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Keep Running

Keep Running

By Rachel Stringer and Armana Rai
In 'Keep Running' : The Running Podcast
TV Presenter and ex-international runner Rachel Stringer and running influencer Armana Rai share their experiences, talk to real and inspiring runners and give you that extra bit of motivation for your next run.
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Kevin Quinn - Athlete, Elite Pacer and Coach
Keep Running is delighted to be partnering with TRIBE for April.  This week Rachel and Armana are joined by the man tasked with the demanding job of pacing the elite women to the Olympic Qualifying time in the recent British Marathon Trials, Kevin Quinn. Kev though, is so much more than a pacer. He is a very, very decent runner in his own right boasting times of 2:22 for the marathon, 66:37 in the half marathon, 30:32 in the 10k and 14:37 in the 5k. These times were all posted after under going major heart surgery to repair four holes in Kev's heart which were found by chance after running a 2:25 marathon and feeling a little 'off'.  Kev is also a coach for Team Real Runners, the running group he founded and which now boasts an Olympian coach in the form of Scott Overall in its ranks.  Kev found running early on in his life, as he was tragically spurred on to take up the sport after his sister Lucy passed away at the age of just three years old, he took up the sport to run in her name and he has not looked back ever since.  Link to Cardiac Risk In The Young -  Tribe - This episode is sponsored by TRIBE.  To try a pack of TRIBE nutrition products, head to and claim your first pack of delicious energy and protein bars for ust £2 (including shipping) by using the code TRIBEKEEPRUNNING
April 16, 2021
Jayne Nisbet - Author and Commonwealth Games athlete
Keep Running is delighted to be partnering with TRIBE for the next four episodes.   This week Rachel and Armana are joined by former elite High Jumper turned Marathon Runner and Author, Jayne Nisbet. Jayne talks to the girls about her career as an elite high jumper and her transition into running and distance events.  She talks openly about her struggles with disordered eating during her former elite years, how she overcame it and gives advice to others going through similar.  Jayne is now the author of two books, ‘Free-ed’ - Free Yourself from Self Sabotage and Live Your Life Again and Life Planner, 90 days to a beyoutiful u’ which both help on the journey, which is Jayne's main goal...‘learning to love YOU a little bit more’. We hope you enjoy the podcast.  Tribe - This episode is sponsored by TRIBE.  To try a pack of TRIBE nutrition products, head to and claim your first pack of delicious energy and protein bars for ust £2 (including shipping) by using the code TRIBEKEEPRUNNING
April 9, 2021
Becky Lyne - Former Elite 800m runner turned business woman
Keep Running is delighted to be partnering with TRIBE for the next four episodes.  This week Rachel and Armana are joined by former elite middle distance runner Becky Lyne. During her international career Becky ran 1:58.20 for the 800m, a time which ranks her 6th on the British all time list.  Injury put a premature end to Becky's international athletics career but her love of the sport never left her and she is still firmly in the sport we all love but just in another avenue.  Becky now runs two successful businesses, a community coaching business TrYumph In Life and GRACE full running, a programme she has set up in pursuit of the ideal running technique… Links to Becky's businesses are below and you can get 10% off your GRACEFULL analysis with code KRP10 ... TRYUMPH IN LIFE  GRACEFULL RUNNING -  Tribe - This episode is sponsored by TRIBE.  To try a pack of TRIBE nutrition products, head to and claim your first pack of delicious energy and protein bars for ust £2 (including shipping) by using the code TRIBEKEEPRUNNING 
April 1, 2021
Emma Kirk Odunubi - Running shoe specialist
This week Rachel and Armana are joined by footwear specialist Emma Kirk Odunubi.  Emma is a self proclaimed 'shoe gait geek' and talks in detail about how to go about finding the right running shoe that suits you during lockdown. She also answers many of the questions Rachel, Armana and many of you probably have about your running trainers, from 'when to buy a new pair?', to 'is putting them in the washing machine a good idea?' Emma is not only a shoe specialist but also an Under Armour run ambassador, a running and strength coach and a cross fit fan. On this episode Emma also gives advice about what strength exercises you need in your locker if you are to become a better runner.  Emma has a wealth of running and shoe knowledge and we hope you take something away from this episode that helps you to become the runner you want to be. 
