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Keeping Her Keys

Keeping Her Keys

By Cyndi Brannen
Keeping Her Keys explores myths, psychology, and the deeper world.

Cyndi Brannen is an author, herbalist, psychologist, and teacher, merging her years of experience studying health and relationships with the traditional wisdom of the goddess.

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Entering Hekate's Garden Meditation
This is a journey into Hekate's Garden to experience the splendor of her magick, medicine and mystery. Recorded live during the Beltane Botanical Salon (May 1, 2021). The Garden of the Goddess beckons. Hekate is Mother of the Eternal Garden, With her first breath she created the Green World and her witches. Her daughters are our sisters. Eternal Circe and Medea, And the others. They are the witches’ great teachers and companions. High Priestesses of the Garden They offer the keys to their magick, medicine and mystery. Will you claim them? The Garden of Hekate, the Great Mother Goddess from which all the world flows, is the spiritual home for the practice of pharmakeia, the ancient art, craft, and science of plant spirit witchcraft. Pharmakeia is an art, a craft, and a science. It is the use of botanicals for corporeal purposes, the crafting of magical formulations, and the art of transcending. It is holistic plant spirit witchcraft, transmitted by Hekate and her witches for our use today. Enter her mysteries with the heart of the Nyssa, the spirit of beginning. The Nyssa is the spiritual crossroads that we enter when we answer the call of Hekate to return to the practice of holistic plant spirit witchcraft.  - from Entering Hekate's Garden: The Magick, Medicine and Mystery of Plant Spirit Witchcraft Go deeper into Hekate's Garden by applying to join The Covina Institute. Learn more at
May 2, 2021
Beltane Botanical Salon With Amy Blackthorn
This is a recording of the live Beltane Botanical Salon held on May 1, 2021 with Cyndi Brannen and Amy Blackthorn.  Hail Hekate, Hieros Pyr. She who is the sacred witch-fire. Hail to Circe and Medea, Original, eternal Daughters of Fire. Hail to the Hieros Pyr, The sacred witch-fire. Hail to the ash, smoke and flame, And to the plants which render same. Through your sacred smoke, I am cleansed. Through your bright flame, I banish all that harms. Through your alchemical ash, I am transformed. Hail to Hekate, Hieros Pyr. Hail to the plant spirits who render your fire. Hail to smoke, ash and flame, Whose powers I now claim. - from Entering Hekate's Garden: The Magick, Medicine and Mystery of Plant Spirit Witchcraft   The wonders of Hekate's Garden offer us a pathway back to the soul. Embarking on the journey of plant spirit magick, medicine and mystery is an incredibly healing journey. In this podcast, we cover a range of topics, from the fundamental archetypes of plants to how to connect with these amazing allies.    You can experience the meditation that was part of the salon which was a mystical journey into Hekate's Garden in the Keeping Her Keys SoundCloud: You can watch the previous botanical salons featuring Cyndi and Amy: Coping With Chronic Illness and Witchcraft - Practicing Botanical Witchcraft - Learn more about Cyndi's work at More about Amy at
May 2, 2021
Unifying the Three Selves Guided Meditation
The essential daily practice described in the Keeping Her Keys book. The previous episode described the foundations of the meditation. Purchase the Keeping Her Keys book from major online booksellers. Go deeper into your awakening: Apply to join The Covina Institute:
April 3, 2021
Unifying the Three Selves Meditation Introduction
The core meditation described in the Keeping Her Keys book. The next episode contains the guided audio meditation. In this episode, learn how the meditation was developed, and how it awakens the soul while drawing us into Hekate as Anima Mundi (World Soul). Purchase the Keeping Her Keys book from all major online booksellers. Go deeper into your awakening by applying to join The Covina Institute:
April 3, 2021
Magna Mater: Hekate and The Great Mother Goddess
To see the Mother as she is, in her darkness and light. That is the image of Hekate as Pammetor, The Great Mother Goddess. To know her warm embrace and her firm corrections when we veer from the path. To give us, as John Bowlby, wrote “a secure base from which to explore the world. ” For those of us who were denied this foundational sense of security, the journey can be untethered, as we wonder from one dysfunctional situation to another. The inherent problem, which Bowlby also describes, was that “what one cannot tell to the (m)other, one cannot tell to oneself.” Stretching back across the centuries, we see that others venerated Hekate as The Great Mother. In the earliest reports, such as Hesiod’s Theogony, Hekate is portrayed as all powerful. This distinguishes The Great Mother from earth goddesses, which can be called “Elemental Mothers”, and The Great Mother who is