elizabeth on numerous social channels: LinkedIn: Elizabeth Haberberger YouTube: Elizabeth Haberberger Instagram: @EHaberberger and reach her here at Dale Carnegie.
February 16, 2021
S2E2: Jim Lee - Under Construction
Today I have Jim Lee on the Under Construction Podcast.  Jim is an Executive Vice President at L. Keeley Construction, and shares his story of the journey to success and how we can all focus on the team for a win! Enjoy!
January 26, 2021
S2E1: On Goal Setting and Priming the Pump
This special episode provides a retrospective of the past year worth of conversations on the meaning of success, and then moves into how to prime the pump of a life well lived...defined however means the most to you.  I'll share the process that I use when coaching leaders and managers that has been honed by over 10 years of results and iterations.  Have a pen and paper ready and enjoy this episode!
January 7, 2021
Rusty Keeley - Under Construction
I'm excited to be able to share the conversation I had with Rusty Keeley, CEO of the Keeley Companies from early December 2020. Enjoy!
December 14, 2020
Curt Peitzman - Under Construction
Today I'm talking with Curt Peitzman, EVP at L. Keeley Construction. Enjoy!
November 30, 2020
Michael Johnson - Under Construction
Today's episode features Michael Johnson, CFO of KDG.  Enjoy!
November 16, 2020
Mike Stankewitz - Under Construction
Today's episode features Mike Stankewitz, Sr. Project Manager for L. Keeley Construction's Paving Group, and longtime Keeley Companies team member. Enjoy!
November 2, 2020
Bill Orr - Under Construction
Today I'm talking with Bill Orr, Sr. VP at Zero Day Technology Solutions. Enjoy!
October 19, 2020
Isabella Pina - Under Construction
Today I'm speaking with Isabella Pina, CEO and President of Inspired Solutions. Enjoy!
October 5, 2020
Brandon Rice - Under Construction
Today I'm talking with Brandon Rice, videographer for the Keeley Companies about his journey of discovering a career that he loves.  Enjoy this episode!
September 21, 2020
Kristin Highley - Under Construction
Join us today as I talk with Kristin Highley, project manager at the ADB Companies!  Enjoy this episode!
September 3, 2020
Mark Musser - Under Construction
Today's episode features Mark Musser, General Superintendent of the L. Keeley Civil Energy Group. Enjoy!
August 21, 2020
Kristin Mosley - Under Construction
Today I'm talking with Kristin Mosley, the Diversity Outreach Coordinator at L. Keeley Construction.  Enjoy!
August 10, 2020
Nicole Kreeger - Under Construction
This episode features Nicole Kreeger, VP of Marketing for the Keeley Companies. Enjoy!
July 27, 2020
Scott Burkhart - Under Construction
Today I'm talking with Scott Burkhart - Sr. VP at Zero Day Technology Solutions.  If you're a fan of Zig Zigler, you'll love this episode!
July 21, 2020
John Langford - Under Construction
Today's episode of the podcast is with John Langford, field safety coordinator for the ADB Companies. Enjoy!
July 13, 2020
Ricky Fowler - Under Construction
Today on the podcast I'm talking with Rick Fowler, Project Manager at L. Keeley National Paving group about his story. A story with lots of great advice and challenges we all need to hear. Enjoy!
July 6, 2020
Aric Kreeger - Under Construction
In this episode I talk with Aric Kreeger, Program Manager for ADB Companies about his career journey. Enjoy!
June 29, 2020
Penny Wagner - Under Construction
Today's episode features Penn Wagner, Community Marketing Manager for the KDG Clayton on the Park property. Enjoy!
June 22, 2020
Maggie St. Geme - Under Construction
Today's episode features Maggie St. Geme, Marketing Manager for KDG.
June 15, 2020
Layne Black - Under Construction
Today I'm talking with Layne Black, Communications Manager for Keeley Companies.  Enjoy!
June 8, 2020
Tyler Sumner - Under Construction
This episode features Tyler Sumner, Sr. Project Manager with ADB Companies, OSP West group.  Enjoy!
June 1, 2020
Ted Bilbo - Under Construction
This episode captures a conversation that I had with Ted Bilbo, Director of OSP Construction, East with the ADB Companies.  You'll hear about Ted's journey from a potential career in marine biology to his current team's regional expansion. Enjoy! 
May 26, 2020
Matt Bradley - Under Construction
Today we're talking with Matt Bradley, Operations manager at L. Keeley's National Paving group.  Enjoy!
May 18, 2020
Liz Edwards - Under Construction
Today's episode is a conversation with Liz Edwards, Material Handler for Inspired Solutions out of Memphis, TN.  Enjoy!
May 12, 2020
Devin Gates - Under Construction
Today I'm talking with Devin Gates, Project Manager at L. Keeley Construction's Building Group.  Enjoy the episode!
May 4, 2020
Shawn McLard - Under Construction
Today I'm talking with Shawn McLard, Project Manager at Mercury Communications about his career journey.  He started out climbing towers to install the technology that connects us all today and now runs crews throughout the midwest.  You'll hear great advice on how to grow your career and what it takes to climb hundreds of feet up a tower to get to work. ENJOY!
April 27, 2020
Eric Davies - Under Construction
In this episode, I'm talking with Eric Davies, Manager of Implementation Services for Zero Day Technology Solutions. Eric shares how we can work to bring order to the chaos around us, and enjoy ourselves along the way. Enjoy!
April 20, 2020
Zach Ritter - Under Construction
On today's episode, I'm talking with Zach Ritter, VP of San Antonio operations for ADB Companies.  Zach started out at ADB not knowing what he wanted to do and has grown his career to be able to manage a $16 million plus operation! Great story and tips from Zach today on the Under Construction podcast. ENJOY!
April 13, 2020
Henry Isaac - Under Construction
Coming to you from San Antonio, Texas, at the ADB Companies offices, I'm speaking with Henry Isaac, Project Manager for a huge fiber buildout.  Henry started his career as a laborer and challenges himself daily to grow and learn - succesfully!  Enjoy this episode.
April 8, 2020
Bianca Strickland - Under Construction
Today we're talking with Bianca Strickland, VP of Human Resources for the ADB Companies (ADB, Zero Day Technology, Mercury Communication, and Inspired Solutions).  Enjoy this session!
March 30, 2020
April Lopinot - Under Construction
Today I'm talking with April Lopinot, VP of Human Resources for L. Keeley Construction, Keeley Companies, and KDG. Enjoy this episode!
March 24, 2020
George Kloster - Under Construction
Today I talk with George Kloster, Director of Special Projects for the L. Keeley Construction Industrial group.
February 24, 2020
Don Recar - Under Construction
Today's interview is with Don Recar, General Superintendent, at L. Keeley Construction.  Don has a great story about the journey to success.  Enjoy the episode.
February 3, 2020
Ramona McCook - Under Construction
On this episode, I talk with Ramona McCook, our Keeley Companies IT User Experience Director.
January 20, 2020
John Nolan - Under Construction
Today's conversation is with John Nolan, Laborer/Foreman for L. Keeley construction.
January 6, 2020
Jamie Kelley - Under Construction
Today we visit with Jamie Kelley, Director of Fleet Services for the ADB Companies.
December 23, 2019
Larry Keeley - Under Construction
Founder of L. Keeley construction, Larry and I have a great conversation about his journey to success!
December 9, 2019
Introducing the Under Construction Podcast
Welcome to the Under Construction Podcast. Today John Regan, The Professor, shares his vision for the podcast series. Join us for the journey!
December 4, 2019