February 12, 2021
Michael Timbs - Timbsy
This week Rachel and Armana speak to Sports Television Presenter, Youtuber, Influencer and of course Runner...Michael Timbs (Timbsy).  Timbsy has interviewed some of the World's top footballers from the likes of Neymar and Mesut Ozil through to the legend, Zinedine Zidane, you may have seen him presenting on the BBC's Match of The Day spin off show, MOTD X.  A two time New York Marathon finisher, Timbsy recently attempted to run 7 marathons in 7 days to raise money for charity, an experience which he described as 'beautiful'....He also chats to the girls about what running has done for him and why he runs. Timbsy is a deep thinker and shares with us the books that are enhancing his life and his running...maybe they will enhance yours too. Enjoy! 
February 5, 2021
Nick Goolab - Elite middle distance runner
This week on the ‘Keep Running’ Podcast Rachel and Armana are joined by the elite level athlete Nick Goolab.  Nick is the former British 5k road record holder (13:27) who beat the mark set by Sir Mo Farah, in a race in Monaco in 2020. Nick speaks to the girls about nearly quitting the sport on many occasion due to self-doubt and how working with a life coach changed his mind set and put him back on the right track, he also shares some useful tips on methods he has been taught to help any negative thinkers out there too. Nick also gives some tips on how to run your best 5k and talks all about his British 5k road record breaking race in Monaco.
January 22, 2021
Lydia O'Donnell - Elite Athlete and Coach
Today Rachel and Armana have their first guest from New Zealand, elite athlete and coach, Lydia O’Donnell. This female has donned the national silver fern kit on several occasions but her route to the top was far from simple. A brief stint in America which turned out wasn’t for her and trying to juggle a career and become a full-time athlete left her at an all time low. However, this resilient female bounced back and has taken national titles in the 5,000m, 10,000m and half marathon distances, boasts a 2:39 marathon personal best and is still excelling in her running career to date. She was the winner and female team record holder of The Speed Project, an event which Lydia sights as one of the best things she has ever done, Lydia is not only striving to be the best herself but in her role as a coach and founder of Femmi, she is also striving to better the next generation of athletes too. A real, inspiring and educational conversation, we hope you enjoy it.
January 15, 2021
Jevi Majid - Trailblazer
On this week’s #KeepRunningPod Rachel and Armana are joined by Jevi Majid who has made it her mission to inspire more minority ethnic women to run and to be a role model helping to bring diversity to running. This trail blazer recently became the first minority woman on the cover of Runners World in Norway and is leading the way for change in our sport. Jevi talks about the barriers she faced from her community when she took up running to being an inspiration and role model to her two young daughters.
December 23, 2020
Max Willcocks
On the Keep Running Podcast this week we have Max Willcocks who is both a creator and a creative.   He is an Adventurer, Influencer, Content Creator and Storyteller.   If you’re in the Running and Adventure space then there is a big chance you will have seen some of his work without even knowing it.   Or maybe you remember him as that guy who ran on a treadmill for 12 hours straight, in the window of the Lululemon shop on the Kings Road to try and break a World Record. Whatever the case, you are probably subconsciously aware of him. Our guest has worked with some of the biggest brands in the business...Adidas, Under Armour, Jay Bird, Fit Bit, Strava, Men’s Running, today's guest likes to make things happen but just don't expect him to give you a motivational quote as that isn't his style.
December 11, 2020
Ashley Fraser - My_London_Maraton
Kicking off series 2 Rachel and Armana chat Ashley Fraser, My_marathon_journey on Instagram. She is such a breath of fresh air in how she approaches her running and lives by the mantra ‘you only live once’. Since starting her running journey in 2017 when she got accepted to run the London Marathon Ashley has progressed to being a true believer in running helping the soul.  Coached by elite British Marathon runner Charlie Purdue, Ashley is currently making the transition from the roads to the trails and if you check out her Instagram, which oozes positivity, you will be find her running through many a field and smiling as she does it. 
December 4, 2020
Andy Baddeley - Olympic finalist & park run WR holder
Andy Baddeley ran internationally for Great Britain for over a decade in predominately the 1500m event. He made every major Championship final during his career and talks about his greatest achievement being winning the legendary 'Dream Mile' in Oslo. Andy is also the world record holder of everyone's favourite race, Park Run. Since retiring Andy has co-founded the hugely successful Youtube Channel, The Running Channel, which now gets over 1 millions views per month.