source, soul, and cosmic. She is not Gaia, for example. The Great Mother, to the ancients, was life and death, blessing and bane. Nor is she merely a Goddess of Motherhood, although Hekate has always had a special interest in mothers and children. She was often described as Midwife in ancient texts. In historical sources, Hekate is often interwoven with goddesses, as we learned in the last lesson. These triplicities formulate a Great Mother Goddess by weaving together all aspects of The Mother Archetype. With Artemis and Selene, she becomes the Wise Crone, the experienced Mother, while they represent the earlier phases of The Mother’s Journey. Hekate is also linked to other forms of the Great Mother Goddess, for example her association with Cybele, whom the Romans venerated as Magna Mater (The Great Mother). Go deeper: Learn more about studying with me at She is the darkness. She is the cry of "enough." She is the sigil written in stone. She is the silent walking away of the betrayed. She is the lonely raising arms to the moon. She is the lie told to live the truth. She is the secret circle drawing down her moon. She is the poison that heals. She is the bold stare into the future. She is the blood shed to bring rebirth. She is all those who dare to become. She is the power that is our right. She is The Dark Mother. She has returned. Lesson 4: Ancient Hekate's Many Roles - Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekate's Modern Witchcraft From the ancient sources, we know that Hekate was a liminal goddess, standing between worlds, particularly at the threshold of life and death. She was described in many diverse ways including Mother of All, Queen, Savior and World Soul. She was viewed as the torch-bearing guide for those on nightmarish Under World journeys. Not only was she viewed as the guide along the road, but also as the way itself. The variety of the titles bestowed upon her by the ancients often appears contradictory. We need to consider two things. One is that the ancient writers held vastly divergent views of Hekate. The other is that Hekate has always been a complex goddess with multiple roles and abilities. Many-named Goddess who brings glory to men, Whose children are fair, Bull-eyed One, Horned One, Nature. All-Mother, who brings forth both Gods and men You roam around Olympus, And traverse the wide and fathomless abyss. You are the Beginning and the End. And you alone are Mistress of All. - The Greek Magical Papyri IV 2785-2890. “We’re witnessing the end of a 5,000 year reign of patriarchy, and are coming into a society created by our technology that will be more balanced and more feminine. It’s already happening. And I think that the good news is that it’s coming just in time.” — Leonard Shlain
March 10, 2021
Hekate and the Soul
Psychopomp, which translates from Greek as “Soul Guide,” is one of Hekate’s most ancient roles.    The Soul Guide is much more than the one who helps the earthly dead cross over the river to the other side, she is the midwife who assists new souls as they are born into flesh, and she reunites us with the fragments we lose along the way. Hekate calls us to take care of our own souls, and to see the soul in all things. Caring for our own souls and seeking to understand the soul in all things, draws us closer to Anima Mundi.     "By soul I mean, first of all, a perspective rather than a substance, a viewpoint toward things rather than a thing itself. This perspective is reflective; it mediates events and makes differences between ourselves and everything that happens. Between us and events, between the doer and the deed, there is a reflective moment -- and soul-making means differentiating this middle ground.” From Re-Visioning Psychology by James Hillman.     Perhaps the best way to be our own psychopomp is to nourish the soul through the imagination, from which we explore our dreams, express our sacred creativity, and lean into the energy of the World Soul.   From the Keeping Her Keys book: (starting on p. 65, Lesson 4):  The Hekate within Us  To explain how we make magic, we need to talk about how Hekate as the World Soul is represented in each of us within our individual souls. In my thinking, each one of us has a soul that is a unique transcendent spirit. This soul is never born into human form but is attached to each incarnation. The soul is connected to our current existence, but we can be disconnected from it for a variety of reasons. I believe that our life's work is to become unified with our soul. By listening to the soul, we can achieve our true life's purpose. When we quiet ourselves through things like meditation, prayer and ritual, we can become better attuned to our soul-voice within.    “Kill the imagination and you kill the soul. Kill the soul and you're left with a listless, apathetic creature who can become hopeless or brutal or both.” ― Marion Woodman, Bone: Dying into Life   Cyndi Brannen, PhD,  is a psychologist, author and teacher. She teaches and writes from the crossroads of psychology, spirituality and traditional wisdom, merging ancient knowledge with modern practices. Her work explores the journey through darkness to wholeness using the archetypes of the witch and Hekate. Her teaching focuses on personal healing through herbalism, rituals, meditations, and exploration of the deeper self.  She founded The Covina Institute, a soul school dedicated to the pursuit of wholeness through structured programs of study and transcendent experiences.   After years of a successful career in academia and healthcare, she transitioned to teaching and writing about reclaiming the sacred feminine through spiritual practices after she became convinced that mainstream psychology was not sufficient to lead to personal wholeness.  Keeping Her Keys SoundCloud Animara Playlist:
February 8, 2021
Navigating Difficult Times: Understanding Fear and Choosing Love
I don't have to tell you that this past week has been stressful, nor do I need to convince you that we're all exhausted. We feel it in our bones. Instead, I'm here to stand with you in solidarity as a fellow traveller through difficult days.  I focus on the teachings of fear, and how we can choose love.    Dive deeper into the Keeping Her Keys book, and your understanding of Hekate.  Get the love flow going by commenting where you find love these days.   Listen to the Agape Phoberos Meditation:  More on Agape Phoberos:  Healing from Shame:  Join The Covina Institute:
January 8, 2021
Hekate's Wheel of the Year for 2021
An overview of the Hekate and the Wheel of the Year Research Project, with a discussion on the historical origins of Hekate's Wheel, Hekate as Soul, the history of Hekate as Gatekeeper (Propylaia), and a summary of the astrology of 2021 in general, and how to use it to deepen your understanding of yourself and Hekate. Includes a month-by-month guide. Whether you're deep into your studies with Hekate or simply curious, you'll learn about her history through my exploration of her different roles and epithets as they relate to the lunar months, sabbats, seasons and the astrology of the new year. An excellent way to go deeper with Lesson 7 from the Keeping Her Keys book. Mythological consciousness, the mysteries, the call of the rebel soul, and the courage to climb higher are the major themes of 2021. However, we haven’t spontaneously ascended. It’s more like we’ve been given the keys to the Temple Gate. The choice to enter is ours. We can become the High Priestess (or other sacred title of our choosing). Watch the video version: Apply to become a student in my school, The Covina Institute:
January 4, 2021
Entering Hekate's Cave: The Journey Through Darkness To Wholeness
The pull of the Cave of the Goddess is strong. We are drawn to stones and crystals without connecting them to the deep underworld from whence they came, for example. When we shift our understanding of these treasures of the cave, we see that they are the gifts of The Great Mother. The primordial power of the cave as a dwelling place of the sacred feminine is one of the oldest locations associated with The Great Mother. The road to healing is found by turning inward to her cave, where the mysteries of life and death await. The return to the cave is a reunification with the sacred feminine. This is to say the Goddess, not modern day gender roles and stereotypes. The archetypal characteristics of the feminine, including instinct, intuition, emotion, and governance over the life cycle. In the ancient world, the cave was both feared and revered as symbolic of The Great Mother as a projection of the great womb that birthed all of life. Hekate, and other faces of The Great Mother, are all connected to the depths of the earth. We know within our depths that entering the cave is a requirement. We embark on the journey with the release of our burdens through giving symbolic death to the heaviness we carry. The next stage is to call back our missing pieces through soul retrieval. The final stage of this lengthy trek is rebirth into our wholeness. Guidance for the Journey: Rituals of the Sacred Cave The three stations of the journey through darkness to wholeness in Hekate’s Cave can be experienced through The Rituals of the Sacred Cave. These are audio classes with guided meditations to assist your journey. Go deeper into the healing of The Dark Mother by joining the Keeping Her Keys Coven of Hekate, a soul school of courses, events and support in a safe and private network. or download the Mighty Networks app and search for “Keeping Her Keys.” References: Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, "The Return of the Feminine and the World Soul” Erich Neumann, "The Great Mother" Marion Woodman and Elinor Dickson, “Dancing in the Flames: The Dark Goddess in the Transformation of Consciousness”
November 11, 2020
The Archetype of The Witch And The Goddess Hekate
