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By Keep It Real
A weekly show for real, soulful conversations concerning mental, physical, and spiritual health with professional athlete and entrepreneur Jarnell Stokes and psychiatrist and mental health advocate Dr. Denise McDermott.

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Wrapping up Season One!
Jarnell and Denise meet up in Los Angeles to recap the journey getting to the first season of Keep It Real.
September 07, 2020
Recreation: Hitting Pause to "Re-Create"
Originally Recorded July 21, 2020 Jarnell checks in from his RV during a much needed road trip vacation, he and Denise talk about the importance of recreation and how it gives us the opportunity to "re-create."
August 17, 2020
Sacred Dating: Special Guest Dr. Andrea Best (Pt. 3/3)
Originally Recorded June 29, 2020: Jarnell and Dr. Denise get real with Dr. Best to talk about the realities of dating during quarantine, what we should look for when picking life partners, and whether “the whole package” really exists.
July 10, 2020
Programmed Prejudice: Special Guest Dr. Andrea Best (Pt 2/3)
Originally Recorded June 29, 2020: We’re all programmed from a young age to label people based on their appearance, religion, sexuality, and even age. Dr. Denise and Dr. Best share their experiences with gender discrimination during medical school and Jarnell confronts his own preconceptions about women that he developed early on in life.
July 10, 2020
Like Attracts Like: Special Guest Dr. Andrea Best (Part 1/3)
Originally Recorded June 29, 2020: During a time when the world is coming together to have long overdue discussions about systemic racism and oppression, it’s important that we also address our individual responsibility for the energy that we bring to each situation.
July 10, 2020
Freedom in the Time of COVID
Originally Recorded July 4, 2020: Dr. Denise and Jarnell hang out for a quick conversation this 4th of July to talk about how people are responding to the continuing threat of the virus during a time that's usually filled with socialization and celebration. They also discuss why the United States hasn't managed to get the COVID-19 situation under control as well as most other developed countries.
July 07, 2020
You Are Your Own Best Healer
Originally Recorded June 15, 2020 In this episode Jarnell and Dr. Denise discuss different approaches to mental health and the importance of protecting your energy within relationships. They also dive into the importance of breaking down limiting self beliefs caused by our environment and our choices.
July 06, 2020
Where Are Our Leaders: Accountability in Our Own Communities
Should companies and celebrities do more to support social justice? Jarnell and Denise draw attention to cultural and spiritual development as an important factor of lasting societal change.
June 17, 2020
Unlearning Unconscious Racism: Reflections from Peaceful Protests
Dr. Denise and Jarnell take a closer look at how systemic racism impacts us all and how we can begin to unlearn this programming by looking within and becoming aware of our own biases. Jarnell also shares his experiences from the Black Lives Matter Protests in Denver.
June 14, 2020
Going Into the Suffering: How BLM Protests Signal the First Step Towards Healing
How do we take care of ourselves during times of collective pain? Dr. Denise and Jarnell discuss how they're caring for their mental health while participating in the fight for social justice and seeing society evolve beyond the system.
June 11, 2020
Energies Meet! : Introducing KEEP IT REAL
Although they come from very different backgrounds, Dr. Denise and Jarnell Stokes explain their coming together as a meeting of energies. They launched KEEP IT REAL to be a platform for bridging conversations to inspire all people to live their best lives as individuals and as part of a global community.
June 08, 2020