August 28, 2020
This Girl Can Run Far - Jemma with a J
Jemma with a J, This Girl Can Run Far on Instagram, tells us how fate played a big part in her becoming a runner.  How running quite literally sent her life in a new direction after having children and how she hopes to now give back to the running community with her newly acquired PT and coaching qualifications.  Jemma with a J is a lady with an infectious personality and once she sets her mind to something really doesn't stop until she has completed it. 
August 20, 2020
Marathon Marcus
Marcus Brown, aka Marathon Marcus tells us why he calls himself a 'jogger', his journey to achieving a six star finisher status and about the platform he has build within the running community.
August 13, 2020
Anna Boniface - 2017 Women's mass participation London Marathon winner
Anna Boniface shares her memories from the London Marathon in 2017 where she crossed the line as the first female in the mass participation race.  She also talks about her love for the club scene and her club, Reading AC.  Anna also talks openly about achieving her first England vest and getting selected to run a marathon for her country in Montreal, however things didn't go quite to plan on her international debut, Anna didn't finish the race due to suffering a stress fracture which then got revealed as the result of RED-S (Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport) which has since plagued Anna's career.  An open and honest chat with a very inspiring female. 
August 6, 2020
Flora Beverley
Flora Beverley chats about running her first marathon in Tokyo, taking part in the Tribe Run for Love ultra in the Azores, what a coach has added to her running, tips for becoming a sustainable runner and why running at your own pace and under your own steam is so important.  Plus, Flora also lets us in on how she got her break in the Athletic modelling world.  Check out Flora's blog here and her YouTube Channel here
July 9, 2020
Dean Karnazes
Dean Karnazes, THE Ultra Marathon Man, shares stories from some of his epic adventures. He also talks about dealing with fame, the by-product of his running success, on meeting the former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama and on why he thinks he has managed to achieve all that he has.  Dean started running age 30, on his 30th birthday, when a shot of tequila lead to him deciding that he wanted a change from his corporate job in the city and to forging a path of adventure and excitement through running. Dean left the pub where he was celebrating his birthday and headed out for a 30 mile run and literally never stopped.  You can find more about Dean’s inspirational story here 
June 25, 2020
Mara Yamauchi - Britain's second fastest female marathon runner
This week Rachel and Armana chat to the former elite British marathon runner, Mara Yamauchi. Mara still boasts the second best marathon time of 2:23:12 for a British female athlete from her second place in the London Marathon in 2009. Mara participated in two Olympic Games during her running career and placed 6th, the joint best time for a British female marathoner, in Beijing in 2008. Hear Mara talk about how it took her 24 years to realise her running dreams, about balancing a demanding job as a diplomat at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Tokyo, Japan with her running career and how winning the Osaka marathon in 2008 was her greatest achievement, “a win is a win” as she says.
June 18, 2020
James Dunn, Award Winning Running Blogger - The Morning Coffee Run
James Dunn of The Morning Coffee Run joins Rachel and Armana on this weeks podcast.  Only 5 years ago James was a 20 stone non-runner and in the space of 5 years has gone on to complete more marathons than most people will complete in their life times, he is a Marathon des Sables finisher and an award winning blogger.  James talks us through some of his greatest running adventures including the World’s most difficult footrace, MdS, he tells us about how running has given him an identity, getting a place in the London Marathon at the first time of asking and why he thinks The Snowdonia Marathon is his favourite marathon ever. The Morning Coffee Run 
June 11, 2020
Emily Young - @Emilys_Journal
This week Rachel and Armana chat to Emily Young who has already achieved so much in her short sporting career. She is a two time marathon finisher, clocking an impressive 3:21 on her debut, 5 times Iron Man finisher including the prestigious Iron Man World Championships in Kona. She is also a blogger, author, influencer and has her sights set on achieving big things in the future. Emily also talks about juggling her sport with managing a full-time international job, how she deals with people questioning her training methods on social media and how important she feels Pilates is for a runner.
June 4, 2020
Matt.Runs - one man's journey on battling cancer and becoming a marathoner
Matt Marchant aka Matt.Runs on Instagram is a marathoner runner and cancer survivor. Matt speaks to Rachel and Armana this week about how he dealt with two operations and chemotherapy when overcoming his battle with testicular cancer.  Matt also tells us about his journey back to running since recovery, how his outlook on life has changed, being the face of not one, but two marathon major campaigns and his ambitions for his running future. 