The archetype of the witch is as old as humanity. Typically, female, although not always, the witch is the one who brings healing through her use of powers connected to the deeper world. This, across cultures and times, has always been done in the spirit of rebellion against the so-called civilized world. Thus, the witch is the outsider, the one who resists conformity. Perhaps it is these two characteristics, that of connection to the unseen world and resistance to authority that are at the heart of the archetype of the witch. Discussing the archetype of the witch inevitably evokes Hekate, the ancient goddess viewed across history as a Queen of the Night, ruling over witchcraft, prophecy, and spirits. These are the gifts she bestows upon witches. Archetypes are foundational forces that flow throughout the universe. They are numinous, nonrational, and primal. It is difficult to find, and express in words, the center of an archetype. Archetypes are different than constructs, which can be easily defined and understood. To know an archetype requires experience. Much like the witch, an archetype is many things that are difficult to describe with words. The witch is mysterious, and the witch pursues the mysteries. She goes deeper into the dark to find healing. As with all archetypes, the witch has a shadow aspect which is entirely different than the healing found in darkness. It is the shadowy characteristics that have been extolled throughout history. Aspects such as baneful witchcraft, poisoning, seducing, deception, and trickery have been reinforced in western culture as a means of robbing the witch of her power. At times portrayed as a hideous crone, at others a beguiling temptress, the witch has been vilified. Those labelled as witches have been persecuted, tortured, and murdered. The witch is frightening because she insists on the truth that resides in the dark. “Entering Hekate’s Garden: The Magick, Medicine and Mystery of Plant Spirit Witchcraft” can be purchased from major booksellers. “Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft” takes the reader on a journey through 13 lessons that awaken the soul through connection to the Witch Mother. Join the Keeping Her Keys Coven of Hekate school and network for lessons, community and live events: Learn more about Lampadia: The Journey Through Darkness To Wholeness in Hekate’s Cave, a seven month training program in the healing keys of magick, medicine and mystery. BEGINS November 4. Get all the details at Lost Goddesses of Early Greece: A Collection of Pre-Hellenic Mythology by Charlene Spretnak The Book of Symbols. Reflections on Archetypal Images Hardcover by Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism (ARAS)  Mysteries of the Dark Moon: The Healing Power of the Dark Goddess Kindle Edition by Demetra George Witchcraft Medicine: Healing Arts, Shamanic Practices, and Forbidden Plants by Claudia Müller-Ebeling, Christian Rätsch, Wolf-Dieter Storl
October 6, 2020
Hekate and The Great Goddesses of Magick, Medicine and Mystery
Hekate is often depicted as a Triple Goddess, representing the many faces of the sacred feminine. We can experience the Triple Goddess, known as Triformis, Trimorphis and Trivia (Trivium) as different aspects of Hekate herself, such as the Underworld Night Queen, the Goddess of the earthly garden, and the Keeper of the Keys of the Universe of The Starry Road. Historically, Hekate has been shown as having three animal heads, such as boar, wolf, and bull. In this discussion, I talk about Hekate’s triplicities in conjunction with the goddesses she is most often companioned with. There are three distinct trios, each one representing one key of her three keys of magick, medicine and mystery. The triplicity of magick is symbolized by Hekate with her daughters, Circe and Medea. Hekate, Persephone and Demeter comprise the trinity of medicine. The Three Formed Goddesses of Mystery are revealed through Hekate, Artemis and Selene. The meditation included takes the listener on a journey deep into Hekate’s Garden to drink from Trivium’s well. Lampadios: The Journey Through Darkness To Wholeness takes the student through Hekate's Cave on a deep healing journey. Learn more about the goddesses featured: In “Entering Hekate’s Garden: The Magick, Medicine and Mystery of Plant Spirit Witchcraft,”explore Hekate, Circe and Medea. Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft includes a discussion on Hekate’s triplicities. Hekate as The Triple Goddess: The Power of Persephone: Persephone: Goddess of Adaptation: Hekate, Circe and Persephone: Wisdom of the Resilient Goddesses Demeter: Fury, Fertility, and the Fall Artemis: Huntress, Guardian, Fierce Maiden Great Goddesses of Magick, Medicine and Mystery Ritual: Join the Keeping Her Keys Coven of Hekate school and network for lessons, community and live events: Triple Goddess illustration created by Mary Martinez exclusively for Keeping Her Keys. Purchase official merchandise in the KHK RedBubble store: Music in the meditation: 852 Hz Awakening Intuition by Source Vibrations, Solfeggio Harmonics, Vol. 1.
September 21, 2020
Mysteries of the High Priestess
The High Priestess governs their own life with intuition, and explores the mysteries of the deeper world with an open heart. Becoming the High Priestess involves an initiation into a journey that moves us from the illusion of separation to the alchemical union within. The High Priestess in tarot offers us guidances as we cross the threshold from novice to mystic. Join the Keeping Her Keys Coven at to access the High Priestess Tarot Reading. Episode 16, Season 1
July 24, 2020
The Components of Sacred Rituals
In this episode, Cyndi discusses the components of sacred rituals, from the spark of truth that ignites our soul to the initiation into the mysteries. Learn more at Episode 15, Season 1
July 7, 2020
The Agape Phoberos Ritual Meditation
Cyndi discusses The Agape Phoberos Ritual from Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekate's Modern Witchcraft and the guides you through a powerful meditation of releasing fear and accepting love. Phoberos is an ancient title meaning, "Fear" and agape refers to the experience of pure love and trust. Learn more at keepingherkeys/read then look in the rituals topic for the text of the ritual. Learn more at Episode 14, Season 1
July 7, 2020
Mother Moon Medicine Meditation
This is an audio experience that guides you to the Astral Temple to drink of the medicine of Mother Moon. Recorded during a live gathering of the Keeping Her Keys Coven during the Full Moon on July 4-5, 2020. Learn more at Episode 13, Season 1
July 7, 2020
How to Create An Altar Of Hekate
Creating an altar is a powerful way to awaken your own sacredness and connect with the deeper world. In this episode, Cyndi talks about how to create altars for various purposes and then delves into creating the perfect altar of Hekate. Learn more: Episode 12, Season 1
June 29, 2020
The Tarot Goddesses: The Queens and The Empress
Exploring the magic, medicine and mysteries of the five sovereign goddesses of the tarot.  Cyndi dives into the meaning of each of these cards and ways to connect with their wisdom, from choosing them as your power card to what they mean when they turn up in a reading. This episode is the final part of the Sovereign Goddesses Ritual series. The previous episodes include the ritual guide and walkthrough and the astrology of the sovereign goddesses. Learn more at Episode 11, Season 1
June 22, 2020
Finding the Sovereign Goddesses in Your Sun Sign/Astrology of the Summer Solstice
In preparation for the Sovereign Goddess Ritual on the Summer Solstice, this episode dives into the power of each of the goddesses within the sun signs. The wildness of Artemis, the witch power of Circe, the woundedness of Medea, the (emotional earthy) warrior queen of Persephone, and the wisdom of Hekate. I also talk about the astrology of this Summer Solstice. For the week of June 15-21, 2020.