May 28, 2020
Matt Rees aka @thewelshrunner
This week Rachel and Armana are joined by @thewelshrunner,  Matt Rees.  With the 18th-24th May 2020 being mental health awareness week, we would like to say a  huge thank you to Matt for opening up about his own past struggles and anxiety and how running has been a massive help to him. We speak to Matt about that famous finish line of the London Marathon 2017 and whilst we might know Matt for his true sportsmanship and that iconic image, there is so much more to him!  Matt talks about why he started running only 5 years ago, how he has already become a sub 2:30 hour marathon runner, his coaching business and fitting in his running around his hectic family lifestyle which he shares with fellow runner, Kelly Ruck @kellogs_ontherun .
May 21, 2020
Who runs the World, Girls...with Sorrell Walsh
In this week's episode, Rachel and Armana chat to sub 2:55 marathon runner and run club founder, Sorrell Walsh.  Sorrell is a well known face in the London running community having been a regular member at Run Dem Crew. Here she shares her experiences of how that crew helped her grow into the runner she is today and how they pushed her towards her 2:54 Boston Marathon pb.  Sorrell is also the founder of two running communities, Still Waters Run Deep, based in Manchester, where Sorrell originates from and WMN Run.  WMN Run is a female only running community set up by Sorrell which has the main aim of lessening the gender gap in endurance running. She tells us the story about taking 52 women to the ultra race, Race to the Stones. Through researching, Sorrell found that gender difference within participation in endurance events is 80% men and 20% women and is aiming to raise the latter to an equal level with the help of WMN Run. Links Race To The Stones  Sorrell's website
May 14, 2020
Running Mummy, Blogger and Influencer, Kelly Ruck @Kellogs_ontherun
Kelly Ruck, or as she may be known to lots of you on Instagram, Kellogs On The Run, joins us this week to tell us about her journey back to running four and a half months after giving birth to baby number 5, fitting running into her hectic home life, dealing with her type 1 diabetes and how she has fallen in love with the Ultra running community.
May 7, 2020
CEO of Midnight Runners - Jody Bragger
CEO of Midnight Runners, Jody Bragger, tells us all about the loud Global Running Community which is taking over the World one country at a time, MR is already established in 11 countries and counting. Jody also talks about his running adventures and founding the first marathon to be held in Somalia since the outbreak of the civil war. We also get an insight into his experience of the UTMB and his love for the Ultra South Africa event. We also want to say a big thank you to SunGod, the epic sunglasses we all run in, for making this chat happen.
April 30, 2020
Running influencer Katie Brown aka Paces and Porridge
UK Running Influencer Katie Brown aka Paces and Porridge on Instagram talks us through her breakthrough sub 80 minute recent half marathon, what her weekly unstructured training schedule looks like, her lack of running sessions and her love for the London Underground.
April 23, 2020
Adventurer Anna McNuff talks running, adventures and her positive outlook on life
Adventurer Anna MucNuff  shares her stories about her recent barefoot run across the UK, how she made the leap from her office day job to full time adventurer and her positive outlook on life. Anna also reads an extract from her new book, ‘100 adventures to have before you grow up’.
April 16, 2020
Running in one of the most remote marathons with double Olympian Aimee Fuller and The Great Wall marathon with Lauren Cooper
In this episode Rachel and Armana talk to Olympian Aimee Fuller on what it was like to run a marathon in one of the most isolated countries in the World, North Korea, where her love for running stemmed from and running the London Marathon hand in hand with her mum. We also get the low down on a marathon in a World UNESCO heritage site, The Great Wall of China Marathon, with the silver medallist from 2017, Lauren Cooper. 
April 9, 2020
Becoming a World Marathon Major 6 star finisher with Amrit Ghatora
The 6 World Marathon Majors, a far away dream for many runners, but not for Amrit Ghatora. After knocking 1 hour 51 minutes of his time, Amrit’s dream became a reality when he crossed the finish line of the Boston Marathon in 2019 to pick up his 6th World Major medal and complete the collection. Rachel and Armana chat to Amrit about his decade long marathon journey culminating in joining this exclusive club, breaking sub 3 and why running is such a big part of his life.
April 2, 2020
Trailer Keep Running
In 'Keep Running' : The Running Podcast  TV Presenter and ex-international runner Rachel Stringer and running influencer Armana Rai share their experiences, talk to real and inspiring runners and give you that extra bit of motivation for your next run.
April 2, 2020