June 16, 2020
Sovereign Goddesses Ritual
Join Cyndi Brannen in this exploration of the sovereign goddesses and a guided meditation of their ritual on the summer solstice. Awaken Hekate, Circe, Medea, Persephone and Artemis within for empowerment, freedom and wholeness. Learn more at Episode 10, Season 1
June 16, 2020
Journeying to The Witches' Realm
Blessings of May Eve.  Tonight is the night, steeped in centuries of tradition, when witches fly. Of course, we don't actually fly in the physical sense, yet we do soar high into the mysteries of the deeper world through our imagination portal. It must also be said that, throughout history, those of use labelled as "witches," were most often wild women who resisted the binding chains of conformity. Instead choosing to walk our own road, no matter how difficult. As such, we were seen as dangerous, and there were stories told to discourage others from becoming like us wild ones. Resisters, persisters, and seekers of what cannot be known. It is into the refuge of our imagination where we have always found kinship, with our goddess, guides and similar ones. The ancestors of the wild women await you in The Witches' Realm.  Includes a guided meditation to The Witches' Realm. Join the Keeping Her Keys Coven for free: Episode 9, Season 1
April 30, 2020
Calling Back Missing Parts of Your Soul
Soul retrieval is the spiritual process of calling back missing fragments of ourselves that were lost due to trauma and stress. The goddess Hekate has been summoned for soul-work for thousands of years. In this episode, Dr. Cyndi discusses soul retrieval and leads a journey guiding you back to her womb-cave for reclaiming your missing pieces. Learn more at Join the Keeping Her Keys Coven for free: Episode 8, Season 1
April 29, 2020
Spiritual Rebirth in Hekate's Cave
In the deepest chamber of Hekate's Cave lies her cauldron, the womb-well from which all life flows. Enter this cauldron for rebirth, attended by her witches and her horde of animals and spirits. Dr. Cyndi Brannen discusses the rebirth process and leads you through a ceremonial journey of rebirth. This rite is the last station of The Rituals of the Sacred Cave. Access the guide: Learn more and join the Keeping Her Keys Coven for free: Episode 7, Season 1
April 28, 2020
Hekate: Breaker of Chains
Hekate. Her very name often evokes a rumble deep inside. This is the sound of the chains that bind the soul being shaken by a goddess so ancient and strong that she is revered as the Anima Mundi, the very soul of the world. She is the awakening to the chains, and the breaking of them. In this episode, I talk about the spiritual power of the crossroads within the context of ancient practices of both Hekate's horde of flesh and spirit, and the ways that those who feared her sought her favor. Unpacking the meaning of leaving offerings at the crossroads is entwined within Hekate's ancient powers as a guardian of the outcasts, particularly wild women, a topic that's incredibly fascinating. to read more about Hekate as Breaker of Chains and Keeper of Keys, and to learn more about the modern online coven network, courses, books and to read the blog. Episode 6, Season 1
March 10, 2020
Hekate's Key Journey
In this journey, previously only shared within the Keeping Her Keys tradition, you'll travel to meet Hekate for a new key. This key will be unique to you. How Hekate appears to you will also be highly individual. This is a guided meditative journey where you will be directed through imagery and techniques so that you can enter a state of altered consciousness, through which you can access the deeper world. This journey was written as a way for Hekate's witches to reconnect with our goddess. One of her primary roles is as The Keeper of the Keys of the Universe. This journey will help you do just this as discover your own vision of Hekate and receive a key that will unlock her magick, medicine and mysteries. This journey is suitable for both newcomers to Hekate and those long familiar with the Witch Mother. If you are new to Hekate, perhaps read this guide to the Witch Mother before proceeding with the journey. Join The Keeping Her Keys Coven at Episode 5, Season 1
February 22, 2020
2020 Witches' Wheel of the Year
Dr. Cyndi Brannen discusses the Witches' Wheel of the Year for 2020 in detail. She focuses on the archetypal energies of each lunar phase, the selves and the botanicals of the Wheel. Ways to create your own Wheel of the Year power talisman are also covered. This hour long class concludes with a deep meditation for awakening the sacred serpent within.  Read the complete guide to the 2020 Witches' Wheel of the Year: Episode 4, Season 1
January 9, 2020
Hekate's Sacred Darkness
For her witches, Hekate's darkness is her nourishing womb. We return home to her for healing. Witchcraft is the medicine she offers. The annual descent of Her Wheel of the Year into long nights is when she opens the gates to her sacred Cave, wherein her cauldron of birth resides. Deep healing, release of spiritual filth, soul retrieval and rebirth are all found in her darkness. Episode 3, Season 1 Learn more at
November 14, 2019
Guide to Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekate's Modern Witchcraft
Dr. Cyndi Brannen walks you through her transformative book on Hekatean Witchcraft.  Episode 2, Season 1 Learn more at
September 5, 2019
Hekate's Sacred Fires
In the first episode of the Keeping Her Keys Podcast, Cyndi Brannen talks about the meaning of the Sacred Fires so symbolic of Hekate, Goddess of Witchcraft.. Her Hieros Pyr burns as her twin-torches, lighting the night under her pale moon.  Episode 1, Season 1
September 5, 2019